Glazer: Dick Clark’s Gone but Kansas City Still Has Johnny Dare, Rock Fest & Me

Dick Clark died yesterday…

He was 82. The ageless one is gone. Forever a teenager on American Bandstand, our DJ Hero Dick Clark has left the studio forever.

Kansas City has its own forever-young idol – his name is Johnny Dare. Dare has no equal in local radio. Nobody has held his popularity in the KC radio biz. Sure there were some great names who were popular here. Names like Mike Murphy and Randy Miller. Even Max Floyd and Tanna Guthrie had their time.

Yet nobody has captured this city like our man Johnny Dare. He is forever young.

And this is the 18th year for Rock Fest, the nation’s biggest one-day musical festival. It is the biggest by the way, with over 55,000 people in one spot – not a stadium, but a park, Liberty Memorial.

Two years ago year Parks and Rec’s Aggie Stackhaus tried to put an end to this citywide extravaganza.

No such luck!

And last year Dare renamed the toilet area Aggieville.

Aggie felt the large crowds injured the area by tramping around in the mud and leaving trash, but the mayor felt the park had been cleaned up and the crowds were well behaved. So ON WITH THE SHOW!

As usual Johnny Dare and program director Bob Edwards have delivered the goods.

Fifteen name bands. A show that runs from noon until midnight. Fireworks at 11 PM.

Some of The Rock’s current big names will be there; Shinedown, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Rev Theory, Black Stone Cherry – even Slash – that’s right from Gun’s N Roses. So once again it’s an all-star cast.

And The Rock has kept ticket prices down, just $35 bucks and five buck beer. So it’s affordable. They care about their listeners and out of town guests.

It’s so big they even have hotel packages online to take care of a few thousand folks late night after the concert. There’s tons of city support. It’s a smash hit.

The concert kicks off the summer in mid May, so even the timing is excellent and it’s sold out again!

I can’t think of a bigger local star than Johnny Dare and that includes ALL of our sports stars.

Wherever I go I hear, "Oh my God you are that guy on Johnny Dare? Glazer"

It’s true. I do several other shows that are top rated, but Dare’s has made me the best known in this city.

Then comes the questions like, "What’s he like? " and "Is he really crazy outside of the radio station?" Or, Does he really hate you or is that an act?" On and on.

And oh, Dare is the darling of our law enforcement, trust me – they love him -me, not so much. I’m the bad guy.

So I think it’s fair to compare our boy Johnny Dare with the nation’s Dick Clark. 

Dare has earned his stripes at 43 and is our biggest media star today, no question.
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123 Responses to Glazer: Dick Clark’s Gone but Kansas City Still Has Johnny Dare, Rock Fest & Me

  1. 2 pct harley says:

    just one question
    how do you type with your mouth full of Dares balls? Comparing Dare, an otherwise unknown outside of KC, to Dick Clark a known by everyone in the nation, is about as big of a stretch as you could ever make. You ignorant twit.

  2. mike says:

    not a good comparison
    Dare is more like a local knock off of Howard Stern based on what topics he discusses on his show. Dare, like Stern often resorts to cheap publicity stunts and off color talk to keep his ratings. Dick Clark always had class and was above using sophmoric nonsense to get ratings.

  3. Smartman says:

    Possibly the most outrageous and insulting thing you’ve ever written. Dare should never be considered in the same anything as Dick Clark. Dickhead, YES! Dick Clark, NO!.

    Dick Clark’s kindness and philanthropy are LEGENDARY. Most people don’t know but when Jackie Wilson was sick and dying, and also flat broke, Dick took care of all the bills and his family. Did Johnny Dare do ANYTHING for the family of the stagehand, Lon Muncrief that died while setting up for last years Rockfest?

    Johnny may be a 1%er since the bar is so low at $340K, but he’s earned that on the backs of listeners, of whom at least 80% represent the dregs of American Society. He may preach the gospel of THE ROCK, but he’s not really saving any souls or helping to make the world a better place. Rockfest may be a good time for some but look around at the toothless, tattooed, uninsured, upside down in their 1983 Camaro, can’t pay child support or get accepted into a Quintiles clinical test, disinherited by their parents losers and you can easily understand why the Chinese think that all Americans are a M

  4. kcfred says:

    are all you people on dope?
    Johnny Dare ain’t a pimple on Dick Clark’s mole filled hairy dead ass.
    What a disrespectful jerk you are.
    Dick Clark was the most influencial non musician in rock and roll history.
    Really, man, are you high?

  5. Cliffy says:

    Every time I think I’ve seen the stupidest stuff Glazer can come up with he seems to top it. We define our ideals by the heroes we choose. Glazer once again shows us clearly that he is a scumbag.

    “…toothless, tattooed, uninsured, upside down in their 1983 Camaro, can’t pay child support or get accepted into a Quintiles clinical test, disinherited by their parents losers…” Smartman nails it again.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:


  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Man You Guys Are So Jealous! Wow!
    Dare has a national TV show, third season, a hit..Full Throttle on Spike…he IS nationally known. Nobody said he is compared to Dick Clark on a national level, HERE IN KC. By the way he is much bigger than Dick Clark in KC, likely half the people under 40 here don’t know who Dick was or is or ever was….sorry. By the way I always like Dick Clark. Dare raises MILLIONS for charity..Bikers For Babies, Hope for The Holidays…give me a break…he IS THE BIGGEST THING THIS TOWN HAS IN MEDIA…a fact. Sorry you guys are so damn hateful…by the way he is known better here than any of you hateful old dogs…so am I…go smoke on that one…55,000 will come see this guy in a few weeks…55,000…dig it.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, you nailed it with a huge hammer
    Ive tried to say this before and on one listens. Yes, Dare is a name, Glazer is a name, but they are “names” and have “celebrity” in a niche. A really small niche and not one I’d be all the proud of. Smartman’s presentation of the demographic is dead on. Just go look at who’s walking in the gates, and as Asshat says, the verdict is IN!

    Not to take anything away from what they have, Dare or Glaze, but come on. I was with some people yesterday at the AMC gig would could buy or sell them both, separate or combined, by writing a check. These people are huge…. but again, it their niche. You dont see them talking about being the biggest game in the city. They clearly are, though…. in THEIR niche.

