Went to the Mitt Romney fundraiser at the Westin last night and – you heard it here first – Romney is going to win in a landslide in November…

Fifty-five to forty-five to be exact…

I know, I know. Everybody thinks Obama’s got it in the bag, but I don’t think so. What has Obama done except continue the policies of W that he said he’d rescind? Last time I checked we’re still in Iraq.The popular belief is that Americans have left – but we still have tens of thousands of boots on the ground.

And while I commend the President for getting Bin Laden– If that was the goal in Afghanistan – what are we still doing there?

Unemployment is only going “down” only because the government’s numbers are hopelessly cooked.

They don’t count American’s as unemployed who’ve stopped looking for work. We have fewer Americans employed now than we did in the 80’s. REAL unemployment is close to 20 percent, far higher than the 8.1 percent the Government says it is.

Look around, this Country’s infrastructure is rotting, our education system is failing.

Let’s face it, the American Empire is crumbling.

So what can Mitt Romney do?

I think this Country desperately needs a President who has had a real job and and has created them. We need someone who’s not gonna wage war on coal, fossil fuels and pipelines. Energy is building block one for a national economy and Romney understands that.

Romney knows that the rich are not to be punished either- they are the job creators. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person?

 And lets get one thing straight, I’m not some rich lawyer trying to protect my income.

Being of a very rare breed- an “honest” lawyer- I do OK. But not well enough to buy a ticket to the Romney fundraiser, a friend couldn’t go so he gave me his.

The people there were entrepreneurs and business owners – in other words, Employers. And by talking to several of them, they weren’t so much worried about their own incomes, but about having to let people go due to the President’s health care plan, high corporate tax rates (which are now the highest in the world), regulations and other policies which are hostile to business.

Romney understands real world economics.

He undertands that the private sector and free enterprise are the engines of growth- not the Government spending money it doesn’t have. Obama has racked up $5 trillion in deficits in 3 years, with no end in sight. Romney has turned around failing corporations in the past, and that’s exactly what the USA is right  now- a failing corporation in desperate need of a turnaround.

And the Man for the job is Mitt Romney.

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38 Responses to Whinery: MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT

  1. smartman says:

    Both Blackberry’s Are Failing
    This election is black and white. Do you want more or less government involvement in your life and business? I never considered that Obama would be a worse president than McCain. How do you fuck up a train wreck? Left leaning social policies aside Half Black Barry has shown time and time again that he does not understand how our capitalist economic system works. We have the biggest economic boner in the history of mankind and he doesn’t wanna fuck or jerk-off. He wants to take a cold shower. Too bad his daddy didn’t think the same way.

  2. rkcal says:

    yeah! Mitt is the man to tackle America’s problems, cut off the gay-looking hair of government over-spending, and strap us to the roof of the car until w shit ourselves to prosperity! landslide, baby!

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    i hope youre right…..but…
    ….I’ve said for six months we are in for four more years. Why? Because we are such an apathetic society we can’t get off our collective asses and out of our own way. That, combined w the guilt you are half racist if you vote against him! Jimmy Carter may have to give up his place in history.

  4. rove says:

    won’t be close
    Obama wins in landslide. Romney is a caught liar. Right hates him. The baptisms on dead people will destroy him.

  5. chuck says:

    Probably not.
    If ya look into his (Mitt’s) record at Bain, he did not create jobs (With the Staples exception.), he killed jobs in his state. His claims of creating jobs are a flat out lie. Bain Capital is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

    Obama killed Osama and bailed-stopped the bleeding economically with bailouts (GM etc.).

    Maybe Obama should have nationalized the banks and let AIG, et al fail. We will never know. I think he did the right thing with the economy considering the dramatic situation. The safest course was taken in my opinion.

    Mitt is a weak, weak candidate.

    The guy that wins has to please the center. I am not sure I am in favor of democracy anymore. Oops, did I say that out loud?

    Fuck Eric Holder. He is a disgrace and an embarrasment to this entire nation.

    Here is where Obama lives, right in the heart of Jeremiah Wright.

    “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

    “It is incontestable and deplorable that [African Americans] have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society.”

    “The question is not whether we will be extremist but what kind of extremist will we be.”

    “All of America’s wealth today could not adequately compensate [African Americans] for [their] centuries of exploitation and humiliation.”

    Fuck Jeremiah Wright and the fuckin horse he rode in on.

    Obama wins. What can I tell ya? Obama wins. Mitt will get slaughtered in the debates. Obama could sell mortgage backed securities to Ben Bernanke.

