Glazer: Scribe Dodges Murder Rap During Puerto Rican Sexcation

"He’s going to murder me and throw me in the ocean!"

That’s what my ex-girlfriend Jessie was yelling when the cops came and got me, on our last last day in Puerto Rico last week.

WTF? How did that happen?

I had known Jess, the girl I took with me on that my one-week, tropical dream vacation for more than a decade. She’s worked at Stanford’s in Westport in the early 2000’s as a cocktail girl. She was maybe 18 then. We dated – or rather saw each other – often those first couple years. She was a very pretty girl with a great body.

Everyone wanted to "date" her, but I was her main guy.

However, she was a little out there even then. Very wild and very high strung. Years later she vanished. We never spent more than a night or two together after that. Then she showed back up around two years ago, this time out as a body building type with an even better body. She was pushing 30 but  was still a smoking hot beauty.

Who wouldn’t want her? Well in time, lots of people.

She seems to have some emotional issues that explode at odd times. That said, I figured, hey I can deal with her, I have before. Wrong! On the trip we were going to be around each other for seven days and nights straight. And on two long flights to and from an Island some 3,500 miles away.

"I’m only going to eat salads and drink ice tea and water, almost nothing more, no weed, no booze," she told me before we left. "I’m going to stay in great shape, work out at 7 AM, beach at 9, and go to bed at a decent hour."

We got a camera to make some fun videos, bought some extra sex toys, the usual beach gear and I bought her a brazilian swim suit – meaning almost a no suit. She’s a rock star looking girl. 

Then the trouble started…

A pilot on one of our outbound flights came over to talk to us, a nice guy, who clearly thought she was very hot. I showed him a photo of Jess with longer hair, and then it began.

"Don’t show strangers my picture," she screamed. The guy was shocked and left. "It was only a nice photo of you by my car," I said. "What’s the big deal?

But she went on about it all the way to the hotel, the Waldorf. So I couldn’t enjoy the hotel or the atmosphere for her nonstop bitching.

"You are an egomaniac," she said and went on and on. I couldn’t shut her up. She even called my brother and my Puerto Rico pal to tell him about the eff-ing photo. They didn’t get it, but at least they calmed her down.

As for Jess’s diet, well on Night One she ordered a salad alright…plus a medium rare filet, some lobster, a couple sides, a bottle of wine and, oh yeah, special breads.

WTF happened to the diet?

She sent the steak back twice and dressed down the waiter for it being too well done. Jess thought this Island was like Vegas, I guess, the only place she’d ever really been.

"Where are the strip bars, the casinos, the rows of bars and nightclubs?" she asked. "Oh, we’re just gonna get tan, swim, snorkel, scubba, jet ski, do drinks by the pool and listen to Island music?" 

Oh boy...

She pissed off almost everyone she met. Oh, they all looked at her, but what a little brat.

It all came to a head that last Saturday. Jess wanted to go to San Juan, a more upbeat, electric city. Our hotel was five star but it was a couples retreat which is fantastic if you want to relax. Sure, it had a dance club and casino, but the people were all kinda New York hip types and laid back. Not the least bit Vegas, Thank God.

The San Juan cab ride would cost around $200 round trip, the strippers she wanted to hire to party with us – if we nabbed one – would probably be another $200. Plus the room, gambling, booze – in the end a grand or so.

Brother, but OK.

So there we were at the pool that Saturday and I’m throwing the football with some kids in the water. And she’s sun burned (she’d said she could take the sun but wouldn’t go in the after four hours the first day – she was burnt and bitching) and hanging out under a cabana. I’m dark-skinned so I was fine.

Our sex nights had been good, but other than her being a good athlete she was driving me nuts.

Then when I came back to the pool she was going through my cell phone.

"OMG you have been screwing all these girls!" she screamed. "I’m gonna catch something (yeah right). You probably send these naked photos to other people, to strangers, to porn sites, to Penthouse – to God knows who."

I said, that’s my phone, some of those photos are old and I don’t send them to anyone. You’re a CRAZY NUT.

But she went on and on with the entire pool crowd watching.

So I sat down by her, quietly snarling, and said, "Look you little crazy brat, you’re ruining this trip. I paid for it, not you. You’ve pissed off all my friends. Now just shut up before someone throws your ass in the ocean."

That did it…

She jumped up yelled, "He’s going to murder me and throw me in the ocean…murder me and throw me in the ocean." Now she’s running up the stairs to where the cops are, screaming this. My heart sank and I thought, "This bitch is going to get me arrested for nothing in a foreign land…great!"

