Sounds Good: Spring into Summer@Replay, Delbert McClinton@Knuckleheads, Tennis@RecordBar, Truckstop Honeymoon@Barnyard

All my picks this week are on Saturday, so you’ve got some touch choices to make…

Plus there’s a Sporting KC game Saturday at 7:30.  The boys in blue are away at rival Chicago, so if you can’t park it in front of the tube at 7:30, make sure to set the old DVR. 

In other concert news: the much anticipated James Morrison concert that was scheduled for the Granada tonight has unfortunately been cancelled.  I believe Mr. Morrison will be hitting up Jay Leno tonight instead.  His loss, right?

On to the picks!

Saturday, May 12th

Spring into Summer featuring Hearts of Darkness, Fourth of July, Up the Academy, Mouthbreathers and more! @ the Replay in Lawrence.

This should be a cool day of music, starting at 4:00 pm outside on 10th Street right next to the Replay.  And it’s only $5!!

Expect to see some drunken ass scenesters purposely wearing tank tops as the likes of Fourth of July pumps out their catchy indie folk pop and shows off some of their new tunes from their much anticipated new album.  Closing down the outside stage is KC’s HOD, which brings the party with them everywhere they go.

Then at 10:00 p.m. the bash moves inside, for Dry Bonnet, Mouthbreathers and a few other garage-trash rock bands to close out the night.

Delbert McClinton @ Knuckleheads in KC

 You probably know that Delbert McClinton grew up in Texas, played with legends like Howlin’ Wolf, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Jimmy Reed.  You also probably know about the Grammy Award he scored with his duet with Bonnie Raitt.  And you might even know that McCLinton’s latest album, 2009’s Acquired Taste, hit #1 on the Billboard Blues chart.

But did you also know he sang the opening song from Groundhog Day?

Yeah, the weatherman song.  Weird, right?  And that he’s in the business of taking old people on Caribbean cruises with a bunch of other old musicians who play shows for a week while the boomers sip on fruity drinks and do god knows what else?  I bet those cruises get freaky.  Seriously.

Tennis @ the RecordBar in KC

What if I toldyou that this cuter-than-cute, husband-wife duo come to town with a new record that came out a month or two ago called Young & Old…nothing?… Well what if I told you it was produced by Patrick Carney?  Still nothing?… Well what if I told you that Patrick Carney makes up one half of the Black Keys?  Ah…

That’s what I thought.

Truckstop Honeymoon @ the Barnyard in Lawrence

After being washed out of NOLA post Katrina this duo found Lawrence as a new home.  Since arriving several years ago, the banjo pluckin’ Mike West and stand up slappin’ Katie Euliss have become a mainstay of the local music scene, combining their funny and poignant lyrics of white trash dirt merchantry with gritty porch music.  Put it all together and you’ve got a bluegrass-y, booze-y, filthy good time.
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13 Responses to Sounds Good: Spring into Summer@Replay, Delbert McClinton@Knuckleheads, Tennis@RecordBar, Truckstop Honeymoon@Barnyard

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Delbert is a NOT TO MISS show!!
    Matt, I dont know if you’ve seen him, he’s more blues now than he used to me, but man, he’s just great. And, a normal, run of the mill guy. Pretty interactive with the audience and just a great, great act!! Better live than Memorex.

    And thanks again on the Evanessence gig! Cost me some teeshirts and CDs!!

  2. kcfred says:

    Delbert is the harmonica player in the old song “Hey Baby” which for some reason, all the college bands have now learned.
    That harmonica in said song thrilled a young John Lennon, who learned how to play while opening up for said band (with Delbert) in the early 60s. The result was “Love Me Do”.
    Delbert taught John Lennon.
    Nice to have on the music resume.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    And, he’s best friends with my personal Lord and Savior
    Don Imus!! Imus has him on a lot. Just a great guy.

    And kcrred, while I know a LOT about him, I never knew that!! Thanks!

  4. Matt says:

    I agree, delbert will be a great one!
    Knuckleheads has been killing it lately. Next week they’ve got another classic, Taj Mahal. Can’t wait for that show either.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Saw Taj at Crossraods a few years back…
    ALWAYS a great show!!

  6. Cliffy says:

    I know a couple who went on one of Delbert’s cruises. Great time.

  7. PB says:

    Delbert Is Great
    But $32.50 is an awfully steep price to see him @ Knuckleheads. Played for free @ Frontier Park in Olathe just a couple of summers ago and a year or so before that with Buckwheat Zydeco at Paola Roots Festival for a mere $8.

    Right about Knucks killing it lately. Saw Wishbone Ash down there last night and they rocked the house! For those going to see Taj, make sure you get there early for the opener, Anders Osborne, as he a club-level headliner in his own right. And speaking of Taj and my enamoration for cheap and/or FREE shows, mark your calendars as his sometimes backing band, The Phantom Blues Band featuring KC’s own Mike Finnigan, will be playing Frontier Park on Friday, July 20th.

  8. smartman says:

    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered
    Everyone else goes to Knuckleheads, hence the name I guess. Franks getting’ a little JoCo with his ticket prices and the profit ain’t going into making it a better place. Shows outside are fine, like Billy Bob Thornton, but the inside shows leave a lot to be desired. I do miss the old street parties with all the T&A on the loose.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    Ticket prices
    I’ll pay a premium price at a smaller venue especially if the owner of the venue cares about his customers and works at improving the venue. Frank has done that and more. Billy Bob Thorton actually called Frank about playing there.

    I saw Taj a few years back at The Beaumont and the tix was $40 bucks.

    I’ll be tossing down $55 to see Merle Hagard there.

    Of course if you like portapotties and overpriced drinks and standing around in moldy much, you’ve got The Crossroads.

    PB, we Missouri bushwackers appreciate the taxpayers of Olathe for picking up the tab for the shows at Frontier Park.

  10. PB says:

    Yeah, Frank’s Prices
    Are fine, paid just $20 for a classic act like Wishbone Ash, his beers (even a 24 oz. PBR) are just $3 (way cheaper than any other concert venue) and most of the stuff that I see down there generally falls within the $10-$25 range. As said, Delbert only seemed a little high to me since I’ve seen him for next to nothing so many times, but he has headlined places like The Uptown before for a similar price as this one so in that respect, it seems pretty fair. Merle, Buddy Guy, Los Lobos, Taj…with limited space available, Frank has to bump it up some to cover their fees as those acts generally perform at 1,000-seat plus type venues.

  11. newbaum turk says:

    As far as live music goes, Knuckleheads is pretty good. Their beer prices are almost impossible to beat. However, I can’t believe they are bringing back David Allen Coe. I got talked into seeing him last time he was there and I almost asked for my money back. I saw him at Guitars & Cadillacs sometime in the early 90’s and he was bad then. He is unbelievably bad now. And yes I know he’s old but he plain does not put on a good show.

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    orphan, as a reluctant resident of Olathe….
    …(Olathe=ancient Indian word meaning DUPLEX, and Kansas’ version of Raytown) we welcome you to the ONE thing we get right!

  13. Hearne says:

    Look around…
    Frank has done nothing BUT pour money into that place from Day One. It’s totally a labor of love.

    Including the inside.

    It may be hard for some to remember but that inside room used to be smaller than my brain. Which I think you will all agree is quite small.

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