Glazer: Tiger’s Win Time to Let Cheating Incident Go Like We Did With Tom Watson

The most PGA tour golf wins ever is 82 by Sam Snead

And now Tiger Woods is far younger than any of the other golf greats after winning his 73rd tour victory at age 36. Jack Nicklaus was 46 for example when he won his 73rd at the Masters.

Maybe more important, and why I write about Woods, is he got overly jacked over his stepping out on his wife three years ago. Woods was treated like a criminal. Half or more of his fortune was taken away. He lost most of his endorsements and was looked down upon by almost everyone in golf including those who ALL DID THE SAME THING HE DID.

They just didn’t get caught, or weren’t famous enough for it to matter.

I didn’t like the way Tiger got picked on so much more than other superstar athletes that have done the same or worse. This was a case of a young man who was not worldly, even with his playing putting him on center stage.  I could tell that by some of his own words that we heard on the tapes of Tiger’s cell phone calls.

He was not experienced in being a "player." 

It all came to him too young and too fast. His pretty blonde wife is now worth over $100 million, is not upset to be free of Tiger and is doing more than just fine. Clearly it was not a happy household, cheating or not. Again it was wrong of Tiger, very wrong. However it was wrong of us to make him the poster boy for "wife abuse" in some way. Like he was a monster. He is NORMAL considering the circumstances.

Almost all celebs do what Tiger did at some point sadly.

Including Kansas City’s Tom Watson.

Cheating is the normal in marriages that don’t work where someone has the option to do so. Tiger is far from alone. So enough on that.

Many wrote Tiger off as he struggled to get his game back, but much of the problem was injury not divorce. The guy had a major hip operation as well.

Me, I made my point when it all happened. This was a personal issue not a national issue. Tiger didn’t beat anyone up. It was not our business to get so involved in his love life. Brett Favre did the same and was not put through the ringer nearly as much.

Tiger Woods will break Jack’s record of 18 majors one day and will in the end be America’s greatest golfer ever. Judge him for that. I feel he’s learned his lesson. Don’t you?

He’s paid enough for the lectures to come to an end.
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56 Responses to Glazer: Tiger’s Win Time to Let Cheating Incident Go Like We Did With Tom Watson

  1. smartman says:

    Right behind Casey Anthony
    Tiger is still a sleaze-ball whore-fucker, as are Brett Favre and Bill Clinton When you give your word to someone in marriage, KEEP IT! If your word is no good, then YOU ARE NO GOOD. Pretty fucking black and white in my opinion.

    He road his squeaky clean image to multi million dollar endorsements. He deserves all the scorn and derision he gets from all quarters.

    Tiger will NEVER break the majors record. He may be a great golfer but he’s a failure as a man, husband and father. Nice job Earl, you dead, racist philandering fuck!

  2. harley says:

    smarmyman …get some sleep
    instead of posting at 2am/3am on this little site get some sleep. Your anger is way over the top and it’s wrong.
    I guess according to smarmyman half the nation is no good. That’s a pretty big group of people to be
    calling names isn’t it. Especially when smarmyman’s record isn’t so good. Comprende.
    Tiger didn’t get his endorsements because he was clean. He got them because he was a great
    golfer. They didn’t pay the guy millions because he was supposed to be faithful…
    and if what you say is true…you can add these names to your list of filthy people smarmyman
    Get a grip smarmyman. Or get some care at the hospital.

  3. Super Dave says:

    Right on smartman
    You ever notice smartman how all the wife/girlfriend cheaters and try and stick up for each other. Yup to them a woman is an object and they shouldn’t be chastised when caught in bed with another woman.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’ll side with SD and Smartman….
    I dont understand the line – Tiger’s Win Signals Time to Let Cheating Incident Go.

    That seems to be a non sequitur to me, in other words, so some don’t have to reach for a dictionary, one has nothing to do with the other. He won a golf game, lets forget about the cheating. I bought a new car, its time to let me off the hook for robbing that bank.

    One of these things is not like the other.

