Glazer: My Pal Hearne Takes a Bride

Well, all of us who know Hearne Christopher, knew it was coming…

But he fooled us and got married in Mexico. The sneaky devil! I got the text late last night that one of my best friends Hearne had gotten married when he was south. I know his new wife Kimberly Christopher pretty well. Hearne met her while she was working on a corproate event during a visit to Stanford and Sons at Legends more than a year ago, nearly two in fact.

She is a wonderful young lady. Kimberly is very attractive, smart as a whip, has a great career and is a terrific mom. How did he land her? They will make a fantastic couple. I know Hearne is kinda private with his personal life unlike SOME PEOPLE we all know.

I know his pals wanted to be there for them. That surely includes me and Bill Nigro. Hearne, I could have come there instead of Puerto Rico. Well, then there was me bringing my kinda whacky girl with me, so maybe this was best for all. Bill hates leaving Westport, even for a couple days. The man is married to Westport. Lucky for them.

I will leave it to Hearne to fill us in on more details.

Let me just say this: More than anyone in this city, Hearne put me in the spotlight. No offense to Johnny Dare because he has pounded it as well, just a little differently – hah. Hearne and I teamed up in the early 90’s. I was still full time in LA. He covered the LA Earthquake and I was living in LA when it hit. That was our first of hundreds of stories. For nearly 20 years this man made me an almost weekly issue in his column.

Usually they were fun, outside of the box stories. He even covered my dad, Stan as best he could. We just hit it off. We went out to clubs back in the day, some concerts, and the big night was always the famous Super Bowl parties at his home. It was a who’s who of Kansas City.

I think I was the only guy there who really watched the game or cared about it much. He had the rich and famous of KC, the political giants from mayors, council people, movie stars, even senators and power brokers. If you were a name in this town, you got invited at least to one party and everyone showed up.

Hearne stood by me in my 2001 bogus indictment.

He was one of the few media people who knew it was all false. Why? He was around me too much to not know. His editor Mark Zeiman ordered him not to cover the case Or me for that matter. When it ended, they still wanted me dropped from his column, though it was made clear I was not guilty of really anything but being a weekend warrior, like others at the Star including my party pal Jeff Flanagan. Still he wrote about me often, at his own peril. It was probably one of the reasons he got jumped on and left the Star. So he’s a stand up guy.

Hearne has two daughters, twins, born on March 18th, my birthday as well. I have met Liza and Savannah several times and both are wonderful young ladies. Kimberly has children as well so i will be a FULL HOUSE.

I know they’ll be happy because it’s a great fit and I wish them the best.

Damn, now I have to buy a wedding gift. Hey how about two VIP seats to Carlos Mencia? No? Well, I’ll think of something. Love you both.

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28 Responses to Glazer: My Pal Hearne Takes a Bride

  1. Super Dave says:

    No class at all Glazer. No class

  2. mike says:

    on your marriage. I hope you two have many years of happiness together!

  3. Hearne says:

    But c’mon, Super Dave. You gotta bag on Craig for this even? I didn’t solicit it, but he did a nice job and I suppose somebody had to out me.

  4. bschloz says:

    Big Congrats Hearne!

  5. chuck says:

    Congratulations Hearne!!
    Sounds like she is a wonderful person and the family life with all the kids sounds great too.

    Many, many happy years together!


  6. Smartman says:

    Kids are like sex
    10-15 minutes two or three times a week is all you need. Are we sure this was a marriage and not an adoption? Facts get confused here from time to time. Does this put an end to all the Hearne is gay rumors? Wilson! What say you? Will the Fiat 500 be traded in for a sled more conducive to hauling the extended family….Perhaps a Honda Odyssey minivan? Will this turn up the heat on Tim Finn? Did the Mexicans throw rice or beans at the newlyweds? Is the prenup in pesos or dollars?

  7. Super Dave says:

    Sorry Hearne But……..
    Hearne if you had told us about the marriage it would have been different even after I had been told it was probably going to happen but keep quite about it. So in short I knew about it.

    But you know to me what would have been a great would have been a story about you getting married how you met her and what not. But no Craig has to turn it into a “Here let me tell you a story while i write myself and others into it as well.”

    It was your event Hearne, your day doing something you wanted, it was your news about you and Kimberly.

    After reading that this morning I was so what Hearne got married who cares what a event stealing story. Craig could have wrote that story all about you and Kimberly to break the news and nobody else. Then later this week he could have wrote what he did here and who would have cared. So thats what I mean when I say “No Class”

    It so soured me that to say Congratulations to you and Kimberly just does not have any real motive or soul behind it.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Congratulations, my friend…..
    from the parts you’ve told me…. this sounds like a cool deal and I couldn’t be more happy for you!!
    Call when it all settles down!
    I’m happy for you.

  9. BMAN says:

    Congratulations Hearne
    Wishing the best for you and your bride.

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    Many congrats to Hearne and his Bride. All the best!

