Glazer: Scribes Puerto Rican Wilding Sparks ‘Greatest Hits’ Flashback

If you could capture and hold onto just one moment of your life, what would that be?

I know for most of us there are many not-so-great moments and it’s often hard to hold onto that truly wonderful snapshot. I was on the plane coming home yesterday from Puerto Rico – great place – and looking out the window thinking just that – what moment in time was the greatest, the best?

It’s summer now, so I think for so many of us this is that time of year when things seem a bit uplifting.

And so I thought about the good things. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but if I had to? I’ve never fathered a baby so that’s not an option. However seeing my nephews playing tennis and looking so happy, expecting to have a life not nearly as rocky as mine or their dads – that’s a pick.

I thought about when I got to interview my all time favorite hero, Muhammad Ali. I sure have that one tucked away in a special place. At the time I was in a packed hotel lobby in L.A. for the films premiere party, a roped off area, in my tux, mic in hand, and seated next to me was THE GREATEST. We had that one on one for maybe 20 minutes. That was such a fantastic snapshot in my life.

Another one for me had to be my wedding day.

With my beautiful wife-to-be Connie Parker coming down the aisle at the Fairmont in a gorgeous gown with her mom and dad. She looked like an angel. A happier moment for her may never come. Until maybe she has a baby. Sadly that won’t be with me because we divorced. But that was a nice life snapshot and I have the photo next to my bed to this day.

Or maybe it was opening the box and seeing my book, THE KING OF STING in print for the first time. Forever that book will be out there. That was a feel-great moment for me. Perhaps another was the phone call from my agent in 1982 saying,"Craig CBS just made us a nice offer on your life story, can you fly out here and make this deal?" 

Wow that got my juices flowing.

Another big one was again "lost love." 

I had been trying for a year to get my best girl, Terri Gatewood to come back to LA and live with me, marry me and live happily ever after. Finally she accepted.  It was 1983 and we went to the beach in Malibu. She walked off a ways and then began jogging towards me in her bathing suit. As if in slow motion. And I thought then, "Man, I am so damn lucky to have a lady like that."

Terri and Connie were the two most important women in my life and I failed them both.

And that’s something I will always regret.

I’m not trying to make this about me, I’m just just giving examples so you will think of your SNAPSHOT. The one moment you want to take with you forever.

We all have many, but THE ONE…it’s not easy to sort it out, but you will. Think about it for a time. I did.

In the end, my moment that both haunts me and lifts my spirit won’t be one any of you would have.

No, its not Hollywood but I hope there are more Hollywood moments left for me. Something like, "Craig, they greenlighted King of Sting." That could be the moment, but right now that hasn’t yet happened. Maybe it never will – I don’t know.

For now, it’s this bittersweet snapshot:

I’m leaving the weight pile at Lompoc prison, I take off my gloves – the ones I’ve worked out with for more than four years – and I place them over the ends of each dip bar. I turn and walk away…my last moment in prison. I walked out to freedom and would get to start my life over again. Freedom and hope for the future.
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60 Responses to Glazer: Scribes Puerto Rican Wilding Sparks ‘Greatest Hits’ Flashback

  1. Tim says:

    Is it possible for anyone to be more self involved than this guy?

  2. Super Dave says:

    No Tim it isn’t.

    Is it just me or does Glazers face remind one of a beaver when you look at it as in this picture. Puffy checks. Two teeth sort of sticking down. Beady dark eyes.

    Just a thought

  3. chuck says:

    Glaze is havin a “The Way We Were” moment.

    About 50 seconds in…

    Hey, we all have them at some point. Regrets, absent friends, missed roads and opportunities we should have paid more attention to.

    Your still alive Glaze. Tell those two girls how much they meant to ya. Elegies don’t suit you.

    No more Cold Kentucky Rain, more whiskey and fresh horses!!

    Tomorrow is another day!!


  4. Cliffy says:

    You’re thinking of the Caddyshack gopher, Dave.
    (Of course, Hearne’s thoroughly modern web site can’t do hot links.)

  5. Skeptic says:

    You reap what you sow
    Heard you on The Rock this morning. What a douchebag.

  6. kcfred says:


  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    “A happier moment for her may never come.” REALLY??
    You’re DIVORCED!! But in your mind, she may NEVER have a happier moment in her LIFE.. than walking down that aisle to marry you?

