Glazer: Johnson County Evolving Rapidly into Police State

Most readers don’t realize Johnson County is THE biggest money maker in the nation regarding ARRESTS…

Or that Johnson County puts almost all misdemeanor charges on pre trial probation or supervision. No, not for simple parking or speeding tickets, but almost anything and everything else. Examples include, trespassing, destruction of private property, any assault case, even yelling at your girlfriend or wife – you don’t need to hit them – just yelling and someone calling the cops is enough.

And no priors are needed.

Even for driving on a suspended license, or even an outdated one – pretty much anything.


Or else go to jail.

Your first hearing will likely be with you in custody at Gardner. It’s the hot new prison/jail and it’s more maxed out than most prisons. Why, you ask? To protect us from all those black criminals?

No, it’s all about MONEY, BABY AND  ONLY MONEY.

The entire system has thousands of people on PRE TRIAL PROBATION. THATS RIGHT, NOBODY IS EVEN GUILTY OF ANYTHING YET…and they own your ass!!!

It’s not in the constitution but who cares? Thousands of lawyers are making a mint on it. And the Kansas cops,  courts, probation offices and drug drop stations are so busy now that many are now located in MISSOURI. And by the way, Jackson county for the most part doesn’t have time for all of this because they have REAL CRIME.

More than half these so-called "dangerous criminals" are kids caught with a beer or at a party that had beer and they get their school records jacked as well. And they get stuck with the drug drops and booze rehab programs which their parents then have topm pay thousands of dollars to.

And this is all real…

God help you if you get a DUI, thats like a murder charge in Johnson County now.

And don’t let your wife or girlfriend say you pushed her that’s DOUBLE MURDER. I kid you not, it’s kinda not legal but hey they’re just looking out for YOUR BEST INTEREST.

You say won’t happen to me or my kids….REALLY?

This program is a little over the top folks. People in Germany thought those original places to house Jews was for everyone’s own good as well.

This is sick and very, very wrong, but nobody much cares until it affects them and most families will have it happen to them eventually.
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48 Responses to Glazer: Johnson County Evolving Rapidly into Police State

  1. mike says:

    This tells me that their workload on serious crimes is low and they have to justify their existence by finding things to do to “protect” the community. In Jackson on Wyandotte, the cops are overworked with all of the murders, assaults, and armed robberies. If you don’t have as much of that, make a bigger deal out of the misdemeanors. Some of the small towns are like that with speed traps and other minor traffic violations. The money to pay them comes out of this revenue.

  2. PB says:

    A Glazer post I’m in total agreement with. Johnson County (as well as other suburban counties) police are more about generating revenue than they are about protecting and serving. Law enforcement in this country (especially less than high-crime areas) has basically become a money-making industry just like any other, in fact a better one as they can “create” their own business whenever they need a boost in “sales”. More so than even the gaming industry, they truly are recession proof.

    I guess as long as I avoid the clutches of the law myself, I shouldn’t bitch as my wife has a good-paying, part-time job that revolves around DUI punishment in Jackson County. My mortgage payment is grateful for drunk drivers on the Missouri side.

  3. TOby says:

    This is interesting stuff… would like to read a follow up with some more specific examples of how this messes things up for otherwise perfectly law abiding citizens.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    And over the top GREAT STORY!! Thanks, Glaze!
    In 1999 I went through an ugly, ugly, did I mention ugly, divorce. My ex pretty much leased a cubical at the JoCo Courthouse and proceeded to attempt to make my life miserable. Now, bear in mind, never once did this involve a raised hand, raised voice, threat or any type of out of line behavior on my behalf. Not in the wildest exaggeration could that have been claimed. I went into it thinking if you did the right thing, acted responsibly, that

  5. Robertoe says:

    WTF? All positive and supportive comments!
    Good one Glaze. Its about time this travesty got some attention.

