New Jack City: Memorial Day, a Celebration of Pricey Foods & Mattresses

Inquiring minds want to know…

Why all the huge crowds this past holiday weekend at Whole Foods Market with its hefty pricing when we’re supposed to be in such a fragile economy? Evidently the state of the union doesn’t apply to upscale shoppers or someone neglected to let them in on the recession.
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Why can’t Kansas grocery operators convince Topeka that we shoppers would prefer to make our beer and wine purchases at the same time—and place—where we’re shopping for food items?
Just like it’s done on the Missouri side of the state line!
But no, it’s either near-beer at Kansas supermarkets or drive somewhere else for the real deal thirst quencher.
After all Kansas lets us buy medicine at the grocery’s pharmacy without having to waste time and gasoline with another stop.

It’s just so behind the times.
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With an announced attendance by symphony maestro Michael Stern of a crowd in excess of 50,000 persons at Monday’s Celebration At The Station, my question is, where were the African-American fans at the holiday event? KCPT-TV cameras scanned the audience constantly throughout the two-hour-plus live telecast, yet, without exception, all I saw in that sea of humanity were white faces.
And this in a midtown setting?

Maybe a more contemporary mix of classical, patriotic and urban-friendly selections would’ve brought a more diverse crowd? Larger even!
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Why was the JoCo library system, usually open seven days a week, closed both Sunday and Monday-Memorial Day weekend when the Matt Ross Community Center in OP stayed open the entire holiday weekend?
(Matt Ross did operate with reduced hours Monday.)
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When and why did Memorial Day weekends become the focal point of mattress marketeers?
Where did the solemn tradition of honoring our fallen and loved ones get tied into a celebration of mattress sales, memory foam and box springs?
Obviously I don’t have any of theses answers…I’m just asking.
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5 Responses to New Jack City: Memorial Day, a Celebration of Pricey Foods & Mattresses

  1. jen says:

    Imagine the crowd Michael Stern would have pulled if he had made it a Country Celebration at the Station this year. Still no black faces but a boatload of shit kickers. No wine and cheeze dishes on the blankets. Just PBR and people sweating like pigs without the benefit of deoderant.

  2. newbaum turk says:

    ks. liqour
    I know sometimes the KS. liquor law is a pain in the ass but people should know a couple of things. First, I don’t own or work in a liquor store. Second, most if not all KS. liquor stores are family owned and the owners are required BY LAW to live in the state of KS. That means lots of small business owners who live, work, pay taxes, and spend their money in KS. I wouldn’t mind the movement for availabilty of booze everywhere if the people and money behind the push weren’t the big corporations of the world like Wal-Mart, Quiktrip, and others. All of them headquartered out-of-state and are only concerned about their coffers.

  3. smartman says:

    Shirley, you jest?
    C’mon Jack, Charlie don’t surf and cuz ain’t down with the symphony unless thaze doinz a saloot to Motown,hip-hop, George or Bill Clinton. The black people wuz buying mattresses yo, and big screens, aight, and furniture at NFM and Aaron’s, and cars and shit cause EVERYBODY was having a Memorial Day sale just like they gonna have a 4th of Jew-lie and Labor Day sale. Shee-it man you’re just now noticing the Holiday = Sale trend? Trader Joe’s is even getting into ethnic marketing with new Three Bone Tyrone Malt Liquor. Maybe the symphony should do a salute to Kwaanza to bridge the cultural divide. Roll out those Kwaanza favorites, Oh Little Town of Compton, Joy to the Third World, Did You Hear What I Stolded, No Such Thing as a Silent Night in the Ghetto. Little 24″ Woofer Boy, Frosty the Blowman, Run Run Rudolph Before I Bust a Cap In Yo Azz. I Saw Mama Blowing Santa Claus For Some Crack. Just sayin’ yo.

  4. PB says:

    Wow Jack
    Your symphony observation was almost as relevant as Mancow’s fatty assessment. News for you, there are an awful lot of white folks that don’t give a shit about the symphony either. Some of us grayhairs actually prefer moving to our free sounds so we eschew the wicker basket crowd and instead head to the P&L, for some FUN music whether it be WAR, Blues Traveler or G.Love this coming weekend. Why not an observation about ‘where are all the white folks at’ when Rose Royce was playing down there a couple of summers ago, but I suppose you would have needed to be down there in order to actually observe that dynamic.

  5. jack p. says:

    Smartman, you FINALLY did it……
    …you made me laugh out loud. And believe me I’ve needed a good laugh. Just keep sayin’ yo.
    And happy Wednesday to you.

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