    I’m not one to judge, stranger things have happened I suppose, but I can tell you this from personal experience. That MAY have been my ex wife’s opinion at the moment it was taking place, but its NOT any more!! And there isnt a way I could delude myself into thinking she will just NEVER have a happier day than that one…. even if I had your level of self assurance,

    Craig. I’m pretty sure Connie isn’t sitting around today dreaming about why her life will never have a point in time thats happier than THAT moment was!!!

    I got laid off, went through a $400K divorce that cost an additional $3,000 a month, lost my father, grandmother, grandfather and a hand full of other little personal tragedies……. ALL in a 10 month window of time. We’ve all been bitch slapped in life at one point of the other. I guess the moral of the story is you play the ball from where it lies. There just aren’t any other choices in life.

  8. skipper says:

    boo hoo hoo
    Boring crap. Your insults of glazer are getting old and stale. Please stop. You make bad turn to worse!

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Skipper, I didnt think it was an insult…
    I was just saying MY ex wouldn’t agree with his version of what he thinks HIS ex thinks.

  10. smart an says:

    Au Contraire Monseur Wilson
    All due respect my friend but none of us have the capacity to understand the enormity and dynamic magnitude-ess-ness of the ego known to us as Craig Glazer. This is way beyond meds and therapy and even Scientology. Sad on a number of human levels but it appears his mind has adapted this stance as a defense mechanism that allows him to function on a day to day basis. Some folks might call this a reality distortion field others would just say he’s an egomaniacal asshole. In either case he truly has tremendous opportunities in national politics should he choose that path.

  11. the truth says:

    that is…
    A very nice Hairpiece

  12. skipper says:

    smart an shut up
    learn what rdf is then come back and discuss some facts.

  13. the dude says:

    I vote for
    reality distortion field, the wake must be tremendous in his passing.
    Maybe enough to effect and delude others souls caught in the wake for a small radius around him.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smart: dynamic magnitude-ess-ness??? I LOVE THAT!!
    Im at the office. Im going to try to find at least 5 emails I can fit that into and USE…. TODAY!!

    And I’d help you on the Skippers challenge to you, but I dont know if he’s talking about Radio Direction Finder or Resource Description Framework!!

  15. smart man says:

    I know all about RDF. I have a friend that worked at Apple from 90-05. Isaacson’s book doesn’t do Jobs RDF justice. Whether you are projecting an RDF onto others to get them to do what they believe is not possible or projecting it upon yourself to alter reality it’s still an RDF. It’s a very thin line between genius and insanity and I believe both Steve Jobs and Craig Glazer have spent time on both sides of that line in their respective life journeys. Glazers still alive and banging chicks. Given a choice between some poon and directly or indirectly employing several hundred thousand chi-coms, I’m taking the poon. Advantage Glazer

  16. balbonis moleskine says:

    Oh Smartman, you and your chi-coms (what ever happened to the Red Chinese, no love for Taiwan?). You probably think some dude in a bowl cut in crouching under your F150 waiting to slash your Achilles tendons or perhaps put peepee in your coke.

  17. the dude says:

    they just want you to accept their money for future considerations and a little interest.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Not funny, Balogonous!!!
    I HAD a Chi-Com pee pee in my coke at AMC years ago when I was watching Jumping Lion Crouching Emu!! Laugh all you want… if it ever happens to YOU, it leaves SCARS man!!

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Compare and Contrast the expressions in the pictures…..
    as they are always the same. Craig always has this non-expressive look on his face, you never see both his hands. The girls always look like they are either hostages or suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Coincidence? I wouldn

  20. realist says:

    the commies are coming. Wrong! The commies are about to fall apart. Americans reign supreme.
    Heard chinese taking over the moving and storage industry. Called Wanda Woove and Stowage.
    Glazer is RFD. Real fucking disaster. Seriously. He misses all the hookers he and his dad let get away!
    Lay off glazer. He got back from vacation. Contracted RFD in san juan. Rear fucking disease.
    No matter what who wouldn’t want jessica? Who wouldn’t want Black Babie? Raise your hands.
    Smartman is okay now. He has apple friends. He has rfd disease. I was friends with Jobs. My cousin!

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nice one, Asshat/Harley/Harlinator/Did I say Asshat?
    You wanna talk RDF………….

  22. smartman says:

    Let’s Talk RFD
    As in RFD TV. Mollie B Polka Party on Saturday nights is lighting up the ratings scoreboard and serves as a constant reminder that things ain’t so bad in our little Cowtown.