    How many of these lawyers, police, penal officers and the whole supportive lot never drank b4 21, smoked a roach or drove at .08? Its religious conservatism run amok. Did we not learn anything during prohibition? I mean I’ve got a totally clean record and so does my daughter but I don’t know how! wink!

    Its important to recognize how this totalitarianism really has the opposite societal effect as intentions. I’m mean if you are a kid and you have a pot possession on your record (800,000 convictions annually nationally! Travesty!!!!) its easy to get ‘black listed’ from the job market and the conventional game. Then you’re screwed. What are you gonna do at this point? You are more apt to totally drop out, rebel, do harder drugs, drink more and commit crimes. Your whole life has gone awry on something that’s pervasive throughout society and pretty harmless .

    Yeah this is why I’m a PlazaRat. Stick it JoCo. You are running a high dollar scam!

  6. Guy says:

    Here’s an example
    I work at a hospital directly in front of OP courthouse/police station. I was leaving my lot after a LONG….IRRITATING day of work. Mr. Popo was leaving his lot at the same time. I turned left to head home….he goes straight and turns around in my hospitals lot and comes tearin ass after me like I just shot someone. I will over and am in NO mood to deal with this bullshit, cuz I know I have done nothing wrong….after all….I JUST LEFT THE DAMN PARKING LOT! He takes 2 steps out of his car and I yell at him…”what could you possibly have to pull me over for?” He tells me cuz I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt!!! WTF!!! I went off on him. “you just left your police station and pulling someone over for a f*ucking seatbelt ticket is your priority? you have nothing more important to do today?” He tells me “hold on” ….” I will be back”.

    So, he comes back and proceeds to tell me that seatbelts are important to him due to the loss of someone close who was not wearing one. I told him, I respected his viewpoint….and he was just doing his job, but who the F cares if I am rolling down the road and flip my truck and kill myself? Oh…..the same person that says its ok for me to hop on my motorcycle without a helmet? Or what if I walk out of my house and trip on the curb and hit my head…….should we all be forced to wear helmets as soon as we leave the house. The nanny state continues to worsen!!! Big brother and Uncle Sam always know whats best for you, don’t you know? LOL!!!

  7. Super Dave says:

    Well lived here most all my life and say if you don’t like it go live in KC Mo. If you break the law and get caught you pay the piper simple as that. Don’t like the laws then step up and work your ass off to make a change. Whining about it solves nothing.

    I understand your point Paul very well but Johnson County Family Court has always been that way. My mother raked my Dad over the coals for years as she was allowed to do what ever. So as a kid I was the one who in the end really paid for judges actions who favor the women only. But a lot of it as well is the attoneys who know how to milk you for every dime possible as they huddle together and plan their attacks on your bank account.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Guy, you know what pisses me off worse?
    I could go on and one, but here’s just two.

    First, I

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    @SuperDave, I get it, but here’s where I part company
    …with your “dont do the crime” line. Of course thats correct, but this is a different deal here, my friend.

    In the story on my son, the last group of cops ended up being the ONLY decent, honest one of the bunch. I ended up having coffee with him from time to time and he was a huge help. I was helping a buddy run a furniture gallery at the time. I’d met this cop for coffee; he said he would stop by around lunch and see what was new. Well shortly after I unlocked, I see nothing but red lights reflecting off of things in the store front…. I walk up to the door and its him, with a car load of Mexicans parked sideways in front of my shop. I, kiddingly, opened the door, shook my fist at him and said, “Get that crap OUT OF THERE, its bad for BUSINESS!!” He smiled, nodded, wrapped up and came in to say him.

    Here’s the ugly part. I asked him what he stopped them for to which he replied that they rolled through the stop light. He went on to describe it was a car load of, most likely, illegal

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    All the more reason to not live in Suburgatory, KS
    Reason #72 on the list of why you couldn’t pay me to move to JoCo. Unless someone worships homogenized strip malls and pre-packaged lives, I’m not sure why anyone in the KC metro would voluntarily choose to live in Johnson County.

    Up here north of the river in God’s country we still live as free people.

