Glazer: Stock Crash & Tough Times Could Cost Obama

Hey sports fans, looks like we’ve got some MORE PROBLEMS with the stock market…

Just what we didn’t need, right? Yeah, we’re looking at a possible CRASH. Oil is down to $83 a barrel, gold is up over $1,600 to $1,622.00 from a low in the $1,500’s just over a week ago. And now the DOW – oh boy – is down more than 1,000 points in just four weeks.

Trouble ahead?

Well, gold is looking very good, like it may be headed back to $1,800 or $1,900 an ounce by say the next three weeks. While the market may drop to 11,000 or even 10,000 in the coming weeks. Yikes. Another CRASH?

The nation can’t afford it – we are in STRESS CITY already. Another crash would be painful, very painful and important to our pocket books.

This could spell the end for President Barack Obama!

Yep, he looked unbeatable just two months ago, but with this possible CRASH TWO he could get jacked.

As of today, Obama wins fairly easily. Sorry, Republicans, just a fact. Mitt Romney is no genius and we all know it. He may in fact be George Bush Jr. part two. However Obama will take likely take the hit if there’s a crash.

My favorite observation is this: Oil is down to 83 bucks a barrel and falling.

That’s a little odd this time of year during the summer driving season, but with the world economy in a shambles and people everywhere are cutting back. So while this is usually a high buck gas period, with travel etc. less people going anywhere and less gas is being used.

I Love the airlines; they dump 1/3 of their flights, slow down the planes and now it takes nine years to go cross country. I also love the no food, no movies, no nothing on long flights. Thanks! All while prices keep going UP! WTF?

Better yet, gas is down 30% in four weeks.

In Kansas several weeks back I saw top level gas at $4 plus. Now it’s still around $3.50 or $3.60 but oil dropped 30%. So shouldn’t premium gas be down closer to three bucks? Crooks? You bet!

When will it ever be OUR TIME? Just ask the Royals.

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19 Responses to Glazer: Stock Crash & Tough Times Could Cost Obama

  1. Janice Wouldn't says:

    This just shows
    how little the glazed one knows when he tries to write about things other than low rent women and raunchy comics.

  2. expat says:

    Obama is George Bush Jr. Part Two, if Romney won he’d be part Three.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    Well the Dow was inflated at 13k plus, it had run up to pre-crash levels—and our economy is not in the shape to reflect that number.

    Also, every year around the end of the fiscal year, people remove money from their accounts. You usually see a drop in the Dow. They call it the Summer Doldrums.

    As for oil dropping, it had risen not on global macroeconomic demand, but on political risk. Risk that has so far not played out in either Egypt or Libya or Iran, namely that political instability will cause a disruption in oil flow causing prices to rise.

    I agree with the first poster, but I quite enjoy Glaze’s take on this. Makes me laugh. I just hope for the sake of his low rent ho’s and dealers that he has someone else manage his money.

  4. chuck says:

    I am terrible with money. Terrible.
    However, the economy will be robust and kicking ass in 3 to 4 years. Here is why.

    It is categorical.

    The next electee will be remembered as a great president, for being in the right place at the right time.

    If we stay out of stupid wars and continue to develop cheap energy, we will, as the man says, trivialize our debt.

    Boom times are not to far out.

    What say you bschloz?

  5. smartman says:

    Sell in May and Go Away!
    Bulls make money. Bears make money. Glazer makes no sense. STRESS CITY? What the fuck is that? To quote a famous hedge fund manager, “Eat my shorts!”

  6. chuck says:

    buy!!! sell!!! buy!!!! Sell!!!
    Waring Hudsucker was never an easy man to figure out. He built this company with his bare hands, every step he took was a step up, except of course this last one.

  7. chuck says:

    Ok smartman, i am done.
    gonna try to read myself to sleep.


  8. BarKeeper says:

    Glazer Knows Ti-ti (very little)
    1. O’mamma has run the most anti-business administration in the history of the USA

    2. Gas should be under two dollars, so quit having a party over three dollar gas. We are still getting a giant hosedown until the Gulf oil spill gets fully paid for…by us.

    3.Big oil is an unregualted monopoly. If the electric, gas, and water companies were left unwatched you’d have a 500 dollar water bill, etc.