  23. realist says:

    he was my cousin!
    he really is…we’re all related! MOT.

  24. PB says:

    While My Life
    Certainly doesn’t have near as many epicly awesome moments, I’m grateful that at least none of them had to be lifted from cheesy Bo Derek film.

    “It was 1983 and we went to the beach in Malibu. She walked off a ways and then began jogging towards me in her bathing suit. As if in slow motion.”

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, its COUSINS who threatened you and sent you…
    into hiding LAST time!

    Maybe you should move to Arkansas where they ARE all your cousins.

    Go mind your international conglomerates…..

  26. harley says:

    hello to all my fans/disciples/followers and minions!!!!!!
    Took a small break from kcc. Now back to entertain you again. Hearne called me on the phone and
    begged me to come back since comments were off 75% without me and his advertisers were
    concerned and so was hearne (lol)
    Took a vacation to puerto moreles to see the ocean…el secreto…heaven on earth.
    Yard is looking great. Had to redo it but it looks like its going to be a hot hot summer and will proably
    die before the august heat wave. Stay cool fools!
    See that glaze took an extended vacation to puerto rico. It’s really a very beautfiul island. Few people
    from the midwest realize it. Mostly people from east coast since airfare is cheap…but stayed at the
    older resorts down there 6 or 7 years ago and it was very very nice.
    Business is off the charts. Traveled to see clients in eden prairie. business is on a roll. Headed to
    dallas and southern florida soon.
    Missed you people. Even wilson. Did you get my message wilson to relay to joe at bonding company?
    Tried to call but no answer. I’m blood with flash/claire/snag/victor. should clear up any problems on the “cousin” issue that got you
    so wound up in the4 springtime.
    See some great shows and not so great shows (van halen: david forgot some lyrics/guys outdated/wolfgang was good/
    eddie lit up the sprint/wish sammy would come back. Havent seen him since october 2009 when i ws at his
    birthday party in cabo at cabo wabo)…he’s sorely needed.
    Did see terry fator in vegas. this guys unvelievable…beyond anything i’ve seen. He’s so good you look to see
    his lips and throat…nothing there when he sings/talks…..
    Everything is great heading into summer…real estate market is picking up…my agent said wait a couple ofmoe
    months before i sell…won’t get my price and i’m not going anywhere soon.
    You will get to hear me on radio again…details to follow.
    glaze had trip….wow!!!!! and rockfest was a huge hugesuccess…congrats to dare and glazefor putting it on…
    I’m back so lets have some fun…
    hERNE traveled to cabo…great spot…but it was free trip…can’t beat it.
    Saw amc sold out. Have known durwood family for many years. Stan and Dick (did some projects for them
    years ago)..knew dicks kids (keith and jan- great people)….even martin stone (did some work with him from
    his mission office)…all great smart people but the world changes and now amc will hopefully stay oncourse and
    kc will reap the rewards of all that chinese/american cash.
    Saw freighqoute is moving. More government subsidies for these companies. And people wonder why
    we have to cut teachers/firefighters/emt’s/etc./police…because the politicians are taking americadown the tube.
    Will be going to chicago…see my man obama in ed of june…Good friend is a bundler for him and hes going to
    need all the cash he can get.
    So there it is…i’m glad to be back…hope everyone is well….

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    God you’re pathetic….

  28. the dude says:

    My man harlinator,
    good to hear you are “back”, gonna create more mischief for yourself when you get bored running all your “companies”?

  29. harley says:

    the real problem
    is that so many of the guys on here have the “i used to”…” i once did”…”i had”…i once was”…i
    remember” syndrome…they live in the past. They talk about the “good old days”…”when i was”…
    they live life looking in the rear view mirror.
    I’m younger than almost all of you and i look forward to what’s going on in the future…
    they tlak about what used to be…and it’s crippling. Think what you can do tommorrow…
    what the future isgoing to bring…
    Its become a non stop attempt to dream about yesterday.
    I won’t do it. Too much to do. Too muchto get done. Too many things to do before it s over.
    People may critisize glaze but maybe he’s got it right. Sure he has problems like we all
    do but he’s living life like there’s no tommrrow….maybe we al lshould do the same.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, funny how he “comes back” after you CATCH HIM…
    but he never admits being caught. The ass has been here in several versions and I always point him out… then out of thin air… HE returns as HIM!! This guy just has less sense of embarassment than Craig!!