    But the leading indicator, these folks to shout that message at all. Warren Buffet doesnt spend time on blogs saying “You losers have any idea Im the BIGGEST THING in the whole F’ing State of IOWA?? Read it and WEEP, loooooooosers!!” No, you dont. Do you see Billy Graham talking about God loves him MORE? Do you see Mother Teresa, when alive, getting on the Catholic blogs and saying “Suck it, wanna be Catholics… you have any idea how many people I HELP!!??? No, you dont, loooosers”.

    Which brings up a topic, based on some peoples opinions on here, Mother Teresa would be a total loser because she didnt have the biggest house in the neighborhood. Some people on here dont look at values in how they judge other people, mainly because they have none.

    Yeah, Dare is a big deal, to the crowd Smartman pointed out. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, those are people with hearts, many doing helpful things in society. Thats not to down cast any of them, but lets be real about the assessment.

  9. mike says:

    response to Glaze
    I wasn’t even saying he was not big in K.C. I was saying that Dare and Dick Clark are apples and oranges. I still think Dare is more of a local version of Howard Stern as far as style and show content and Stern is huge in his own right. Neither Dare or Stern is my cup of tea but to each his own. Not everyone likes what I do either.

  10. smartman says:

    One More Time
    What did Johnny do for the family of Lon Muncrief, the stagehand who died, after he fell from the rigging to the deck? Lon was a beautiful and talented man. Over his career he met and befriended many more rock stars than Johnny ever will.

    If it was my gig with my name attached to it I’d make fucking sure the man was properly honored for sacrificing his life for a bunch of strung out heathens and make sure I’d raised at least a quarter million for his family. That’s the kind shit ROCK STARS do!

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hear, Hear, Smartman!!
    My fear is you may have given them an idea, after the fact, to turn it into a unfitting memorial for THIS year. I can just see tee shirts that say:

    “Lon Muncrief – He Knew Dare and Glazer!!!”

    Watch what you wish for when its in unknowing hands. Or, in this case, well known hands.

    I only knew Lon casually as he helped on some projects I had downtown, but seemed like an incredible guy with a great heart and real love for what he did.

  12. Super Dave says:

    Ok Glazer I am fed up with your stupid ass posts on here full of bullshit and well plain ole shit. Dare is just another jock in KC who will be just like the other jocks in KC forgotten less than a year after they are off the air. Speaking of Dare his ride to fame has reached it’s peak and will go down soon. Age will be his down fall the young peope won’t like him his loser tribe fans now will switch to country music and he will go down faster than Sly James as mayor.

    Now if you want to impress anyone on here then list the amounts Dare has really raised and to who all these millions of dollars has gone to. You won’t I am sure because you can never prove a damn thing you say.

    I an going to write Clint Eastwood and tell him he best change the name of your movie to the King of Bullshit and have Rosi O’Donnell star as you.

    Dick Clark was a legend and Dare will never be close to that or even compare to that. He will go down in history as a trash talk jock from KC who as well appears to like hanging with losers.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Super Dave, I’m learning a slow lesson…..
    and it starts with the phrase, “Save your breath”.

    I hope this isn

  14. the dude says:

    Awww man
    your unintentional humor is too much. Comparing some local trash jock to Dick Clark, stop it Glaze, stop it.
    You are making me laugh way too much at work today, people are gonna start thinking I am working at the happy farm and we don’t want that.

    You may just be the most unintentionally hilarious person I have ever had the pleasure to read. I would say keep it up but we know you will. The rug, the roids and the need for perpetual self-promotion wills you to.

  15. bschloz says:

    Paul– U would starve on Twitter 🙂

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    bschloz – you are correct
    Thats why I apologized for going all “Chuckster” on him. Or maybe that should have said, going all “wilson” on him.
    I can’t hello in 144 characters, you know that!

    (HEY!!! This would have FIT on TWITTER!!)

  17. The Fan says:

    Glaze Is 100% Right, Again
    Dare is everything this guy says and more. Johnny is also the highest paid media guy in our city, of all time. I am an attorney, I listen to The Rock, almost daily. Love the show. Seems we have some anger issues to deal with regarding you gents.

  18. the dude says:

    Where is Harley
    to agree with Glaze and stroke both their pathetic egos at? How come he has not appeared yet to show us what fine examples of human beings they both are and what losers and haters we are?

  19. balbonis moleskine says:

    Rockfest is simply attracting people because it is a big drunk party. They haven’t had a good headliner since Stone Temple Pilots. Slash’s solo project normally plays at a place like Uptown or Voodoo Lounge.

    Johnny Dare is the absolute definition of “Kansas City famous”.

  20. Smartman says:

    You know the saying; all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing…..well we might save the world or cure cancer but if we all just focus on keeping this little corner of the Internet honest that might be enough.
    Never can too many words be written or spoken in the defense and honor of the truth.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smartman, I’ve tried to do that routinely…
    ……sometimes with too much diligence, and get labeled a bully and a hater. Sometimes, maybe deservedly so.

    Then when attacked directly, I’ve taken it to much DEEPER levels and been threatened by Mr. Asshat Faux-Attorney, for example!
    Then point out that if you impersonate Mr. Faux-Attorney, that

  22. harley says:

    STFU!!!!! Losers in glass houses (or shitboxes)
    shouldn’t throw stones…period!!!!. How many people have pasts/records worse than glazers and preach and write shit HERE on KCC?????
    please stfu…’re making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And lets stop the excuses of why people aren’t successful….found god…other bullshit. Fact is that successful people
    dont live in shitboxes…they live in nice nice homes…and if anyone who google earthed my home wants to post
    it be my guest.. It’s beautifulllll……..and the old guys who claim to know me know it……
    as far as dare…he’s got bikers for babies..millions donated…what about you fuckers…ever done anything in your

  23. Hot Babe says:

    harley rules
    Way to go harley person. All my beautiful girlfriends go to Rock Fest every year, we are all in our late 20’s, so much fun. Glad you put these old fart heads in place. Good for you. Rock on harley.

    Johnny Dare is a dish, I’d ride his ass.

