Glazer: Scribe Gets Out His Baseball Bat and Goes After Hip-Hop & Rap

Are you like me?

Do you blame RAP and HIP HOP for the death of music to a large degree? I sure do. Call it racist – I don’t care – I’m a realist. There’s no talent – OK, almost none – yet we pretend there is when for the larger part THERE ISN’T.
I’m still in Puerto Rico. And after a long day of jet skiing, beach, partying and even dancing (I actually did some pretty decent dirty dancing), my girlfriend Jessie and I went to the room later and watched late night TV with Jimmy Fallen. Or was it, Last Call with the very talented Carson Daly. He’s talented, funny, sharp, my kind of guy.


In truth, it’s a race between him and Fallen for who has the least talent among the white guy, late night hosts. Add in Ryan Seacrest. Man, I wish I had their dough – I guess this gad guy thing only works in KC, huh?
So we’re watching the next big thing in RAP, HIP HOP from Carson right and it’s Jay Rock.

He’s a black, thugged-out rapper with ZERO TALENT. My dog Junior is a better singer. For real. The lyrics? Try bitch, gun, dope, my life sucks – what a genius! I wanted to get a large baseball bat and smash this guy in the face. STOP IT, for Christ Sake.

White people try and pretend like it’s, "Well, you have to listen to the words. See, it’s their life. It’s meaningful. You can’t just listen." 

How about see this; IT SUCKS. Always did. ALL OF IT. LET ME REPEAT, ALL OF IT. AND YOU TOO,SNOOP.

"Murder was the case that they gave me" – yeah what a talent. I miss Whitney Houston. She could sing.
I actually think Rap and Hip Hop more than Disco in the 70’s, killed rock.

Radio and records, cds, downloads – whatever – have never been the same. Of course the Internet insured the death of most commercially-recorded music. And I totally hate to admit it, but Country is likely today’s best avenue for great vocals and lyrics. WOW. It’s come to that!

I was always into the "talent" of music. The voice, the style. Voices like Sinatra, Houston or Streisand. And rockers like Led Zepplin and all the pretenders that came after them. But HIP HOP? Hey, I owned the top HIP HOP club in town and it was packed all the time. But I seldom went into the club because I hated the music.

"Back that ass up" was a sure-fire, top, greatest rap/hip hop hits album of all time.
Does that hurt the black man’s image with whites and thinking class people in general?

Uh, about a million percent it does.

Do young white girls really like that sound? That’s a tough one. I guess many do, but I feel it’s more like follow the leader time. Deep down, the answer is no!

I kid you not, give me a mic and some background music and without even writing a song, I can free style this talentless crap with my raspy voice.

Bet you can too. When will it die? Please.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Gets Out His Baseball Bat and Goes After Hip-Hop & Rap

  1. smartman says:

    80-20 Rule- Fool
    Wicked ass Tupac, NWA, Biggie, Snoop, Eminem and Dre, wicked ass rhymes and beats they play. C’mon , 80% of everything is shit. rappers, comedians, cars, restaurants, travel companions. That’s how it is. Gotta wade through a lot of David Cook’s and Chris Daughtry’s to get the next Robert Plant. The cream always rises to the top. Just cause you don’t like it don’t mean it aint’t good. You wouldn’t be HATIN’ would you?

  2. Macool says:

    Glazer is
    100% correct.

  3. chuck says:

    Rap is not entertainment, it is a paean to violence,
    mysogyny and white racial antipithy elucidated by way of metronomic 2nd grade rhymes meant to celebrate and resolidify the malevolent bedrock of hate that permeates our media from sitcoms to major affiliate news 24/7.

    The one redeeming aspect of “Rap Music” is the “No holds barred, there for everyone to see” agenda of Hollywood and our 4th Estate’s incessant effrorts to destroy any and everything that represents the former American Judeo/Christian concepts which made this country great.

