Glazer: Add Royals’ Alex Gordon Signing to Long List of Failed Efforts by Small Market KC

The Royals Alex Gordon just signed his name to a contract that almost guarantees his post season failure…

For more than a decade the team’s only real star was Mike Sweeney. Yeah, we had Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran, but they didn’t stick around long.

Sweeney was an excellent hitter – in fact he has the second best season batting average at .340 since Brett’s .390. Mike banged that out in 2002 near the end of his Royals’ career.

Mike has many other Royals records, but the one he doesn’t have is a post season anything.

Not even one game as a Royal.

Even in Kansas City, Sweeney is pretty much forgotten. Why? Nothing he did ended up mattering in the long run.

With Mike playing for a bad organization most of his career, he’s forgotten in the baseball world. He did leave and end up in a playoff game as a pinch hitter for  Philadelphia.

So now it’s a $37.5 million dollar contract and Alex Gordon’s turn. Five more years with the Royals, if he isn’t traded. So he’ll end his career for the most part, right here in KC. He’s 28 years old, so he won’t have  much left after 2016 or 17.

That after one of baseball’s worst starts, and the worst record in the American League with an 8 game losing streak. It’s likely the current Royals are going nowhere anytime soon, if ever. Now it’s, "Boy, in 2014 we’ll show’em." 

Really? You mean like we haven’t for the past three decades?

KC’s had the worst franchise in sports since 1985. Good luck Alex.

The Chiefs are not much better.

Tony Gonzalez, a much more talented player than Sweeney, pretty much wasted his career in KC.

Gonzalez had not ONE meaningful win. Not ONE.

There was no Tony game. I know, I know, first round Hall Of Fame. Tony has the most touchdowns and receptions for a tight end. I know, Hall of Fame Tony!

However, the truth is he never helped win a big one.

In some ways that’s on Tony. He had his shot right here at Arrowhead in the ’99 playoff game with Denver. The winner likely would go to Super Bowl and be favored to win. Tony did have one touchdown in the game. However with the Chiefs driving late and Elvis Grbac hitting Tony in the Denver Red Zone, well that was it!

Elvis tried to do the Tony Drive to win it, but never happened.

To be blunt if you are GREAT, you have to make it happen.

The Broncos boxed Gonzalez on all three throws. He went nowhere, couldn’t break one, couldn’t get open enough. We lose, Denver gets the Super Bowl. So yeah, Tony has had his shots. I always thought he got tons of catches because we had no receivers, not because he is the all time best tight end. That I don’t buy. He is outstanding, but not the greatest….sorry.

Hey, I like the guy, but you have to win a big one, or at least ONE playoff game. Tony hasn’t helped do that even in Atlanta and this is his end game, this is his last season.

Can’t argue with a Hall of Famer I guess.

So is Gordon the next Sweeney/Gonzalez?

Well, first he has to prove he is a very good ballplayer. Time will tell. So far, so good but not great.

Did I forget Eric Hosmer? No, he will leave as soon as he can. AS SOON AS HE CAN.

This organization has developed only Danny Duffey, as far as a pitcher – that is if he even works out.

The Zack attack left as soon as he could, AS SOON AS HE COULD.
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11 Responses to Glazer: Add Royals’ Alex Gordon Signing to Long List of Failed Efforts by Small Market KC

  1. MarkManly says:

    Right On Glaze
    Thats correct. I think Tony is a bit better than you make him out to be, but yes KC seems a wasted career for anyone.

  2. chuck says:

    Glaze, I respect your footballknowledge,
    but there isn’t another Tight End in this galaxy that was as good as Tony Gonzalez.

    Are you kiddin me?

    ” I always thought he got tons of catches because we had no receivers, not because he is the all time best tight end.”

    That my freind is a perfect “Logical Fallacy”.

    The fact that he made all those catches with no help from other threats on our team (Other receivers to take away coverage pressure.), would indicate that he is even better than the stats indicate.

    The guy blocked, went over the middle (Once again, hung out to dry over the middle when every one in the stadium knew the QB would throw it to him.), didn’t get injured, played hurt, won games single handedly almost, ran after the catch, I guess the fucker could have sold some popcorn in the stands while the defense was on the field.

    Jesus that guy was good,

    I dissagree with ya.

  3. kcobserver says:

    Sweeney Forgotten?
    Not by plenty of Kansas CItians who recall his good heart, enthusiasm, and willingness to commit to our city while at the top of his game, something plenty of other players were not willing to do. Certainly, injuries took away a lot from his career, but don’t throw everything he did aside so quickly. MIke Sweeney is/was a man of substance. We can all learn from him.

  4. sport says:

    I was listening to the Royals game last Wed. night. The last game against the tigers. It was the bottom of the ninth. The number 6 hitter made the first out. Number 7 hitter walked. Number 8 hitter got a single on a one 0 count. Men on first and second, one out. Valverde was pitching. He has to be in the top 3 relievers in the game. Next up our shortstop number 9 hitter. He already had homered in the game. His first one of the year out of a possible 6 or 7 for the year. Our lead off hitter is up next. On the very first pitch Escobar hit a tailor made double play to the 3rd baseman. Touched 3rd base bag and throw to first. Double play game over. Tigers 3rd baseman was probably playing even with the bag, 10 feet off it. Half of the commentors could have made the play. Why didnt Yost have him take untill he had a strike on him? Or just take one pitch. Hey they might not have won the game anyway. Yost wasnt on his job in that situation. Not at all. Give that loss to Yost.

  5. johnny says:

    Hosmer saying “well we won in double A, and we won in triple A, why not here. Is he serious? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. newbaum turk says:

    I like Gordon and I want him to succeed but man is he just KILLING the Royals right now. He’s striking out at a 50% clip and it’s alway at a bad time. As for Sweeney it’s too bad he had so many injuries. He did (and still does) more for KC than anybody will ever know. If you know anyone who works at a hospital chances are they have a Sweeney story. That guy has done a hell of a lot of anonymous good deeds around here for a long time and continues to do so I’m told.

  7. Smartman says:

    Who knew?
    Anyone with half a baseball brain could have told you that the Royals problem this season, and next season and many seasons after that is going to be pitching. They will NEVER open up the checkbook to build a Murderer’s Row of hurlers.

    Chuck is dead on about Tony Gonzalez.

    I’ve heard many good things about Sweeney as well. He does a lot of great work without wanting or needing attention. He is a good human being who lives his faith in his life.

  8. PB says:

    “To be blunt if you are GREAT, you have to make it happen.”

    What the hell can a TE do to make a football team win it all? Tony G., statistically or otherwise, is perhaps the best TE to ever play the game, there is nothing more he could have done to make the Chiefs better and his greatness should never be judged on their inability to win a playoff game while he was here.

  9. the dude says:

    Gordon = another bust.
    George Brett he ain’t.

  10. BMAN says:

    Royals aka Walmart
    It saddens me to say that the Royals have become a bruden on KC. They provide nothing to the community anymore. I grew up in the Brett, White, Wison, Gura, Aikens….etc era and I do not feel we will ever see anything even remotely close to it again.

    I was a season ticket holder for many years,but no more. We bought season tickets to KC Sporting because they are winners.I support winners!!!! The Royals are losers and the tax payers should not have to pay for them to stay.

    The Royals should either stop demanding the tax payers subsidize them or leave KC. They have become a burden!!!

  11. BMAN says:

    Craig Glazer & Johnny Dare
    Keep up the great job on the radio guys. You two sound great working together.

    Always entertaining!!!

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