  24. harley says:

    don’t fuck with dare
    sorry old guys…dare has done more for this town and charities than any one of you old mother fuckers.
    Go out to bikers for babies…you bastards…the guy is a hero…whterh you like his music…his
    talk or not…just do’t listen. Millions collected for march of dimes…what have you old fuckers done??????
    And as far as harley…last year over 200 volunteer hours…over 40 families across america helped
    during xmas…
    so stfu…people in glass houses/shitboxes shouldn’t throw stones…
    and hot babe..would love to meet you…will be a t rockefest this year…rock on baby…

  25. the dude says:

    Hot babe,
    go back to your single wide you call home take another hit of meth and being a bad mother to you hungry poopey diaper children. They are getting ripe and could use a diaper change. Hopefully their baby daddies sold enough meth to pay child support.

    Harley, go back to your double wide deluxe up north and getiing back to your routine of stroking glaze and yourself out of your pool of self loathing. Give him a cyber slurp or two if that’s what you need.

  26. harley says:

    the dude…be carefullll
    we know who you are…and its not pretty….and please stop insulting the women…you have no class…
    did you beat up and harass women in the past??????? Nice…big man…real low life.

  27. the dude says:

    Damn Harley,
    are you slurping Dare on the side while slurping Glazer too? He won’t be happy about that, he thought you were his only bitch.

    The only girl I beat up is you when I pimp slapped you because glaze said you did not slurp him properly.

  28. harley says:

    so dude…you do
    beat up women…have you done time?…harassing and beating women is the worst crime
    someone can do in my opinion. Sorry…just me and my opinion….
    and dude and the rest of you geezers….i know speeero…and he and glaze are not guys you
    wnat to be fucking with…seriously….would you want them to challenge you to meet somewhere?
    these guys are tough hombres….throw in their possee….and i’d be really careful who i was
    fucking with if i was you……and remember..harley told you so…

  29. harley says:

    come on buddy…
    you make me laugh with the holier than thou bullshit…..

  30. the dude says:

    Damn Harley
    you are slurping this speeero dude too? You must have jaws of steel to be slurping off so many dudes at one time, JAWS OF FRICKIN’ STEEL my friend!!!

    Don’t worry, you are the only little girl I harrass.

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, I rest my case….
    …what we were talking about was just proven once again.

    Set the button on “heavy ignore” and even Asshats go away, given enough time.

    We know who people come here to read these days… and who they refer to as:

    * “the bastard step child of KCC”

  32. harley says:

    the dude: harassing a woman…ex con..thats your background?
    theres nothin worse in my book than a man beating a woman…i’m sure you did jail time dude….nothing to’
    talk about…or brag about….the worst form of botytom feeders in the world…the lowestpieces of
    shit in the none..are men who fucking harass and beat women.
    I hope you did jail time…lots of it….because if any one has a record of that I’m sure it will be public…
    you are one sick mother fucker…maybe call my cousin manny to get out on bond…even he doesn’t
    bond out women beaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and to the little door to door salesman…stop fucking making me laugh…you forget the goats in ghana!!!!!!!!

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harely, there are BIG problems, email my attorney ASAP

    (would you be so brash if you thought someone had every file in your computer and knew ALL the truth about you? Just a philosophical question.)

  34. the dude says:

    do not try to rationalize with the troll or feed it, you only need to beat it with a stick to get it to run back to the hole that it sprouted from.

  35. harley says:

    besides the racist comments
    nothing boils my blood than a man who beats a woman. I hope that everyone on here…
    including paul/smartman/chuck/hearne/glaser will come out and tell us how low an
    individual has to be to beat a woman. I know in johnson county they look heavily on that
    kinds of crime.
    If you have any balls or will admonish the dude for actively calling for the
    harassment of a woman….
    to me…i hope guys like that do lots of time…nothing worse..shows what a pussy they really
    are…and then you add in deadbeat dads…please don’t get me started.
    My opionon…any man that harms a woman…harasses a woman…and does less than
    a year in jail should be put back in the prison (which chuckles) asap. Any man that
    does tht to a woman is one mother fucking low rent scumbag…a real pussy with no
    moral…no integrity…the worst human being you could ever want to see….jail and throw
    the key away….

  36. the dude says:

    how did you know I did time
    in the pokey harlinator!?!?! I had me a little bitch in there I used to love all night long- sweet sweet love that only folks like you and the glaze could understand fully.
    Guess what her sweet name was?

    Little Harley

  37. PB says:

    …I thought Nick Wright was the biggest thing in local broadcasting.

    Nobody is hating on Dare, Craig, we’re just hating on you constantly slurping on his ballsack and telling us it tastes like ice cream. Also, a bit of stretch isn’t it that those 55,000 in-breds are turning out solely for him and not for the on-the-cheap, minimum-wage priced tix featuring the TYPICAL Rockfest laundry list of bands (I could have predicted 2/3s of that lineup before it was announced…what, no Buckcherry this year?!) that play these similar radio-promoted festivals all over the country? Shit, I’ll give Dare credit for giving residents of Grain Valley, Odessa, Peculiar and the like an opportunity to go wilding in the big city. Even the dregs of rural Missouri can use some “culture” once in a while.

    Also, just because a show is national (as is pretty much everything on cable/satellite tv) doesn’t mean those on the show are “nationally known”.

  38. harley says:

    how am i brash?????
    you should agree with should smartman…chucky…..hearne…glazer…dare…super dave…its not a
    political question…its a fact…that domestic violence is a major national threat….
    that domestic violence is the high priority of police everywhere.
    And then the dude comes on here and talks about beating a woman…are you serious….

  39. the dude says:

    stupid harley,
    I already told you the only little girl I have beat or harrassed IS YOU.

    God you are fucking stupid.

  40. harley says:

    hey the dude…
    i don’t know..i only hope you did time for that type of crime. Opening up and saying you want to haraass
    and beat a woman? are you serious? come on ….that beyond the realm of reality…
    hopefully your judgement day will come….why would you speak like that.
    And i hope that hearne will delte those remakrs….asap…horrible remakrds that
    are as bad as the racist comments by smartman and chuck….

  41. the dude says:

    Can you not read either harlinator?
    I have never touched a woman in anger in my life.

    Learn to read properly idiot.

  42. harley says:

    i hope we can all agree…
    sorry…we may have our differences…but any real man with any morals will come out
    and agree with me about the dude and his comments about beating and harassing
    a woman.
    I hope that even those that i disagree with..those i have problems with…will come out
    publicly and address an issue that boils my blood.
    what kind of man is the dude…a disgusting low life who publicly came4 out and
    said he watned to harass a woman??????
    lets all stop and make sure tht this is not appropriate language on this site…
    thats a crime in overland park…its a crime everywhere…what are you thinking the dude???????

