Starbeams: Kansas City Garners Yet Another ‘Fat’ Award & End of the World

How did Kansas City rank among the Worst Dressed Cities in the U.S?  Travel and Leisure magazine just named us the WORST-DRESSED people in the U.S.

#1.)  Anchorage, Alaska
#2.)  Salt Lake City, Utah
#3.)  Baltimore, Maryland
#4.)  Orlando, Florida
#5.)  San Antonio, Texas
#6.)  Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
#7.)  Atlanta, Georgia
#8.)  Portland, Maine
#9.)  Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona
#10.)  Kansas City, Missouri

We only made the top ten because they don’t make stylish clothing in our size.

Kansas City is the nation’s eighth-strongest metropolitan area in terms of its economy, according to a ranking by an independent economic research firm Policom. The ranking was based on jobs and worker earnings plus quality wages. #1 on the list was Washington, D.C., but #8 ain’t bad.
Our economy is thriving because we don’t waste our money on stylish clothing.


NASA scientists say new evidence proves our galaxy will end in 4 billion years.  So there’s another good reason to avoid buying stylish clothing.

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7 Responses to Starbeams: Kansas City Garners Yet Another ‘Fat’ Award & End of the World

  1. smartman says:

    Jazz Ewwwww!
    Look at the pictures from Jazzoo on the paper of records web site. People in KC are fat, can’t dress well and are pretty fucking ugly.

  2. rkcal says:

    but we’re “nice”.

  3. Harley says:

    That chick in the pink is hot!

  4. harley says:

    An incredible fundraiser for the zoo with over 5000 in attendance friday. It once was the highlight of the start of summer
    as the totally formal clothing event. They’ve changed that now to allow anything. Some of the people wore jeans
    and shirts which takes the luster off the event but overall one of the better fundraisers of the year.
    The people in attendance were not ugly and they are not obese. Those photos were of only a few of the
    very successful/articulate/intelligent people who were there.
    It’s a great cause. The zoo looked great. the food was excellent and the booze flowed. How can any
    event for such a cause as our hometown zoo be bad. Its still the best fundraiser in kc and the movers
    and shakers in every industry were in attendance.
    Maybe smartman should shell out $175 and go see for himself. It was a great time and it raises
    the awareness and large sums of money for the zoo.
    Congratulations again to the sponsors and patrons of the zoo charity. If you’ve not been to the
    kc zoo its a real gem for our city.

  5. smartman says:

    Jazz Ewwww Deux
    Jazzoo is for douchebags and poseurs. That would explain Harley’s participation. Funny how all the libs show up to support keeping real animals in cages, but the human ones need more welfare and understanding. You wanna see animals in action? Go on safari in Africa and watch a lion chase down a zebra and rip it to shreds. That’s a life altering experience. Or if you can’t afford that go drive around on the east side with your poseur joco friends in your leased 5 Series. Roll the windows down and blast some Gap Band. Result will be the same……hopefully.

  6. smartman says:

    Wait a minute
    Hey asshat Harley! How is the zoo a gem for OUR CITY, when you live in the OP with all the smart 1%’ers? You wanna see a REAL zoo? Go to STL or Omaha. The KC zoo is a fucking joke as a tourist attraction. Hell, on most days it’s probably more entertaining for the animals. I’m sure they wonder why the porch monkeys get to run free.

  7. harley says:

    from a guy who’s up at 3am on a saturday
    posting on this site…who’s probably (if not actually) one of the really most hated people in this town..
    from a guy who has no class…who doesn’t get out much…who has no life….and who
    JAZZOO…the list was literally a who’s who of kansas city from banking/media/TECHNOLOGY/
    construction/political/public relations/automotive/investments/philanthropic/BOARD OF TRADE
    MEMBERS…I COULD GO ON AND ON) BUT you are so self centered and couldn’t afford
    the $175 per person for a worthwhile event that helps a worthy cause. While 5000 of the most
    affluent/successful/articulate/intelligent (almost every major corporation in this
    town was represented) were gathered and having a great time, according to your
    posts, you were at home like the loser, posting obnoxious negative childish comments
    while probably jacking yourself off because you’re not a doer…you’re a loser.
    For gods sake smarmyman get out of your basement on fri/sat nights and go interact with
    real human beings and not be a loser sitting posting shit lies on the internet by yourself.
    Man…you really need to get a life. It’s passed you by brother. You’re nobody with a
    big zero life!!!!!!
    Is the kc zoo a good cause…5000 people thought it was..
    And it is a very good zoo. A new exhbit just opened. Unfortuantely, animals like you
    continue to run free with a keyboard at 3 am on a weekend night.
    Seriously…what kind of loser attacks a charity organization? Isn’t that shallow and
    Oh…i’m sure if you polled the attendees you’d find that most were republican conservatives!!!!!!!

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