Mermaid: Pistol Packing Mama Hits the Bullet Hole for Thrills & Chills

I guess my curiosity with guns started when I saw a hot pink Sig Sauer Mosquito. 22 online…

It was a lot meaner than a new pair of shoes but still toted some major bling! I’ve wanted a gun ever since.
This week I got my wish when my boyfriend, David, took me to the Bullet Hole after some extreme begging on my part. We both have family heirloom guns and I thought it would be great to learn how to shoot them. It’s always been on my bucket list and I think in the back of my mind I now wanted to have the personal protection in my home. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the experience or not, but I was pretty excited to try it out…
Walking in to the Bullet Hole, it was a serious yet friendly atmosphere.

We showed them our guns and they checked them to make sure they were in good working order. Corey, an expert Bullet Hole guide, seemed impressed with my Belgium Browning 9mm. He said he’d never seen one quite like it.

Naturally I was pleased that my gun was getting some respect.

Now if I could just somehow shoot it, maybe I’d gain some as well. It was loud and as I glanced through the glass I could see several well-dressed men shooting who rather obviously appeared to be on their lunch break from work.

I was the only woman in the whole place but I was OK with that because it made it a little more intriguing that I was taking this challenge on. Maybe the women only come on Wednesday – which is Ladies Day at the range.

Corey had us fill out some forms and show our driver’s licenses. He showed us what ammunition we needed and we picked out some targets we liked. After some light instruction on the operation of the guns, we were ready. They gave us eye and ear protection and off we went.

David and I sat down in the observation area and watched for a brief time which was great because my heart was pounding and I needed a minute to take it all in. He’d been there before but this was my first time. I was excited but trying to remember everything I’d been taught so far and was trying to concentrate.

It’s very loud and even though you expect the gunfire, it’s a little unnerving at first.

After watching for awhile we went in to our assigned stall. We hooked our targets up and positioned them about halfway down the lane. You can put them as close or as far as you choose. We then opened our cases and took the guns out and put the ammo in the clips. I decided to start out with the smaller gun- a. 22 German Walther.

David fired first, then it was my turn. After getting my hands right, I fired my first shot. The gun had a little kick to it but was fairly easy to shoot. I forgot the part about the shells falling and hitting the ground around you and sometimes falingl on you.

Now I understood why David looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to wear a sundress to the range.

When a hot shell landed down the front of my t-shirt I instantly understood why you have to wear protective clothing.

It’s a little difficult seeing exactly where you shot the target but you can tell when you hit it. Only after you pull the targets back in you can really check out where you hit it. In a short time, I was very comfortable with the gun so we decided to move on to the 9mm.

The ammunition was twice as big and a lot more difficult to load in the clip. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by this gun. I fired it and it had a lot more kickback than the .22. I fired a clip or two and when I hit the bullseye a few times I was secretly feeling proud of myself and wanted to perfect my aim even more. This was really fun and I could tell I’d be back soon.

What I didn’t expect was that you don’t want to overdo it.

The kickback can really wear your back out so I was relieved when it was David’s turn and I could relax a bit. An hour of shooting is a pretty good start.
This is a great sport that women really overlook because they think guns are for men or maybe they feel intimidated by going to a range. I have to say it was really exhilirating and I’ve decided to make it a new hobby.

A membership at the Bullet Hole for a year is only 20 dollars and the ammunition prices aren’t bad either.

The guy’s at the Bullet Hole are really nice and will guide you through the process. The Bullet Hole has been open since 1967. My mother and father shot guns there in the 70’s so it has a lot of nostalgia for me. It was first owned by the Hodgon Co. then was sold to Richard Stovall. The Hodgon Powder Co. resides beside it to this day.

Now a few facts…
One in four women own a firearm today and in a Gallup survey 43% of women have at least one in their home with 23% saying it’s theirs. Half of American men own a firearm, the poll showed. With the conceal and carry law enacted in Missouri in 2003 and then in Kansas in 2006 more and more men and women are taking classes.

It must be growing popular in Kansas City because a new state -of-the-art facility – Centerfire Shooting Sports- will open its doors in October. I spoke with Jean Basore, the owner, and she said there’s a real need in the market today for women with classes and a women-friendly and youth-friendly environment to learn in.

Programs such as conceal and carry, personal protection in the home, refuse to be a victim, and basic pistol shooting are going to be offered as well as a Ladies Night. And they’ll have 16 fully heated and air-conditioned indoor shooting lanes. They’ll also have a gun shop, a lounge area, and a refreshment center.
I can truly say this was a positive safe experience and one I’ll continue to enjoy.

