Concert Corner: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

I attended the Buzz Beach Ball on Saturday at Livestrong Sporting Park and the sound quality was vastly improved over last year.

The highlight of the show was the last act, Sublime with Rome.

Although the band’s original lead singer Bradley Nowell is “pushing up daisies” from a heroin overdose in 1996, the new guy Rome Ramirez did a great job.

The biggest audience participation moment came during Sublime’s song about the LA Riots- 20,000 people all screamed out “187 on a Mother F*&^#@g Cop” which is cop code for "Homicide.”

So it’s safe to say the revolutionary spirit is alive and well amongst Kansas City’s youth.

Foster the People rocked as did the Dirty Heads and overall it was much better lineup than last year’s Beach Ball.
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