Whinery: NY Goes After Blog Commenters, Greek Tragedy, Kool v. Van Halen

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I please have your attention?

I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story and I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

CANNONBALL!  Ron Burgundy!

The State of the World… I don’t even know where to begin this rant on how we are either hopelessly screwed or face a new beginning- either way- as Bob Dylan said,  “The times they are a changing!”

From the “Don’t They Have Something Else Better to Do” file comes this; Republicans in New York State think that the safety of their citizenry is being compromised by anonymous blog commenters. You know the types. And nearly half the Reps in New York’s legislature have signed onto an UNCONSTITUIONAL bill which would force web pages, social media sites and online newspapers to delete any anonymous comments under penalty of law.

All in the name of “CyberBullying.

I think the politicians just want to be able to find out where you live should you have the temerity to question their leadership. If passed- this will be another piece of legislation that the courts will have to save us from.

Like the Honorable Judge Katherine Forrest just did when she struck down the provisions of the “National Defense Authorization Act”, authorizing Americans to be held without bail, legal representation, or being able to confront their accusers if the Executive Branch of Government deemed they’re a “terrorist.”

I’m telling you- Judges are the only thing standing in the way of a Fascist Police State.

Look at Chicago during the NATO Summit if you don’t believe me.

That had a security presence similar to the old East Germany. Does it still feel like this Country is the World beacon of freedom or more like we’re turning totalitarian? The First Amendment guarantees freedom of assembly and I didn’t see the Government doing anything to preserve that right during the “Conference of Warlords

Things are also getting interesting in the world of money.

The European Union is getting ready to implode and I can’t wait. The Greek elections coming up on June 17th may just put the final nail in the coffin of this silly experiment. When the socialist and anti-austerity party, Syriza, takes over- the NWO banksters in Europe will be on the run.  The great economist Milton Friedman gave the Euro 10-20 years before it collapses, and his prediction is right on schedule.

Meanwhile back here in the USA- I think KC Confidential needs to start a “Dead Pool” on which State goes bankrupt first. Unike the Federal Government, the States can’t run deficits and must balance their budgets. My money is on my home state of California which is running a $17 BILLION dollar deficit and is being driven into the ground by my favorite liberal- Edmund G. Brown, JR. He should know better than to think you can tax and spend your way into prosperity. Btw, Michigan and Illinois are running a close second.

And to any suckers who bought stock in Facebook, did you really think that investing in a CIA Data Mining operation was gonna put your kids through college? Sorry CIA- You know I love you- just spy on the rest of the World and not Americans and your agencies crest will always be on my refrigerator.

Concert Review Time: Kool & the Gang blew Van Halen off the stage- even without JT singing lead. Don’t get me wrong, Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solos are still a quasi-religious experience, but Diamond Dave’s voice is shot. Maybe 30 concerts really have been postponed on this tour because of fatigue and not the usual prima donna rock star internecine warfare.

Good Day and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow!

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8 Responses to Whinery: NY Goes After Blog Commenters, Greek Tragedy, Kool v. Van Halen

  1. smartman says:

    All the problems in the USA with state budgets can be blamed indirectly on The Great Society programs, public employee unions, NEA and liberal social policies. I think we just give the Chinese the state of California as payment for our debt to them and call it even. The chi-com experience will be good for most Californians. It will educate them in ways our current political and social structure can’t.

    Chicago, a fascist police state? Well eat my shorts! In a fascist police state the protesters would have been mowed down with several thousand rounds of .223 fire and then had their bodies dumped in Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. All in all Chicago’s finest seemed pretty reserved, particularly given that one of their own was stabbed by some George Soros funded wanna be anarchist.

    No way in hell anonymous comments get outlawed. Big Brother doesn’t like it so much when little brother gets a few seats at the table. Pass the gravy bitches!

    Van Halen without Michael Anthony ain’t Van Halen. Wolfie’s mommy needs to get him on that weight loss program she was on.

  2. the dude says:

    why do repubs (especially)
    that scream less government want to be in people’s uterii and want to know who everyone is and where they are at all times? Man, these guys get more and more power hungry when they turn purple, don’t they? More, more more power!!!!! Screw joesixpack!!!!

    Police state indeed, 1984 is quickly approaching, the opportunity to get off this carnival ride towards big brother and nanny state running our lives and get back to reasonable government is quickly passing. Wake up people!

    My vote in on Caleefornia and Dave’s voice was shot long, long ago when he went solo.

  3. chuck says:

    smartman nails it.

  4. Super Dave says:

    Smartman Always Nails It
    Jack Poessiger For President

  5. Balbonis Moleskine says:

    It’s so adorable when smartman ODs on Hannity
    All the problems in the USA with state budgets can be blamed indirectly on The Great Society programs, public employee unions, NEA and liberal social policies.

    Alrighty, lets dissect the crazy.

