Hearne: Landlord Spruces Up Jardine’s in Preparation for ???

Not to belabor the subject but…

Inquiring minds want to know…what’s the latest on Plaza area jazz club Jardine’s? It’s been five long months since the you-know-what hit the fan and owner Beena Raja found herself on the wrong end of a mini staff revolt that grew into a musician boycott and a tabloid TV news feeding franzy.

Since then Jardine’s doors have remained dark while owner-candidate after owner-candidate strode in (and then out) of the media limelight. And while sundry former and prospective owners and managers watched their fortunes rise and then fall.

In other words, it’s been one big, fat mess.

Which brings us to the here and now, and the buzz on the down-for-the-count jazz club about workers being spotted hard at it in Jardine’s space. 

"Looks like the story is over," emailed propsepective Jardine’s buyer Paul Wilson. "I drove by (Friday), there is some kind of construction going on inside."

That same day Jardine’s founder Greg Halstead – unleashed an email that he ended with the following admonition; "Feel free to share this with anyone you like."

Halstead wrote that,"it looks like Jardine’s is history. Needless to say. Kathy and I are heartbroken. Lots of memories, lots of fun, lots of good times etc.."

Hold it right there…

Jardine’s owner Raja says she’s still holding out hope that one of two interested parties will come through and buy the name and 3 a.m. liquor license from her and reopen the space as a jazz club.

They’d best hurry.

Three am.m liquor licenses don’t grow on trees and are all but impossible to get these days. If Raja’s expires, woe be to whomever doesn’t pull the trigger in time if indeed the club is to be saved.

As for the "construction" everybody seems so curious and/or worried about, no biggie, Raja says.

"Yeah, they’re just doing inventory and cleaning it up a little bit," she says. ‘I don’t think they’re doing much more than that."

A peek inside Jardine’s confirms Raja’s suspicions.

The lights are all on, the joint appears to be in tip top shape and the tables and chairs are all neatly stacked and out of the way. In other words it looks ready, willing and able to be shown to prospective tenants.

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52 Responses to Hearne: Landlord Spruces Up Jardine’s in Preparation for ???

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    a list of bad ideas for jardine’s
    Plato’s Retreat II?

    Like A ken-taco-hut but with Mamas–Sharps–Romanelli Grill

    Independence Sam’s 24 hour house of half disassembled electronics

    Rap studio rented by the hour so all the scions of politicans in KC can lay down phat beats that will undoubtedly jumpstart their inevitable rap careers.

    The Fine Reverend Cleaver’s spit n shine car wash


  2. the dude says:

    Sounds like Beena been
    hitting the happy dust again and has delusions she is still gonna get money out of this implosion she perfected.
    Wrong and wrong, NEXT!

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    Now I’m a little rusty in my knowledge of the elite area of the law known as municipal liquor zoning regulations.

    I know the license is transferable? But is it transferable 6 months after a place has closed? Is it transferable to a different location, with same or different owners?

    If it is fully transferable, I assume she may get a some money for the 3am license.

  4. Hearne says:

    I think it’s transferrable up until
    the license is up for renewal or for a period of months thereafter

  5. Beena says:

    what are friends for
    Thanks Hearne.

  6. Beena says:


    Can you please quit writing about Jardines.

    I dated you for a year and still consider you my friend.

    thank you in advance

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nice try, “Beena”
    If you want to play that role you need to post at 2-3am using incoherent ramblings.

    Its always more fun if you get “in character” first. Its like being “RealHarley”, you have to use bad syntax, lots of “………” and really bad grammar. Faux characters playing real characters are fun, you just have to do your homework!!

  8. Beena says:

    Hello Paul
    Why dont you do the role play and if it does not get anywhere i will be happy to point it out to the kcconfidential listeners.

    you cant deny on our phone call 4 months ago i did tell you and your wife agreed.

    Should i name it again?

    do your homework.

    Be quiet. smoke your cigars and be happy and take a break.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Beena talks and all I hear is….
    blah blah blah blah…. blah.
    Point out what ever you want, kiddo…. its fine with me. Not too many secrets here.
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you’d be UP $40K right now if you’d handled this like a business transaction.
    Last one out, please turn off the lights.

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh, one other thing, Beena
    I’ll trade what ever you want to share here about me…with the last line from Halstead’s email to John Brandsgard.
    Do YOUR homework, dear.

