Glazer: What the Chiefs Should (but won’t) Do in Thursday’s NFL Draft

n just two days it’s here…

The NFL Draft starts Thursday at 7 p.m. and it’s something the Chiefs have generally not fared well at over the years. Case in point, we’ve never drafted a franchise or an elite quarterback.

Not since the Chiefs forebears, the Dallas Texans stole Len Dawson from the old NFL have the Chiefs had a great quarterback. And even Dawson wasn’t drafted by the Chiefs.

So we’re 0-fer for more than half a century. Not bad, huh?

This year we can draft a quarterback if GM Scott Pioli wants to roll the dice. Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M is available, but maybe not at the 11th pick. So if we want him, we might have to trade up and that’s unlikely. If he’s still there at 11 maybe, but even that’s not likely.

Scott still loves Matt Cassel, thick or thin.

So what to do? Here are my thoughts.

There is one almost sure game breaker out there besides Andrew Luck and RG III and his name is Trent Richardson. The running back led his Alabama boys to two national championships in three years. Yes, it was HIS team. At 5’11 and 225, he’s a game breaker. He’s tough, fast, catches the ball and picks up chunks of yardage in the Red Zone.

He is the man – maybe best running back out since…Emmitt Smith.

If we gave up this year’s lst pick and next season’s 1st we could maybe move up and grab this superstar.

We need one!

Right now we have no gamebreakers on the team. Oh, did I forget Jamaal Charles or D-Bowe? No.

I didn’t like the way Charles LOOKED BEFORE HE GOT HURT. In the preseason he did nothing and in game one, not much before he got jacked. He didn’t look that great. And he maybe will never be what he once was now.

Even at that, Jamaal is not much of a threat in the Red Zone – he got stopped almost every time in short yardage when the Chiefs were deep in the other team’s end.

Bowe has not even signed – he will, but he is not consistent – he never was. Nobody else on the offense has shown much to shout about. So yeah, Trent Richardson would be our first killer player since we had Priest Holmes for a minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a player that meant this: PLAYOFFS?

He’d make Matt look good; he would help Jamaal by taking some heat off his butt. This guy is a game changer. Will the Chiefs pick him? NO. WE DON’T TAKE RISKS, RIGHT? And look where we are now, still no-shows.

The safe Chiefs way is to take an offensive lineman like David DeCastro or a linebacker like Boston College guy, Luke Kuechly. To make our defense even better I’d take Kuechly, we have no nose tackle at the moment.

I spoke with Nick Wright about this today.

He feels the Chiefs will give up their No. 11 pick and go way down to the end of the 1st round or even second. All this in order to get a couple No. 1’s next season and find a replacement for Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel.

Nick could be right.

I’ll give the Chiefs credit, they did make some nice off-season moves. I think they’ll compete for the post season.

Consider this, it’s been a lifetime since either the Chiefs or Royals won a championship.

There’s no reason to expect anything to change……EVER…..both groups have been poorly run and kinda on the cheap side with players overall. They don’t really care about the fans, except to take our dough.

Neither franchise is considered top notch or even close.

THE ROYALS LOST ALL TEN HOME GAMES…NOT EVER DONE IN MODERN BASEBALL, last time was 1913 by the New York Yankees….ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD RECORD…way to go Royals this is YOUR YEAR…finally…
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22 Responses to Glazer: What the Chiefs Should (but won’t) Do in Thursday’s NFL Draft

  1. chuck says:

    Trent Richardson is a super stud, but he will go toCleveland
    If they do drop down to gather picks for next year and then take Matt Barkley next year, that would be cool.

    Tannehill goes to the Dolphins. They have been publicly embarrassed with the Manning, Matt Flynn and the disaster that is Brandon Marshall.

    Your right though Glaze, that would be a hell of a move to grab Richardson.

  2. Smartman says:

    Trent is a man, not THE MAN, Amen
    Trent Richardson has more in common with Ron Dayne or Kijana Carter than Emmitt Smith. He lacks the explosive quickness and lateral movement that Emmitt had. While he can be a punishing runner that usually doesn’t transfer well from college to the NFL. He’d be great in a spread or wishbone type offense but those don’t work so well in the NFL either. If he winds up as a feature back he ‘s lookin at three years max in the show before he’s pounded into submission and down to 5’ 8″. He is also a warm weather kid. He ain’t gonna like playing anywhere COLD.