  11. PB says:

    What Crime, Super Dave?
    You mean like throwing a remote across the room in the direction of your girlfriend? I guess that can be construed as attempted assault or some such thing by the letter of the law which would probably amount to nothing more than a slap on the wrist even if prosecuted to the fullest. But have it fall under a zero tolerance domestic battery charge and you’re fucked.

    Happened to a friend of mine, no really, I’ve been married forever. Gets in an argument with his chick, they BOTH throw some shit around and he thinks fight ends with him walking out of her apartment. He then gets a call at work the next day from OP’s Finest saying he needs to be questioned on this matter that has apparently been called in later by GF. Nothing more than taking a statement, they say since some shit was broken…a formality. When he gets there, they bassically ambush him, arrest him on this trumped zero tolerance (the intent of which I would think, was to remove an individual from the situation AS IT’S HAPPENING to protect the other individual, not to haul some guy in from work the NEXT DAY under false pretenses) bullshit, he goes to jail in Gardner for a couple of days with no warning and comes damn close to losing his job because of it.

    Long story, it costs him a few grand to get out from under charges and he ends up having to take some anger management classes as well as gets put on some kind of list with other abusive dudes. Moral of story, might as well hit the bitch if you’re going to pay the cost anyway.

  12. Super Dave says:

    In Kansas if you throw or break something when having an argument with a girlfriend or wife you are going to get busted plain and simple. Hey don’t shoot me I didn’t write the law but one needs to know the laws. The gee I didn’t know that gig no longer works in a court room anymore.

    Paul in your case you should have served a supena at once for radio traffiic and dash cams related to your traffic stop.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    @PB, since we’re doing the “I had a friend” thing…
    I “had a friend” who experienced the same thing, maybe a little worse. His ex was dating a man who was seeking counseling from a “pastor”. The pastor providing the counseling also knew the ex husband. Having a different set of guidelines than licensed therapists, the pastor called the ex husband and said,

  14. PB says:

    That’s Just It, SD
    Not everybody knows the law and even with that as I know it’s no excuse, I argue that busting somebody well after the fact, flies in the face of the spirit of that law, which should be more about protecting someone in possible peril at the time the “crime” is occuring. And if strictly about the law, why not issue a warrant and have the man picked up on those charges instead of underhandedly baiting the guy into voluntarily coming in? I realize that the cops have to sometimes be as sneaky and underhanded as hardened criminals in order to apprehend them, but are those tactics really necessary in order to bring down someone as heinous as a thrower of plastic devises?

  15. devils advocate says:

    Come On……

    Most readers don’t realize Johnson County is THE biggest money maker in the nation regarding ARRESTS…

    Is there any way that you can back this statement up with fact? I’m not saying I don’ believe you, but some statements deserve some credibility. Do you have a reliable source of information? And if you do, why not cite it?

    just asking…

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    @DA, the facts came from Harley’s attorney, stan greenberg
    ….that’s good enough for me, I hope it is for you too.

  17. expat says:

    Hate to break it to all of you but it’s not just JoCo that’s like this it’s all of America. When I explain this to people they say they’ve never had a problem and if you’re not doing a crime you don’t need to worry — then they get hassled by the IRS, the TSA, the local police, code inspectors or one of a million other government agencies designed to ‘protect’ and they realize it doesn’t matter if you ‘think’ you’re obeying the law. There are just too many laws, codes and regulations for anyone to be sure of it. What scares me the most is the data mining operation they’ve started in the last few years — they can take all your public information and in the future will start hassling people not for breaking a law but for fitting a ‘profile’ of a law breaker. It’s guaranteed that whatever profile they use will not be fair…

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Great Responses And About The Story For Once
    Great job comment people…glad for once WE all agree on something…you have some great questions for me, like stats and examples needed..agreed..what can we do but bitch….we can do alot….my fear is the more I expose and you expose the more dangerous this all becomes to the MONEY TRAIN….and as we ALL agree thats all thats here in most cases….almost none fo these cases guilty or not, a have anything to do with SERVE AND PROTECT…WHICH IS WHAT LAW ENFORCEMENT NEEDS TO GET BACK TOO FOR HEAVENS SAKE…