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    STFU Harley-Racist – and look in the mirror
    I answered your ill intentioned question, just like I told Smartman, to show you don

  44. Lance the Intern says:

    By the age of 44 (Johnny Dare’s current age), Dick Clark had:

    Hosted American Bandstand for 16 years
    Founded his own production company
    Starred in at least 1 movie (Killers Three) that he had also written and produced.
    Acted in a number of TV shows (Perry Mason, etc)
    Produced and hosted the first “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”
    Created the American Music Awards.

    In comparison, Johnny Dare has The Johnny Dare Morning Show, a handful of ABIA commercials, Biker’s for Babies, and Glazer.

    Hearne, this is one article you should’ve rejected outright….

  45. the dude says:

    I am thinking you are a troll
    like wilson said before. I can see why he threatened you with a REAL lawyer, unlike your make-believe one you dreamed up.

    I see you for the true boob you are.

  46. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude –
    you said:

    the dude 01:30:26 PM – Thu. Apr 19. 2012
    do not try to rationalize with the troll or feed it, you only need to beat it with a stick to get it to run back to the hole that it sprouted from.

    PLEASE tell me this isn’t an admission you are beating women, AGAIN!?!?!

    Yes, Dude, he IS that ignorant. He’s the same fuckstick that went off on ME for anti Semetic statements that I NEVER made, a lot like taking what you said about HIM… and calling for everyone to take a stand against you for beating WOMEN! YES!! He IS THAT STUPID.

    My attorney has a subpoena and letter ON HER DESK ready to go to him and he still doesnt get it. There just isnt a lower life form on here than him. Looks lke I need to make some more phone calls.

  47. harley says:

    anyone approve of this language?
    go back to your single wide you call home take another hit of meth and being a bad mother to you hungry poopey diaper children. They are getting ripe and could use a diaper change. Hopefully their baby daddies sold enough meth to pay child support.

    thts not disgusting to say to a woman?….he’s accusing someone of
    illegal activity..
    sorry guys…i treat women with respect… I hate that…….
    but this is beyond the decency…beyond the sense of decency…if it was
    an attack to a hate it….using this kind of language toward a women…
    beyond reasonable…if someone made comments about your girlfriend or wife like this
    any man would become enraged and want retrtibution…
    how low can you go dude??????

  48. paulwilsonkc says:

    “…if it was an attack on a man….id hate it…”
    Asshat, you ignorant SLUT! Did you just write those words? The attacks you’ve waged against ME ALONE, the libelous comments you’ve made… and you want to make the comment that YOU’D HATE IT even if it was against a MAN!?!?!?!

    Where is that mirror I asked you to go look in? You’ve said more digusting things to ME ALONE than anyone, and you wanna make THAT comment? Forget the horrible things you’ve said to others!

    I’m done with you. I thought for a minute when you saw the level of trouble you were potentially in (reference your fake attorney’s email for my correspondence to YOU) that you’d throttle it back, but apparently not.

    The Verdict isnt IN….. but it will be.

  49. harley says:

    no comments were directed to you….what are you talking about…..
    comments made against a man…those comments were made to the dude…you had nothing to do with the
    calm down….you didnt make any comments…the dude made comments to a woman…
    where did you get anything directed to you? Ifr it was an attack to a man?…
    although we’ve had problems this had nothing to do with you…my comments were assigned
    to the dude…how you believe they were directe t o you is beyond me…
    the dude made a horrendous comment…te conversation on that coment had nothing to do with
    you….what are you talking about??????

  50. the dude says:

    female fans of Dare
    are pretty much all toothless meth heads that probably neglect their children. It is just demographics harlinator, something you clearly don’t have a grasp of and never will.

    Just go back to slurping glazer, dare, speeeero, et al.

  51. harley says:

    sorry the dude…
    you can’t wlk away from this…sorry…the words directed toward women that you posted is disgusting.
    You’re a cheap shot artist…a bully. If someone attacked a man with those type of words I’d hate it..
    but you directed it toward a woman…and thats pretty low.
    i know demographics…and thats not indicative of the listeners of johnny dare…maybe geet an education…
    because that comment you made was beyond anything on here.
    You went afeter a woman…a man can handle that kind of blatant bullshit…but directing it to a woman
    is garbage….sorry…got to go…

  52. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, did you just say…..
    ….you knock womens teeth out??????? Thats illegal, you know? That makes my BLOOD BOIL!! Id hate THAT if you said it about a MAN!!

    PS- Im on the phone as we speak… no threats or bullying, but this is going to get interesting, my friend. We may see a really quiet Harley, really soon. He’s too stupid to believe what I told him I know and have.

  53. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley’s last: “sorry…got to go…”
    No one HERE is sorry! And “going” is about the smartest thing you could do!

    Harley, YOU MADE THE COMMENT that YOU would be mad… if things like that were said about a MAN. NO, you didnt direct that at ME, but you said it. I went ON to question, (Jesus youre stupid), how in the world YOU could say YOU would be mad if someone said things like that about a MAN… when you’ve said some of the ugliest things in the WORLD about ME!! So, in your illiterate world, that means.. YOU… need to me MAD… at YOU. just like YOU SAID YOU WOULD, you Asshat! Read your OWN words.

    Smartman, Dude, et al, we are now in for 3 days of comments from “601fan”, “pokeman” and a half dozen other names…. then about Monday, Asshat will reappear, telling us he’s been in Belieze for a week, some place us wage slaves can’t go, and ask if he’s missed anything!!!

    Glaze has passed Greg Hall, again, in comments, but only because Harleys short bus broke down and didnt get him picked up in time.

    This promises to get really interesting from here on out…..

  54. spot says:

    really dudes
    it was much more entertaining when people were playing like they were Harlinator!! Please go back too that format. It is much funnier that way. Commentors please lock your doors at night. No one wants Glaze and Speero after them! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  55. the dude says:

    I am only a bully to dummies like you,

  56. REAL Harley says:

    Guyzzz srsly…..
    Srry aboot my other personality getting out and causing….. a hullaballoo….. I just wanna slurp all my fav guys on this board.
    Glaze (dreamy), speero, dare (oh my!)… Can’t we all just get along and slurp ourselves to sleep!