  3. chuck says:

    He looked like a load in college smartman.
    He ran some dudes over.

    But, your right, you can never tell exactly how it will translate.

    I am really interested to see how Luck and RG3 do.

    Tough sledding for Luck, thats a bad team.

  4. Smartman says:

    One Block West
    Another concern I have about Richardson is his ability to block aka pick up blitzes. Very few kids out of college, particularly stud running backs from SEC schools with winning traditions learn that skill which requires a great deal of mental discipline and focus. I just don’t see him as an Emmitt Smith or Terrell Davis kind of back who can be a total run, block, catch, yards after reception possession kind of guy.

    I’m not a big believer in the life altering qualities of Andrew Luck and RGIII either, particularly if they get the keys to the car right away. The only thing more over-rated than college QB’s is a gummer from a GILF or anyone with the surname Kiper.

  5. Joe Wyoming says:

    Idiot, Buffoon, Don’t Do Glaze Justice
    The Glaze: “Not since the Chiefs’ forebears, the Dallas Texans, stole Len Dawson drom the old NFL have the Chiefs had a great Quarterback”

    Well, brainless brain stem, since Joe Montana is very arguably the best football player to suit-up, and in his few years took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game, and would have won if not for completely inept receivers, you, Glazer, have proven once again to know as much about KC sports as my dog Spot.

  6. chuck says:

    @ Joe Montanna
    I think Glaze is talking about the up coming draft and the Chiefs takin a QB.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck Of Course And That Was Clear
    Joe and other hater, yes it was very very clear what I meant. “We have never developed our own guy” NEVER!!!! BUT YOU already knew what I correctly meant. Didn’t you? Sure you did. This in regards to the draft especially or any other way. Next you will mention Trent Green, we got him from St. Louis….Joe kinda played for the SF little ball club by the Bay, right!

  8. chuck says:

    Maybe Ricky Stanzi hit the weight room and loaded up
    on the HGH in the off season.

    You never hear a word about the guy on Arrowhead Pride or Arrowhead Addict.

    He must not be kickin any ass.

  9. Tom Spahr says:

    Facts is Harley
    The retard can’t hide his syntax.

    How many personalities does that woman have?

  10. paul d wilson says:

    FACTS: you stopped coming here over your lies!!
    Remember pathological boy?? Remember the email you sent me about all the threats and you’d have me over for a beer when it all blew over? Remember my response to your email? “Harley, I dont think you have a sincere bone in your body!”, and three days later you prove it again. Remember? You had to go into hiding over “specific threats” and people were going to do great bodily harm to you?

    Thats exactly why I responded to you as I did. Youre more full of shit than grandmas Thanksgiving turkey… and Joe STILL wants to rip you a new one! He’s not forgotten!! I just may publish your whiney email now….. seeing how, once again, you were just a pathological liar. Man, its nice when you’re gone……

    The best thing about telling the truth? You don’t have to remember what you said!! And again, how STUPID can you be to think your TRS-80 doesnt give you away every time!

    Guys, one of his last lines in his email was for me to NOT MENTION HIS NAME on here… so maybe the THREATS would stop!! And I honored that, just in CASE he was telling the truth, but how stupid was that? I’ll copy and paste his email….. you all KNOW what his reponse will be? Not an admission of “‘m a douche bag pathological liar!” , it will be “Someone got punked AGAIN!” Harely, JoJo, Your Attorney… everyone knows.

  11. the dude says:

    Problem with the chefs now
    is they don’t have an offensive line worth a crap. No quarterback or running back can overcome a crappy o line.

  12. mike says:

    ??? for asshat
    When did you stop liking Glazer? I thought you had a man crush on him and now you are calling him a retarded boyfriend. Are you a man scorned?

  13. PB says:

    I Like Trent
    But with Charles and Hillis, it would be ludicrous for the Chiefs to give up additional picks just so they can trade up for a player they don’t desperately need at this point. It ain’t go to happen nor should it. More likely that they would trade down and still try to land the guard DeCastro or the LB Hightower than it is the other way around.

