Glazer: 610 Sports Nick Wright Escapes Gravitational Pull of the Cowtown

I began backing 610 Sports host Nick Wright two years ago…

Wrote several stories saying he’d be THE GUY in sports radio soon. However many commenters on this site didn’t agree. Some even said Nick’s career would be short lived in Kansas City. Meaning he’d be fired and replaced. Turns out I was right on the money.

Word today is that Nick may be headed to Houston.

That’s not confirmed, but if true, that’s a far bigger market than KC. Years ago Houston was after Johnny Dare. Johnny made a good call and stayed put because he’s from here like Nick and loves the city. Dare feels comfortable in KC.

Dare’s’s also is happy with the plum contract he got with 98.9 The Rock, so all is well with the other big gun at Entercom. But Nick’s a very young man still and undoubtedly wants to go out and spread his wings and find out what more is out there for him. At 28, that makes perfect sense. I think if Nick were older he might stay put.

Remember Wright has only been in his seat two years and is already THE GUY in sports in town.

Fast moves.

Hearne touched on why many people don’t like Nick on the air – they’re older usually and they just don’t get him.

Nick changes his positions quickly if he sees something wrong with them. And he’s high energy and on top of almost everything sports.

Nick’s competition at 810 WHB are the "down home" guys.

It’s highly unlikely K.K. or Soren Petro will ever leave this market for something bigger.

Hey, I don’t blame them. With all the crap we sling at high profile people in KC, those guys do work hard and are rock solid. Nick was the new rising star, the young gun, and that’s always fun. So he jacked with people on the air, but mostly just in a joking fashion. Nick was rarely mean spirited.

Kansas City is a very conservative town. The Star pointed that out – THE MOST RIGHT WING STATE – just this weekend. The fact that this city has accepted Johnny Dare as its radio guru might seem a bit odd, but he’s a homegrown star and does many nice things for the city. I’m sure Nick will do the same in Houston, if thats the spot.

It’s no secret that Kansas City has to sell the town to incoming star athletes or media people that matter.

The city has almost no national identity other than maybe being a cow town. I know that’s hard to swallow, but it’s true.

When I travel people always look at me when I say I’m from KC and say something lame like, "Oh, is it like Pittsburgh with all the smoking factories?" Or "Kansas City is mostly farms, right?" 

Of course they haven’t been here and our airport is in middle of nowhere.

Our leaders have gotten an F- in promoting this city.

Our sports teams are on the low side of importance and thus when growing up we always heard friends say, "Boy, I’m gonna get the hell outta this boring town."

I don’t agree with that. I think this city has much to offer. I moved back from LA and Arizona and I really don’t miss those cities much. KC has so many great areas and people. We just have nobody promoting this place which is so damn sad.

So yeah, Nick wants to get involved in a bigger market – who can blame him?

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26 Responses to Glazer: 610 Sports Nick Wright Escapes Gravitational Pull of the Cowtown

  1. PB says:

    Thanks, Mr.Palin
    When exactly did Kansas CITY become a state?

  2. Ted says:

    Maybe outsiders would have a better view of this town if the suburbanites that live here weren’t so scared of coming to perfectly safe areas of downtown and could speak positively about this city.

  3. smartman says:

    If wishes were fishes
    Even if KC was a state it would be far from right wing. Same for Missouri if it were a city. Got lots of cities and states well ahead of us in the right wing category. Like Salt Lake State and Utah City.

    I can find no evidence that the Star called KC or Missouri “The Most Right Wing State”

  4. Orphan of the Road says:


    But it doesn’t mention Missouri.

    Niche Wright, a legend to last a lunchtime.

    He’s moving up. But he’ll leave a very shallow footprint here. We’ll remember Whitlock trashing The Star but the show’s host will be remembered by few.

  5. PB says:

    Again On The Plus Side
    Now Craig might actually be able to taste his food again with Nick’s penis out of his mouth.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Good point, PB. But what about Dare’s?

  7. PB says:

    Well Cliffy
    In regards to Dare, his taste buds aren’t so much of an issue as it is sitting down on hard surfaces.

  8. tiad says:

    @PB (The Kansas City State)
    “When exactly did Kansas CITY become a state?”, you ask?