  57. spot says:

    more like it!!!BWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  58. harley says:

    how many of you will come out against domestic violence…especially the type of language used
    by the dude. He used some foul language on here and i asked forall decent men who post on
    here…and women…to come out and protest that kind of language being sed against a woman.
    If anyone used that kind of language..if anyone posted that kind of language on here about any
    of our wives/girlfriends i’m sure that you would go baliistic…i know i would.
    so how can any human being/male not come out against that kind of language…
    how can anyone not come out and say thats deplorable and i hate domestic violence..
    i have those kinds of words being directed to a woman…especially someone who’s
    a friend of johnny dare4s…how can anyone come out and side with thie dud3e who
    wrote that.
    I will not stand or remain silent with any racist comments..i will not allow the denigration of
    women..i will not allow for anyone to speak about women in that way…
    i respect women…and to put those type of words on this site is reprehensible and i ask
    that every decent person..including glaze/hearne/balbonis/smartman etc. to all come
    out and say that the languauge used is and will not be allowed on this site.
    thanks you…..

  59. 610fan says:

    God, Im SUCH an idiot….
    Why do I always DO THIS?

    I WANT to just be me, but then something takes me over and I can’t.

    They are right, I AM pathological. I dont know what that means, but its a really long name, so I bet they are right!!

    They are RiGHT, everyone on here hates me. Im chaing my screen name to HEHATEME!!

    Mom told me I could still be a success even with the low IQ, but I’ve blown it, now.

    I have a real attorney after me, Ive faked being an attorney, I may end up experiencing prison sex.

    (I wonder if the slurping will still be fun when Im FORCED TO slurp???)

  60. REAL Harley says:

    Do not pay attention
    to last comment…. I am delirious from constant slurping of glaze…. speero……. dare and other hunk men.
    jaw hurts…. much too much slurping…. women… I hate women……. nothing worthwhile to slurp upon………

    Hearne…….. help me!!! slurp.

  61. Smartman says:

    Through a friend of mine I made the acquaintance of one of the top “hackers” from last years Black Hat Convention. Due to a shared interest in disposing of ignorance and some things I can do to help him we are meeting in Vegas next week. He is prepared to unleash his immense talents on our problem child. This is gonna be fun!

  62. spot says:


  63. harley says:

    one more comment
    why are you so upset that i can out against the dudes comments…don’t you agree that his
    comments were horrendous. come on guys…these were beyond horrendous.
    why are you guys upset that i asked you to jin me in coming out against those horrible comments
    that are beyond humane.
    why…please expalin why more of my friends on this site have not come out against
    domestic violence…hate crimes…racists remarks…have you no dececny.
    i would expect the really moral guys on here to join me…wheres glaze? chuck who deals
    with domestic violence offenders everday…wheres smartman and his holier than thou
    rants….come on guys…show your integrity and join with me and hot babe in protesting
    this despicable language..
    thank you….i’ve got to go to a metting with my client…mutli millionaire…..
    oh…and i’ll tell stories about me and stan durwood with amc and dick durwood who owned crown….good stuff…

  64. paulwilsonkc says:

    STFU Harley Asshat!!
    Thats not what Dude said, you know it, we know it and the LAST person we want giving us a morals sermon, is someone like YOU.

    The stand that needs to be taken is against YOU, little man. YOU are the one no one wants or appreciates, not Dude.

    You make crap up out of thin air, you’ve done it to me, you’ve done it to others. LEST I REMIND YOU… I just explained the good and decent work I’ve done in Ethiopia, and here was your comment:

    “oh and to the little door to door salesman…stop fucking making me laugh…you forget the goats in ghana!!!!!!!!”

    YOUR words, Asshat. Did you say that because they are BLACK? Because they are Ethiopian? Which RACIST label should I apply to your words, you sniveling little troll??

    Dont preach at Dude or any one else, theres NO ONE as disgusting as YOU on here.

    One last time, STFU. Want to come have coffee with me and Joe from Mannys? I can arrange that.
    Want to know whats in your own files? I can read it to you.

  65. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smartman, he should have seen by now…
    what SniperSpy is. Not that I have anything to do with it… but HE should know.
    And I got accused of bullying?

    Have at it, the more the merrier, my only goal is for him to be normal, which I dont thnk it possible, or gone.

  66. harley says:

    hey smartman
    no need to go to vegas…you know me….call me…motherfucker…you said you wanted to meet…i relish
    the ooprtunity…your name wa outed in the 50 emails received so you can threaten all you want..
    because you’re one low rent mother fucker…don’t threaten me…i look forward to your call…
    and if you don’t think we uncovered you…think twice..i don’t need a hacker to find anything out.
    If you know my name…put it on here mother fucker…i am looking forard to meeting you..
    name a time and place..or just call me…you can get my phone.
    tellyou friend thanks for the info….stay cool….

  67. REAL Harley says:

    Hold on wilson…..
    if you open that file and readd……. it will expose people with great power and money that I slurped…. let’s keep that file to ourselves …..
    Can we????????????? Do’nt want to see any powerful people getting in trouble…..
    because they took a ride on Mr. Harley’s wet, wild ride would we?..

    slurp… slurpity slurp…

  68. harley says:

    be careful with those criminal threats…
    over 30 screen shots and filed and reported to johnson county on saturday April 14, 2012 6:29pm
    some people don’t learn..

  69. REAL Harley says:

    Don’t make me threaten you….
    I will slurp you extra hard and leave you in a sticky, sticky icky mess….. just ask….
    glaze, speeeeero, daare…… YUM

  70. Icanttakeit says:


  71. 610fan says:

    STFU Harley
    we all know that Dare could not hold Nick Wright’s (THE KING OF ALL MEDIA) jockstrap. He has a bazillion dollar a year contract and all the over 40 year old men that still reside in their parent’s basement listen to him.

    The only reason you do not beat women is you can’t get any you little turd of a man.

  72. JoJo says:

    I am a complete idiot…… and a failure.
    I ran out of dental dams so I can’t slurp any more rando guys… could anyone help a 1%er out here?


  73. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley – make it 31 screen shots and thanks for the heads up
    I have coffee down there, across the street from the Courthouse, usually one or two of the Asst DA’s in there. I’ll make that first stop, sign in as ProSe, so they have to show me anything they have at any stage. I sure HOPE they are there…..