  9. harley says:

    barkeeper…i honestly disagree with you
    Corporations under obama have reaped the largest profits in history. I would hardly say that it’s anti-business.
    Obama saved the auto industry…and the 3 million jobs associated with the industry..which accounts for
    a huge part of our economy. Had obama went with romney on this we would have seen disastrous
    events including the complete lack of parts for almost 80% of vehicles on the road today.
    Obama passed fewer new regulations on business than bush did in the same time span. Obama
    eseentially saved the banks who hold 80% of the deposits in america. Read the recent article on this
    and you’ll see that despite what many pundits say obama allowed the banks to continue when many
    people like the vrepublicans said let them sink…only problem is if they went down we were out of
    business as a nation.
    To say obama is most anti business is just plain wrong. There were some new regs to control the banks
    but that was to prevent another meltdown that caused this whol problem in the first place.

    Gas won’t be under 2 dollars. We compete globally for oil now. The keystone pipleline (as I’m sure you
    know) was to take oil and ship it to china/europe and latin america. It wasn’t supposed to help ease our
    dependence on foreigh oil. and the oil companies still sit on ten of thousands of leases they could
    drill on in u.s. but never do.
    Yes oil is unregulated. we give these guys billions in subsidies. Who was the first president to talk about
    cutting these subsidies…? Give you a chance.
    Who was the first president to end socialism with farmers (give you a guess)…
    Every penny gas is under $4.00 is like a tax break for americans.
    OH AND ONE OTHER THING…anti business you say? Who pushed and got passed the $1000 per
    year payroll credit for working americans? Give you a guess.
    The election will be close numbers wise but the electoral map is shaping up to favor obama heavily.
    The republicans cause to destroy obama from his first day in office will not work.
    And he’s sitting on a billion dollars to destroy your buddy romney. Already tested and focus group
    studied are 3 areas where romney is about to get blow away. In studies, the worst thing about
    romney was that he held millions of dollarsin offshore accounts. ONly 2% of americans know this.
    By november everyone in america will know this.’
    Count on the african american vote and the hispanic vote to be coming out huge in november. Remember..
    romney abolished affirmative action in mass.
    Also…for you epxerts: Watch the state of arizona. I don’t think it’s ever voted democrat for prez. It’s now
    in play and if arizona is even within 2-3 points Romney is a cooked goose.

  10. John Galt says:

    makes glazer sound like a genius.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    Follow my advice and become a millionaire
    Buy low, sell high.

  12. Kerouac says:

    Between Barack and a hard place
    i.e., what the **** let’s choose Mitt…

    As of today, Obama wins fairly easily.”

    – with all due respect, in a pig’s *** he does…

    “Sorry, Republicans, just a fact.”

    – Dem’s are just ‘not’ the facts…

    “Mitt Romney is no genius and we all know it.”

    – if the last four years (including his coddling of illegal aliens) be an indicator Obama’s ‘genius’, Mensa will have to change its name to Menso (the Spanish masculine use of the word which denotes someone who is ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ – BO’s case, appears both.)

    “(Romney) he may in fact be George Bush Jr. part two.”

    – Romney is to Bush two as Obama is to Jimmy Carter’s still undescended testicles, deux…

    I’m definitely ‘not’ voting for King Hussein of DC; come judgment day the lesser evil will be my choice…

  13. BMAN says:

    Sorry Craig
    I have to disagree with you on this one brother. Two months ago, people did not know who was going to officially run against Obama. Obama has not been above 50% average approval rating all year.

    History tells us that, if between two candidates, the incumbnet has less than 50% he will lose. If his numbers in October-November 2012 are as they are now, he will lose. THAT is a proven fact (see links below). He will have his loyal followers, mostly consisting of those on the government dole, but it always comes down to the independents, which I am one of, and the undecideds and a majority of the independents are NOT going to be voting for this empty suit again, while the undecideds 80% of the time vote for the challenger (fact).

    I never thought he had any leadership qualities and he has no proven experience in….well….anything outside of academia. He was a no show as a senator. He is a puppet and to be fair, all politicians are. Unfortunately last election, those in power only gave us two losers to choose from, Obama and McCain. Both were a joke. At least this time we have an experienced leader/businessman in Romney.