  5. harley says:

    why the pic of tom with linda
    and then with hilary. are you trying to make a statement about tom? What does that have
    to do with tiger and his philandering.
    I saw tiger in vegas with yang from yahoo and their guards would go into the crowd and
    get young beautfiul women to come to their table. iTS ACCEPTED BEHAVIOR ON THE
    TOUR. Its the best secret that everyone knows. Young guys with big money traveling
    the nation playing 3 hours a day…and having affairs with groupies who line up the
    courses to meet them.
    I don’t agre with it but thats the way of the world today.

  6. zzzzzzzzzzz says:


  7. balbonis moleskine says:

    everybody does it
    “Everybody does it” is always a weak excuse. Why? Because everyone doesn’t do it. And whether something is right or wrong is not dependent on whether a lot of people engage in the activity.

    As far a Tiger, he was a “player”. He had 19 mistresses that were actually discovered, and even had his own “prostitute wrangler” (who he was also banging) fly in hookers from across the country to his events. Hell, he was even sexin’ up the PERKINS WAITRESS at the pancake place by their house.

    The guy was a complete cardboard phony. It doesn’t matter anyway, all the Tiger woods golf stuff was always the worst designed style over substance stuff anyway. Anyone want a set of tiger-Nike irons? Who likes sand?

    Craig took hookers to an island filled with hookers last week so you can see why this guy is his kindred spirit.

  8. mike says:

    Tiger DID get endorsements because of his positive image. Endorsements have everything to do with popularity. Look at Dale Jr. in NASCAR. Look at Danica Patrick. Mediocre at best in their sports but get the endorsements due to popularity. Look at Barry Bonds. I don’t ever remember him advertising anything. Companies want their ads to make them look positive to the public.

  9. CJ says:

    what’s this got to do with Topeka

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    @ Mike and BM –

  11. mike says:

    maybe I was wrong
    Tiger probably could relplace Smiling Bob on the Enzyte commercials!

  12. the dude says:

    cheaters trying to rationalize
    cheating. Anobody truly surprized here?

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, no surprise… and
    Happy Monday to you! It was a long 4 days!

  14. Markus Aurelius says:

    upon what basis can YOU claim to know what is “normal” in
    the context of most marriages. The fact that you would act like you know is laughable. Cheating is NOT normal in marriages when spouses have struggles. Sorry, Glazer, but there is no perfect marriage where spouses are happy and satisfied 24/7/365. To think or expect otherwise when going into a marriage is foolish fantasy. However, there are lots and lots of couples that make a commitment to each other and to the marriage knowing that there are going to be unhappy and difficult times for one or both spouses. This doesn’t give some license to cheat, nor is cheating accepted as some normal byproduct of spousal discord.

    Also, what makes you think you can throw Tom Watson under the bus without backing it up? He and his wife were divorced but there has never been any claim of marital infidelity by his ex-wife or anyone else that knows one or both of them. You’re begging for a libel claim with unfounded assertions like that.

  15. Chet Gristler says:

    balbonis moleskine nailed it.
    nicely done, the hammer would be proud.

  16. harley says:

    not normal…but quite often….
    no cheating is not normal. Its an aberration. But 50% of marriages end in divorce. I look around and what do I see…
    more and more married people cheating. I know the people from sullivans. It became a hang out for
    married women looking to hook up. Then other restaurants and bars.
    One waiter at a famous steak house in op (ed ___________) told me that women who wanted to cheat (married)
    would place their keys in a cerertain way. A major subdivision in o.p. has a “rock” that signals a “party”.
    I know we all hope it doesn’t happen but it does.
    As far as tiger…it was a known fact…but a fact that was well kept on the tour and off…that tiger was
    having multiple relationships. They do it out in the open. I knew Nike tour golfers who were out
    and knew it was happening. It’s a way of life for those people. The sponsors had to know…I’m sure that
    when they invest millions in a star they dad severe background checks…but as long as it’s a secret and
    its not out…noone knows or cares. Had tiger not had that fateful thanksgiving “iron bashing” by his
    “nanny” noone wouldh ave known. He just got screwed when his little blonde wife found out what was
    happening when she checked his cell phone. Do you not think his wife had reason to be suspicious
    when tiger trip to vegas for weeks at a time “to practice his swing”.
    And even studies have found that almost 40% of married women have
    cheated. Don’t remember the male numbers. But the world is upsdie down now.
    Is it going on? YES! ALOT! Is your wife or girlfriend cheating? Well look at the stats.
    Tiger was one of the most recognized stars in the world. Temptation and his attitude got to
    him. Whether its a perkins waitress or a mcdonald drive thru girl or a escort in l.a. or
    the whore in augusta…makes no difference. With that kind of money…the kind of offers
    he received…the availablity of people wanting to be with and associate with you..
    its a hard hard time to turn it all down. Especially when you’re 30 years old with the
    world at your fingers.
    those in glass houses should not throw stones. Sorry

