Whinery: Marilyn Manson Disappoints at Uptown

Don’t know what it is with rock stars who don’t play their hits…

I saw Marilyn Manson last night for probably the 10th time- but only the second show since the late 1990’s. I’d seen him several times on the “Dead to the World” tour –in support of the seminal recording  “Anti -Christ Superstar

Which coincided with the 1996 Presidential Campaign – the second term of Bill Clinton, a “laydown” (sorry sexual metaphors are intrinsically linked to the man) – over the Great Senator from Kansas- Robert J. Dole. Back when America wasn’t perpetually involved in major wars.

I love Bill Clinton as a person, and besides the unjust war on Serbia – he was one of the better “Republican” Presidents we’ve ever had! No one can say the Economy didn’t boom under “Daddy Bill’s” bi- partisanmanship. You know, when there was such a thing. Back when our politicians used to try and get along for the greater good, or whatever loose definition there was.

And Marilyn Manson channeled the silent unrest of those times.

There’s a sub-section of American society that is antiwar & that’s where I always stand!

Any time Humans go to War is a failure. A failure to compromise and try and understand another’s viewpoint- to the point of physical violence is a total failure. And the conflicts of the 90’s laid the foundation for the disastrous wars we are fighting today. And Marilyn’s music spoke to those fed up with the interpersonal strife that humans can”t seem to overcome.

Last night’s Manson show was visibly and acoustically wonderful.

But it left the crowd hanging. Imagine seeing the Rolling Stones and not hearing “Satisfaction or Jumping Jack Flash.” That’s a bloody blasphemy and that’s what happened with Marilyn. The show was no more than 90 minutes. A few years back I saw a 60 year-old man named Bruce Springsteen – with over 20 years of age on Manson – rock Sprint for 3 hours and 20 minutes without a break.

Real Rock Stars play their catalo, the more egocentric play what they want to play.

That’s ONE OF THE REASONS why I bought Van Halen tickets instead of Madonna‘s. Looking over the Van Halen tour’s setlists, they play 24 songs over their entire discography. Whereas Marilyn virtually ignored his first two albums- except for a cheesy Eurythmics cover.

Madonna- or she who birthed Gaga– is also notorious for not playing her hits. There’s a place for the new stuff, but if you are  gonna charge “Big Money”  for a ticket, Give the People What They Want!

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2 Responses to Whinery: Marilyn Manson Disappoints at Uptown

  1. Super Dave says:

    Well Marilyn just never did anything I cared about. Funny to see sometimes but music wise nothing.

    But many like him so guess he has his niche which has made him rich.

    Just seeing what Glazer says is enough freaky stuff for me.

  2. kcfred says:

    two things
    You are undoubtably a Bush fan since you worked for him and you are anti-war?
    WTF? I suggest help for the multiple personalities, what a dichotomy you are.
    Thanks for the shit hole we’re digging ourselves out of. Tax cuts while two wars were going on. Real smart move from your boy. So, now, we’re supposed to give the keys BACK to you guys?
    Marilyn Manson?
    Really? Not surprising you were disappointed in someone who’s big deal is pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. He’s Kid Rock with make up. Even my 23 year old daughter grew out of him.
    Bonnie Raitt plays two hours, Bruce plays 3 plus, effing 77 year old Leonard Cohen played for two.
    Geezers rule.

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