Starbeams: So Spray Me, Dodge City Showdown & Snakebit @ Walmart

Spray-on seed has been has been added to the grounds at Liberty Memorial as part of a $3.6 million restoration.  This is nothing new as several dudes at the memorial over the years have asked me if I would like some of their spray-on seed.


Dodge City street gang members have been charged recently with alleged racketeering and murder.  The term ‘Dodge City Street Gang’ was immediately trademarked by the History Channel.


Over the weekend a guy was shopping in the garden section of a Walmart in Idaho.  While he was looking for the price of a plant, he removed a large stick that was blocking the price tag…which turned out to be a RATTLESNAKE!! The snake immediately bit him and his hand swelled to the size of a cantaloupe from the venom.  He’s recovering but his hand may be permanently disfigured. 

I don’t get it;  Walmart has 3,000 security cameras and they can’t spot a large rattlesnake…but if I put a toaster in my pants, some cop puts my face in the pavement.


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