New Jack City: The Legacy of Former Mayor Kay Barnes Killer KC Car Rental Taxes

Everything’s UP to date in Kansas City—Missouri that is…

Especially when it comes to the renting of a car. K.C.’s total car rental costs exceed those of major cities like Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas—even Los Angeles.
According to the annual national "Per Diem" survey of the nation’s top 100 markets conducted by BUSINESS TRAVEL NEWS, K.C. ranks as the ninth most expensive city in the U.S. to rent a car. St. Louis by comparison comes in at # 56.

As one would expect New York City has the highest car rental costs averaging at $62.11 per day plus 33% tax for a daily total of $ 82.88.

By comparison Kansas City’s average daily base rental is just $39.57. However with our average car rental tax being a whopping 44%, the average daily total for visitors to our fair city is $56.82 per day.

And that my friend makes our car rental taxes among the highest in the nation— tied only by Boston.
Why so high?
Think back to a handful of years ago when former KC Mayor Kay Barnes and her advisor Steve Glorioso were trying to find ways to subsidize the Sprint Center for concert promoter AEG and conveniently tagged the tax burden to car rentals. 

After all, it’s primarily visitors to Kansas City who are getting fleeced, right?

St. Louis-based Enterprise Car Rental fought it at the time, but to no avail.
So it is what it is.
Of course, locals living on the Missouri side needing to rent a car have long since figured out they were getting screwed too. So they simply hit the Kansas side of the state line where renting a car comes at much more reasonable prices thanks to the lower taxes. Thus costing KCMO rental car taxes they otherwise might have gotten.
Fortunately in the greater scheme of things—including the cost of a hotel room, food and car—K.C. does much better by coming in at # 40 in the nation, or a total per diem of $283.00.

That compares to the # 1, New York City per diem of $536.96, Washington, D.C. at $462.62, Boston at $415.39, Chicago at $374.05, Las Vegas at $301.34, Atlanta at $297.25—but still ahead of St. Louis which sports a per diem of $282.61.

Go figure.

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7 Responses to New Jack City: The Legacy of Former Mayor Kay Barnes Killer KC Car Rental Taxes

  1. realist says:

    Be sure to take insurance coverage with rental car. Saves headaches when hitting a pole.
    We’ll pick you up. And charge you double.
    Most rental cars are used by drug dealers on 71 highway.
    What if man from hong kong wants to rent car in kcmo. Do they have right side steering?
    What if woman from peking wants to rent car in kcmo. Do they offer telephone books to sit on?
    What if blind man wants to rent car in kcmo? Can the dog drive?
    What if glazer wants to rent car in san juan. Does the car come with lifters?
    Do they rent cars to gang members? Blue and red colors only.
    Who gives a shit about rental prices. We don’t rent them.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Ahhhhhh but realist you are wrong
    Many people here in town rent cars every day of the week.

    Family coming to town an extra car needed
    Family car in shop
    Need a larger car or van for an event

    And the list goes on and on as for reasons why people do give a damn.

  3. the dude says:

    Ah yes, had to help pay for the atrocious
    punch bowl they put downtown, what a joke. We were practically guaranteed a NHL and and NBA team by the hucksters.
    A crappy punch bowl to go along with their pre-fab, soulless, money bleeding white power district that will soon be a ghost district.

    Hope ya really cashed out on all that BS, Kay.

  4. realist says:

    Don’t believe anything snake oil salesman sells you. Especially man named Tim
    Don’t believe anything snake politician sells you. Especially someone named Kay
    Don’t believe anything about sports teams coming to kc. We already haveJHawks (NBA type team)
    They built it and people are coming. They built it and there’s lots of sales and new jobs.
    Why do I care about rental car rates in Missouri. I don’t. I could care less. I live in Kansas.
    Politicians get all our money. Don’t you get it dude? Don’t you know that? {retty simple to comprehend.

  5. Sean says:

    Bitch and Moan
    Seriously? We built the Sprint Center when and now this is an issue. Here is an idea if you are local and need to rent a car go to Kansas! And when you do that check the price, there will not be much difference. At least I see where KCMO money goes.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    Realist = Harley/JoJo/Harlinator
    Just changed his writing style to clean up the line breaks.

  7. hardly says:

    whoo cares about rentul kar taxxes anyweigh. i hav a fleet of kars to drive wen i want. only u lusers/drug deelurs rent kars. wee dont need a pro teem bcause we halve the jahwkas. wen eye go two ohter citties i gett shofurred in a limmo. {retty simple to comprehend

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