    Well, it was right after Arizona became a city. (According to Mr. Palin, our ever-diligent fact checker.)

    P.S. I hope Nick has his Visa to go work down at Houston in Mexico, because they don’t take American Express or Mastercard.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    What Craig wrote, what Craig meant
    Craig sez
    Kansas City is a very conservative town. The Star pointed that out – THE MOST RIGHT WING STATE – just this weekend

    Craig meant, well hell if I know but he seemed to think Kansas City, KS is very conservative according to an article The Star printed about the KS congressional delegation being the most conservative in the US of A. Since the delegation is entirely Republican it is going to grade more conservative than say Alabama which has two Democrats in Congress.

    See, Craig used a lot less words to say that, so that’s how earned the scribe title.

  10. newbaum turk says:

    Have fun moving to Houston. Talk about a shithole. Hands down the worst big city in America. Don’t go looking for that Southern hospitality you alway hear about there. You won’t find it. You will find an insane amount of drugs, illegals, traffic, and assholes. People make a city and Houston is full of pricks. I’d rather live in Detroit.

  11. Bjayhawk says:

    Wright is/was/will be annoying
    Hearne is older and nobody gets him either.

    For many/most, Wright is just too annoying and that trumps what he says or knows. Old people don’t like him? — maybe — they just know that in about 15 years, Wright will talk about how little he knew at 26, 27, 28 years old and that he just didn’t know when to shut the fuck up. He’ll be amazed that anybody could put up with it.

  12. devils advocate says:

    Good move Nick Wright
    Here is Houston vs KC in rank of metro area population, and 2011 population total

    #5… Houston

  13. balbonis moleskine says:

    Im with bjayhawk to a certain extent…
    Nick Wright is a tad annoying, but he was the best of a bad lot in Kansas City. Kietzman is a total joke and I am shocked the guy is still on the air- my only rationale is that he must work for nothing.

    Wright’s best analysis seemed to be on the Chiefs- so Houston being a big NFL town will be good for him. I don’t know how his liberal-minded voice of reason act is going to play in the deep south.

    My knock on the guy is that he seems to not know a whole lot about sports. Sure he reads the stats, but anyone can do that. He doesn’t have any knowledge of any sports beyond a fan’s perspective. He can drum up controversy ESPN style by making soap operas out of our sports quite well, and maybe that’s what gets ratings nowadays. But can he describe what kind of technique a guard uses when he pulls to block the 7 technique on a sweep? Can he describe how a drop step is used in the low post in basketball? How to throw a curveball in baseball? How to bend a free kick? Probably not because he never really played any sports.

    He uses humor well on his show and plays off his bit players on his show well. Infact, I can see him transitioning to a drive time morning DJ or a political humor show (like olbermann or rush). He also doesn’t force catchphrases like the ESPN guys do, so that puts him above the mean already.

  14. Some Houstonians weigh in-- says:

    Come on down Nick!!
    “Houston is a black hole to hell
    Houston is a pathetic refuse heap, I rate it as the most ugly, unhealthiest, polluted, trashy, filthy, crime-ridden, boring, flat, mosquito infested, expensive pile of dog faeces, worse than any other city I know. Culture?? WHAT??? It is home to most of Mexico, most of Haiti, most of New Orleans, most of India, and the worst elements thereof. The air stinks 24/7 even when the wind blows from the South, it has its own microclimate – hot, hot, and hot – with 100% humidity. Traffic jams around the clock. A shockingly disgusting dump. ”

    “Houston is horrible, corrupted
    They boast Houston as the 4th largest city, but just drive around houston and see how many areas are worth even calling as part of the city. If you ask anyone about popular points in houston, almost everyone will say ‘Galleria, Memorial, Rice Village, West U, Greenway plaza, midtown, downtown’.. and all this comprises a very small part of the city. What about those ugly drives on 610-N, or if you keep going on 59-S.. all exits outside 610: Hillcroft, Bellaire, Bissonnet, Beechnut – GHETTO HUBS. so lets not be happy about 4th largest city, instead we should call it # 1 ghetto city. look at the roads: city repairs roads only in affluent areas, and in the rest of the city roads are so bad that city should be held accountable and sued for causing damage to the vehicles.. example: Kirby Dr around 59.. Weslayan around 59.. absolutely shitty city… City lacks culture.”