    Too bad you blew anyone being able to keep a great venue alive.

    Be quiet, smoke your fatty, be happy and take a break.

  11. Beena says:

    Home Work
    Are you doing your HOMEWORK?

    Why dont you sell some phones? I could get you hooked up with china and japan.

    for a guy that said was going on a diet you talk a lot.

    I recommend subway

  12. Beena says:

    Oh i forgot
    its Japan

    could get you Korea too

  13. Beena says:

    verbacious, i must say you are.

    you are not the smartest guy in town. i say look around.take a good look at yourself

    Sprint?i think you need a sprint and i can bring you a sprite

    you can keep your 40K in your bank. hope you can smoke a lot more cigars and talk to me when you are done with that.

  14. RealHarley says:

    Beena baby……
    Let’s get together…we can have a 1%er dust party at Jardines…… invite Glazer, speeeero, maybe poor paul if he can scrape….
    two quarters together for taxi fare….

    STFU loser haterz….. you just wish you could runa a fine establishment…. like fine wine Beena…. hold on to a 3am license… run it into the ground………
    come on beena…. I know u have…… the chinese nose candy….. let’s party like 1%ers together…u and me at jardeeeens

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    @RealHarley – HAHAHAHAHA
    Im sorry, I was wrong…. (write that down, I don’t admit it often….) it really IS Beena, you can tell by the disconnected and rambling thoughts, kind of like RealHarley’s other character! Harley Harley! Its about 4:00, so shes toasted.

    I’ll save the email line… Im not that unkind. And, you know, it was Greg and one of your ex husbands.. They both have an axe to grind so I’ll discount what they had to say about you.

    I’ll look in the mirror as soon as you clean the surface and hand it to me!! (how does all this white crap get on here, anyway?) Maybe its flour and she makes a lot of COOKIES!!

  16. Beena says:

    tell me the time and date and i will meet you at jardeeeeeeeeens.

    should we make it a party. i will be happy to do the invitation

  17. Beena says:

    Paul the Discount Man
    dont save the email line. lets get it out. lets get together ,greg, exhusband, you and invite hearne too. lets have some flour cookies. bring your axe to grind if you have one.

  18. REAL Harley says:

    Hey beena…
    what about REAL Harley….. I been saving up my nasal passages….for when we get to partee liek….. 1%ers…
    STFU fake Harley harkley…. u know u are not me….
    beena…. I need nose candy flour cookies…. invite meeeeeee!…
    and maybe glaze…

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Beena, if you don’t get help at Charter,…
    …please… get help somewhere.

    And, no, Im not going to “get the line out…”. Even “I” have more respect for you and your “situation” than that. People with problems need help, not more exposure for past deeds. I’ve tried to be nice even when you’ve made it really hard. I will continue to do so.

  20. REAL Harley says:

    YO Beena…
    you need to send me an invite…. to our…. *sniff sniff**…. parteeee…
    if u need my email…. address or digits….. I will give them to you… or poor paul could proabbly tell u… he knows

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    Real Harely… Ive got her “number”, for sure….
    If you could loan me some cash, I need to get a gallon of gas or so, borrow a car and I’ll come down to the big party. Life’s hard on us wage slaves, but I know you dont know anything bout that. I envy you and your 1% friends. I need a break from, as Beena says, “running my shipping company”. (I have NO idea what the means but she keeps bringing it up). If I was you, Real Harley, I could just sell one of my multiple, international concerns and take a few years off, but thanks for keeping on keeping on and making sure I get my welfare check. It doesnt go unnoticed.

  22. mike says:

    I find it funny
    that after all of those years of free advertising in Hearne’s column, Beena now wants Hearne not to write about Jardine’s. I hope he still does if there is anything new and does not let her dictate to him what he is allowed to write about. I will give her credit for one thing, however. As she so eloquently pointed out in the past, she is who made Jardine’s what it is today.

  23. Mary says:

    Thanks Paul….
    You say everything for me so I don’t have to do any work!

    Wish you would’ve bought Jardine’s.. we’d have gotten along fabulously!

  24. Mary says:

    Yes, Mike, “She made Jardine’s what it is today”…

    There are 2 ways to run a business…

    profitably or into the ground…

    yes, Beena made Jardine’s what it is today alright!

    We know the answer to that!

    6 feet under..

  25. mike says:

    May the fourth be with you!