    Oh yeah, Harley, lets have that BEER you offered now that all that fear for your own personal safety is apparently over now!! Im sure glad THAT worked out ok!! You know good and well I got your message and you know I replied…… I think the summation was that you don’t have a sincere bone in your body. Its at THAT point YOU didnt respond.

    Take care…. so glad you’re “back”. Have “your attorney” threaten Realist for me.

  31. harley says:

    thanks dude…
    I have 2 right now…looking to meet with people to open another. May get it done…maybe not.
    It’sfun. I once had 3 companies at once…quite a lot to handle…but its the challenge of making something work,
    No international companies…maybe soon…
    No mischief…
    wondering if wilson got a chance to talk with joe…i am anxiously waiting to hear back…

  32. harley says:

    no hard feelings
    it’s a new day…a new way…lets discuss what’s important and move on. I posted several times under
    other big deal…people kept mentioning me and how they missed me (lol) l

  33. REAL Harley says:

    Don’t listen to a word…..
    thiss fake harley says…. I am reel mccoy…… just got finushed…… selling 6 kompanies…. all at once….
    good to hear you get vacation my boy glaze…. i own a cumpany or two down in old sanjuan…. may sell them…. dunno….
    I talked to joe wilson…. talked to him reel good… we talked like kissin cuzins…. travolta-style….


  34. paulwilsonkc says:

    Heres who DOESNT miss you – his name is JOE!
    I just hung up from him. Its funny, he answers any time “I” call him so I dont know what your problem is, you’re FAMILY!

    He doesnt know WHO flash/claire/snag/victor IS!! He said for me to QUOTE him and tell YOU:

    “Tell him its REAL simple, pick up the fucking phone and have the asshole CALL ME!!”

    You dont HAVE a new day with ME till you clear up all your old lies and threats. As I said before in the email, you dont have a sincere bone in your body. Have fun, Asshat. Im not playing you’re little game any more.

  35. harley says:

    have joe call his boss
    should clear everything up…everything’s cool wilson!
    Hearne called. Said the comment section is on fire! Mission accomplished!!!!!

  36. paulwilsonkc says:

    You always have ANOTHER reason why your lies arent lies
    …and one OTHER hoop that if a trained monkey would jump through, the CLEAR and explainable answer is on the OTHER side!!

    I said Im done… you can go fuck yourself. You clearly said, again, tell JOE…. you didnt say have Joe tell his BOSS. You can’t lie fast enough to stay ahead of your own lies. Face it…

    “Did you get my message wilson to relay to joe at bonding company?
    Tried to call but no answer. I’m blood with flash/claire/snag/victor. should clear up any problems on the “cousin” issue that got you
    so wound up in the4 springtime.”

    And then you followed it up with…

    “No mischief…
    wondering if wilson got a chance to talk with joe…i am anxiously waiting to hear back…”

    Wilson DID talk to Joe. And as usual, you’re still full of shit. Call Joe YOURSELF and clean it up. The man is a little PISSED at you. I think the phrase “tear him a new asshole” was the exact quote.

    You deserve your own space here, youre pathological, fits perfectly. Being full of shit is FINE, you just try to hard to BE full of shit then run from any truth when it gets found out. CALL JOE, call him now, fucker.

    Fred Phelps could set the comments section on fire, just means youre another asshole.

  37. harley says:

    slow down. you’re gona have a heart attack. Whoaaaaaa…..
    do your due diligence and see harley is right 100% of the time.
    Calm down … need to get upset. I didn’t get back on here to
    have you get your blood pressure up so high.
    If you don’t waqnt to deal with it ignore my messages…they’re
    not directed to you…just to my followers and desciple3s.
    Relax…go to your boat and relax. It’s not a big deal. Its really nnot.
    I just wanted to clear up something…no big deal…take a deep breath…please.

  38. paulwilsonkc says:

    Heres the big deal…. youre full of shit!!
    back up your own claims. Call Joe. You said you were WAITING ANXIOUSLY for my response from him.

    You HAVE that now.

    Call him you little piece of shit. My blood pressure is FINE. You drew first blood months ago and I backed you into every corner there was. Then… you send me this sniveling little email with all your fear and personal threats that had been waged against you… so you were going to go into hiding till it all blew over. I’m sick of your shit and your baseless claims.

    My blood pressure is fine…. just back up your own claims. Dont post on here Joe this, Joe that, you can’t wait for me to reply with what JOE says… then I DO….. and you follow it up with more bull shit like :
    do your due diligence and see harley is right 100% of the time.”