  11. expat says:

    Congrats and coming from another White guy welcome to the Asian Wife Club. Anyone who says they’re submissive has never pissed one off!

  12. Mary Patton says:

    Hearne, I’m really happy for you!!!! Wishing you all the best!

  13. harley says:

    congrats hearne
    la’haim…salud….yum seng ( ithink thats the asian greeting…check with your wife.)
    Good luck.
    wishing you and your family well.

  14. tiad says:

    Congrats, Jr.
    I hear the getaway vehicle was a Coke can with Hearne’s Fiat tied to the back of it.

  15. mark smith says:

    and good luck.

  16. mike says:

    response to “yikes”
    How do you know why she married Hearne? Probably the only one on here that knows both of them very well is Glazer so I am more inclined to go for his version that they make a nice couple. Lots of girls are attracted to older guys for reasons other than just money. They just got married for crying out loud! Let them enjoy themselves and save the hating for another time and topic!

  17. I hate harley says:

    This should put to rest the rumors
    And here we all thought Hearnes favorite Asian dish was Cream of sum yung guy.
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. At least I realize that I was being a sarcastic albeit humorous douche with the slightly racist joke. Harley on the other hand just sent Hearne a greeting in what he reffered to as ” in Asian” . Harley and his huge brain knows that all Asians speak Asian. Natch.
    Also, 10 points to Glazer for writing a post about Hearne getting married, and still managing to make himself the center of the piece.

    Harleys mom

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman; heres what Wilson say!
    First, on the gay Fiat owning comment; that was always just a joke. I’ve always known Hearne wasn’t gay. How, you ask? He didnt hit on ME!! No self respecting gay guy could resist my charms. Thats all the proof I need.

    While Hearne did NOT confide in me about his upcoming wedding, chosing instead, Craig, which I will be eternally hurt as a result of that breach, he DID ask me to meet him at the dealership Saturday when he traded the Fiat in for a Grand Caravan.

    And to the bottom feeding slime bucket who made the now removed comments, I’m pretty sure you were Asshat. While you may not have been him, you’re one in the same.

    As to the comments about age, I’m sure that swings both ways, but having married someone much my junior, the decision really had nothing to do with age at any point. It came down to who the person was and the fact she had an incredible trust fund that I could never have turned away from.

  19. the dude says:

    all asians speak “asian”. Thanks for that idiotic comment numbnuts.

    Congrats Hearne, don’t pay any attention to the boobs spouting stupid.

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, Im not GAY, but I LOVE you for the Asshat comment!
    I would have said that in Asian, but I took Mexican as my second language. Harley didn’t take English, World History OR Keyboard Skills.

  21. mike says:

    Very well said in European!!!

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    @ Mike, Youre welcome.
    I do what I can. Its precious little in the face of whats going on out there today, but if I can be a small beacon of truth in a world of Asshats, well, then….. my work here is through. Coming from a European-American, it makes me proud to say it all in my mother tongue.

  23. harley says:

    looked it up…
    I was right about the asian greeting….used at many many asian american weddings as a toast. bUT YOU
    low life don’t know how to act so you’re probably never invited to nice events.
    some of you guys wouldn’t know about that. You’re used to colt 45 in a bottle drinking on your
    back porch til you’re so drunk you puke.
    and the man…come on dude…get real. Do you think anyone believes your
    bullshit? you’re a joke. a big joke.

  24. PB says:

    And condolences. 🙂

  25. mike says:

    Asian is not a language. That is what we are making fun of. There are many languages even in China, much less the whole continent of Asia. For a person who has supposedly owned companies in Asia, you should know that!

  26. harley says:

    all you losers come on to ruin the guys story
    a simple story about a guy marrying. A story about his family. a story about some peoples background
    together and the losers come on and have to ruin it for everyone.
    seriously…mike…super dave…smartman…humpty dumpty…people come on to wish the
    guy luck and happiness and you guys turn it into a junk comment section.
    My comment was not meant that i was an expert in asian languauges…i’m not and you all
    know it. But there is a term used by asians that i heard at a wedding that i brought up.
    I wasn’t sure if it was the right language or the right meaning…just something to
    congratulate these people with.
    and the losers …especially super dave the idiot…and smartman
    come on and take a simple comment and try to bring it down.
    Typical off losers. You can’t stand anything. You can’t stand to let
    a story go.
    If you didn’t like the artilce guys…don’t read it. Glaze has a style and you know
    what you’re getting.
    So go back to under the rocks you came from and start all over.
    You are looking for a fight. Move on. You lose. Nothing will change that.

  27. REAL harley says:

    duct tape harley
    shut up……..stupid harley…….. u r a stupid idiot……that is so smart…… u speaka de “asian” language….
    i mean…… i do…… i suck…….. i mean i slurp……..
    where is mah…. duct tape?…….. sluurp

  28. Lance the Intern says:

    Things we didn’t need to know about Glazer…
    “Johnny Dare…. has pounded it as well, just a little differently”.

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