  17. Super Dave says:

    You see marcus
    Glazer is so big and powerful in KC he can do as he wants and say what he wants. He said kids at Shawnee Mission East are bi now and if he says Tow Watson cheated then it must have happened. Glaze so full of himself he thinks he is untouchable. Ha Ha Ha he thought that once before and it got him thrown in jail wonder what happens next?

  18. the dude says:

    happy munday wilson,
    I bet those 4 days of not posting were agonizing. 😉 You pulled it off though.

    According to polls and real statistics, the number one reason for divorce is money matters, not people cheating, methinks some people are jumping to too many conclusions and guilty minds make you think everybody is cheating on everybody alse.

    Cheaters gonna cheat and think everybody else is cheating along- not true kiddies.

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    You are correct dude….
    The worst position in the world is the guy who isn’t comfortable in his own skin because he doesnt like the company. That leads one to a good many things, as evidenced around us.

  20. mike says:

    Your point is valid about him being tempted exponentially more than most men. However, you can’t have it both ways. If you still want to be a player, be honest about it and don’t get married. Don’t expect to have a doting wife and kids who think the world of you. Don’t deliberately deceive the public into thinking you are a positive role model and assume it won’t catch up to you.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh, and Dude, I actually made it juuuuuust fine!
    Wall to wall family, three days of nonstop parties, hemorrhaging cash, another wedding/reception Sunday The Blonde sang for, taking the kids to the airport at 6:30am Sunday for 10 days in the Dominican Republic

  22. harley says:

    i agree mike
    but unfortuantely the real world is a lot different than you and i would want. half the marriages now end in divorce
    so people are probably doing what you talked about…tiger is human…he’s a normal guy (with about 500 million in the bank!!!)
    still no excuse.
    oh and wilson…you left before i coud tell you:::::
    lahaim/salud/cheers to your sons wedding/may he bring you many healthy grandbabies…

  23. Hearne says:

    Hey Paul, I’m a little late to this party but…
    In explanation of the headline, I think what Craig was saying is it’s been three years. He fell out of favor, his golf game went to heck in a hand basket and now maybe he’s making a comeback.

    Three years is a long time – and it wasn’t a capital crime – so now that he is re-entering the limelight, let’s put the past to rest and deal with the present and the future. In other words, the timing of the event and the first positive publicity in years is a good time to move on and not dwell on the past.

    As for Woods apologizing or not, done deal. Google it and you can watch all 14 minutes of it on YouTube

  24. chuck says:

    And to peals of great laughter and astonishment,
    a comment from a sinner, a liar and a hypocrite who has sinned in the past, sins now, and sins forever.

    Romans 10:10
    For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

    Most of us grew up in an America that was easier to understand. Right, wrong, morals, standards, laws, social contracts and even TV was black and white. Still, penetential lines were meant to be crossed and re crossed, for forgiveness was at hand.

    Redemption was not just a possibilty, it was an expectation in anticipation of our flawed humanity.

    As our ecclesiastical constraints were weakened by culture, scandals and science, opprobrium for real and perceived crimes and sins has become far more secular. Bless me TMZ, for I have sinned, and, the breaking news of my infidelities and my inappropritate thoughts, words and deeds will hit prime time in the public square tonight at 6:00.

    Our Priests, Rabbis and confessors of yore, were far more forgiving than the crowd which howls for that public pound of flesh in a crescendo of accusations, commercials and promises of more details at 10:00. Our purient thirst for more and more details of every public peccadillo from our heretofore heroes is evidenced by the dramatic increase in ratings for 24 hour news channels during each and every scandal.

    Redemption. That idea of redemption was a part of this country’s foundations not so long ago. An egalitarian approach to religion, money, inheritance, jurisprudence and societal attitudes was based on the common man’s humanity and the expectation that we were not born into anything but free will, and that free will could be expected to feed and nourish a great nation and her possibilities, but also lend itself to cetain excesses.

