Author/illusionist/comedian/musician Penn Fraser Jillette is a man known for epic rants…

And he really let Obama have it about the president’s hypocrisy concerning drug laws. Pointing out how Obama in his 1995 book Dreams of My Father admits to “smoking weed” and “doing a little blow” and now he’s letting the Feds crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in California and Colorado. This is but ANOTHER campaign promise broken by Mr. Obama.

Remember how in 2008 Obama said he would call off the war on medical marijuana?

Mr. Jillette does and he calls Obama out on where he would be now if he’d been busted under the same drug laws he supports now. Would Obama be President now? Hell, no! Though that wouldn’t bother me. Obama also probably would not have gone to elite schools, become a million selling author and would likely be just another Ex-Con working some menial job.

I may not like Obama much as President, but there is no denying the man has tremendous talent and it would have been a shame if it were to all have been wasted because of a drug conviction.

And let me tell you, the way the drug laws are written in this country- you can have a million bucks and resurrect Johnny Cochran and you are probably still going down for possession if an officer finds drugs in your pocket, home or car.

 I’ve represented a lot of kids facing the specter of losing their student loans, having to drop out of school and otherwise having their futures compromised, all for smoking weed.

Sometimes the busts are just too clean and the only option left is begging the Prosecutor for mercy-luckily they have hearts too and will offer a deal that doesn’t ruin the person’s life, However that is not always the case. Especially when “scoring a bag” for a friend makes you a dope dealer in the eyes of the law. Not to mention a convicted felon.

And in Kansas, the simple act of passing a joint around is technically considered distribution of marijuana, a level 3 drug felony with a presumptive prison sentence- VERY SCARY.

At some point, the War on Drugs need to stop and President Obama could do a lot to improve his reputation as an agent of “Hope and Change” by – at the very least- calling off the war on medical marijuana.

Mr. Jillette chides Obama for ignoring that this issue should be one of State’s Rights, like the President’s stance on gay marriage. And if the people of States have voted for medical marijuana then that State’s right should be respected.

The Federal Government has lot more pressing issues to tend to than whether people are smoking pot.

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  1. kcfred says:

    The biggest cash crop ever
    Legailize it.
    Tax it.
    Grow it.
    Sell it. Use hemp to make paper, oil, bricks, anything.
    Like the Saudi’s oil, America’s hemp and pot could be exported world wide.
    But big pharma will NEVER let this happen.
    That’s why he changed his tune. $$$$

  2. the dude says:

    Again more proof that POTUS is a
    mere puppet that dances to the tune of the organ grinder. How do you think the CIA is gonna fund those secret wars they like to constatly wage, bake sales? The givernment does NOT like competition in this arena that is why they are getting busted.
    This has nothing to do with POTUS.

  3. Smartman says:

    @ kcfred
    Not only does big Pharma want a piece of the action the boys on tobacco road want in too. Easiest way to put a dent in the deficit is to let that uhnoly alliance team up and manufacture some wicked, wicked, mind numbing weed for export through the Russian and Chinese mafia. We could take over the world one toke at a time.

    As for half black-berry, he talks out of both sides of his mouth like every other politician. His moral compass points to $$$$$$$. The only change his administration has made is the skin color of the asshole that’s lying to us.

  4. chuck says:

    It makes no sense to me.
    The only votes that Obama could hope to aquire with a tough stance on Medical Mary Jane, would be hard core righters that wouldn’t vote for the guy if he shot Louie Farrakhan dead during an episode of “Walker Texas Ranger”.

    The fix is in.

  5. PB says:

    “Mr. Jillette does and he calls Obama out on where he would be now if he’d been busted under the same drug laws he supports now. Would Obama be President now? Hell, no! Though that wouldn

  6. Dr. Phibes says:

    All because of Arnslinger’s lies
    Thats the only reason weed is illegal. The lies of one man, and his ability to stifle any recognition of medical reports from medical professionals (who were a hell of a lot smarter than Arnslinger) contradicting his every claim.

    What woul;d our forefathers think of nation that jails its citizens for planting a seed, nurturing it, and consuming what grows?

  7. the dude says:

    I think Jefferson’s quote about
    the tree of liberty comes to mind when I think about it.

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