Glazer: Big 12 Goes from Near Death to on Top of the World

Just a season back there was great fear that the Big 12 would vanish completely…

It seemed like just about everybody wanted to jump ship. Why? Money of course. Around here the big surprise was Missouri leaving for the SEC. Losing Nebraska was a bit shocking. Nobody much cared about Colorado leaving, but Missouri going was a blow.

There was all the talk that nobody much wanted Kansas because of the small TV market and it’s football didn’t matter.  The fact that Kansas was a great school and had a legendary basketball program didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Nope, it was all about football, TV contracts, money and the power that it brings. Nothing else.

In the past the geographic location of your school seemed to matter.

The Pacific Coast wanted schools out west, the Big 10 and Big 12 wanted the Midwest and North, and so on. Today, well how about this possible move: Clemson or Florida State to the Big 12? So I guess location no longer matters either.

The great news is the Big 12 went from dead to hot.

That’s right, the list of big name schools considering a move to the Big 12 is growing by the week. Talks are going on right now with Clemson, Maryland, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Brigham Young and yes, even Notre Dame. My word, what a difference a few months makes. From dead to on top of the college football world, or at least near there.

While Notre Dame, the plumb in so many ways, is still thinking about it, the Big 12 may be its best bet.

The football TV giant wants to enter either the Big 12 or maybe the ACC, but keep its football deal out of the equation. In other words we commit to everything BUT FOOTBALL. Why? THE MONEY. 

Notre Dame is on TV every week. But I think its clear that if the Big 12 accepted Notre Dame, they feel in time the football team would jump in as well, just not now. Oddly, the Notre Dame image on the field has taken some major hits. They are no longer a giant football power. It’s been many years since they battled for a national title. Still they have the NAME, and the power that goes with it.

A college play-off system is near and needed.

Likely there will be bowl games of some sort for the NON playoff teams – a big fall from grace for remaining bowls. Why? MONEY.

In the end the Big 12, soon to be led by new commissioner Bob Bowlsby is the big winner.

The one thing about life you can always count on is change..and usually for MONEY.

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4 Responses to Glazer: Big 12 Goes from Near Death to on Top of the World

  1. harley says:

    hopefully the big 12 expands
    they need it. They need to get more teams. Florida state would be good. Notre Dame doesn’t get the
    recruits it once had because other leagues and teams in states where they did great recruiting
    are now keeping them in state.
    For KU and KSU sake the big 12 needs to survive and flourish. They will need the added dollars and
    the bigger reach so these schools can make more money. Right now ku bball program is pulling the
    athletci departments total weight and even bill self said the football program had to step up.
    Hoepfully charlie and tim and dave can do that. It will be a tough road but it can be done.
    Good luck to the b ig 12….and thats from an MU alumni!
    You’re right…its all about money and branding now. MU is exploding right now. Money is streaming
    in and we look forward to a very challenging and incredible football season. It’s going to be a blast.
    but good luck to ku and ksu…hopefully synder can continue to work magic and charlie (I met this guy..
    he’s a super cool guy…great DGB story about charlie…) You can’t help but like these guys and hope
    they do well.

  2. the dude says:

    Texas has killed yet another
    conference, not a big surprise to anyone that knows anything. Notre Dame would probably be a good pick up but you have to get the football in, otherwise it is a deal breaker. All the other teams mentioned would be a crap fit for the about to be dead big 12.
    They had a decent run before Texas decided to get stupid greedy and want all the cheese.

  3. HARLEY says:

    i disagree…i think big 12 can survive
    and flourish. I think espn will pay out to get out of longhorn network because its a loser. Once that happens
    texas has to take a chance and expand. The longhorn network won’t get viewers with ku/ksu/iowa state..
    they need some top teams to get it off the ground . Many calbe systems in texas don’t run the longhorn
    network. it wil lbe interesting to see what happens with texas and how other schools will be able to
    handle them. For the sake of ku and ksu…hopefully the big 12 survivies….

  4. kcfred says:

    What a joke of a column, except that the jokes keep getting bigger.
    NOTRE DAME ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL PUERTO RICO IS A PART OF THE US…but I digress… until Texas releases it’s stranglehold on the Big 12 (yeah, right), NO major team and it’s sports program will be coming to the Big 12.
    Notre Dame playing second fiddle to Texas? You’re still on drugs Glazer.
    Maryland in the big 12? Mighty big airline fuel bill, there.

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