    Redemption, he without sin…

    Tiger is a fuckin asshole. I get it. But he paid, and he paid and he paid.

    His public humiliation at the hands of the talking heads on ESPN, and all the major affiliates was a crucifiction, pure and simple.

    Many of us, have been through painful, unbearably painful dovorce and separation from our children, which many times, has resulted in ruptures in those relationships that will never, and I mean never be right again.

    I don’t know for sure what is goin on in Tiger’s head over the last few years, but you know what, you and I can both guess, and it is depressing.

    He made those decisions, he chased those chicks when he was married, he is guitly, guilty, guilty. He has, in my opinion, paid the fuckin price. Jesus has that guy paid the price.

    His sins were not violent. No laws were broken. No one was de frauded. His sins were personal and familty related.

    That shot on the fuckin 16th, that was as close to heaven as you can get, under pressure in a big tournament.

    Its just my opinion, but I don’t think he makes that shot if God isn’t ready for every one to move on.

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Fair enough, Hearne
    I”m too tired to point/counter point.
    I saw the apology – live. Very well scripted.
    I’m glad he’s a converted Buddhist, that should help.
    I personally think he’s a dirt bag, but I’m not a sports guy. Sports fans are willing to let their gods and heros off the hook pretty easy, for about anything, as long as the RBI, hoops or TD’s keep commin.

    Or in Tiger’s case, as long as he can swing that big shaft and put it in another hole. Time after time, several times a day….just Tiger and that nice little hole, surround by all its tightly manicured goodness…… he takes that buldging, throbbing piece of solid iron in his hands…. lines it up and puts it in.

    (Smart, SD, Dude, Mike, I can tell you where at least TWO guys are right now….and one is stuffing bills down his OWN pants in self admiration. “Oh YEAH, I do it to ME, its allll ME babeee, I LIKE it like that, DONT I?…. oh yes I do you dirty boy”)

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    That was a BRILLIANT piece, Chuck…
    and now I feel kind of bad for what I said!

    Well, all except the last couple of lines, I still mean those….

    But seriously, that was great. OK, Im outta here. Too much to do to get ready for the July show! I’ll be in the studio all night!

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    But Smartman, this guy is a SPORTS GOD!!
    We have to make exceptions for them, its EXPECTED!! Spoiled little boys who have always had their way, dont have to play by the rules and get exceptions made for them all the time.

    Gosh, where have you been? Dont you watch The Kardashians? EVERYONE is doing it. Its expected, it comes with the territory!!

    Its part of the package of benefits that professional athletes and 1%ers get! Get with the program, buddy.

  28. Super Dave says:

    The End
    Smartman and Paul as always put it in the correct perspective so this story is over, the end is here what more could be said that isn

  29. chuck says:

    Just my opinion fellas. 🙂
    God bless ya all.

  30. mike says:

    there is a happy medium
    Tiger is just a man. He was probably too admired before he was caught. He is probably too despised now. He profited a great deal from that Ward Cleaver image he had. Now, the public despises him. Why not now just treat him like any other golfer. He won’t make 100s of millions in endorsements like he did before, but at least could have a more normal life.

  31. harley says:

    mr. chuck…did you write that
    comment on your own? If you did it was a great piece of writing. You missed your calling.
    I just emailed it to all my contacts on email. So right. Life is about redemption and second
    chances. Beautiful!
    You’ve written some excellent pieces before which i could not believe could come
    from someone on kcc…but this was dead fucking right on the spot.
    Maybe you are the writer hearne should put on full time…at a big salary of course.

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thank you, SD, I DO WHAT I CAN
    to keep my readers and disciples fed with daily pearls of wisdom.

  33. expat says:

    It’s part of our DNA for powerful men to cheat — it may be the reason they become powerful in the first place. When you look at the behavior of our closest great ape relatives they exhibit similar behaviors where the leader gets to pass on his DNA to more females which makes it a selected trait. Not excusing cheating but it may be a partially hard coded behavior.

  34. mike says:

    Wouldn’t it be normal for powerful men to kill off rivals also based on this logic? We could use this ape comparison to explain off pretty much all uncivilized and selfish behavior.