    Maybe in 4, 8, or 12 years, America wakes up, and appreciates the Judeo/Christian foundations that this country was built on.

    Fuck guilt.

    Fuck Hollywood-Spike-Lee-Dances-With-Wolves-Color-Purple-Dearbornistan-Guilt.

    God bless Scotch-Irish-Viking-European sons of bitches who made it possible for pedantic, pedagogic, pusillanimous, pussies to whine about multiculturalism and diversity peversity.

  6. you're part of the problem says:

    What we need is not just one person, but a whole bunch of people committed to stop partisan bickering, to stop bringing social issues into politics, and do what it takes to fix what is wrong with the country.

    Like what? Like a single-payer health-care system (like every other civilized country around). Like solving the country’s budget and debt issues – they may be impossible to solve but we’ve got to try before our creditors demand it of us.

    To completely rid the government of the detrimental effects of religion. “The Christian god is a three headed monster, cruel, vengeful, and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.” – Thomas Jefferson

    To lay off the rhetoric. “And lets get one thing straight, I

  7. Ron Paul says:

    I should have been true to myself,
    and then, I would have been true to the cause.

    Always tell the truth as you see it and don’t cut corners to win favor with those whom you actually dissagree with.

    Fuck diverstiy and multiculturalism.

  8. smartman says:

    Hunger Games
    If Obama wins it does give us the best chance of having another Civil War. I’m good with that. Real change is easier to obtain with the pull of a trigger than the pull of a voting lever. The right has far more guns and much better aim than the left. The cops and the military will fight on the side of the right. Violence really is the best solution to our problems. The country is deeply divided, the stances held are emotional and not logical. Hearts and minds can’t be changed. War! What is it good for? Gettin’ this country back on track is what it’s good for. Semper Fi!

  9. rove says:

    america is not crumbling
    manufacturing jobs are returning to america…the momentum is changing!
    economy is building. Will take time. But its on the right course.
    Housing markets are starting to come back. Harp program and fha will refi 7 million homeowners.
    New energy source. Algae is to overtake oil in 5 years.
    Healthcare costs plummeting. New law takes effect. Americans see huge advantages to bill.
    auto industry heads to 16 million units. Biggest years coming.
    Labor market tightens. Not enough trained workers for new jobs.
    Corporations continue to make huge profits. Obama stops offshore accounts in 2013.
    Bush tax cuts expire next january. Fairness returns and markets explode.
    European money floods america. New investments go thru the roof.
    Obama and dems win house. Senate up for grabs. Willard and reps lose because of hispanics.
    Unemployment falls to under 7.2. No workers to fill openings.
    New computers 1000x speed. spintronics. New world order!
    Don’t ever bet against america. Ever! Greatest ever!

  10. chuck says:

    God bless ya rove,
    Hope your right.

    In the meantime, I am bettin my farm on smartman.

  11. GOP ALL THE WAY says:

    Look at the proposed budget of your hero, Paul Ryan. Let’s cut food stamps and Medicaid at a time when the use of both programs are at an ALL TIME HIGH, thanks to the mess the GOP created in the last decade, and spend it on the Pentagon! Great idea! Rather than cutting waste in the Pentagon budget, which we all know exists, they protect the Pentagon budget. You know, rather than going after subsidies for oil companies and going after billionaire tax breaks, they protect all that.

    The president can’t create jobs the same way he can’t control the price of gasoline. It’s a ridiculous argument. Romney suggests that we should be creating 500,000 jobs a month….has anybody ever done that? In how many months of the 96 months of the Bush Administration were there 500,000 or more jobs created? Well, he had more months at the ranch: there were ZERO months that happened.

    I don’t even see how a reasonable person could take the stance the GOP takes. Soak the poor, boost the rich, put women in their place, and keep some people more equal than others.

  12. mike says:

    What kills me
    is how the liberals think that when Bush was President, he had complete control over the economy and that the Democrat led House and Senate led by Pelosi and Reed had nothing to do with any of the policies that led up to the housing and financial crash. Congress made the laws that were responsible for the majority of it. Also, how long of a honeymoon does Obama get? He is the only President I’ve ever seen who after 3 1/2 years is still running against who was the President before him. I really love this guy who said we should have a single payer system for health care like all of these other “civilized countries”. That has really worked out well in Greece, Spain, Portugal and all of these other European socialist countries that are bankrupt and tanking the stock market. If eliminating Christianity is the answer, why didn’t all of these communist countries experience the utopia that eliminating religion was supposed to bring? If that has never worked anywhere else, why will it here?

  13. smartman says:

    Smells like teen spirit
    Maybe it’s just me but rove sounds a lot like Harley with meds and spell and grammar check on.