Will I feel comfortable shooting a real person if they were intruding my home?

Maybe – maybe not.

Still it’s nice to know I’ll be prepared if a bad situation arises.

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15 Responses to Mermaid: Pistol Packing Mama Hits the Bullet Hole for Thrills & Chills

  1. smartman says:

    Love Them Guns
    Glad you enjoyed paper punching! Please join the NRA and help support responsible gun ownership and legislation. If you want a real thrill look into IDPA shooting events. Participation in those will REALLY hone your skills and build confidence.

    For home or personal carry protection I recommend the Taurus Judge with the .410 shells. Under the stress you’ll feel during an attack or a break in the .410 shells give you the best chance of hitting something. Since it’s a revolver you don’t have to worry about the gun jamming when you should be killing someone.


  2. the dude says:

    9mm for home protection is
    probably not the best choice, for a lady I would recommend the .410 like smartman said or a .38 revolver.
    9mm is a little too hot and can do unintended damage when it goes ripping through walls of your domicile.

    I personally don’t care for a lot of the politics of the NRA but do realise their ultimate reason for existence, so I let the gun nutz pay to keep it going. They are not going away any time soon.

  3. Mark X says:

    welcome to the sport …

    Once bitten, it becomes an obession.

    I have more than I need, but not as many as I want.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    I dont care WHAT you’re shooting, just good to see you BACK!
    I have a friend who has a sign on his door that I want to copy:

    I belive in GOD and I OWN A GUN. Break into MY HOUSE and I can arrange for you to see them BOTH, TODAY!

    Welcome back!

  5. expat says:

    Love the Bullet Hole, I make a point to go there when I’m in KC (about twice a year) and use their rental guns. The country I live in has a 100% ban on all guns so it’s a way of keeping in touch with American roots… Oddly enough my girl cousin had the exact same experience there of a spent shell going down her shirt… Not really the kind of place you want to show cleavage.

  6. stud horse says:

    Practice makes perfect
    Congrats to for picking up this sport. The Bullet Hole is a classic location and I am happy to learn of the opening of Centerfire. My personal experience is I had a home intruder while I was out of town and I wish my girlfriend had access and training with a gun. The results might have been different.

  7. Robertoe says:

    The Bullet Hole? Sterile….. Regimented….. Sheltered…

    Let me take you shooting sometime, Mermaid. It’d be anything but boring.

    I like shooting in Swope Park. Lots of nature trails. Gun shots are no biggee over there.

    Then we always follow it up with drive bar hopping on the east side.

    When do you wanna go?

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Sterile….. Regimented….. Sheltered? You dont know that..
    Robertooooeee….. she could have been shooting at a poster with an image of Craigs crotch!!

  9. the dude says:

    A shot in the rug
    will net a free whisky sour at Bobby Baker’s Lounge!

  10. carman says:

    Be careful!!!
    Hot chick with a gun – be caredul David (boyfriend) !!!

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Bad Debbie
    Diry Harry Debbie….looks like you enjoy the game. I’m sure it is heavy duty gun Deb. Talk when I get back, fun artilce. Good work.

  12. BarKeeper says:

    Liberals Hate Your Guns
    Be aware that the NRA holds the line against gun-grabbing liberals like our current dog-eater-in-chief, Hillary, Schumer, and the rest of ’em.

    You should at least check their website and consider joining, and not riding their coat tails for free. Regardless of their politics, they fight every day for the rights of gun owners and that includes hunters and folks who just want to keep granddad’s old shotgun over the mantel.

    Handgun Control (Sara Brady) gave millions to the Dems in the last election, and they are waiting ot cash in on their investment…believe me. They won’t be satisfied until we are protecting our homes and families with golf clubs and ball bats, like England.

  13. realist says:

    George Bush supported more gun control laws than Obama. And that’s a fact. Sorry to ruin your day.

  14. Ranger Danger says:

    Realist Don’t know Shit
    Poser. The only gun control Bush supported was having a good sight picture and steady hold. Give us some links bozo.

  15. the dude says:

    Calm down barkeep,
    they ain’t gonna take away our guns any time soon. If I were you I would be more worried about drones in the sky, warrantless wiretaps, NSA spying on US citizens, the violation of posse comitatus with armed troops on the streets, FEMA camps and the upholding of the patriot act.

    Those are more serious things to be concerned about than the government taking away our guns any time soon.

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