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    @ Mike, I’ve been working on a piece for our show….
    Im rewarding myself with CIGAR time on the patio and you’ve given me a great idea to unwind.

    Im going to pretend that “I” am one of the GREAT APES……… and Im making a LIST!!

  36. Kerouac says:

    Greatest what?
    “Tiger Woods will break Jack’s record of 18 majors one day”

    – I’m not convinced he will but if Woods breaks the record it will NOT by consensus make him the greatest golfer ever. Be no such thing sport/player any, outside subjective opine. Who or what qualifies as final arbiter – a number?

    Who is the best home run hitter ever? Bonds has the ‘most’, Ruth is still the ‘best’ player opportunities each (total hrs & ratio hr per at bat) considered. When at a similar # of at bats, Ruth had 714 hrs, Bonds 619 (Aaron 493, for the record); ‘most’ is not ‘best’.

    Here’s another to consider: who is the ‘greatest’ Heavyweight boxer ever? Ali? Marciano retired ‘most’ undefeated matches; merits & demerits considered, his number must equate to him being the best, everything / anything else must be beside the point, right?

    “(Woods) America’s greatest golfer ever. Judge him for that.”

    – I wonder why his (ex) wife Elin Nordgren couldn’t just do that…

    “I feel he’s learned his lesson. Don’t you?”

    – based on? I wouldn’t pretend to know / guess…

  37. Markus Aurelius says:

    c’mon expat, that’s a cop-out, whether in whole or in part
    “It’s part of our DNA for powerful men to cheat” Yes, let’s absolve all personal responsibility and say, “gosh, these powerful people just can’t help themselves. They are victims of their own DNA.”

    Baloney. My DNA may make me more prone to emotional outbursts or impulsivity but that’s doesn’t justify me blowing some guy’s head off or cutting someone off on the highway causing them to wreck. Someone else’s DNA may make them more prone to addiction but that doesn’t diminish their own responsibility when they become an alcoholic and kill someone in a DUI incident.

    There will ALWAYS be some excuse, some rationalization for a person’s poor, bad, offensive, destructive, harmful, hurtful behavior. But ultimately, we each are responsible for our own choices despite our hard-coding.

    For those that say, “oh, Tiger just cheated like so many other spouses do” you’re forgetting two things. (1) most spouses don’t cheat. Some do, but most do not. (2) Tiger didn’t just fall in love with someone else and cheat on his wife and kids he went out and slept with 15-20 different people over a long period of time (he slept with one of the hoe-bags for around 3 years (get a divorce already) and even while his wife was pregnant (that’s serious douchebag behavior). No, Tiger did not have a “run-of-the-mill” marital affair.

  38. harley says:

    the numbers are grim
    38% of married women/50% of married men are cheating on their spouse. Thats the numbers that seem to
    be pretty consistent in most survey. If you feel those numbers mean “most spouses don’t c heat” so be may be
    right. Or 62% of married women are faithful and 50% of men are faithful. It’s just how you interpret the
    numbers (half empty/full).
    For tiger, it was what was once knonwn as “sport f*cking”. I don’t known if the term is used today.
    But he didn’t go out for love…its was just his competitive nature to see how many women he could
    sleep with. We know the guy looks at everytying in life as a competitive sleeping with so
    many women may have fallen into the same category. He conquered them…he won by his actions.
    So we can bang on the guy all we want…saying his actions aren’t typical…that his actions were
    an aberation in a huge group of faithful married people. But it’s not unusual inthe world today.
    Everytings for immediate gratification. and Tiger got that gratification with someone other than
    his wife.
    We don’t know the story. Maybe he wasn’t getting taken care of at home. iTS obvious he should not
    have gotten married…but he did and that’s history.
    What glaze is saying is that it’s probably time to move on.
    But when i had my 2 companies that i sold I found that there ws lots of cheating going on that i couldn’t
    believe. People sleeping with their fellow employees was pretty rampant. I thought it was only in the
    industry i was in. But when i asked our attroney who specialized in harrassment law he said
    it was going on in every company. People were cheating all the time with people at work.
    He expalined that people work with others 8-10 hours a day. That’s longer than they get to
    see their spouse during the week. And things happen at work. I could not understsand how that
    happened because i’d never worked in that type of sitution before. But it happens and I’m guessing
    it goes on more than people admit.
    Its a new world…and i think glaze and his generation invented the term “free sex”. Today it’s probably
    free but it comes with lots of heartaches and problems.