    Call him, Asshat. What are you hiding from? He REAAALY wants to talk to you.

    You were waiting to hear back from me, you did. Call him, he’s in the office now.

    Otherwise… dont bother replying, Im sure not going to. I can EASILY ignore you AND your comments, but NOT when you call me out about who your cousins REALLY are…. challenge ME to make the call, I do… and find youre STILL full of shit.

    Youre just amazing, you ARE pathological. In the face of all that…. your come back is… “Harely is right 100% of the time!!”

    Your “followers and desciple3s” my ass. This was such a NICE PLACE while you were in your panic room hiding from the boogie man.

  39. harley says:

    i wanted to clear up and end a misunderstanding. I tried to call you but noone answered. You havemy
    number on your cell phone…call it.
    I don’t want to battle you on this. Let’s move on and be grownups. I aksedyou to get with joe’s
    boss and finally put this misunderstanding to rest. I think this is water under the bridge.
    No problem…you’re the one that keeps bringing it up. Do it right then get back to
    I’m leaving for the lake early friday morning..will be there this weekend..
    come out and see the jersey shore crew at the toad sunday…should be a great show.
    I din’t want to ruin your day. Can’t we all just get along? I am right 100%…and you will
    see once you followmy directions as I ‘ve outlined them.
    Nothing personal paul…but you need to stop this outrageous anger toward me.
    Do as i said ….follow my instructions and lets put this whole issue behind us.
    Do it (as the commercial says ):

  40. REAL Harley says:

    have joe……call joe’s bosses bosses…. hairdresser’s dermatologist….. should clear everything upp….
    with….. a little cream….. haha….. take a shallow breath and a cigar…..


  41. harley says:

    lighten up
    this is getting old. “real harley” is very creative. even i found that 4:44 comment funny…good.

  42. paulwilsonkc says:

    I followed your “directions” Asshat… and since youre …..
    STUPID, I’ll cut and past them for you:

    “Did you get my message wilson to relay to joe at bonding company?
    Tried to call but no answer. I’m blood with flash/claire/snag/victor. should clear up any problems on the “cousin” issue that got you
    so wound up in the4 springtime. ”

    ….and in your NEXT post:

    “No mischief…
    wondering if wilson got a chance to talk with joe…i am anxiously waiting to hear back”

    INSTRUCTIONS followed.
    Verdict IN
    Youre a patholoigcal liar.

    Now, follow MINE… and call JOE, you little shithook. And please…. don’t bother having “your attorney” email any more.

  43. harley says:

    lets drop it
    you obviously don’t want to follow my orders. Which is fine. You have that right. so lets move on.
    Whats your opinion on the amc buyout by chinese?
    what do you think about the new american idol winner?
    Whicih ones of us will audition for X Factor in june and what will you display as your talent?

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    Yeah, its getting OLD and it will STAY OLD
    till you come clean. Which I dont expect to happen.

    This was fun here for weeeeeeks.

    You ARE what you ARE. Case closed. No more advice for ME from YOU. Do what I told you to… and call him yourself. Youre family… shouldnt be a problem. Othewise, STFU.

    Bye loser

  45. REALIST says:

    Lets have some fun. Lets not get so out of shape over such minor misunderstandings.
    I should not have brought up the cousin deal. Sorry if i stepped over my bounds.
    but i thought that it could be cleared up and we could move on and keep the conversation
    civil but apparently thats not what some commenters on here want.
    I aplogize to wilson and his possee for what i did. I should never have opened up the
    wound about my cousins.
    Lets move on…i can tell you that what i say is right so lets stop the banter and lets
    all go have a cigar and a brew. Peace to all….packing for the lake. See ya!!!!!

  46. harley says:

    sorry wilson….
    i never said i was related to joe…don’t know the guy…probably bailed us out before…i said
    i was with the owner of mannies. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Read what i wrote in the past.
    I was out in olathe 2 weeks ago and maybe should have dropped in then. Call me and we
    can do coffee.

  47. the dude says:

    Oh shit,
    another business he “owned”- Mannies. Keeping track wilson?

  48. harley says:

    i don’t own mannies…don’t own anthing like that.
    how did you get to this…i never owned it…we share some relatives…thats it.

  49. paulwilsonkc says:

    dude, give it up…i am. hes just too stupid.
    Never in my life have I seen someone put something in writing, call him on it, watch him tell you that’s not what he said, even after you cut and paste his own words! It’s either a big joke to him, or, my assumption, dangerously pathological. All I know is there’s quality discussion when he’s gone, bull shit, lies and issues when he returns.