Next the head security cop came to me. "Mister Glazer, she’s saying you want to murder her and throw her into the ocean. What are we to make of this?"

I thought for a minute, looked out at the ocean and said, "That’d be a hell of a throw."

He laughed and she looked up from her little chair surrounded by cops with a blank stare.

Then he said, "Yeah my guys checked you out and the hotel says you have been a good guy, nice to everyone. And people at the pool said she was, well, a little witch and so did the hotel staff. So we’re gonna give her – or you in a sense – three choices. We can put her off of the property. She can calm down and go back to your room. Or we can have you pay for another room and move her into that one, change her flights and you won’t see her again. Your call." 

I thought, lets see. That trip tonight to San Juan is about a grand. She’s a little witch. That hotel room sounds pretty good – at least it’s away from me. Then he said, "Done. This isn’t the US and we don’t buy into that, ‘if the woman says you did it’ crap. Here it has to be for real and in this case it’s not. Enjoy your last couple days Mister Glazer." 

And I said, "Oh I will. I will." 

Those last two days were the best. I loved that hotel and that Island and I’ll go back some day…just not with Jess.

The sad thing is she was a great parttime lover and by my moving her up into the main girlfriend slot I ruined a good thing. Lesson learned.

Of course, then again, maybe it’s me. Nah.
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62 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Dodges Murder Rap During Puerto Rican Sexcation

  1. bschloz says:

    Glaze…tough story man….I’m sure you can find aggravation like that anytime in the Greater KC Metro Area.

  2. BarKeeper says:

    Roid Rage
    Female body builder. Loaded up with steroids and entirely off her drugging schedule. What else would you expect? The farthest away she should have ever been taken was to the Ozarks, and that’s a stretch. A truck stop in Olathe would have been a far better choice.

  3. BMAN says:

    Surprised that you took a girl with you instead of going alone and finding a hot one there.

  4. harley says:

    1. Don’t take sand to a beach. She’s better suited for vegas. She’s not into a healthy lifestyle…
    just wanting to party on vacation. In vegas she can let it out…sorry bud…puerto rico is pretty
    lame and laid back (the parts i was in)….and they have some hot women…only they really
    don’t like real americans. So next time you have a wild one…don’t try to tame her…take her
    to vegas or to temptations in cancun….you can’t tame a 30 year old wild animal.
    2. Extended vacations: Don’t take someone like that on an extended vacation. You’re probably
    pretty a.d.d. and so is she…so anything over 3 days is too long. Especially when it’s hot and you’;re
    idea is sitting on a beach while her’s is partying. But you shot your wad showing the pics to the
    OVER JESSICA’S PHOTOS. I’m sure once the pilot saw that pic the plane ride was bumpy!
    Bad move when you’re thousands of feet in the air. If it was me…i’d take the oxygen mask and
    put it over her mouth to quiet her down.
    3. The more glamourous and hot they are…the worst they are. God didn’t make beautiful women
    that way without screwing up some other part of their personality. Jessica looks like a
    bomb waiting to explode. And you better learn that women like that are crazy!!!
    4. Strippers? That’s what she wanted. Give it to her. She wanted an alternative vacation. Not the
    sandals/beaches vacation they advertsie on tv. After 2 or 3 days she’d get bored. Serve her the strippers..
    it will calm the girl down for at least 3 days til you get home.
    5. Always take duct tape with a gril like that. comes in handy when they start shouting!!!
    6. Find someone who doesn’t need strippers and drugs. Ity will make your life a whole lot
    A STAND IN…OR LAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! gOOD LUCK…love the story.

  5. hardly says:

    1 .i cant beleav u r four duct tapeing a womens mouth 2.taht is abusiv beehavur 3.a reel mann dosnt treet a women liek taht 4. ewe can goe two jail four taht 5.ewe r sikk an need help 6.eye no a siciatrist taht mite be abul to help ewe 7. 1-800-gethelp 8.hoapfuly ewe wil stopp abuzing woman aftur geting help

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hardley, you’re forgetting the MONEY SHOT!!
    The duct tape comment comes on the heels of that Asshat pissed off at all of US when we wouldn’t take a stand against another KCC commentor who Asshat falsley claimed was PRO domestic abuse!! He was ranting for pages against domestic, female abuse, how its NOT funny and asking why we wouldnt take a stand against the guy….. who didnt claim to have done anything like Asshat said he did! But that was before his self imposed exlie….. he’s likely forgotten that now….