  39. glenn says:

    He wants to be a Clinton
    Not since bill clinton has a public figure so thoroughly publically humiliated a wife that deserved better. At least BC tried to be somewhat discreet about his loose morals. Tiger would invite the hookers of the month over to his house and party while his wife and children were there. When his wife finally caught him and chased him, club in hand, out of the house, he had the supreme audacity to actually say “she ruined Thanksgiving.”

    Two wins does not a comeback make. He cannot stand that people think he’s a dirtbag. Too bad his father didn’t teach him values more important than winning a game of golf.

  40. Beena says:

    Tiger Rocks
    Craig Glazer pointed out the facts.

    Tiger is making history. He is one of the greatest players in golf and he will be the greatest american golfer. An african American that did it.
    You people, talking about marriage, vows and bla bla bla .
    so sorry You are not TIGER WOODS.

  41. mike says:

    marriage, vows and bla bla bla
    That tells us alot more about you than it does about Tiger, Beena!

  42. Tiger Woo says:

    Tiger want blow and hookers beena,
    can you bat 2 for 2 for your man Tiger?

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, you can’t get Beena Pot to call Tiger Kettle BLACK!!
    They both live by the words of that great American philosopher, Bobby Brown’s, I see notin wrong with spreadin myself around!

  44. Beano says:

    you dont know anything

    you are verbacious

    stick to selling phones

    sprint for a sprite

    will help you lose weight



    therefore lets rock

  45. paulwilsonkc says:

    U can lead a horse water but you cant lead a whoretoculture
    There are worse things than being a verbacious fat guy…..

    And for one last time, I dont sell phones. I own a freight company, remember?

    And Im NOT verbacious, I just like to hear myself talk.

  46. tiger woo says:

    helllllloooooooo beena
    where’s mah hookers and blow?!?!?!?
    A man needs his vices, chop chop!

  47. paulwilsonkc says:

    Tiger Woo, you said chop chop and thats “Asian”….
    as on commentor on KCC is prone to say.

    If you’re going to order her around it has to be in Hindi, and that would be; जल्दी कुतिया!

  48. tiger woo says:

    sorry wilson, i do not speak
    cumin, all I know is beena is good for blow and hopefully hookers.
    I is hungry. rawr.

  49. Beano says:

    you have small brain

    go to India

    you might learn something besides selling phones door to door

    and verbaciouness


    you are not

    Craig rocks

    you dont

    tiger rocks


    your not


  50. Beano says:

    BTW paul
    jardines is still for sale

    will trade for herd of goats

    see if you can make it happen

    i made it happen

    see if you can

    different than selling phones


    I am BEANO


  51. paulwilsonkc says:

    beeno, if you are serious…
    I will buy it. I know a big time mover and shaker on KCC who has frequent relations w goats! How big is a herd in India? I need specific numbers. I can likely get his cast offs after he’s, you know, done with them. Goat herding would be a good vocation, hell, beats your next stop down the ladder, flashing people for pocket change.
    Give me 24 hours to goat up. Thank you, queen nadia.

  52. Beano says:

    paul, if you are serious
    pay me and then you can see the damn numbers

    try herding goats

    you might learn something

    makes brain bigger

    like coca cola

    might help you lose weight also


  53. tiger woo says:

    Beeena, you dingbat,
    where is my blow and my hookers?!?!?! I could give two shits less about your silly, defunct jazz club!

    Quit dodging me and get my shit you dingy biotch!

  54. paulwilsonkc says:

    Yo, crouching tiger woo! She ain’t FREE!!
    I know you’re used to paying for it, so cough up a 10spot and you’ll get her attention.

    How, shut up, I have to find a herd of goats and get this club back on its feet. I KNEW it would get cheap before its over with, but this is an answer to prayer.

  55. tiger woo says:

    Hookers and blow, make both happen or else my ex will club your windows out.
    She’s done it before.

  56. Beano says:

    paul you are all talk

    very verbacious

    no action

    where are the goats

    see if you can make it happen

    bla bla bla

    all ive heard


    not you

    hence lets rock


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