Starbeams: Dial ‘M’ for Murder in KC, NYC Cattle Call & Kissing Royals

New signs along Main Street in midtown feature the letter "M" inside a red circle.  The signs are symbolic because the red stands for blood and the "M" stands for murder.


One World Trade Center officially became the tallest building on the New York skyline this week.  A 408 ft. needle will eventually be placed on the roof, but  New York still won’t be cool until they get a giant cow statue  overlooking Manhattan.


The average woman applies 12 beauty products to her body every day that contain up to 120 chemicals. Now there’s a move in Congress to pass a bill regulating cosmetics that would require labeling all ingredients and prohibit chemicals linked to cancer or reproductive problems.  Experts say when it comes to ingredients, if you can’t pronounce the name…don’t put it on your lips.  That’s why I don’t kiss most Royals players.

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