    But, its OK to take duct tape to shut a woman up. If Craig had any balls, he would have taken Asshat on the vacation, used the duct tape on HIM and thrown HIM in the ocean!! Not a cop in PR who would have arrested him for that one!! He could have floated to Aruba and jointed the rest of the missing beach goers!

  7. Ranger Danger says:

    Glazer….not again!
    I hope you had that rug from Apollo securely taped, woven, and cranked down tight to the old skull when you tied into that crazy broad. How much cash (unreported cash) did you blow through on this little escapade?

  8. mike says:

    another stupid statement
    that harley made was #3. I have known some beautiful women that were not anything like that. Now a beautiful woman who would go on a “sexcation” with Glaze probably is like that. He basically got what he was looking for. If you are expecting a beautiful girl who will bang you and be your trophy in exchange for spending money on her to be your soul mate, you will probably be disappointed. He was using her and she was using him.

  9. geography lesson says:

    Puerto Rico, US Commonwealth
    This is the second article where Glazer doesn’t seem to notice that Puerto Rico is indeed part of the United States as a commonwealth. This time in fake quotes.

  10. the dude says:

    Long weekend
    with nutjob hotties like that is all you can reasonably get, keep them sedated with lots of meds and booze and only room service.

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike – TWO excellent points

    I think the Dude, Mike, Chuck, SuperDave, EVERYONE should take a stand AGAINST Harley who is OBVIOUSLY PRO female abuse. Who in their right mind would think duct taping a females mouth to shut her up is anything but that? Harley, there are LAWS against that, as you so clearly pointed out before when YOU took a stand against that. Apparently, in your time away, you have turned into a wife or gf beater!

    Please, every join ME in taking a stand against HARLEY. Thats what HE asked for before, I think its only fair we take this stand against HIM NOW!!

    Domestic Abuse isn’t funny, Asshat. If you do it in PR, its still DOMESTIC, as “geography lesson” pointed out. You have some counsins at a bail bond place that will kick your ass over that. And guess what, like YOU SAID, they will NOT BAIL YOU OUT for that offense!!! I, unlike YOU, really DO know them.

    Open wide, Asshat, take some of your own medicine.

  12. Lance the Intern says:

    “This bitch is going to get me arrested for nothing in a foreign land…great!”…You’re a moron.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Lance the Intern – HAHAHAHAHA!
    Very funny.

    I’ve been to Arkansas; now THATS a foreign land!! He could find some crazies down there and its much closer. Number one pick up line in Arkansas? “Sis…. you awake?”

    Its funny to me that he offers to pay for some chic’s trip that he “knew”, (in the Biblical sense), a “decade” ago.. then “dated”, in the Biblical sense), from time to time…. takes her there for ONE specific purpose, she agrees to go…. and she ends up being CRAAAAZY?

    Good lord, who would have ever expected that?? I sure didnt see THAT coming!

    You know how they say a house full of girls all end up cycling at the same time? (not bike riding, Craig, cycling) If two roided up vacationers end up off the med scehdule at the same time, what happens then? See above story.

  14. the dude says:

    Nice sleeveless shirt there,
    reeeal classy.

  15. harley says:

    mr. potato head and his followers are now experts on domestic abuse????? the y sure are…… give me a fucking break….

  16. mike says:

    ???????????? for harley
    Just what IS your definition of abuse? Forcing duct tape over a women’s mouth when you don’t want to listen to her isn’t abuse to you? Do you duct tape women to chairs also so you know where they are, also? That is felonious restraint. you could serve time for that. Any decent man is against treating a women like that. I wouldn’t even tape a dog’s mouth shut. Why do you want to harm women like that?

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    You started that rant weeks ago, Asshat…
    dont blame us because its come back on you….

    Duct taping females as an alternative to shutting them up? Its more grounds than you used to launch the attack you did on a fellow commentor. You posted pages of legal mumbo jumbo, we read it.

    You want to duct tape a chic to shut her up?

    The verdict is in.
    GUILTY –

    DOMESTIC ABUSE isnt FUNNY (Harleys words from weeks ago) It isnt something you JOKE ABOUT!

    Please join me in standing up for AND against Asshat in HIS stand against domestic abuse. Come to find out, much like Jimmy Swaggart preaching against the sins of sex, then busted with a hooker….. some of the ones who preach the loudest against something are the FIRST to reach for the duct tape.