  4. mike says:

    I’m with you
    on this one Glaze. It’s all about the “look” and the attitude. Almost any of these clowns either don’t ever attempt to sing or when they do, it is so “autotuned” up that it sounds like a computer or a space alien. The lyrics don’t have anything worthwhile to say either other than how to string together the most dirty words you can in a sentence. Really creative! I’m also with you about the country music also. I don’t care that much for it but at least they actually sing, play instruments, and have some thought put into the lyrics. Another thing that makes me want to scream is this lip syncing crap. Lip sync to what was autotuned in the studio. Real talent. I miss the good old rock, soul, blues, etc.

  5. Dr. Phibes says:

    Nothing good comes from rap
    Rap is an extremely limited art form that only promotes and endorses a life style that contributes absolutey nothing to the good of man, the hip-hop culture. Not exactly destined for greatness, are they?

    And no Glazer, its not racist in the least to quote facts and statistics.

  6. chuck says:

    Rap music is now, and has been, from the inception of same,
    the clarion call for disaffection by design, a musical (?) cri de coeur for violence with built in excuses for same by way of a jungle-drum, racist appeal to those who would, through force of arms and intimidation secure the treasure of others by way of thier blood.

    There is much to be said about the success of this genre over the last 20 years in mobilizing African Americans to violence and delineating the enemy to the extent, that now, all over the nation, an unwritten rule of predation is brought to bear, if the numbers dictate superiority.

    Rap is the African American Revolutionary National Anthem, sung loudly, proudly at a sonic wail in order to drown out the screams, wails and gnashing of broken white teeth in the face of a one sided war on victims all over this and other nations, obfuscated and dismissed by pusillanimous politicians and a 4th estate filled with demogogues far more interested in pay checks and peer pressure than the truth.

    De facto permission for this incessant violence and racial destruction is accorded by way of laws enforced selectively —

    See Eric Holder’s attention to “Hate Crimes” and enforcement of punishment for same.—–

    Rap music is that hateful musical guidon that oils the machinery of the destruction and subjugation of the formerly great American ethos.

    It is a powerful and usefull weapon that should not be dismissed as a cultural phenomenon, but should be understood for what it is, a weapon of war.

  7. PB says:

    If You Think Music
    Is dead, you just aren’t looking hard enough. Because of the internet and the DIY movement, there is more diversity than ever and the ability to access it is much easier than ever before. While I’ll agree that much of the mainstream stuff sucks, listeners have no excuse if they can’t look past that and discover that there is still just as much talent making music (maybe even more so due to not being at the mercy of a major record label) as ever out there.

    Bitter, old fogeys like Glazer and others on this board give 50ish, current music lovers like myself a bad name. Please go back to your front porches and chase the young folks off your lawns and stay away from subjects you know absolutely nothing about.

  8. the dude says:

    Rock killed itself,
    don’t blame rap for rock becoming horribly lame, paint-by-numbers and mostly sucktacular.

    If you think rap is only about guns and stupidity you probably have never heard Run DMC, Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest or Outkast. There is good stuff out there in all forms of music, you just have to look.

  9. Facts says:

    Dang, bitch boy is still here
    I check in from time to time, hoping beyond hope that Hearne has come to his senses and gotten rid of loser bitch glazer, but sigh, I see the douchebag is still pumping out this drivel on kcc. Oh well, hopefully someday I can come back and stay, but only after idiot glazer is loooooonng gone.

  10. realist says:

    facts FYI
    Glazer is going nowhere. You go. He’s not a bitch. But he loves the bitches.
    He doesn’t write drivel. He writes fun stuff. We need that for the older guys.
    Facts: have you seen glazer’s girls? Not bad for a middle aged guy.
    He will outlive you. He will outlive us all.
    Please do not come back. We’d rather read his story than your drivel.
    Thank you.

  11. the dude says:

    quit antagonizing the commenters, don’t make me unleash the wilson on you.

  12. hardly says:

    fyi facts
    glazer isnt going annywere. hes not a bitch. he loves bitches. thats wy he luvs mee. he dont rite no drivel. i rite the drivel. glazer wil owtlive us awl. do not cum bak like mee. thnak you.

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