  74. paulwilsonkc says:

    SCREEN SHOT – Harley threatens Smartman

  75. REAL Harley says:

    wilson… not bother….I will…..
    turn myself in to teh proper authoratas…. for being…….. a complete moron.
    Forgive me…… slurp

  76. Jimmy Rustle, certified internet lawyer says:

    call 80085 on your calculator to contact my office
    From the Desk of Jimmy Rustle, esq., certified internet lawyer:

    Cease and desist all repetitive sniping at each other. Harley is a fool indeed. Without our 1%ers, where would we be? Right back on a 2800 baud modem posting flamewars to alt.gossip.kansascity that’s where!

    Please consiser your comments before the e-authorities are notified and we e-arrest this whole room! (Craig excluded because he supplied useful information to the e-prosecution in order to secure e-government convictions)

  77. Big Bob says:

    to give Harley his own colunm. He gets three times the response to Glazer as it is.

  78. REAL Harley says:

    Jimmy, you are incorrect….
    i have a superfast 300 baud Anchor Automation to peruse all the top bbs’s out there including the best child porn sites teh intarwebs have to offer!!!!…..
    Technology!!!!! ………slurp.

  79. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, the good people at Mannys need you to call them NOW!
    Commenters, did you noticed when Harley was calling out The Dude in an earlier post, up a few inches, saying his cousins at Manny

  80. the dude says:

    even if the guy gave you permission to post his phone number on the board, it is usually not a good idea in general to post on a public website.

    Hearne, you might want to delete that last post Wilson posted.

    I know Harley is a boob but you would be better off sending that kind of info in a private email to him Wilson.

  81. spott says:

    73 to 6
    6 comments about the article Dick Clark 73 about the Harlinator. The crowd roars Harlinator Harlinator Harlinator Harlinator Harlinator Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  82. REAL Harley says:

    I called Joe, wilson……..
    and told him I will give him the sweet glazer treatment…….sluuuuuurp.

  83. paulwilsonkc says:

    dude, youre right 99% of the time
    Joe gave permission to do both. Id send it to Asshat, but his fake attorney email is all I have. Joes number is all over, he’s a bounty hunter, bondsman. I don’t think he’s too concerned. Harley really stepped on his weeeenie this time. Or again.

  84. Harley JoJo says:

    I am sorry folks……
    I am a total idioit…… and just pooped….
    my pants…. but then …. came to a moment of clarity and I am apologizing………..
    for being such a tard…. god I am dumb….

  85. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, took your advice as best I could…
    I packaged it all up and sent it to Harleys “attorney’s” email address…… and…. copied Joe!
    Harley, be a good boy and call your cousin/cousins. He’s waiting.

  86. harley says:

    Todays lesson in domestic violence in johnson county
    First I will address the dude and his domestic vilolence problem. As you all have read, the dude have some
    serious problems. Most of the problems come from anger and the inability to manage anger…know what i mean.
    I am against domestic violence and am all for the penalites that come with thistype of violence and harrassment.
    Before I get into that i want you each to answer a few questions. Please be honest and provide clear and consice answers.
    This is serious since the dude has a problem. The questions is does anyone have a problem.
    I hope you take this seriously because it’s important that you like those in rehab answer the questions faithfully.
    Domestic Violence Division
    The purpose of the Domestic Violence Division of the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office is to charge and prosecute criminal cases in which the victim and the defendant have some type of domestic relationship. This division has five prosecutors and several interns assigned to it, who are responsible for prosecuting each criminal case charged. During the previous calendar year, this division charged and prosecuted over 1700 criminal cases in Johnson County, Kansas, alone.

    Please read further about how to recognize if you are in an abusive relationship including:

  87. harley says:

    relax hearne…i know these people..don’t delete anything…
    i’ll make the call and then we’ll call or email wilson……i think somoenone GOT PUNKED…AGAIN…AND AGAIN..
    .i thought you knew everything about me…well obviously you’re full of crap…another blowhard…
    hang tight…and go over tonights lesson everyone…very interesting.

  88. the dude says:

    I called the Domestic Violence Division
    of Johnson Co. and they said to quit calling them Harley.

    You are a grade A jackass.

  89. mark smith says:

    I would have commented sooner
    but I was busy beating harleys wife. And by harleys wife I mean the neighborhood stray cat. In turbulent times like these I find comfort in a few constants.

    1. Glazer will find more and more outrageous ways to make an even bigger fool of himself. He does not disappoint.
    2. harley will dazzle and impress us all with his tales of vast riches, fine bitches, and a strange rash that itches.
    3. hearne will defend Glazer, but only half heartedly, lest the glaze faced one should get butt hurt and retire from writing.
    4. Dick Clark is similar to Glazer and Dare, as Applause is to Clap , and by Clap I mean syphillis.

  90. Danny says:

    Hey everyone
    Harley’s got your number. He knows how to upset you. He’s a master. Just don’t pay attention. You’re going to go crazy!

  91. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, this is classic Harley and pathological behavior
    Its proven he used his own fake attorney email address to act like his own attorney. They proved to me it came from his PC by using that little tool of theirs. The outcome; he blows it off, never happened.

    Told him what I did in Ethiopia, what you get in reply is a racist comment from him, shoots it down.

    His latest, your statements about beating women when you said nothing of the sort and ITS IN WRITING showing what you did and didnt say. His reply: a lesson on domestic violence, acting like its all still true.

    And now, his COUSINS at Manny’s…. when they dont HAVE any cousins? His response? He’s right and “someone got punked”!?!?
    I know Joe, there’s his big mistake. I talked to him in person about it. He’s either going to be a COUSIN… or a LIAR. We know the answer to that one. He CLEARLY said… cousins. Anything short of that, and its his pathology talking again.

    I can’t wait to hear from Joe.

  92. REAL Harley says:

    Guyz…. I have something to……
    fess up to…….. I beat my wife on a regular basis……..
    by wife I mean……… wee wee…….. that’s whut I call my wee wee…. “wife”….
    I have been beating her too much lately…….she gets bloody….
    when I get out the sandpaper……. what should…..I do…
    put some vaseline on my wife….. I mean my winky? Should I call my cuz Joe….. about it??????????????

  93. paulwilsonkc says:

    For those keeping track and who accused me of bullying
    the bastard step child of KCC, here’s the latest:

    He calls out the Dude as a perpatrator of domestic voilence, when we all read what he said and it was nothing like that. And then, he gives us all a lesson in JoCo law regarding the matter. No basis for anything he claimed.

