Katie & Matt: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

After all the crap the nasty old KCC commentariat flung at sweet and innocent Katie the last time she tried to piece together a sentence or two, I’m surprised she even agreed to keep going with this gig.  She was inconsolable.   

Hey, obviously she’s a great photographer but words aren’t her strong suit, you know?  So for now she’s going to stick to pointing at things and pressing the button, and I’ll try to fill in the letters and stuff.   

Last weekend she made her way out to LIVESTRONG for the Buzz Beach Ball featuring Sublime with Rome, Foster the People, the Shins, Flogging Molly, Metric, and a couple others.  I didn’t attend as my Waka duties pulled me out of state.  Katie did, however, relate some info to me about the whole deal.

Like the fact that the sound was somewhat improved when compared to last year, but still not great.  Which is a little perplexing at this point.  I mean, when the stadium was being built the owners emphasized the multi-use capabilities, specifically emphasizing concerts. 


So what gives?  Will the sound ever be great there?

Maybe not.  Remember, the overhang that covers all the seating was built specifically to make the place loud for soccer games and projecting the singing and chanting of the Cauldron to the farthest corners.  But with all their attention to detail, how could they have overlooked live concert sound?



But perhaps it’s not the physical setup at all.  Perhaps it’s something else, something can can eventually be corrected.  Hopefully.

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6 Responses to Katie & Matt: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hey! I think she did a GREAT job…
    and the girl is certainly a shooter!! I’m all for anything that keeps my up to the minute on whats coming and what your opinions are of the acts, both before AND after! Keep it up Katie, you do a FINE job!

    If youre into the music scene, go check out one of my son’s best friends at A Micah Smith! He’s getting huge in the band scene poster and shirt world. Outstanding designer/artist and he started doing what you are, shooting bands and sending pics to their web site!

  2. PB says:

    Great Pics, Katie!
    Would like to see more of that blondie from Metric, she’s hot!

  3. Matt says:

    PB, ask and you shall receive…
    Follow this:


  4. smartman says:

    Richie Havens rock and souled the crowd at Woodstock.

  5. smartman says:

    Speaking of shooters
    Mark David Chapman is one of my favorites. I still think he thought John was Yoko. Big mistake.

  6. PB says:

    Thanks, Matt and Katie for those pics.

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