Whinery: Bilderberger’s 2012 Meeting & New Edition @ Sprint Center

Chantilly, Virginia…

Who will the Bilderbergers be choosing for President this year?

For those of you who may not know about the Bilderberg meetings, it’s a yearly gathering of “Elites” with around 150 attendees from primarily North America and Western Europe. The meetings are closed to the press and public. It’s rumored that they do “little things” like pick world leaders and strategize the “New World Order” during the confab.

Here are some “coincidences” concerning the Bilderberg involvement in choosing the President of the United States of America for you skeptics in the audience.

In the year before they were elected President, both Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush attended the conference. Same goes for George W. Bush. And for those who remember how close the 2008 Democrat primaries were between Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama– a mere two days after they both attended the Bilderberg meeting that year- Hillary dropped out of the primaries and endorsed Obama.

They also like to interview Vice-Presidential Candidates.

In 2004, John EdwardsJohn Kerry’s VP pick – gave a speech to the Bilderbergs- just like Marco Rubio, the fine Republican Senator is giving this year. Mitch Daniels, the Republican Governor of Indiana is also listed as an official attendee- so don’t be surprised if one of those two gentlemen emerges as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

So will the Bilderbergs prefer Romney over Obama this year?

I sure hope so. I always vote for the “Capitalist Pig” over “Socialist Scum”.

And being a big supporter of Rubio, I hope he ends up at Veep, since my pick, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, probably has no chance of being on the Republican ticket.

Although there’s an interesting conspiracy theory out there that Rand’s father Ron Paul cut a deal with Romney to throw his considerable support behind his candidacy for making Rand his running mate.  However, the Republicans don’t stand a chance of  winning the White House with Ron Paul supporters, so who knows?

It’s also interesting that in a nasty Republican primary battle to become the nominee- Ron Paul and Mitt Romney never attacked each other. Mitt and Rand would be AWESOME! Ron Paul’s biggest contributor is also attending Bilderberg- for all those out there who think Mr. Paul is not a member of the Establishment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Concert Review Time:

I saw New Edition at Sprint on Friday- not my choice- my girlfriend wanted to go… They ran through their hits and Bobby Brown did some of his solo work, as did Bel Biv Devoe.

It was OK… but not good enough to keep me in my seat and away from watching the Celtics dismantle the Heat in the NBA playoff game.

My girl said it was great- except that only Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant still sing after the 30 years since the group was founded.

Crack being the culprit that destroyed Mr. Brown’s voice in particular.

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13 Responses to Whinery: Bilderberger’s 2012 Meeting & New Edition @ Sprint Center

  1. Bill says:

    I love Build-A-Burgers
    cause I put a lot of swiss cheese and mushrooms on mine. Plus, their waitresses are hot.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    You know what they say,

    “Weaving Spiders spin not here”

  3. chuck says:

    Every night at exactly this time,
    I wake up and call my friends in the Illuminatti.

  4. chuck says:

    and I ask them,
    how to spell illuminati.

  5. smartman says:

    Phone it in
    Chuck: Always capitalize the I and one t at the end. The two t spelling belongs to an Italian rapper. You want to be added to the e-mail list?

  6. chuck says:

    I just got an email from them.
    It said, “Chickens have large talons.”

  7. the dude says:

    I think we all know who
    they will annoint POTUS this time around, just like when they put Bubba in twice and Bushy Dubya.
    He has done all their bidding as they wished, why would they not annoint little Barry Soetero twice?

  8. Smartman says:

    Lost in Space

  9. babies wrapped in gold foil say says:

    I hate the Bilderbergs

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    I was lucky enough to be a Bilderbergerer guest a summit
    They are allowed to have up to 20 guests spread amongst all members. Its not really all that big of a deal. They are a bunch of big time power brokers who enjoy the mistique of being a member when all they really do is sit around and talk about chicks, hot cars and Craig. Then they leave, having punked the world!

  11. DSW-Esq. says:

    Smartman- U should b writing the Column
    Thank u for writing the topics of a conspiratorial nature that I lack the stones to write- I’m on thin ice enuf with my “secret society” friends

  12. smartman says:

    @DSW Esq
    No problem. I have special .50 cal and .223 ammo provided by my sponsors that just wastes black helicopters. It’s us versus them and I ain’t goin down without my boots soaked in some blue blood. Like Ray Davies says, “Paranoia will destroy ya”.

  13. PB says:

    I Just Want To Know
    Who in this group replaced Col.Sanders with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face?

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