    He asked what anyone had done for others, I listed my activities in Ethiopia, rescuing people from that country during civil war and certain death. His reply to that? “”oh and to the little door to door salesman…stop fucking making me laugh…you forget the goats in ghana!!!!!!!!”

    Muuch earlier, he pretends to be “his attorney” and is busted for that. Illegal to say the least…. and his reply? None – never happened.

    Then today, he tells me he’s wrapped up 30 screen shots and sent them, Saturday evening, to the DA’s office. I’ve already emailed them, will be there first thing in the morning. We’ll see what his response is to that.

    And now, is “cousin” at Mannys. We’ll hear that outcome tomorrow.

    And this…. is only a drop in the bucket.. Its not funny any more and its not a game, Asshat. You have some choices to make.
    And for those who called it bullying of poor old Harley, what do you have to say after that? Just because he’s an Asshat on a short bus, let it go?

    I’ll let you guys decide, but I’ve had it here if this is whats allowed to pass for OK. I’ll be at the DA’s office first thing… and we’ll see what hes done…. and what hes lied about. Its not going to be a surprise, but he’ll still cop a plea….

  94. mike says:

    Why would Hearne in his right mind ever want to reject Glazer’s articles or Asshat’s comments. This story is racing toward 100 comments. Everytime there is something that gets people fired up emotionally, the hits on this site go through the roof. That makes it easier to sell advertising and get more for the advertising. That makes MONEY. Think about it.


    Dear King of Stinkk.. g,
    Let’s forget about noteriety, lets forget about charity, lets even set aside talent. Clearly comparing Dare and Dick Clark on any level shows your complete disconnect from reality and your thought process has derailed like an Amtrak. Plus you look to compare yet , not compare, because your trying to equate one’s local popularity to one’s national popularity. Which is a little bit like trying to compare student body president with President of the United States but since your a felon i’m sure elections come and go without a second thought.

    You could stand to learn a few things from DARE. I don’t care for his radio show, same schtick gets old and tired, but i’ll give him mad props for his HUMILITY, and the fact that he is HUMBLED by his fame, fortune, and popularity. SOMETHING YOU HAVE YET TO LEARN and at your aging state of decline will never learn so i’m not going to preach much longer. Hell you even had to refer to yourself in the title of your OWN story LOL.. if that doesn’t scream EGO maniac nothing does !! Just couldn’t stand the thought of naming two people more popular then you without grouping yourself into the mix could ya !!

  96. Super Dave says:

    You know that is a good point pullleeeese fact be known Dare probably is more popular and well liked in KC then Glazer is. Probably makes way more money as well. Glazer just sucks along behind Dare hoping for a little attention.

  97. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, you’re totally correct, but doesnt mean I…..
    ….have to be part of it. Clearly, this guy, Asshat, is a pathological liar, maybe worse. I’ll handle my part of it outside of here.
    What it does is drag you down to his level, and thats lower than I want to go. He lies one lie after another, gets caught and is unphased by it. He wouldn’t do that any other way than being a total mystery here. He’s unknown, much like his
    facts” he plays with.
    Have fun with him, I’ll be at the DA tomorrow and talking to Joe.

  98. Giant inflatable love doll with realistic fuckable mouth says:

    The mental institution, the hole in the fence,and why I MYOB
    98 bottles of beer on the wall…98 comments for Hearne…take Harley down, pass him around….7 comments on hearne’s wall…

  99. REAL Harley says:

    But Guyz….. for realz……
    I am sitting at my TRS-80 and my winky……..I mean ‘wife’ is just…….bleeding here.
    Help me out here……. glaze…..speero….. help.


  100. Craig Glazer says:

    To All The Wise
    First off, I DON’T WRITE THE ARTICLE TITLES, HEARNE DOES….he is the publisher and editor. I give him titles, he never uses them. He is aware by using my name in the title it will get you all going, as in this one. My intention was to write a story about Rock Fest. It was also to give Johnny Dare and his 98.9 crew some props. They have earned that and more. Dick Clark happened to die at the same time. So…I felt and still do, that in many ways Dare is on some levels as important in KC, as Clark was on a national level. Thats all. I at no time said they had the same national attention, notoriety, or power. Of course I know they don’t. So do you. You all knew that is what was said and meant. No doubt. There is just the group of you who enjoys bashing anything I write or much of what anyone writes on this site. That’s fine. Have at it guys. People who read this site, the majority, who don’t comment often or ever, KNOW YOU ARE WHACK! Don’t you think by now they see most of you, not all, are just going to continue to do this over and over? They know your comments generally have little if anything to do with the story. Like some comics, no matter what they are asked in an interview they get back to their “thing” like doing funny voices or jokes on the president… it is get back to ‘attack Glazer at all costs’…..p.s. most of, not all, of my stories and predictions have been spot on, most…not all….and people see that, you don’t want too….I know, I know…some of your football predictions were wrong…gee, and who is always right? We’ve gone over this a million times. So enjoy the battles with each other and we will let you continue to throw some rocks, but play nice. Have a great weekend.

  101. Super Dave says:

    “So I think it’s fair to compare our boy Johnny Dare with the nation’s Dick Clark. ”

    Thats what you said Craig so stop your dribble there is no comparing the two. They are not even close to being alike in any way shape or form.

    “So enjoy the battles with each other and we will let you continue to throw some rocks, but play nice.”

    We???????? So you are saying you have a role in deciding what does and does not happen around here but can’t even pick your own title or heading. More BS and lies from Craig. For one the title if Hearne picked it is dead on with the story you wrote. Go play with Dare maybe he likes your BS I know I don’t as for all the posting this story may have hit over 100 but not because of anything you said.

  102. Danny says:

    Do you guys wake up mad?
    Shit. What a bunch of idiots. Getting mad over a comment? What fools. Are you people adults or children?

  103. mike says:


  104. Robertoe says:

    Congratulations, Hearne
    I would just like to congratulate Hearne ‘JerrySpringerNationalEnquirer’ Christopher for fostering such a successful classy operation here. You have really reached the pinnacle of your profession! You should be very proud!

  105. REAL Harley says:

    Why don’t Danny and Robertoe
    go reserve a table…… at the blue oyster lounge with…….. me, glaze ….. and mahoney.
    we can slurp each other silly……..silly i tell ya…..