    Remember this one…HEY YOU DON’T LIKE THE COPS NEXT TIME CALL A HIPPIE!!!! Well bad news smart ass, may as well when did a cop step in and help any of you? Like almost never…WE ARE THE ENEMY..AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS HOW POLICE ARE NOW TRAINED…WE THE PUBLIC AT LARGE ALL and I mean ALL, the enemy, unless you carry a shield….I know I was once part of it…first the officer wants to help the people, then he or she finds out that is not the JOB..and then you fall into line or get kicked out…you join up eventually…in the end almost all cops realize they’ve been had..takes years though..can’t say anyting..need the retirement money…dig….

    I will write two more stories on this next…its the way all cops and law enforcement are not evil or bad…but they are pushed that way ALWAYS…how sad…we need them..TO BE POLICE, NOT PRISON GUARDS…

  19. chuck says:

    Glaze-total home run again!!
    Paul – dead on the money.

    I have to go to another job.

    Great post!

    Great topic!

    See ya later.

  20. newbaum turk says:

    joco law
    Two things stand out to me regarding the law in JOCO. The first is prevelant all over the country. If you are a man and a woman claims ANYTHING against a man, that man is guilty till proven innocent. Second, it really is about making money, especially in O.P. The guy earlier who said he was leaving his work and got pulled over for no seat belt. That is their excuse to pull you over. What cops around here are looking for is their holy grail of stopping people: DUI. They really don’t care you unknowingly have a head light out or did not signal. That just gives them a reason to pull you over and hopefully give you a DUI. There is a bar in Gardner called the Tumbleweed. Employees there give free rides home to patrons who ask for them. The cops are actually PISSED about this program. They want the DUI’s. The publics safety is no regard to them. They are pissed they are missing out on that revenue. If they really want to make some money they should get their asses out on the highways and hand out tickets to all the jackasses who drive in the passing lane and never get out of it. That is illegal. Especially the fuckers who are driving slow there. One last little tidbit. If you know any cops, then you know nobody drives drunk more than cops.

  21. devils advocate says:


    can you cite reliable sources?

    i cant believe that Johnson county makes THE MOST MONEY on arrests

    come on GLAZER give us the source

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    newbaum turk, to back up your point…
    Valentines evening, Chelle had sung with Dave Stephens at Jardines. We hung around after the second set with friends. Left pretty late, around 2am, and head out Shawnee Mission Pkwy. Get into Mission area, cop on the side of the road. Peels out in the gravel and on me in no time. I’ don’t drink qand drive, so I had one LIT about 8:00 so I knew I was good.

    This was a full moon lit night, looked like daylight outside!! Im driving my vintage Benz coupe, bright red. Cop walks up to the car, asks if I knew why he stopped me, I said no I didnt. He said… “Well at FIRST when you drove by me, I didnt think you had a plate on your car….. (OK, red Benz, white Kansas Plate, moon lit night…) …. and then, when I got up on you, I saw you DID…. but you have ONE of your license plate lights out. Oh REALLY???

    See? Its that kind of crap where you know they stretch probable cause to Likely No Cause but Im stopping them anyway!!

  23. smartman says:

    I Can Help
    The most evil, stupid and careless fuckers in the world are politicians, followed by cops, lawyers and judges. A business associate of mine is a PI, who worked for the FBI for 20 years. He has over the past 5 years collected an impressive dossier of incriminating photos, video and audio of some of the metropolitan areas finest. All legally obtained. Used properly you can make a lot of your problems go away. He actually used a hooker to frame a married OP cop who had a penchant for writing bogus traffic tickets. She seduced said copper one night after work. Got him back to her place which was wired for audio and video. Use your imagination for the rest.