    Obama could have casted himself as a great president if had focused on the economy instead of healthcare reform. In a time of great economic turmoil, he decided to use his first two years time on healthcare instead of fixing the economy. Well… can’t eat healthcare. People need jobs and money to eat and live. History will cast him as a fool for this decision.

    It will however be a close race as neither candidate has a lock on the swing state electoral college votes. It all comes down to the economy and it will be worse come November. Remember…it’s all about the money.

    The facts are below.

    Even his ardent supporters are turning on him and eating their own.

    I agree with you about the airlines and the oil companies.


  14. the dude says:

    If you have any money in this stock market for the near
    future you better be grabbing your ankles pretty hard, you are about to get gazerized right ‘tween the buttcheeks.

    HARD AND LONG. Wash and repeat.

  15. harley says:

    bman…sorry…get some real polls
    rasmussen has been a republican poll for all its years. It was way off in 2008 and its way off
    in 2012.
    You used the same stuff that the incorrect pundits used.
    Go get an unbiased poll. The election is many months away. There will be ebb and flow.
    But even right now rethug pollsters are saying exactly what I’m saying. The electoral college
    if you look at the current polls and where the dem has a strong chance to win that
    state…you’ll see exatly what i said is true.
    As to those who just throw out negative why don ‘t you come up with some intlligent reasons
    why Im wrong. If you disagree thats fine but bring out some points as to why the comments
    are made are wrong. That would show that you do have some brains.

  16. expat says:

    Harley is probably right
    I don’t see any tangible differences in Romney’s platform that would distinguish him from Obama enough to energize independent voters. Bush, Obama and Romney are all basically replaceable.

  17. BMAN says:

    Harley – Insults? Really?
    I was responding to my friend Craig.

    With your initial insult, it seems as if you are the angry type of debater. Insults decrease ethos. I don’t get into insult matches with people online and stay with the statistics. I do not understand what a rethug is and I do not understand some of your verbiage…maybe it is just me.

    I gave people real stats. Those sites are the most trusted sites. Rasmussen was the most accurate in 2008 contrary to your statement. Whether he has a bias or not, he was the most accurate and is one of the most referenced by all parties. All humans have some sort of bias to their affiliation. People like to believe what fits their narrative, it is just human nature.

    It is a fact that undecides vote for the challenger 80% of the time. Not sure how many ways to tell people.

    Neither party would have let the employees of the car companies go without jobs. It was the way Obama organized the restructuring of GM and Chrysler that was unethical. He left the bond holders with nothing and gave everything to the unions. Only the foolish believe that the companies would not be sold and continue to run albeit less union overhead. It was a sham the way it was forced on everyone. Those at fault are the leaders of GM, Chrysler, the union and Obama, but really he is just a puppet. The tax payers get shafted royally in that deal too. It is an outright lie and highly unethical of GM to say they have paid the tax payers back in full.

    The banks would have been bailed out by anyone since all parties are funded by the banks and Wall Street. I try to stay out of the republican vs. democrat arguing and insult throwing as both parties are corrupt and a joke. I vote for the one who will do the least damage.

    I just happen to think Obama is a poor leader without ANY real world experience. He never led anyone or anything prior to being the president. You cannot do what you do not know. He has pissed off both parties, and his own party members are running away because he has no leadership skills. 3 1/2 years later and he still does not have a budget. Not a single Democrat senator nor Democrat congressman voted in favor for Obamas budget. Every person in his party voted no to his budget….that is very telling of a person

  18. harley says:

    the comment
    i made about negative comments on this site was not dirrected to you bman.It was to
    the many people on here who come on and go negative about someone and something
    without facts/reasons etc to back them up.
    Your arguments are good but there are some that are vwrong. No harm done.
    You seem like a very intelligent current guy and I enjoy the debate.
    sorry for the misunderstandeing b ut with people like smarmyman and others
    who have no intellectual background for their negative comments it becomes
    a mess. I will address your statements. thanks for your time.

  19. Ranger Danger says:

    If Romney Does Nothing More
    If he does nothing more than kill Obammakare and get the horrid stink of endless vacations and lies out of OUR Whitehouse, he will get my vote.

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