  14. the dude says:

    Both these clowns are puppets,
    and if you think they do not serve the same master you are gravely mistaken.

  15. balbonis moleskine says:

    Just like Wesley Snipes says….always bet on Blue
    For an attorney, you don’t do your due dilligence. You should look up Armco Steel sometime. Used to have a factory here in KC that employed nearly a thousand people in the historical Northeast. The workers dared go on strike, so Mittens closed the factory. They also took profits from Armco at the same time underfunding their pension obligations. Then filed bankruptcy after looting the company for the profits, putting the blame on those worker’s retirement funds which they did not fund when they were profitable. If you were filing a personal bankruptcy, the judge would have disallowed the filing due to hiding your assets and paying out to preferential non-secured creditors. But Mittens gets a medal of job creator and gets the GOP nod for president.

    Vote for Mittens. His daddy killed jobs, he killed jobs throughout the 90’s with LBOs, and will continue to kill jobs with his evil twisted version of social darwinism.

    Your claim that he is going to win 55-45. Black people will vote 90% plus for Obama, and they comprise 12% of the population.

    He is despised in the Rust belt because of his father’s reputation at AMC. So good luck having any state that makes a car vote for him. That means he loses the rust belt- Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan. Obmama is an Illinois native son. He loses the liberal-populist grain belt of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin.

    Black voters will come out for Obama in the South, like last time. Except his strategy for the middle class of “help the millionaires, we’ll hook you guys up for sure”: isn’t going to play well. Companies like Bain made a mint closing and moving southern textile mills overseas during the 90s. People remember. That means he loses NC, VA, TN.

    Romney wins the deep racist south, MS and ALA. May win FLA.. Wins TX. WIll win most mountain states including Colorado and probably Arizona.

    I made an interactive map. Even with Romney winning swing states like MO, NV, IN, KY, TN, WV he still loses the election 303-235. Even if by a miracle he wins one of PA, Ohio, or MI (ha!) he still loses the election.


    Obama is a weak willed democrat who is actually not a very good politician. But it is better than turning over the country to an out of touch Venture Capitalist raider who will continue to sell out our country to the business classes. HE IS LITERALLY RUNNING ON THIS!

    Obama re-elected in 2012. Perhaps 2016 is Jeb’s- he’s a member of the new wave of GOP.

  16. mark smith says:

    might as well blame Romney for every steel mill in Ohio
    Bain capital didnt kill Armco, cheap overseas steel, crooked greedy unions, and union/workers with unsustainable pension, bennies, and wages killed the steel industry. Of the companies that Bain took over, roughly one third closed or bankrupted within 8 years. That means 2/3 remained solvent. Jobs were lost, jobs were saved, thats how shit works in a free market. Mitt Romney was very successful in taking troubled companies with troubled finances and restoring them to health … and somehow that makes him a BAD candidate to lead a troubled country with troubled finances? On the other hand we have lost millions of jobs under Obama. Gone, vanished, scrubbed from the stats which is the only reason the unemployment numbers are not around 11 or 12 percent. Meanwhile, we get to hear about a juvenile bullying incident that took place at an all boys high school in 1965. One things certain, 4 more years of what we have now, and we are as fucked up as a soup sandwich.

  17. chuck says:

    as usual, you make good points Mark,
    but I have read some pretty damning things about Bain.

    In 1993 Bain acquired the Armco Worldwide Grinding System steel plant in Kansas City, Missouri and merged it with its steel plant in Georgetown, South Carolina to form GST Steel. The Kansas City plant had a strike in 1997 and Bain closed the plant in 2001 laying off 750 workers when it went into bankruptcy. The South Carolina plant closed in 2003 but subsequently reopened under a different owner. At the time of its bankruptcy it reported $553.9 million in debts against $395.2 in assets. It was charged later[by whom?] that Bain had taken $58.4 million out of the company in profits while saddling with debt and underfunding the employee pension by $44 million.[48][49][50][51]

    His claims on 100,000 jobs??

    I don’t know. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71344.html

    Beats me.

  18. balbonis moleskine says:

    It’s going to be pretty fun watching people defend Bain and claim they created jobs.

    Tell me again how the Leveraged Buy Out company created jobs. When you buy a company on someone else’s credit and not your own money, and it is not making money, it gets liquidated to pay your creditors.

    That is how the industry works. Buy companies whose liquidation value is higher than their stock price. Liquidate company.

    The GOP have literally decided to nominate Mr. Zalinsky (Dan Akroyd) from Tommy Boy as their nominee. And during a recession that was only not a depression due to Keynesian money injections by Bush then Obama.