    “Trent Richardson. The running back led his Alabama boys to two national championships in three years. Yes, it was HIS team.”

    And really Craig, you seem to be forgetting a player named Mark Ingram that won a little trophy called the Heisman that year and was offensive MVP of that National Championship Game after scoring 2 TDs and rushing for over 100 yds. But yeah, it was Trent’s team.

  14. Smartman says:

    TrawlerFest, May 17-19 in Anacortes, WA. I’m taking a new 26′ Nordic Tug for a test drive. Demo with less than 50 hours for $175K

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, you pegged my covet-meter at 10+
    I may not ever be able to speak to you again.
    What a gorgeous boat that is!!
    50 hours of demo???? They must have kept that model as the demo unti for the whole year, unless they are really generous “demos”. Thinking about getting it?

  16. Smartman says:

    I have a friend that lives in Seattle that wants to go in 50/50. In the interest of our friendship our lawyers are working out the details of what happens when we get pissed off at each other. Hopefully all will work out and we’ll be going to Trawler School for a week in June.

    It’s not a 42′ Grand Banks but it’s a great start at a really good price.

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smart, Im REALLY happy for you, beneath the coveting nature
    Just too bad it takes a pricy flight to S TAC to enjoy it!! What a great boat and I hope it works out.
    I did the same thing/agreement when I bought my Piper 140. Dont know what your thoughts are, but you can make a ton if you rent it!! I did a Sub S with the plane, rented it out and chartered it for instruction. It makes an enormous difference on the tax side! Any trip you make out there is then a total write off for “inspections and repairs”. Side bonus; you make your own little cruise while you’re at it!!

    Im sorry, Glaze… get boat guys in the discussion and it turns to “boat porn” pretty quick!

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smart – 1 gph at 6 knots !!!
    Thats insane cheap cruising!!
    Here’s its new name: “Chillin The Most”
    OK, back to work…. the life of a wage slave….

  19. @wilson says:

    You are a smart man. Boat dealer also has a rental and charter business, bareback to fully staffed and stocked. They will gladly take the boat into their portfolio and probably be able to cover one third to one half of the payments. As my part of the deal I will want the boat docked in Corpus four months a year for excursions in the Gulf, over to the Keys, Bahamas and maybe even rescue some Cuban refugee’s. I have a friend with a fractional ownership in a Cessna that is a deep sea fishing whore who will provide transport to Corpus.

    Because the boat industry has been hit so hard the financing options are numerous. Some of the financing packages make credit default swaps look like zero coupon bonds.

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Wilson, or @Smartman, whoever is who…
    figured you already knew all that… but just in case, you know?

    I RARELY made a payment on my plane but got to use it any time I needed.

    One guy introduced himself to me out at Kansas City Exec while I was gasing up and he was waiting to fuel his 2 place Bell. He asked if I’d like to trade him, hour for hour, my plane for his Bell and he’d give me lessons. I went 3 times… and convinced myself I would NEVER be able to fly that Bell. I dont like when each appendage has 3 specific tasks to be doing at once!! I’m just not that bright.

    And, its jut as well, I feel safer in a fixed wing!

  21. chuck says:

    chuck 08:25:57 PM – Tue. Mar 20. 2012

    When the Donkeys got Manning, it meant the Chiefs take Dontari Poe to tie up the middle of the offensive line and free up Hali and Houston.

    We will see the truth in winter. It will be a fist fight in the cold. He won’t like it.



    We better not take Poe – the guy is a classic underachiever
    Markus Aurelius 10:32:10 PM – Tue. Mar 20. 2012

    With his physical skills, he should have been absolutely dominant against the competition he played, but we was not. Statistically, he has it all but experience indicates he lacks the most important thing – “want to”. He’s also a huge reach with the 11th pick.


    Yeah Markus, I read that, I think they will
    chuck 07:18:22 AM – Wed. Mar 21. 2012

    draft him anyway.

  22. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I am amazed at how many subjects smartman is a veritable expert on. Just start reading one of his posts and it’s like, wow, this guy is like, sooooo um, smart. And he wants you to know.

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