    TAKE A STAND people, stamp out domestic abuse! Harely thanks you, because he MUST be stopped.

    (Look out your window, Harley…. they’re BACK… and they are looking for YOU!!! Time to go back into hiding, no one likes you)

    Come on, its just some good clean fun…… isnt it? Like YOU… we dont really MEAN anything by it……

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Yeah, MIKE, YOU remember what he said BEFORE!!!!!
    I dont remember who he was attacking, I THINK it was The Dude. Harley posted pages of law, tried to start a boycott of him…. told him he needed to rot in jail and his COUSINS at Mannies wouldn’t bail scum like him OUT!! Im sure we ALL remember that. Its where the genesis of Harely going intoi hiding came from. Its where the COUSINS lie came from!!

    And now, here he is, advocating taping womens mouths shut!!

    Thanks, Mike, for understanding DV is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS crime! Maybe more will take the same stand and we can send him back into his panic room!!

  19. Super Dave says:

    I agree Paul but
    Paul your buddy isn’t only one in my book who is OBVIOUSLY PRO female abuse on this posting. But then one has to as well question Hearne since he seems to allow these and those kind of statements while deleting others. So in all fairness either it all is allowed or none of it is. But to me when you set yourself up with a woman all on your planning for something then turn around and trash talk about her after the fact you should be the one thrown in the ocean.

  20. mike says:

    Could you imagine what a poor woman would go through having her mouth taped shut, taped to a chair, and having to listen to Harley bloviating nonstop and not being able to stop it? I’d rather be waterboarded!

  21. Dr. Phibes says:

    The real reason
    I think it went down like that because she’s smoking hot, and you’re Stan Glazer.

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    Well, Super Dave, I dont know how you can reduce it ….
    to that one reason. There are a MILLION reasons to toss him in the ocean! How do you pick just one!!

    Whats so funny to me was that day long rant where Asshat was posting pages and pages of laws, crap from JoCo, calling for this all out assault on the commenter, when what he REALLY SAID… had no merit to be on the receiving end of Asshats attack! Asshat completely took his words out of context, tried him, threw him in the JoCo jail, told him his “cousins at Mannies” wouldn’t bail him out for such a low life crime…… and attacked him endlessly. Over NOTHING!! Just some BS Asshat MADE UP from his words!!

    Remember that? PAGES of legal crap he posted.

    Then….. he wants to comment on Mr. Potato Head being a DV expert? Well, I WASN’T, but I can READ…. and I read every word Asshat posted from the JoCo law books!! That left me with previously unheld knowledge to understand that……. when Asshat suggested duct taping a girl to shut her up……. having significant intellectual recall skills, I called on those words he posted, contemplated it… and you know what came out the other end? DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! The verdict is IN! Not only is he an Asshat, hes one that APPROVES of duct taping a chic to shut her up! You can’t even do that in RAYTOWN!!

    Funny….. Asshat has NO mental recall skills and no cognitive thought processes!! HE lies, in print, you cut and past the lies for him to see again…. and he DIDNT do it, didn

  23. mike says:

    Remember him calling people racist and antisemetic and then making the “goats in Ghana” comment?

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Mike, I was about to go to lunch……
    but the horrors of the image you just placed in my head will not leave me. I’ve melted to tears…. seeing the movie in my head. A merely average girl, in appearance, because we know he can’t pay for any more than that…and they aren’t coming willingly, taped to a chair. Asshat talking non stop, sounding as disjointed as his text and syntax here when we read him. (I have no idea what he does, verbally, to take the place of the “…………”‘s he loves to much)

    The insulting comments he’d throw at her;
    You slutty member of the 99%ers, you have this COMING to you.
    You WANT IT, dont you? Yeah… so youre going to GET IT…. Im going to talk and talk and talk and talk. And when you think it can’t get any worse, when you dont think you can stand one more second of the cruelty I’m imposing on you, you know what I’m going to do? Thats right, you little tramp, Im going to TALK SOME MORE…. riiiiight….. in…….. your…. EAR!!

    He must be stopped. I thank each of you taking a stand against the likes of this poor excuse for a human, the one who claims to have returned at the request of Hearne and all his “disciples, followers and reader3s”.

    Dont let it stop here. Stamp out Asshat in your life time. Its not going to be easy. Its like tackling the weeds in your yard, but spray enough and it will stop. Meanwhile, lets see him sitting in Gardner, KS, JoCO Detention Center, GUILTY of DV! The verdict has ALWAYS been in. Guilty or Asshat like behavior, and now, DV.