    I’m curious what Great Society programs you find so objectionable? Is it the Civil Rights act of 1964 which prevents people from firing you based on the color of your skin? Or the Voting rights act of 65 which allowed for minorities to register to vote without Jim Crow era “reading tests”, “poll taxes”, etc?

    Do you have a problem with Medicaid, which allows poor people to have basic health care? Because Im pretty sure they are going to show up in the ER no matter what.

    Is it Medicare? Is Grandmas 70% coverage insurance breaking your back? How dare these old people EXPECT that we not let them die in the street. I mean, hell, their health insurance should be covered by their employer! The answer is never retire!

    I can’t tell you the amount of times over the last decade where we fought two offensive wars costing trillions, all while cutting taxes that I remember my high school english teacher. That stupid bitch with her Doctorate degree trying to teach us fucking poetry and how to write college essays. She deserves no job security! Why should she get tenure? It’s not like some nutcase parent could object to a book on her booklist and get her fired at the drop of a hat. She has no right to join a union and to collectively bargain for rights that encourages her to have academic freedom in the classroom. I mean damn, this woman was topping out at nearly 50k! Damn leech on our American way of life!

    And don’t get me started on the NEA. If they were eliminated we would save $121 million a year. I mean, that is nearly 40 cents per american a year! Remember that one time when the scary gay man put up naked pictures that I didn’t like? Close the galleries, shutter the art programs in schools. We could shoot at least 50 more cruise missiles a year if we kill off the NEA. I mean, it isn’t like we are all getting stupider and more gauche by the day….worshipping low art like the Kardashians, right?

    When Smartman objects to other countries buying our bonds, we need to remember that the US should be run like your home budget. No leverage whatsoever. Because it isn’t like you have a mortgage and a car payment, and floating lines of credit should you decide to spend more one month than the next! Think of the big picture here! People with yellow skin are making 2% yield by holding our bonds! It is making their country more stable, facilitating our growth, and building economic ties. This is a bad thing and must stop ASAP!

    Damn poor people wanting medicine, teachers wanting a union, and foreigners buying our bonds. Clearly their fault.

  6. chuck says:

    Brilliant stuff Balbonis
    but I think smartman was just firing an extemporaeous shot across the bow of ADC, EBT and the more salient boils on the body of the our American ass.

    I was a teacher myself, but I think that antipathy towards the teachers union is explained in this article, possibly the best article I have ever read which concerns the problems commonly associated with Teachers unions.


    I am an old man now, but I think, considering how fucked up the economy is, I should not be allowed to retire this year. I DON’T wanna pay one fuckin penny for ADC, EBT and Section 8. I do want to pay for sick folks who are elderly like myself and can’t work. I will continue to work until I am too shot to make it outta bed. I am ok with providing younger folks with better health care than I get and I am ok with shufflin the old mortal coil so that another worker who CONTRIBUTES to the Amercan economy can provide for his family. I now just provide for myself.

    The Bush War in Iraq has and will cost trillions in intended and unintended costs. Think of what we could have accomplished with that cash. I am a hard core right winger obvioulsy, but the truth is the truth. There were 0 fuckin weapons of mass destruction and the only place we should have gone to kill folks, was in Afghanistan. Now American force of arms, by defeating Sunnis in Iraq, has tipped the balance of power in favor of Shia fuckheads in Iran, encouraged the “Arab Spring” (Or, as it SHOULD be known, “The Muslim Brotherhood Spring”.) and established the de facto Sharia suzerainty in the Mideast that the Ayatollah Khomeine struggled for his entire life.

    The galactic blunder that the Iraqi War is and was, will be revealed when US forces pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Get the helecopters ready to fly what left of us out, off of the tops of buildings ca. Vietnam 1975.

    Nothing is static, variables being variables mean gaurantees are for the naive.

    As American demographics change, the multiculturalistc horseshit narrative will gather strength and the end of guys like me and Republicans is upon us. This explanation of the end of the republican Party by Pat Buchanan not only rings true, it is inevitable. This is the article, it should cheer up all Obama supporters and those with expectations of more Govt cheese heading in thier direction.


    It is a great article and a harbinger of the inevitable.

    This article by Pat Buchanan, is what I believe was at the heart of smartman’s comment.

    Maybe it will be a better world, I don’t know, I do hope so.

    The bell tolls for smartman, and it tolls for me too.

  7. chuck says:

    This, is EXACTLY what pisses off smartman in my opinion, it sure as hell pisses off me. I don’t want one fuckin penny to go to shitheel fucks like this. Read this article, I am again gobsmacked by the attitude, the entitlement, the culture that permeates this country.


    This fat-ass piece of human excrement is so true to form.

    Jesus, look at the list of stuff she was stealing. Fuckin perfect.

    “Responding to a 911 call, a cop reported spotting

  8. chuck says:

    In England, you will get arrested for politically incorrect


    Go to Jail, and go to jail NOW!

    My previous comment could actually result in jail time.

    No shit, read the article.

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