    Like NWA said, Fuck tha Police. Wife beating, Barney Fife wanna be’s is all they are. While there are a few who are in the biz for the right reasons. Most are morally weak, in debt up to their asses, stoopid cunts who have no idea they are on candid camera. Particularly one Hispanic officer in the OP that didn’t pull the shades down when he was banging his girlfriends daughter while she was working the night shift.

  24. chuck says:

    I was gonna tell my story, but Paul beat me to it.
    and told it much better.

    Mine cost $100,000.00 less and the details are different, but the anger, humiliation and frustration I felt in “Family Court” in JoCo had a very negative effect on me. It was pointless, pernicious and in no way was EVER remotely associated withe the welfare of my children at any time. It was about money, money, control and, oh yeah, money.

    I will say this about the cops.

    The cops themselves are not, in my opinion, exceeding their mandate. They are, I believe anyway, following the orders of their superiors, which is essentially following the orders of the folks elected to office in JoCo. Are they way over the top with enforcement of petty offences and draconian punishments for same? You bet.

    Common sense tells me, that their superiors are ok with and promote the behaviour of the Police State initiatives on the street, for the re perpetuation of the coin of the realm it takes to run that same Police State mechanism.

    So, I think we are painting cops with a pretty broad brush here, and of course, I always think of the poor miserable cops that have to make a living in KC, and what a horrible job that would be.

    The guys on the front lines, are indoctrinated and trained to follow the orders and absorb the culture of their place of employment, like everyone else.

    I have met some real shitheel cops, but most of the time, they are polite and conversant.

    Just my opinion.

  25. mike says:

    there are good cops
    I have known several of the cops in Kansas City that were in homicide, fugitive apprehension, etc. They are some of the finest individuals I have known and really are out there doing a thankless job to protect the rest of us from some really dangerous criminals. They are a whole different breed from some of these unneeded cops in low crime areas that are just out there to bring in revenue for the city they are in. I agree with Chuck not to paint too broad of a brush.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    @mike “All you know is all you know”
    I think thats where I come down as well as most people. I’ve known ONE cop who was the kind of person you reference. Most people, me included, so make broad brush assessments, because, like I said, all you know is all you know. If the majority of your life experience has been as a law abiding citizen seeing the incredile bully side of this occupation, it affects your view. Two families I know who broke up over cheating, wife beating cops who lived the bully mentality at home as well as in the squad car. Yes, there are vets, plumbers and preachers that may fit that mold too, but they get held to a higher standard. If you’re a cop, one expects you to abide by the law maybe with a double portion.

    And, as I said, to sit at coffee daily, its become a constant source of entertainment of how many cop cars will roll through the stop signs…. but if it was you in front of THEM doing the same?

  27. Craig Glazer says:

    Agreed Some Great Cops Out There
    Yes there many law enforcement officers out there who risk their lives to us…true. We all have stories, I know I do, on the great ones…but they are far too few. The main force needs to move more towards what those guys do in a smaller way. Serve and protect…not create and arrest..or charge..sadly that is most of law enforcement today…they are money collectors for the city…and not much else…they know it too..and most don’t care for it, not what I signed up for..but with salaries of 40-80,000 a year plus benefits, they are stuck..families, time in, etc…they go with the flow..believe me I speak to many senior officers who totally agree the system is way messed up but, “what do you want me to do..I’d just get fired or demoted…” its up to US to fix it…

  28. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Screw Kansas. Live in Missouri.
    JoCo sucks. It’s why I live in Clay county.