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Mike, trust me, I have a list…..
    unlike his threats, mine are/were all documented. He can’t help himself. He hides, he tries to come back and ACT semi normal, but he, like a crack head, can’t maintain it long.

    Then, when cornered, but it takes weeks and months of proving him the liar he is, he does this brief “OK, you caught me, Im an Asshat, I really DONT know the person I asked you to call to find out Harley is always, 100% RIGHT!!”

    So yes, I remember. That came on the heels of him asking what anyone HERE had ever done in the humanitarian.volunteeer world. I countered him with the incredible work I’d done in Ethiopia, rescuing people during their civil war at a financial risk of over $100K in bonds and fees. Bringing them here and, literally, saving their lives. Then, exposing one of the biggest corruption schemes in an Embassy EVER. And… that was his reply. Give him a break on me saving “goats in Ghana”.

    So, yeah, everyone has the picture of the anti racist, anti slander, anti DV persona that is Asshat. Thats the persona…. but comment on an ENORMOUS human relief effort you pulled off single handedly, with families living in this area and DC today who still revere me as a hero in their culture…. and thats the comment you get from him, goats of Ghana. And after endless rants against DV….. get some duct tape and shut the bitches mouth!!

    He has no shame or he could never show his face again. Everyone knows who and what he is… but he’s like a cockroach, no matter what, they journey on.

  26. harley says:

    come on guys
    hahahahaha….you fuckheads are funny…i’m getting emails at how stupid you guys look and act.
    Grow up. Get serious….i know the truth about you guys……this is too funny…..

  27. harley says:

    come on guys
    you’re making fools of yourself. I’ve gotten dozens of emails about comments like the ones you’re putting on now.
    Some came from your ex wives!~!!!!!!!! I pity the bullshit you guys put out….get real…I know the truth and the
    truth will set you free. Tell us about yourself before you go trying to damn someone else.
    Go to my email address….what a bunch of hypocrites………come on ….hahahahahahaha you’re a big joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. mike says:

    you are the one who said to bring duct tape and that it comes in handy when they start shouting. You said it matter of factly as if you have done that. I’m sure you got it on there without a struggle. It would be hard to wrap duct tape around anyone’s mouth without knocking them out first! Now I know why you were such a legal expert on domestic abuse awhile back. You were probably a defendent in a domestic abuse case.

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    “I know the truth and the truth will set you free”????
    This, coming from the pathological liar that is Asshat??

    Thats too funny to comment on.

    He stays in hiding, no one HAS his email adress to comment on “how stupid you guys look and act”! I only have one address for him and its what he claimed was “his attorney” until that TOO was uncovered as ANOTHER lie!

    Two most recent posts from him start the same – I dont know if its (1) his A.D.D. kicking in, (2), he had to stop the one post to sell and international conglomerate or, most likely, (3), 2 of his personalities commented at the same time!!

    “I know the truth”. I”ll give him this… he may KNOW the truth, but he sure doesnt display it here. If he knows the truth it wouldnt take so many lies and deciet.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Mike, here he goes AGAIN!!!
    Youre NEXT on his hit list. Dude got his… now youre going to get a taste of the REAL Asshat!!

    Get ready for a string of misquotes, misstatements and outright lies!

    And after that, if you dont just lay down at take it…. “Stan Goldstein” . his “attorney” will THREATEN you!!!

    Be afraid, be veeeeeery afraid.

    I have to go now, I’ve gotten over 150 emails in the last 10 minutes about what a slime ball Asshat is. I have to respond to some of the regulars who email me all the time about him.

  31. harley says:

    you guys should be working harder at
    making money on your jobs so you canmove into a nicer house. Why do you fuck with this site all the
    time….go make some money so your wives and exwives are satisfied…
    and stop making fools of yourself…even the other commenters are syaing you guys are jackasses…
    and what you get writing your crap on this site…go lose some weight and get a hair piece..
    you guys look really bad in pics…
    and yes…you boys and idiots should know alot about domestic violence…i found your records on line….wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you people are something else…….hahahaha..
    see i got you all worked up again and you’re gonna have a heart attack and die…..go figure…harley wins as always.

