Hearne: Star Asleep at the Wheel While KCTV Breaks Boffo Local News

Look, I’m in Mexico, so I couldn’t be much more out of it but…

Looking at the morning news on kansascity.com, the Kansas City Star Web site, a couple of things jump out.

Funny, lame kinda things.

Because since forever local television news has been newspaper’s enemy. For obvious reasons. The main one being that – first and foremost – everybody in the news game wants (and treasures) the scoop. That’s just the way it is. Including local radio personalities who want to be first to "break" the news whatever it may be.

Even local bloggers who seldom-to-never sully their hands at doing even the most basic reporting relish laying claims to silly things like "TKC Exclusives."

So yeah, the going can get pretty goofy but the basic, underlying deal is news is news and first is foremost.

Which brings us to a pair of "front page" stories on the Star‘s Web site this morning. Both of which were bread-and-butter basic news that should have been reported – if not first – at least by the newspaper. Instead they were both creditied to the Star‘s local TV "reporting partner" KCTV, Channel 5. A news organization I might add, that is but a tiny fraction the size of the Star‘s.

Worse yet, both stories were easy "gets" that the Star could and should have reported on its own. And by the time you red this post it probably will have.

The first was that KC Mayor Sly James son was arrested (again) more than a week ago for disorderly conduct in Wyandotte County.  How could they miss that one?

The other "scoop" was even lamer.

The Associated Press reported that local movie giant AMC had been bought by the Chinese for $2.6 billion.

Yet, there KCTV’s screen shot is reporting the news on the Star’s main page. Weird.

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4 Responses to Hearne: Star Asleep at the Wheel While KCTV Breaks Boffo Local News

  1. Super Dave says:

    No Hearne goofy is is paying any attention to KCTV-5 in the first place.

    The Star follows somewhere in a position I have yet to figure out anymore or care to.

  2. chuck says:

    Tony’s Kansas City
    does get a little “silly” with the TKC Exclusives, but there is no doubt that Tony breaks some good stories and forces the city’s main news affiliates, including the KC Star to broach subjects they would rather not touch.

    Tony’s agenda is ever apparent, but the presentation of the story in no way negates it’s validity.

    I think, as far as I can tell, that it is Tony who is chasing the Kyle James story and beating every one else to the punch.


    Hey they’re looking for a new website boss, why not get the job and show ’em how it’s done, killer?



  4. the dude says:

    Job at the star-
    salary- peanuts.

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