    After the email he sent me about going into hiding after “specific threats” made to him, fear for his girlfriends daughter’s safety, I actually felt sorry for him if anyone had actually done something like that no matter how big a dick he is. But alas, like HIS threats, his attorney, his thug cousins, his multiple identities all coming from ONE computer… was just more Asshat BS.
    I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but he doesn’t deserve more. He’s hit his limit.

  50. dreamwriter326 says:

    Ahhhh hahahahahaha
    HAHAHA…. (breathe, refresh screen, read some more. try not to …. hhhh AHAAHAHAHAAHA.

    AHHHHH hahahaha you two gentlemen are absolutely hilarious. No disrespect at all intended, Paul, because you’ve made some serious claims that probably have a great deal of truth to them. But from a regular reader/semi-rare commenter standpoint …. ahhhhhhhhHAHAHAHA.

    Just the thought that I, by writing this, am contributing to the sadly hilarious conclusion that Paul vs. Harley is probably the best thing that could be happening to Hearne’s blog heading into Memorial Day weekend … well, the laughing is real.

    Thanks both of you. Have a great extended weekend all!

  51. hardly says:

    liten up wilsun
    eye nevvver said eye oned mannies. sinse you lyed abbowt meim gonna send the boyz at mannies that wurk for mee two talk to u. u will not mes with me atfer that/ lay of on creg/u wish u culd efford a toopay like that. eye am wat peeple reed this site four. hurn beged mee two cum bak/eye m relatud to the oner of mannies/ ask his boss two cleer it up…………………..reed wat eye rote befour………………dont mizkwote mee

  52. realass says:

    your rite hardly
    u r wat makes this site interetsing. hurn was rite to begg u two cun bak/luk at the repsonses………………………….u shuldnt lett wilsun misuqote u…………………………………notus how jellus he is of creg an u………………..luser………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  53. paulwilsonkc says:

    I wish to apologize to Hardly and realass
    I was wrong.
    I will put myself in exile.
    I apologize for what I’ve said about both of you and your 13 other personalities.
    Goodbye, cruel world…..
    Mannie, pull the trigger for me, Im not man enough!!

  54. the dude says:

    HISSSSSS!!!!!! Bad form wilson!!!!
    Harley is the one that is supposed to pull the trigger out of love for us!!!

  55. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, I apologize….
    geeesh…. Ive not apologized this much since my ex wife!!
    I retract my apology.
    Harley is an enormous DICK, not meant in the port start, complimentary manner.
    DUDE is correct, Harley should turn on the helium tank. (Im sorry, is it STILL TOO SOON???)

    But Dude, here’s the other piece you overlook. He really does THINK he has “desciples and follwer3rs”

  56. hardly says:

    wat kind of sick purson wuld tell somone turn on a healium tank……………………………u nead sum searius help………………………………u halve know room two critisise wat eye say………………………juts bekaus ewe r jellus of me an creg ………………..i am not an enormus dick altho eye liek them…………………u kan hate on me…………………………………eye halve awl of mi folowers that reed this bekaus of me………………….eet youre hart owt……………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  57. realass says:

    your write hardly
    wilsun is a sik pursun………………………..he is juts jellus of ewe…………………..jts bekaus of youre nise thengs……………………………….an awl of youre folowers…………………….dont let hymn bothur ewe…………………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  58. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hardly and Realass, now add to the apology list
    …along with Dude, Dreamwriter, Craig, Asshat, RealHardly, Realist, Joe, His Cousins, all the NE KC thugs and any future Harlinator business acquisition.
    God……… Im tired of apologizing. Please accept my sincere apologies for anything I have said.
    Except the helium remark. I liked that.
    Oh, and the enormous dick comment.
    Wheres that knob……? Righty tighty, lefty loosy, right….

  59. hardly says:

    eye dont tihnk your that sicnere sicne u exclooded the heeliom coment…………………………………………eye wil except youre appoligy annyweiegh two sho im a beter mann than ewe…………………….if ewe dont no were the knob is…………………………………………try knobtown

  60. realass says:

    gud four ewe hardly
    taht was clasy to sho awl thoze wage slaves wat a grasious man ewe are…………………………….ewe hav moore clas than most of thees peeple wil evver halve…………………………………………wee are lukky two halve ewe bakk

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