  106. 610fan says:

    STFU Danny and roboytoe
    Just STFU, please.

  107. paulwilsonkc says:

    The final word on Asshat/JoJo/Harley/Pokeman/610fan/Attorney
    be careful with those criminal threats…
    harley 03:01:00 PM – Thu. Apr 19. 2012
    over 30 screen shots and filed and reported to johnson county on saturday April 14, 2012 6:29pm
    some people don’t learn..

    Guys, I need to drop out of this and handle it in ways that are more appropriate and effective to teach him a long term lesson, and that

  108. the dude says:

    he does not have an attorney!?!!? He is not a true blueblood 1%er?!?!?!
    He does not have cousins at Manny’s?!?!?!

    I am crushed man,. crushed.

    Say it ain’t so Harley boy, say it ain’t so.

  109. harley says:

    someone threated to put my home address on the internet. Someone threatened to break my neck. Someone threatned
    to put photos of my home on here. to put my name on. To send people to “take care of the problem”…
    to have his “friends ” come by….to physically assault me…to use ”
    “ondsmen and bounty hunters to come get me and track me down”..(email)…to have union boys take care of me…
    i take threats seriously…i will go into that later and get the info needed.
    Multiple people made physical threats and they were reported!!!!!!!!! ..
    Comments weresent that were intended to harass me because of my religion …hate was spewed there are many
    guilty parties…threats against me …my home…my property….my life…

  110. REAL Harley says:

    well….this might become……a sticky situation to… slurp my way out of…. Glazer…
    help me…. speeeero…. dare… I need help… (bad)…
    I have reported all this to….. nobody…and nobody cares…..


  111. JoJo says:

    JoJo scared of ….
    all these threats…. just pooped pants…. gotta clean… them out
    Must….go to another….. royals game!!!!!!

  112. mike says:

    I agree with wilson
    And I’ll be more than glad to participate in the Harley active ignore mode. He really is sick or sounds sick. This series of posts should prove that to any thinking person. I will do my part in not engaging him as I think we all should. Since Hearne doesn’t seem interested in wiping him off the blog, maybe ignoring him will show him he’s not wanted. He can post and if no one notices maybe it will be like the tree falling in the forest and no one is there to hear it. I think the things he has said to most people on here, Chuck, Dude, Wilson, Smartman, Super Dave among his biggest victims in unforgivable. As he pled for people to stand against Dude in his fake domestic war he waged against him, I would ask the same out of each and every one of you. Take a stand against this man, ignore him, don’t respond to him and see if he leaves. He’s not worthy of our comments and when he’s not around, fun is had by one and all. The minute he shows up it degenerates into what we have seen here over the days, his endless one upsmanship, his double talk, his racist tactics and threats. If its not going to be stopped by the people who run the blog, ignoring him is the only effective manner of getting rid of him. So lets hear it, Smartman, Chuck, PB, Wilson, Super Dave, all of us, as well as all of you who are using fake names to act like him, even though its funny, it still encourages him, can we take that stand or is it not worth your time to see this vermin removed? I for one don’t enjoy it any more and I’m guessing there are more like me who just haven’t taken the stand. Well, I’m asking you to do so now. Can you do it? I sure hope so. Enough really is enough. There is vibrant, interesting talk here when he’s not part of it. He has been shown over and over to be who and what he is. He’s not one any of us would hang out with in our realities, so why would we here? Give it some thought. I for one am done and will not comment on him even if he makes a direct attack against me. Lets take the stand today that he tried to get others to take with him yesterday.

  113. 610fan says:

    count me in
    Maybe he will go to TKC where the venom and ignorance flows deep. no one will even notice one more douche bag in the world of anonymous comments and he can see big titties at the same time. About time someone took this stand

  114. RealHarley says:

    “Comments weresent that were intended to harass me
    because of my religion”

    The only………… religion
    have is the religion
    of hate and stupidity with a side order of illiteracy.

    Go spread………….. your lies
    some……………. where
    else. You
    been found out.
    Im joining Team Ignoooooooooooooooore

  115. Team Ignore says:


  116. sport says:

    I was laughing
    so hard im getting thrown out of the library for not being quiet. The real Harley made me laugh to hard and I got thrown out for a week.

  117. mike says:

    I agree with Paul and this other Mike as well
    It was fun playing the “Whack-a-mole” game with this guy for awile. I’ll admit that I was as big of a mark for it as anyone on here. However, Asshat’s main goal all along has probably been to get attention for himself and we have been indulging him by playing his little games and getting worked up in the process. It is like a child who acts out in school. Bad attention is better than no attention. Paul, I hope this all works out.

  118. Craig Glazer says:

    Why Don’t You Guys Stop It Already
    I think you all kinda like each other as pals. You all think pretty much alike. Have a poker game or drinking party…tell you what all of you can have VIP to Stanfords tix, over the next month…Harley you put the group together and call me or hit me here and I’ll make the rest happen. I think you guys are all damn funny. In a good way. I’m not mad at anyone but Super Dave cause he did something outside of the box, but I’ll even let that go…life’s too short…make up and have some good times…really…

  119. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks guys…
    Dude: Hilarious, I know you

  120. mike says:

    I give you full credit for “Whack-a-mole’ as well as the “Asshat” moniker. By the way, I think this guy lives in some kind of virtual world and thinks this is all a game. It is up to a point until he says libelous things to real people. It sounds like he is about to learn the difference.

  121. balbonis moleskine says:

    hey craig, do you have an email? I was razzing you earlier about not giving me free tickets.

    thanks for injecting a bit of levity and another perspective on the harley thing.

    BTW I agree people need to chill out here. We love to bust your chops and you take it and dish it too in good humor.

    I hope you or anyone else on this site doesn’t take things too seriously. This is a gossip site where we share cool things about KC. People are getting too angry.

  122. dreamwriter326 says:

    After all this, and Wilson wins the tickets too.
    Some guys have all the luck. Have fun with your stepdaughter!

    Meanwhile, I gotta say the comments for this Glazer masterpiece have been amusing, if not slightly unnerving in a surreal sort of way … but did I REALLY just see the Stinger injecting a voice of reason, followed by what resembles a group hug?

    Hell of a way to start the weekend.


  123. balbonis moleskine says:

    Craig’s posts on 420 are all about peace and love. 🙂

    Had fun at your buddy’s party today. Nice event.

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