  32. harley says:

    you all live your lives with excuses…or looking back at what used to be. You’
    re loseers…first class loswers..
    you say ” idid this in 2000…i did this in 1993…i owned a mansion in 1986….i was presdient in 2001….i used to..
    i once had…NOW YOU AINT GOT SHIT.
    come on dudes…lets get real. The game is played today…not what happened in 1990’s…..get current..
    this is today….exc uses…excuses…excuses….
    the dude didn’t take a six figure job…he’s a loser…he’s making 5 figures….maid and janitors make that.
    so I assume the dude is a hourly worker.
    All of you talk of the past…”10 years ago I did this”…fuck 10 years ago…where4 are you today?
    trapped in a dead end job.
    Come over sometime and see my house…my furnishings….
    come by and see how successful people live because you’re on the outside looking in.
    When you get something positive tosay about your life and not “well i almost did this…or I almost
    got this…or I passed on a big job”…..come talk about it..
    till then…you’re nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    THERES the old Harley…..
    ahhhhhh, can’t get enough Asshat. He’s even back to what he found ON LINE!!
    I’m scared, I have to go now. I dont want to be exposed.

    Harley, 10 years ago or not, saving 50+ peoples LIVES… matters. Those 50 lives have gone on to foster productive, important families of their own, here in the US! It mattered then, it matters MORE NOW seeing what they have become. You cant compare your “volunteer hours” to that, then OR now. Some things matter for a lifetime when your efforts have been put where they should be. In the face of a story like that, all you can do is cut someone down. Its not in you to be genuine and REALIZE the importance of that. The one family in town Im still close to has two incredible kids now, he owns a recording studio free and clear and a gorgeous home. It matters. Anyone with a heart and head for what you REALLY claimed to be all about, doing something for OTHERS, would know that. But alas, that claim is as bogus and anything else you say or do. My reward comes from what I know and have done with my life, not YOU coming over to look at “my art and my house”. Its sad, thats all you have to offer to validate what you’ve done. Which, to date, is to be a self serving, pathological liar. Thats something to be proud of. And your only rebuttal, attack where some one lives or how they look. Youre amazingly similar to Craig. Wonder why that is?

    Mikes point, you referred to those incredible people and lives as the Goats or Ghana. You know what, you can take that comment and all the other racist BS and lies you’ve told and go straight to HELL in gasoline soaked underwear. Then… you can STFU.

    Now, go read all the emails from your “disciples and reade3rs” who are telling you what jackasses we are.

  34. harley says:

    stop the fucking lies
    please. Cant you say anything that’s true. You are making a fool of yourselves. Do your bosses know what you do during
    the day when you’re supposed to be out working for THE MAN?

  35. HARLEY says:

    about the girl and the orphanage. Please…NO MORE! STOP! STOP!

  36. HARLEY says:

    They are haters on here. They are true haters on this site. They have one thing to do and thats
    be negative. They’re negative because they have nothing to show for what they have lived for.
    Everything is about the past…things they lost….never a positive word about the present.
    Never a positive word about people who are making things happen in the real world.
    The loseers on here would rather focus on the negatives than positives. They wrote about
    the legends being in financial trouble thinking it would hurt you. Buit you know better.
    The people on here hate you because you are doing things…mvoing and shaking and they’re
    trying to figure out what happened to the life they once had.
    Good luck. I have always enjoyed your stories and opinions. However the haters on here
    only want to bring you down to their low life level.
    I’ve learned that living good is the best revenge….keep rolling….these people are the ones
    wishing their lives were good…but they have noone to blame but themselves.
    They love to call me a liar.. because their jealous of what i have and do.
    They love to call you a liar and other names…because they want to bring you down to their
    own gross menial way of life.
    keep the faith. keep going.

  37. paulwilsonkc says:

    You get “NOTES” from your HEAD,
    Asshat… NO ONE talks to you about ANYTHING that matters.

    I can back up anything I’ve done. YOU? Not even your NAME. STFU.

    Put up or shut up!

  38. harley says:

    guys…sure you can back up…
    yes you can. You sure can. Didn’t you guys write books and produce movies and documentaries. You guys
    have so much to share…you’re so successful (yea right!) briliant…so financially savy (not at all)…
    i can tell you guys are smart/full of life (couch potatoes)….
    i’msure you can prove everything…and the records can prove it too…now go get your records and
    lets see them………I’ve already called one of you out about lies…whos next?

  39. harley says:

    I saved 10000 natives in africa
    I was at an orphanage…i helped young kids…i’m in great shape…i have lots of money
    i am great…i have rich friends who LOVE BUT WHO WATCH THEIR WALLETS WHEN I’M AROUND!!!!!

  40. HARLEY says:

    garbage..and more garbage
    please stop!

