Hearne: This Just In…Lawrence Barbecue Sucks, Locals Say

You read it right…

The verdict is in on Lawrence Journal World foodie Sarah Henning‘s assertion Tuesday that Anthony Bourdain "should’ve made ‘Reservations’ in Lawrence."

That in reference to the irreverant Travel Channel personality’s recent episode about KC barbecue, Stroud’s fried chicken, the Savoy Grill, Town Topic hamburgers and other esoteric, edible local delights.

But alas, no Lawrence BBQ, Henning lamented.

Whereupon she proceeded to offer up the names Biemer’s, Bigg’s, Slow Ride and Gran-Daddy’s.

Say, what, came the collective response from the Journal World‘s comments section.

Was Henning, uh, kidding?

Somebody named Babboy said it best:

"Yeah, Lawrence is instantly associated with Barbeque! Well, no not really. ddddddddddddddelusional….."

"Lawrence BBQ is miserable," added ashmole.

"I like Biemers but it is not in the same league as Jack Stack or (Oklahoma) Joe’s," said LarryNative. "Lawrence restaurants for the most part are bad. I don’t know Sarah’s background but from things I’ve read, it’s not food related."

notorious_agenda‘s answer to Henning’s question:

"No, he shouldn’t have. Lawrence is not known for good food or good bbq…The level of quality in food from Lawrence restaurants doesn’t even come close to that of Kansas City…The fact is Kansas City is a mecca for BBQ and always will be. Lawrence is meaningless when it comes to that"

"Lawrence BBQ is horrible" added Eride. "Of course he didn’t come to any BBQ place in Lawrence. There are over 100 better BBQ places in KC…"

Even Henning’s lone defender put up a curious fight.

"I like a bit of Biggs Barbecue," evilpenguine said. "Their chicken tenders, gravy and mashed potatoes are the best :)"

Hold it right there.

When’s the last time anybody in KC saw that on a barbecue menu?

The bottom line:

Lawrence may have the area’s best sports team – KU basketball –  but it’s no Anthony Bourdain magnet.

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11 Responses to Hearne: This Just In…Lawrence Barbecue Sucks, Locals Say

  1. legendaryhog says:

    Agreed…the best BBQ in Lawrence is….
    in your own backyard. The BBQ in Lawrence is laughable. I have been to all of them exactly once, and will never go back. If you want to catch good BBQ in Larryville, you either cook it yourself, or go to the Sertoma 48 the first weekend every May for the Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned BBQ contest. It is usually frequented by at least 5 of the top 10 competitive teams in the country.

    It really is a shame that L-town doesn

  2. Gippers says:

    Bum Steer
    There was once a very good BBQ joint in town in the late 80’s but is no longer…The Bum Steer! Great beans.

  3. chuck says:

    lengendary hot shoots!!!
    legendary hog scores!!!

  4. chuck says:

    Oops “Hog”
    I can’t see.

  5. Hearne says:

    One thing I did not see during Bourdain’s show…
    I could have missed it, but he didn’t mention the pay day he got playing the Midland.

    So it’s not like he was just here to scarf up the world’s best bbq.

  6. chuck says:

    He went to that place over off of Merriam Drive.
    I was working over there across the street a couple of weeks ago, and so we ate their for lunch.

    Goddamn is it weird. You go in one house to order the food, then walk next door to another house to eat it.

    In the living room.

    Not bad, certainly not great at all.

    Anthony went to B B’s Lawnside and you can see Lindsay Shannon on the program.

    His kid just died of a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know him very well at all, my significant other knew him and liked him a lot. Fact is, a lot of people liked him, 2,000 at the funeral. Lindsay Shannon is my age, and my heart really goes out to him. 34 is pretty young.

    So, if ya think about it, maybe a prayer for the Shannon family.

    I am all in on that.

  7. the dude says:

    Bourdain gotta
    pay them bills. I guess 2 TV shows and books don’t cut it.

  8. big Bob says:

    news day huh? the star I’m sure misses these skills

  9. Hearne says:

    You may have a point, big bob…
    Since they fed me a six-figure paycheck and tried to hire me back (like Lee Judge) for like 30 or 40 cents on the dollar. But you just never know.

  10. Cliffy says:

    Hearne: This Just In…Lawrence Sucks, Locals Say
    I fixed your headline.

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Is there anything more boring than listening to people argue about food?

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