  26. Mary says:

    It’s “My Burfday!”
    Thanks, Mike!!

    My birthday today!

    “May The Fourth Be With You”

  27. Beano says:

    birthday mary
    maybe for birtday, go to the gym. Eat scraps off floor with hot sauce. why u look like you do. I am the queen. Paul, u have a small brain. I will show email. Mike, I no who u are. Ssssnnnnoooorrrrrttttttttttt.

  28. Mary says:

    Yes, It’s My Birthday!
    Beano.. isn’t that the stuff that prevents gas???

    Doesn’t seem to be working with your diarrhea of the mouth…

    You are no queen..

    Paul’s brain is a thousand times larger than yours

    You don’t know Mike,

    but I do……..

    He does not do drugs, doesn’t drink either

    you don’t know everything

    get over yourself

    by the way, going to have a great birthday.. at the Thai Place in Westport

    And yes, I will eat my stuff hot…

    And not off the floor…

  29. Beano says:

    u are not lite. Golds still might let u in. Paul needs to lose wait, has small brain, and needs to go back to selling phones. U do not no everything either, mary. I am still the Queen. Lets rock and roll. Sssssnnnnoooorrrrrttttttttttttt.

  30. hardly says:

    y do all u losers careabout jardines anyway/jazz is four losers and oldpeeple who ware dipers/ if u had awl my monney and power/ u wouldnt care ether/ go back to being wage slaves/ racist wife beeters/ i culd by and sell all of u/ wannabes/ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks, Mary and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    And since she made the attacks and assumptions she did on fat people with small brains, here’s what Jardines was and who made it what it became, from an email last week between Greg and her Ex, John!!

    From a recent conversation with Fred Wells @ AC, it looks like Jardine’s is history. Needless to say. (we) are heartbroken. Lots of memories, lots of fun, lots of good times etc…all of it gone because of a drunken drug addicted whore.

    Bazinga! There’s the real answer. I’m sorry, some people bring out the WORST in me.

    Mary, have a great Birthday. I’ll make another run at Scott at Colliers and see if I can’t get the truth out of him on what the current status is. Since its cheaper than a Yugo now, or a Fiat….. ….. who knows. I may want to prove what a FAT GUY with a SMALL BRAIN can do. I DON’T know it all, but I know enough to KNOW that place made it as a VENUE, it wasn’t based on Beena. And if Greg hadnt STARTED it and treated her like a daughter, she never could have BOUGHT it to begin with.

    Its the first of the month….. if Hearne follows up on this we can expect more drunken drivel from her, until about the 10th, then her money’s gone…….

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Beena – “verbacious, i must say you are”
    Geeesh… thats a REALLY big word for you!! I guess your nights have come down to a wine bottle, some coke… and a little quiet time with Mr. Webster. Very impressive…….

    Mary, Im sorry, as you know may know, Im quite VERBACIOUS! There wasn’t anything else to add, so BEING verbacious, I just came back to hear MYSELF say something, since I love it so much.

  33. Beano says:

    Paul, don’t raja lecture me. You are a discount man who is verbacious. Stick to cigars and selling phones. Mary, stick to waiting tables if you can with all your corks. If you were not eating the floor sweepings, you would not look as you do. You both have small brains. I AM STILL THE QUEEN. ssssnnnnoooorrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttt

  34. REAL Harley says:

    call me…. **sniff sniff**… we got some…… parteying to do before Jardeens….. goes away forever…..
    partee like 1%….. me and you….. maybe glaze and the rug and roids……

    lets do this baby…. snifff… SLUUURP.

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    I LOVE me some REAL Harely and BEANO
    yes I do, oh yes I do….

  36. REAL Harley says:

    do…… not avoid me….. or ignore me…. I need to partee with the nosey candeeey….
    ring ring me girl…. I am getting itchy…. for fine china…
    I knowe people….. if you….. do not call me….. I will… get them from my numerous businesses…..
    in cOlumbia…. don’t make me call….. my lawyer… paul knowes…..
    sniff slurp…..

  37. Beano says:

    Mary, go eat some of your butt jokeia peppers. you would look better than eating grease out of the grease traps. Paul, you couldn’t get the deal done. I am the one who made things happen. see if you can do it. I still have you’re emails. I am the queen. I even used to have an elephant named Ganesh. did you. Hearne rocks. lets rock and roll party mike your not as smart as you think. sssssnnnnnoooorrrrtttttttt

  38. paulwilsonkc says:

    I didn’t USE Ganesh, Beano…… but I have smoked his
    cigs, made by slave Indian childrens labor. Is that close enough?