  41. p. pork says:

    i am kool
    i sell boxus…i am funny….i live by the river…my howse is nice 4 a dwellur…i fly a plain at nite….I love 2
    sing and smoke big black ceegars….i m funnie….my hed is balled….i love traylurs….
    i go to big star studdedd eeevents….i am big…..glayze hates me…..i laff at him….he likes
    gyrls….harley is du only 1 who is rite….i am a goooofballlllll….i may not be rite but i’m a big bulleeeee…

  42. mike says:

    Where do YOU get the time to be on here when you are such a busy man that owns all these companies and does all this charity work?

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Youre a sad little man, little in every way
    send me a REAL email address you butt plug, I’ll back up anything you like with names, references from REAL people you can talk to and phone numbers. I AM who I am. You have the ability to see what you want because Im not hiding any thing. Ever think of that?

    Now, email me, you can have all the info you want…. and I’ll HELP you verify it. Otherwise, STFU. If you dont email me, its just more of your lies. And given thats most likely the case…. go away.

    You want proof or not? Send me an email, which you HAVE… and lets get on with it.

    Man enough….. or just going to hide behind more of your lies? Its Harleys moment of truth. Do ANY of us doubt how that will end? I doubt it. More lies, more slander to take the focus OFF of who he is… what he’s said. Problem is, son, you’re just not real smart.

    You want multiple families names and numbers who would LOVE to tell you what I’ve done, while you make fun of saving “10000 natives in Africa”? You want to talk to the founder of the orphanage and find out about a benefit CD project underway now, along with all the other efforts? No, you dont. Why? You have no interest in fact. Youre a shallow, self serving, pittiful little man who can’t discern truth from fiction. But…. since you have a house and art….. that squares the deal. See what I mean?

  44. REAL Harley says:

    i am sorrry guyz….
    in reality….. iam a failure at everything i do.. I have tonz of time to visit the library to post stuupid comments….
    I am a total failure….. the only companies i own are rebntals in the….. game monopoly…
    and a 5 year old kid…… just took my last dollar…. i am a putz…. a loser…..
    i wish i could… have been down in PR with…. my hero…
    GLAZE…. he would have…. been happy with my slurping…. and my ability….
    to make toys…. disappear!

  45. p pork says:

    put to sleeeeep
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….borrringggg…………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..facts are online………………..
    show us the moneee….show us the cashhhhh……no more b.s……
    no more snooze words………….pleeese stop…………..hahahaha……………does any1 beeliev this
    DUES anny 1 think dis is reelll? I’m in ghana ….bring da goats………people
    say u lie bout it all………………..bring da goats………………..when u get real record cum see
    tribul cheef…we talk then…………..peece to all…….stop egging the truth….it wil freeeeeeee u….
    people emails say so……………………………………………no more untruths….pleeeeese????????????

  46. paulwilsonkc says:

    No email YET from Harley….
    and if theres NO email from him where I can prove whatever he wants to see… he doesnt merit any more response and he will, once again, be shown for what he is. He doesnt have balls to offer that, but I sure do.

    So, Mr Harley, here’s going to be your response till then to all your claims, lies and racist slander:


    Email me, Asshat. Put on your man panties and give it a shot. Otherwise, to use your phrase, STFU about anything you claim about me or anyone else. You either want the proof…. or your panties are wet and you can’t come out to play. Your choice.

  47. banana man says:

    Please stop trying to be something you are not. Only makes you look bad. We’ve seen the records. Wohoa.

  48. paulwilsonkc says:

    P Pork/Harley/Asshat – NO email no talky
    sorry, thats just how it is.
    Put up or shut up.

  49. harley says:

    the dude….send me papers
    see what they have. Send them to me. They are the true story of porkstiff. Hahahaha…..i’m laughing. emails? send
    me paperwork.

  50. paulwilsonkc says:

    No email, no talkie
    You know how to find me, just do it.
    Dont turn to others, Im GLAD to do it for you.

  51. harley says:

    proof is in the pudding
    and you ate it all! Get lost son. You’re wasting my time. You are a mess dude…get over it…
    you’re about to retire a broke man dude….hey dude…how does it feel. Feel good to
    have to clean dishes at IHOP…thats your new name: IHOPDISH WASHER……….
    they have nice hats for you to wear dude………….no more fun for dude………..hahaha

  52. mike says:

    @harley, p pork, realist, jo jo, asshat
    Calling you out on the duct tape thing has really hit a nerve, hasn’t it. The funny thing is that you never actually denied it outright but have just used ad honinum attacks. It also is funny how much you are an expert on domestic violence laws. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  53. expat says:

    Oh boy it’s the Harley and Paul show… I think you’re both nuts.