    This’ll be good.

  19. balbonis moleskine says:

    a long article well written, and simple mockery


    Here is the reuters article that fairly summarizes the issue. Note that their underfunding of the penion prompted a 2006 change in the law by congress to prevent such actions in the future.


    Mitt Romney totally looks like….


  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nice call,Smartman, it IS Harlinator….
    look at ……. the use of…..
    the syntax….. its
    pretty……clear……the boy
    ….stay away…… maybe his …… threats have
    and he’s feeling

  21. PB says:

    The Real Idiots
    Are those that can’t accept this simple truth.

    “Both these clowns are puppets,
    the dude 11:08:05 AM – Fri. May 11. 2012

    and if you think they do not serve the same master you are gravely mistaken”

    Pete said it best, decades ago…”meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

  22. Buell says:

    America, do you sometimes feel like a dog in a cage?

    Placed on top of the roof of a car by the politicians and left out in the cold?

    Are you shitting yourself with fear?

    Mitt Romney is the man to hit you with an ice cold hose and bring you to Canada!

    $100 on Obama

  23. PB says:

    Has no chance in the election. Now if they were CASTING the part of an anonymous President for the latest SyFy-produced disaster flick (Attack of the Flood Vs. The Tornado People), he’d win that role hands down.

  24. rove says:

    obama ties willard in arizona
    willard is dead meat. If arizona goes democratic it’s all over for willard. Hispanics/spanish rule america again!

  25. hardly says:

    willard will lose
    and obama will get relected…………………………..in won year feces will replace oyl……………………………..youre carz will run on crap just like i do…………………………………………awl u wage slaves wil hav jobs…………………………………….awl of mi cumpunies will be trhiving………………………….the hipsanics/spinach will rool…………………………u lusers whoo vote for willard will be imbarased…………………………….i wil say i told u sow………………………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hardly, you trickster! Theres no room for you AND Rove!
    You guys have to go to a cage match death challenge so settle this!

  27. expat says:

    Obama’s AIG bailout was basically corporate welfare to the finance industry — mostly it went straight into the pockets of Goldman, JP Morgan, etc. Obama is equally guilty of most of the things Romney is guilty of plus some others. The whole baptizing dead people thing is weird but Obama went to a racist church for over a decade and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Jeremiah Wright and then lied and said he ‘didn’t hear’ the sermons. And the idiotic news media gobbled up the lie as if it were fact. I’m no Romney fan but Obama was gearing himself up to be Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson when the Democrats jumped the gun and got him into the presidency, a job he is still unqualified for even three years into his term. Plus his relationship to Tony Rezko has never been properly investigated. I agree with smartman and The Dude: both these candidates are clowns and the only way for the country to fix itself is with a great ‘resetting’ which will involve bloodshed.

  28. hardly says:

    reply too paul
    waht kind of sikc purson is four to peeple halving a deth match………………………………………..u need sum seroius help………………………………….if rove trys anytheng wiht me i will call my budies in the notrheast…………………….paul we have problums…………………………my atturnee………………….legalzoom.com………………….impotent too contac him

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    you know who i is Hardley…
    …..I’m the sik sum1 who ran off your gay brother Harlinator! I just called Robert Shapiro at 1800legalzoom. He doesn’t know you OR your bad ass cousins…….hear we go…again

  30. hardly says:

    too paul
    i just chekked wiht won of my frends who is a jugde…………………………………im not gonna tel yu who……………………………………he dont want u to bother him…………………………………….he sais teling peeple too get in cage deth maches is illeagle …………………….u speled mi name rong…………………………it is hardly……………………………………………i cant stand peeole whoo cant spel…………………….not as smart ass me……………………….but who is……………………………..gotta go ………………………………meating sum of mi 1% frendstonite four fun……………………….ur not invighted……………………………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im sorry, Hardly, I hardley ever get that wrong, I apologize
    I wish you’d invight me, Im really a fungi

  32. expat says:

    Fake Harley comments
    Seriously give it a rest Paul.

  33. mike says:

    is the “morel” of this story that you fit the “mold” of a “fungi”?

  34. mike says:

    if your prediction about oil is true, won’t that make us a “turd” world country?

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, as FUNNY AS THAT IS… and it IS… I cant comment
    I’ve been admonished by the expat.

  36. nick wright says:

    where’s mr. potato head?
    Is he still here?

  37. Miss Cucumber, giver of pleasure says:

    Just me sugar-tits

  38. kklr says:

    wHATAbout Porky Pig?
    dats all folks!

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