    “Dangerous place to live!
    I was carjacked the first week I moved here. I hate this place! ”

    There is NOTHING to do here. I moved here 3 years ago and whenever I ask a native what they do for fun I hear crickets. Actually, one time this guy told me Houston was cool because there are “lots of car dealerships and furniture stores…” I live in the suburbs so a trip into town takes an hour IF there’s no traffic and traffic ALWAYS sucks. You can’t get anywhere without a car, the people are rude and classless, the only recognized form of entertainment involves copious amounts of alcohol (so you forget how bored you really are), the pool of available men is seriously shallow (the men are either married, gay or have one foot in the grave), it’s too fucking hot, and I’m afraid to go anywhere alone cause I don’t want to get raped or mugged in some gang initiation ritual. As a student, the only real benefit to living in Houston is that there are no distractions. I just go to school, get good grades and wait for the moment when I obtain my degree so I can get the fuck out of Houston.

  15. Whitney Houston says:

    Don’t come down here Nick, it is hot as hell.
    Nick Wright’s It’s Hot and I’m Here To Rot Show!!

  16. Super Dave says:

    I had a friend who worked a job in Houston for app 6 months and swears he will never go back. He as well as myself are not fans of Nick but he claims it shows how stupid Nick is to want to go to that place. Big money or more money does not always make for a happy life.

  17. Car Jacked in Houston says:

    They are gonna change Houston’s name to-Dystopia
    In honor of Hobbes.

  18. Orphan of the Road says:

    Houston is the Newark of Texas
    Lots and lots of folks in Houston are from NY/Philadelphia/NJ area. Transferred there by oil and chemical companies whose HQ are/were there.

    First thing I noticed on my first trip to Houston in 1970 was there were no clothes lines anywhere. With an average of 300% humidity the clothes would never dry on the line.

    My friend from hs was a cop there for many, many years. Most of the cops were from somewhere else.

    As an ex-pat from ACC once told me, I spent a month in Houston one night.

  19. the dude says:

    Houston is
    a backwater bayou hell hole, plain and simple.

  20. Markus Aurelius says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day — don’t let the
    door hit you in the butt, Nick. I would love it if he left and 610 could bring in a real alternative to Keitzman. If they would just spend some money and hire a legitimate, professional team (which does not describe Nick Wright and the other lackies in his “crew”) they would knock out KK.

    My fear is that Nick is using Craig to try to get a pay bump or locked into a long term deal here in KC – if so, this would be the worst news of the day, week, month. The sooner 610 upgrades their on-air personalities the better. There are a lot of us that love educated sports takes that don’t want to talk about BBQ and golf. Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t offer a take that is any more educated than some college kid down at Harpo’s or Kelly’s.

  21. bubba says:

    houston smells/reeks/looks/walks/talks
    like money. Big money. Don’t fault the guy for wanting to move up at 27. Its a huge opportunity. Anyone would take it!

  22. the dude says:

    Money better be HUGE
    because it will have to make up for the fact that Houston is a serious shit hole, I passed on six figures myself because I had actually visited there in the summer time. Traffic, heat, humidity, no thanks.

  23. rkcal says:

    Houston, we have a problem
    What’s with all this H-town antipathy? A radio dude got a better gig there…..if you like him, you can probably hear his show on the internet; none of us have to move there. Missouri/ Kansas ain’t a whole lot better. Besides less traffic.

  24. the dude says:

    bubbuh, rkcal, et. al.
    You clearly have never had the joy of being in Houston in the middle of the summer if you make these comments.

  25. bubba says:

    dude: he’ll make more money than you are
    You’re probably 60? He’ll be making more than twice what you make and you beat on him? He’s the smart one.

  26. the dude says:

    Not beating on anyone,
    but unless Houston is a stepping stone to bigger and brighter things, so be it. That is the only sound play.

    If you think Houston is a better place to live in than KC you are out of your fucking gourd.
    Money isn’t everything.

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