Hearne: Lawrence Busts Orscheln for Trafficking in Baby Chicks, Duckies

Talk about going Daffy Duck

Lawrence officials have put the kibosh on "Chick Days" at the Kansas City-based Orscheln Farm and Home. Something about it being a violation of a city code intended to regulate raising of chickens in the city limits.

"Oh my god, are you kidding me?" says Kansas City attorney / Orschlen owner Phil Orschlen. "That’s just crazy. I mean, we’ve sold chickens and ducks from our stores since the 1960s. We call it ‘Chick Days’ and it’s one of our best sellers. It’s amazing."

Among other things, the ordinance requires Orschlen to maintain a minimum living space of 10 square feet per peep. In other words, 1,000 square feet of store space for every hundred chicks. That’s a lot.

Practically converting Orschlen’s farm fowls into "free range," if you will.

Here’s the deal…

Somebody apparently threw Orschlen under the bus recently after a local "artist" got busted for trying to off a bunch of chicks as part of an upcoming exhibit. Which is kinda gross and pretty out there when you think about it.

"I don’t know what to say about that, except that’s absolutely crazy," Orschlen says. "Orschlen’s not into that.

"It’s amazing," he adds. "There should be an ordinance that people aren’t supposed to raise farm animals within the city. But a lot of people buy them for pets for Easter and then they give them away later to someone who lives on a farm. It sounds like we’re going to have to do our job and get the ordinance changed."

Until then Orschelin’s "Chick Days" are history…at least in Lawrence.

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7 Responses to Hearne: Lawrence Busts Orscheln for Trafficking in Baby Chicks, Duckies

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chick killing laws – Abortion Laws – same ISSUES!!
    Its funny, an ARTIST can’t off some chicks for art sake.
    When Buffalo Wild Wings needs wings, you can off all the chicks you WANT!!
    KFC can kill um.
    There are people who raise them for the express purpose of killing them. Tysons comes to mind.
    But kill a few for art = illegal. So, I guess the reason behind killing matters most. Or, money matters more than art.

    Compare and contrast:

    Abortion is legal, all the way up to late term, but you can’t kill a baby AFTER that. People get really touchy about that!
    A mom can snort a bunch of coke (not a Beena reference), inadvertently kill her baby, and go to jail. But if she makes an appointment and kills it on PURPOSE, its all cool!

    I think you’re on to something bigger than geezers on bikes illegally parking at the Plaza!

  2. Super Dave says:

    It would appear to me that Orscheln should be grandfather in on this issue. Plus they are as well a farm supply store funny you can stiil order and pick up all the baby chicks and ducks you want at the Spring Hill Farmers CO-OP. Guess Lawrence thinks they are to good to have farm related companies doing business in their fair town. Oh they best run the county fair off as well since I do believe it’s in the city limits as well. I mean hate to see what the square footage for cows and pigs is.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    It’s a corn-and-soybean-ghetto in the Heartland
    I’ve shoveled more shit than Glazer has spoken and kids had enough 4-H blue ribbons to line the barn wall.

    My kids once sold a lamb to some politicos for Tom Ridge to serve up at a dinner for Russians. Lots of lambs to the ethnic market around Philadelphia. Free-range turkey and chicken too.

    Bought my share at the farm supply stores around Philadelphia. The hatchlings need to be crowded together for warmth.

    I was able to “lease” waterfowl at Easter and then find nice homes for them. Win-win-win, so to speak.

    The guy was caught before it happened. Hopefully PETA extracts a pound of flesh from this cretin. I prefer lamb and pork but we’re all just People Eating Tasty Animals, eh?

    So much of the animal welfare is BS. Save the wild horses, no slaughter houses for horses yet the horses are not native to North America and destroy lands and grazing for endangered native species. Want to figure the cost of burial for a 2000# stiff?

    Dinosaurs died so Hearne could have fuel for his Fiat.

    The quaint Amish view livestock and children as tools. No problem letting a barefoot seven-year-old operate a sawmill. Or work a horse till it drops dead and then leave it there to bloat up by the highway. Let Michelle Bachman’s family try that on the “family farm”. Hell the government tried to outlaw children having farm chores until they met stiff resistance.

    I was a top expert at a Tractor Supply in Quakertown, PA. When the shareholders came down from the annual meeting in NYC to the store I told them all they needed to know about TIG welders. Thankfully they didn’t need to know more than I did.

    Small town, small minds. Rock chalk and all.

  4. smartman says:

    Why do women have boobs?
    So we have something to look at when we talk to them. Truth hurts, from PETA to the ACLU to the the NRA…….both of ’em, the gun owners and restaurant organization that let Herman Cain harass white bitches.

    Lawrence has become a joke and is taking the whole Berkley on the Kaw thing a little too seriously. Do something useful and ban styrofoam why don’t you…….Sonic will kick your ass on that one you greenie lefties and then maybe you’ll understand how irrelevant you are in LA.

  5. mermaid says:

    This really makes me sick..
    It’s Big Farma and Monsanto just trying to control everything. You should fight back Phil. I would. They don’t want people to grow there own food either and it just gets worse from there if you delve into it.

  6. mermaid says:

    You make me sick too.. I get the feeling women don’t exactly flock to be around you.

  7. smartman says:

    Do you get that feeling right after you take your Valtrex? Don’t need women to flock to me. I only need, and have, one true love, who is smoking hot! And after so many years together we are more in love than ever and still hump like bunnies. So you keep pining away for Glazer and let us all know how that works out for you.

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