Glazer: Is New Chiefs Quarterback Alex Tanney The One? YouTube it!

Last night during the Carlos Mencia show, a bartender came up to me… 

He showed me a YouTube video of a quarterback hitting goal posts, trash cans, basketball goals, off homes into nets – insane trick throws at 50-plus yards. I thought it was a joke. NO JOKE. They were maybe the most amazing throws EVER.

The quarterback is Alex Tanney, from Division III’s Monmouth College and the Chiefs just signed him.

Yep, he threw 157 touchdowns in college as well.


I’ll tell you this, watch it and you tell me! It’s truly astounding. He even hits a moving truck with a guy in the back on the nose at like 70 yards…MOVING! I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s real. This guy is off the charts.

OK, so it’s trick throws, I know, but still!

When you have one of the NFL’S biggest busts at quarterback on a team that could be a Super Bowl threat except for its B quarterback…HEY, let’s find out.

Matt Cassel is not average, he’s below average.

And that is to this point. He’s also often hurt. Like I said, at this point Cassel is a true bust. That could change, but after all these years as a starter, it’s not likely.

I know you think I’m nuts, but I swear if this Tanney guy is 75% of this YouTube I’d do this; start Matt for a minute in game one, go to Quinn for a few plays and then – with the first team in – go to Alex Tanney baby!

Lets Do It! For once in our boring, KC conservative lives, let’s have THAT guy.

Everyone will talk about. Let him bounce one off John Baldwin‘s butt to D-Bowe in the end zone. Why not?

The Chiefs say Brady Quinn is slightly ahead of Ricky Stanzi. Are you kidding me? It’s time to try something crazy. and Alex Tanney is the TRY!


Maybe this is our time. Watch those YouTube videos before you comment. They are insane. I mean insane.

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14 Responses to Glazer: Is New Chiefs Quarterback Alex Tanney The One? YouTube it!

  1. smartman says:

    We don’t think you’re nuts, we KNOW you are. This is a cheap, and ill adised PR move at best. Tanney will make Croyle and Thigpen look like Theisman and Montana. At best he’ll be a sideshow attraction at training camp. There is a reason he played D3 ball and was not pursued by other NFL, Arena League or Canadian teams. Put down your pom-poms and take off that silly skirt.

  2. Robertoe says:

    KC Sports
    KC Sports= Fast becoming known for glitz, hype, false promises but NOT winning.

    It sure would have been nice to just hit a link to access that video. Here ya go. I’ll post it here.

    Just click on that hotlink…Oh….no….wait….that was promised like 2 years ago but its just far too complex.

    It was a pretty entertaining, highly edited video. Yeah, bring on the Chiefs and Royals circus tricksters. Actual winning is just too difficult. KC sports fans will probably settle for fluff and glitz!

  3. Cliffy says:

    Hey Craig. I just got an email from a top official in the Nigerian government who has $21 million he wants to transfer to the United States. The only problem is he can

  4. Super Dave says:

    Hey guys he booked Carlos Mencia what more proof do you need he’s nuts.

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    probably the best clip of the video is when
    he knocked the book off the guys head in the gymnasium, then off his right and left hands – all without a jump cut. Most of the other shots were one-off edits that given enough time and energy a lot people could eventually pull off. It’s the clips that are unedited which show repeated accuracy that are impressive. That being said, I’ll root for the guy to at least beat out Brady Quinn (sorry, can’t ever root for a ND guy). Lastly, Glazer’s comment that Cassel “s below average” is perfectly indicative of how uninformed and slanted he is when writing about sports. I’m not a Cassel apologist but that’s just an assinine thing to assert. Name me the 15 starting QB’s that have proven themselves to be better than Cassel and I’ll reassess. Otherwise, drop the hyperbole.

  6. Janice Would says:

    “LETS DO IT!!!
    Are you a little girl?