  29. mike says:

    I definitely understand your point as I’ve also encountered these Barney Fife wannabe cops. What you may not realize is that the good cops hate this crap more than anybody. I’ve heard stories from them about being in some of these communities and getting pulled over for no reason. A couple of the cops I know have also investigated and convicted other cops that were dirty. It is ashamed that the good ones have to have their reputations tarnished by these brown shirt gestapo cops that probably couldn’t solve a real crime if it hit them in the face.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Mike, good point, I agree, but on ANOTHER note…
    …Chuck, Mike, Guy, Smart, SD… isn’t it refreshing to have a conversation about BOTH sides of a story without the “You 98% wage slave loosers!!”, “toilet licking what ever…”, “Stop moaning about your divorce, I would have just pulled $300K out of my wallet / walking around money, paid the bill and moved on down the road” , “I dont have COP problems, I call my thug friends I grew up with on the NE side of town and have their ASSES kicked, NE STYLE!!”, kind of crap??

    A world without Asshats is a wonderful thing…. there’s actually been a week of insightful, intelligent conversation.

  31. mike says:

    I agree 100%! People can have differing views on things without resorting to insulting each other and learn something from each other in the process.

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, case in point… have you noticed how many times….
    … I’ve complimented CRAIG this week? Dear lord, I’m going to the ER and get a MRI, I may have a tooma in ma head.

  33. PB says:

    I Don’t Want To Use This Thread
    To bash cops since most of what we’re bitching about here is decided by folks way above their pay grade. And I would have to think that most cops hate that their jobs have been reduced to being nothing more than a modern-day version of the medieval Taxman.

  34. expat says:

    Police officer is one of those occupations that attracts a lot of folks who want to help people — but also attracts a lot of sociopaths who want a job that gives them power over others. That’s why you hear so many conflicting stories: your experience depends on what kind of cop you had contact with. Politician and Preacher are jobs split similarly. The main problem nowadays is how unjust the laws are and how strictly they are enforced — everyone is a criminal until they prove otherwise.

  35. the dude says:

    Just get limber enough to
    grab your ankles when the time comes and pick a good cot at the local FEMA camp when they come around knocking at your door when “the event” happens.

  36. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Great subject! You could write five more of these.

    Johnson County is a DUI factory. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but I believe if you get a DUI you cannot enlist in the armed forces. The reason I mention this is a friend of a friend who got a DUI for being .09 (which is a joke) and it had a gigantic effect on his life, just destroyed his plans to enlist and get money to attend college thru the military. As if that one mistake deems you unworthy of defending our country.

    You can’t even drive through parts of Leawood past 10pm…you might as well have a target on your car regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing. They want your money. As soon as they get you in the system you’re fucked. Ask Hearne about the BS you go thru with a DUI. I’ve been there. It’s ridiculous. Blame MADD more than anything, the trickle down effect has been astronomical and you have cops pulling people over for tiny license plate lights being out or seatbelts not being worn because they’re fishing for big bucks hoping you’ve been boozing or better yet driving down the road toking on a number. If you live in JOCO and you’ve been out to a concert downtown or in Westport, don’t even think about going home south down any road west of State Line. Stick to Ward Parkway or 71 South or I-35.

    Always have gum and mouthwash in your car!! Don’t wait to freshen that breath when you see the cop…do it before you even start the car. Prepare! It’s a game. Play it smart.

  37. RickM says:

    Heavy Handed
    “People in Germany thought those original places to house Jews was for everyone’s own good as well.”

    WTF? You had a good piece there, then nearly ruined it by making a stupid and totally unnecessary Holocaust reference. The JoCo police have their problems, but they’re not the SS and anyone with an ounce of historical perspective would’ve exercised more discretion.

  38. Super Dave says:

    I am out and about at all hours of the day and night every where and not been stopped or jacked with in years. I mean I have to ask how is it you folks keep getting pulled over then?

  39. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry if that bothered you, hey I am well aware of World War Two and the fate of my past people…yes it was over the top, but not so much in that when you allow people to run this program that has no real rules anymore except YOU ARE BAD, no matter what, and pay me, it is closer to SS than you may realize…no they don’t want to put people in ovens…and many of these cops and employees are innocent, just doing their jobs…but thats what German soldiers said too…we follow orders..its the orders that need to change….people do what they are told…on both ends…so sorry if that was too strong did not mean it that way..