  54. paulwilsonkc says:

    Last time Harley talked about records…
    it was complaint records he filed at the JoCo DA and Sheriffs office. Guess what? More lies. I went with my attorney to see.

    Something tells me your about a day away from going back into hiding…… that seems to happen when you dig a hole too deep. You make up disasters. Yeah, Ive still got your email…. brings tears to my eyes. You so worried about someone knowing whereyour house actually IS… how its laid OUT…. specific threats… I’d say youve made the wrong people angry. Something you likely do often.

    So before you go off all half cocked again, do yourself a favor and email me. Is that more difficult than calling your own COUSINS, which I couldnt get you to do? And you want to talk about others. That train has left the station. Over and over you’ve been shown for what you are…. and your only response is Jim Jones like; I am the way, the truth and the light, Harley is 100% right, 200% of the time. Forget that all those guys just provied Im a pathological LIAR. Thats iimmaterial to the FACTS!!

  55. REAL harley says:

    I haave you email for…
    U wilson….….
    I sry… i actualy gave away my reel job away…. ihop toilet AND….
    dish washer…. i will now go and kill …. myself….
    goddbye wilson…. and bestest budz….


  56. paulwilsonkc says:

    proof is in the pudding
    Finally he says someting on the money. We’ve seen your flavor and proof. Your verdict has been in for months now.

    Still, no email…. stop avoiding the issue and do it. If you wanted proof, its easy to get. Youve got 5 minutes then I have things to do till tomorrow. But as usual, there will be nothing….

    Good night, miserable little man. I dont know why youre picking on Dude, but no matter who or what he is, hes head and shoulders above the Asshat. Good night you sorry little man…. I have more important things to do now. Yeah, it IS a big event this weekend, thanks for asking. Just no goats from Ghana there, too bad, you could get some ACTION otherwise.

  57. paulwilsonkc says:

    Expat, you’re welcome to your opinion…
    thats fine with me.

    And Harley, i went the extra mile, I emailed YOU. So reply, or not, its in your court.

    Goodnight all, I have a weekend to plan for, a wedding to do and all that goes with it.

    Harley can email me and get what he’s looking for or not… but I’ve done my part. All he can do is lie MORE. Im done with him till he has balls enough to respond to ME. He will remain the liar he is. I’m pretty sure everyone here has a pretty good handle on that one.

  58. harley says:

    noone cares
    what yousay. Noone pays attention. You’re another name on this site. Another guy who’s past
    the prime time. Go back to your house. Noone cares except you. You are acting the part of
    a fool. Noone cares.

  59. p pork says:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah
    someone get me to a doctor. I’m having the big one. I can’t take it. Too much of harley is killing me.
    I can’t take it anymore. Is there a doctor on kc confidential. Help me. Harley is getting to me. Help!
    I’ve got to make it to the wedding. I need a doctor who can help me. Anyone got any adderol.

  60. hardly says:

    know body payz atention two ewe…………………………ewe r juts jellus…………………………….uve nevver ben wiht a hott gurl lik mee an creg hav………………………..thay r awl krazy……………………………their is nuthing rong wiht duck taipng them………………………..woman axpect taht wiht a reel mann………………….keaps tehm in line…………………..u wuldnt no……………………..u wer depends an liv in a halve/way hous ………………..u liv in the passt…………………..hoo kares about goats from gana…………….waht do u own………………….taht is wat maters……………………….luser…………………….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  61. REAL harley says:

    pick me to go……….on your next PR trip……………..i wil be yur sand……..
    i can make……..toyz disappear better……. than crazy gurl………..
    and i know…………..i can slurp waaaaaaay better…..

  62. paulwilsonkc says:

    P Pork/Asshat/Harley
    You have your second email from me you;ve not been man enough to answer. You should be proud, talk big here but hide from me in person.
    Take care, little girl…. yeah, I’ve got a long weekend. Make fun all you want. Its quality time you dont get with family you dont have.
    Be a man, answer your email…. or STFU.
    I said I was done with you if you didnt respond like a man instead of hiding behind threats and charges here. I meant that. You have two emails you can’t seem to get to.
    Bye, you sad little man. I’ve got fun, enjoyable productive things to do, Fucker

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