  7. Kerouac says:

    Palko ’11, Tanney ’12, Pioli (gone by) ’13
    In KC, we spell QB competition a) guy who hasn’t played a regular season NFL game going on 2 seasons (Quinn), and b) one who has ‘never’ played a regular season game (Stanzi). Comes now another candidate, direct from YouTube U… no stone left unturned.

    It would be a wonderful story if free agent Ryan Tanney made it big in KC – just as it would be wonderful if the Chiefs #1 draft choice Poe made it big (on the field, not the scale). Both small school guys, both big hype/different particulars. I’m not convinced either will be more than footnotes, but then you just never know when, where or if you’ll find the next great NT or QB (Pioli ought to be scouting Hy-Vee looking at grocery baggers, because like I said Kurt *cough* Warner *cough*.)

    Go ahead, laugh, but think about it: when was the last time team KC had either a QB or NT of renown? Montana? Old, brittle. Green? A defense short of being relative. HOF’r Len Dawson retired 1975, and Saleaumua was last seen KC’s d-line 1996… everyone else those spots pretenders, since.

    The trick-shot kid QB looks a bit like Kurt Warner, haircut; even edited his accuracy makes Cassel’s look Thigpen-ish in comparison. Thing is/speaking of TT, Tanney was already given a look by the BUFF Bills – a team with guys named Fitzpatrick & that Thigpen guy – yet Tanney was not signed to a contract depsite the ‘mystery meat’ be those QBs the aforementioned deux.

    As for that ’15 QBs better than Cassel’ challenge another poster, well, the Chiefs QB ranked 25th in the NFL Passer Ratings in 2011, so 24 > 15. Of interest, Kyle Orton who left KC (according to one report because he didn’t believe there would be any QB competition because “it’s Matt’s team”) ranked ahead of Cassel too. “Yeah but – yeah but” protests are subjective – we all are qualified as such, as those QBs/their teams fans could provide their own pleas, so we don’t need to visit that.

    Most likely, Tanney is just Pioli’s way of selling fandom some training camp intere$t at St. Joe’s… if the kid makes it that far.

  8. the dude says:

    Yes, this is the answer
    to all of the Chefs woes, some circus stunt QB from D3, has some kind of poetic ring to it.
    You are a ball buster glazer, a ball buster… and I salute you and your chutzpah.

  9. PB says:

    What Little, If Any
    Football credibility that Glazer may have had…see ya. Shouldn’t even be allowed to post a Chiefs/NFL take ever again. Maybe he’ll come to his senses and say this whole piece was supposed to read tongue in cheek. If that’s the case, then you’re just a shitty writer.

  10. Duke says:

    PB Man Lighten Up Bro
    Glazer did some nice predictions last year, heard him on 610 and 98.9, dead on. He had the Chiefs at 6/7 and bet it, dude was right. On this quarterback, think he is pulling our legs, even if he isn’t, kind of interesting.

  11. PB says:

    Most People
    Had the Chiefs in that range, that’s why that was the betting number. He was also one of the clowns along with his buddy, Nick Wright, who had the Chiefs dead in the water as just a 2 or 3 win team after their horrific start when some cooler heads in here prevailed and continued to believe they’d still end up in that 6-8 win range. Just because he bet and hit a 50/50 proposition on a fixed NUMBER doesn’t exactly make him Bill Walsh. Heck, my mom hits on the slots sometimes, doesn’t mean she’s an expert on fruit.

  12. Cliffy says:

    I think Duke is probably really Glazer. What ever happened to Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz?

  13. Hearne says:

    Guess again guys….
    Craig is on a commenting hiatus. Trust me, they’re not by him

  14. Surrounded says:

    A game of one?
    Same problem the chiefs have had for decades. Building a team of one. Last I remember there were two sides an offense and a defense. More then just the QB takes the field. Trade coaches, get QB’s with great youtube video’s, recruit woman beaters, and those that can’t hold their booze you’ve got the same empty season as years past. Show a team of heart and soul and i’ll at least root them on even if they are an underdog.

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