    Super Dave, well dude it matters not what I write its always wrong, huh, in this case most eveyone else has a story about JOCO that is not too kind…but I know you are special they would never even pull you over…REALLY…guess you are so lucky….too many others aren’t…I know they must all be bad…breaking laws…you are the good one, right…man those other comment folks probably did cross that white line with no traffic and what no blinker…90 days..they deserve it right Super Dave? What makes you so Super…Dave?

  40. mike says:

    this was a good thought provoking article. I understood that you didn’t literally think these cops were as bad as Nazis. There are similarities in some areas when people are willing to give up freedom and constitutional rights for what is perceived to be security. As long as I’m not as bad as “these other people”, I have nothing to worry about , some think. Make enough obscure laws and you can make anyone a scofflaw whether they know they are or not. Combined with a heavyhanded “letter of the law’ approach instead of a “spirit of the law” approach, it becomes a real issue.

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, you do a GREAT story with a GREAT take and a….

  42. the dude says:

    I don’t have enough money
    to live in Missouri and send my kids to private school, sorry, wish I did.
    I just try to keep my nose clean and if I do imbibe (which is rare these days) I stick to minor streets and make sure all the lights are in working order. No reason to give a copper probable cause, just not worth all the money it costs to fight a DUI.

  43. Craig Glazer says:

    Glad I Am Far From Alone ON This
    Next comes WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT…next story….promise, had to deal with Junior Seau’s suicide, so damn sad..

  44. Super Dave says:

    You know what I could list lots of names who have not been pulled over but you couldn’t handle the truth.

  45. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Dave
    This is much more than just pull overs…its the treatment of our citizens who are GUILTY before trial or judgement…seeing a PO, drug drops, rules like YOU CAN’T GO WHERE BOOZE IS SERVED NOT EVEN A RESTAURANT..all this and no conviction and oh yeah its a misdemeanor…not in our constitution but WHO CARES..they don’t…thats the issue…

  46. paulwilsonkc says:

    SD, I REALLY hate agreeing with Craig…
    but as a result of taking BAD legal advice when I went through my crap, after pulling 2 TIRES onto the public property or a driveway. that was one of my diversionary terms. Bear in mind, there is NO alcohol or drugs involved in what happened to me, not violence of any kind. I want to clarify that to mean not EVEN a harsh word, ok? Part of my diversion to get out of the mess? I couldn’t go to ANY establishment that sold alcohol for 6 months!! I told the Court I took CLIENTS out all the time and asked what I was supposed to do?? Advice? Dont get caught where they sell booze!! Try to take someone to lunch or dinner on those terms.

    I ended up getting some “inside advice” that told me they likely wouldnt cause me any trouble. Hear that? LIKELY wouldnt cause me any trouble… and there was NEVER anything that had anything to DO with drugs or alcohol. Its just another way to apply a punishment. Now, where I was wrong in all of it was the NAIVE opinion that if you were in the RIGHT…. thats what the LAW was there for.. and I’d be fine. That was the first time Id ever had to do anyhting with the Court system… at 50 years old. WHAT…. a lesson.

  47. Super Dave says:

    Well guys if all this makes you lay awake at night unable to sleep then start a grass roots group to get certain laws addressed.

    I mean yes I hear of those having issues and whining but as well I hear and know of way more who don’t.

    If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

  48. smartman says:

    Liquid Ass to the rescue again!
    Keep some Liquid Ass in your car. When you get pulled over, roll down your window and spray 4 quick squirts. Roll the window up and wait for Barney Fife to ask you to roll the window down. No way he will even make it that close to you without hurling his nuts up through his nostrils.

    Now you will find the occasional cop that loves the smell since it reminds him of the aroma when he’s banging sheep or his sister. Now if it’s a female cop approaching you, which is more common these days, keep a 12″ dildo under the seat and place it on the dashboard. That will get you off, no pun intended, with an apology or maybe a phone number. Gotta be a dildo and not a vibrator.

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