Hearne: Who Gives a Dam? Local Metal Station Dies Quiet Death


You know that line about a tree falling in the forest?

Ditto for last week’s pulling of the plug by Cumulus on its local HD Translator station The Dam at 103.7 FM. The heavy metal radio station which debuted just two years ago with a Metallica song, is now simulcasting the somnambulant slate of boring right wingsters from KCMO 710 AM that range from Sean Hannity to Laura Ingraham to Mike Huckabee.

How boring does that sound?

As a hard rock refuge, The Dam was good for about a one share point in the ratings, which ain’t much. Or in the words on one local radio exec is "nothing but a pea shooter" and "one of the weakest signals in the market."

And since The Dam’s largest listenership was in morning drive opposite The Rock 98.9 FM strongman Johnny Dare, it might make sense that Dare would be in line to pick up a ratings point.

Except for one thing.

Since The Dam only played music, chances are it was listened to by people who live to rock and don’t like Johnny. Meaning that chances are the primary beneficiary of The Dam’s demise will likely be MP3 players.

Remember what I said about that tree falling?

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2 Responses to Hearne: Who Gives a Dam? Local Metal Station Dies Quiet Death

  1. GB says:

    I actually liked this stations music much more than The Rock. The Rock plays a lot of the same songs, but they also play a lot of older crap I’m not a fan of: Van Halen, Motley Crue, Jackyl etc….The Dam played a lot of the rock songs you don’t hear quite as much from Tool, Soundgarden or even some different Metallica songs you don’t always hear without the crappy hair metal The Rock plays. Oh well, I guess i can just go back to the Ipod when needed for my rock now.

  2. the dude says:

    If a metal station falls
    in the forest and no one hears, does anyone care?

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