  39. Beano says:

    discount phone man
    you show what a small brain you have. Go to India. you might learn something. mary you should too. Could try some cat curry. better than food off the floor. I may open a jazz club there. hope it to be as sucesful as here. sssssnnnnnooooorrrrrrttttttt

  40. ReAl Harley says:

    Beanie…call me…
    we need to talk…. I mean sniff…. my lawyer says we have…..
    problems…. email him at bobloblaw4life@yahoo.gov….

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    Real Harley… you need to be snifing with CLIENTS!!
    Not Beaner!! You could have built 4 more conglomerates by now!!
    PS, I just found out I have a small brain and dont understand how that could be. Could I let you hold the title on my car and get some cash from you? I’m going to get that MRI to (1) see how big my brain is and (2) see why I’ve been agreeing with Craig so much lately. I feel like YOU!! I asked that Craig not think I was hitting on him, as I clearly know thats RealHarley’s role….. slurp on, my slurper!!

  42. hardly says:

    u smoke cheap ganeshcigars/ 1% like me only smoke cubuns/ eye cudda got the jardines deel done in won day/ its how i got two own 10 companies/ what a bunch of wgae slave loosers on here/ u r all jellous/ i have nice things/ u live in tralers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hardly, Im sorry.. .I always wanted to BE like you…
    but with my small brain and bad cigars, well… I’m doomed to be not much more than I am… a big, fat, cheap cigar smokin, small brained wage slave. I’m sorry to have used up yor time reading this. Have mercy on me, buy me a beer some time. It can be in private where no one you would know would see you with a loser like me. I understand.

  44. hardly says:

    wnats too be like me/i am sucesful have nice thnigs/u r a wannabe/ if u were ass smart as me u culd have wat i dew/ dont hate on me cause i live in a beter home than u/u are jellos cus yure not as gud as me/ i wipe my butt with more monye than all of u even have put togeter/gotta go/am flying to veagas to party with my 1% freinds/ losers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. paulwilsonkc says:

    I know, Hardly… I didnt mean to upset you
    PLEASE dont call your NE side thug buddies to come mess me up. And certainly dont threaten me with your cousins over in O town… they are still a little pissed to be adults and just now finding out your’re their cousin!!

    If I could carry your bags next time you go to Vegas, well, for me, it would be like Biblical days where people just tried to touch the hem of his garment.

    PS, you’re getting too worked up and forgeting two things… (1) syntax… and (2) more …………………………………. inbetween thoughts.

    Youre still a good Harley, though.

    Do we miss the OTHER Harley? No.. we dont. Not one of us.

  46. REAL Harley says:

    Nah wilson…..
    sounds….. like beanie needs a few…. lines to purk up ….. after nobody wants to offer … any money….
    for her stupid licence…. butt if she is too good or….. is in some spider hole in india…. doesn’t matter anyway….
    no lines to share….. I have too many businesses….. not enough time….. but could always use a line….

  47. paulwilsonkc says:

    there……..thats better…….REAL………harley
    even gettin……….g……….. the
    syntax down…. much……………………………
    much better.
    Its good to see you came out of YOUR hole and threat infested world to come see us. Apparently youre not worried any more about, let me see, I think… specific threats, was the word.
    OK, I’ll go back to honoring your request and not mentioning you on here…. sorryharley.

  48. Beano says:

    reel harley
    You think your funny, dont you Real Harley. You are not. how many lines do you use? don’t bring it up if you dont share.

  49. hardly says:

    i jsut got bakck from vagas……………………… wile u LUSERs were setting in youre tralers/smoaking cheep ganesh cigarz………………………………………waching youre blcak and wite tvs……………………wering youre thrift stoor t shitrs…………………..i wun more monney than any of u luser wannabes will evver sea in youre lifes…………………………………………………………….eat youre harts out …………………………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  50. mike says:

    Has anybody heard anything new on what is going in the Jardine’s space?

  51. REAL Harley says:

    I can share Beeena,
    if I could get the numberr…… of your nose candy dealer……..then we … can share….. together…….

  52. is going on says:

    with this thread o____o

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