Glazer: It’s Wait til Next Year Time Again, Royals Fans

Nearly everyone was on this year’s Royals bandwagon, right? Even me…

 And I’m the guy who for several years has called our two pro teams "no shows." Yep, this was to be THE YEAR THE ROYALS STEPPED UP. Yes sir, a year to remember.
The team had an O.K. start on the road with three wins and three losses. Starting pitching was very good with an ERA of just over 2.00. Hitting was decent, not great. Hell, Eric Hosmer had two homers. Nice start.

Then the Royals came home.

Friday home opener. Luke Hochaver, the Royals Ace gets the start. Sold out stadium. And before the Royals even get to the plate it’s 7-0 Cleveland Indians. Yep, seven runs in half an inning. The fans were stunned.

This is the home opener? This is our year? O.K. we had a bad game. We’ll come back.

Cleveland is horrible. They came into the game with the league’s worst team batting average. But what followed led to this: more than 20 runs in all three games before the fourth inning by the "Cleveland Bombers" and a 9.00 ERA by the Royals starters.

They all stunk, poor fielding, poor base-running, poor timely hitting and even poor relief pitching.
Yep, by the 8th inning of game three at Royals stadium (Kaufman’s House), the once sold-out stadium was back to the normal crowd of 3,500. Nobody was there. Nobody cared. "Same Old Royals."

Want more stats? Hosmer is hitting just over .200 and the rest of the so-called stars are not much better. Only Danny Duffey who gets to be hammered tonight by Detroit, has not been jacked yet as a starter.
I will have to swallow some crow on this one.

While I was over the top on purpose, I did believe the Royals were going to be a solid team this season. I expected the strong hitting and defense to overcome some pitching issues.

But the way it looks now, I no longer can see that happening.

I know its early, but the ugly handwriting is on the wall. As George Brett says, "Poor starting pictching cannot be overcome with great hitting – won’t happen." 

Brett’s correct, we still stink. Maybe next year?

Nah, winning is a culture we just don’t have in KC other than the Kansas Jayhawks.

So bad, so sad.
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62 Responses to Glazer: It’s Wait til Next Year Time Again, Royals Fans

  1. the dude says:

    Aaaaaaand about
    now is when Royals fans start talking about when the Cheifs season starts.

    Walmart baseball produces Walmart results.

  2. Blackjack says:

    You forgot
    “Nah, winning is a culture we just don’t have in KC other than the Kansas Jayhawks..”

    You forgot about Sporting KC dude, although I understand it is hard to think of the local soccer team as in the same niche as our Kansas City Royals. SKC is just in a much higher class…

  3. PB says:

    If you had realistic expectations instead of spewing that all hyperbole about the Royals revisiting their heyday, you wouldn’t have to already bail off a bandwagon that you overinflated the tires on just a WEEK ago. Jeezuz, you’re more fickle than a chick. I’m beginning to think you aren’t even capable of having a REAL, unswayable opinion on something? Maybe you should become a weatherman as at least that changes as often as your flavor-of-the day observations.

  4. Dave Y says:

    CRAIG, You are OUT!
    ‘Hey, Missie B’s is moving into America’s Pub’. Strike 1.

    ‘The Royals are the real deal this year!’ Strike 2.

    ‘Nick Wright is a sound sports talk guy.” Strike 3.

    Yeeeeoooouuuurrrr out of here!

  5. Cliffy says:

    How to be a sports scribe:

    1. Go outside.
    2. Lick finger and stick in the air.
    3. Determine wind direction.
    4. Begin writing.

  6. Truth says:

    Last week you were saying they are “for real”….you are a piece of work. Did Hearne pull your last blog about the Royals because it is so embarrassing to you.

  7. 610fan says:

    leave him alone!!
    I love him.

  8. chuck says:

    I am not a big baseball fan,
    but it is probably a little early to jump off a bridge, or onto a bandwagon.

  9. Super Dave says:

    A voice of reason

  10. Jim says:

    Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass, People
    Baseball is pitching. Always has been. Always will be. I don’t give a shit about Hosmer or Gordon or Moose or Frenchy or Cain or any OTHER non-pitcher on the team. The Royals didn’t get a DAMN bit better on the mound from last year. End result? Another 85 to 90 lose season. It’s so freaking comical to hear all the optimism about this being the YEAR for the Royals. Puuuuh-lease! Wishin’ and hopin’ don’t get it done, folks. ZERO pitchers capable of a 17-20 win season and ZERO hitters capable of hitting 35-40 HR’s. No pitchers and no sluggers? 10-12 games out by the All-Star break and the season over by August 15th.

  11. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Jim nailed it…
    I laughed at Glazer’s first article claiming it to be the Royals year. Once again, the only truly championship caliber major pro sports franchise in the midwest is the St Louis Cardinals.

  12. Hearne says:

    I would say just this…
    Circumstances change and people’s assessments evolve and change as well.

    Craig was far from alone in his anticipation of the Royals this year and it’s a long summer. They could (obviously) get hot at any time, take off and guess what? Craig and everybody else will clamber back aboard the bandwagon.

    But that’s no reason not to take a second, third, fourth – or however many – look at things as the season evolves. I suppose it’d be nice to make the exact, correct call and sit there and say, “I told you so” all season long, but that’s seldom how things work. Plus it sounds boring.

    Remember when Whitlock would forecast undefeated seasons then do an about face as if nothing had happened or changed?

  13. Cliffy says:

    I laughed at Glazer’s first article too. But then, I laugh at all his articles.

  14. Jim says:

    We all know the definition of insanity, right? Apply that same definition to Royals’ fans. Has anything really changed in the last 20 years? Is the starting rotation better this year than the previous 20 years?

    If the answer is no, isn’t the outcome of the season most LIKELY going to be the same?

    I’m not making a prediction, Hearne. I’m stating the obvious.

  15. the dude says:

    Jim has it right,
    without pitching you can mash all the homers ya want, you still won’t win enough to go to October, period.
    Royals don’t have it.

  16. Hot Carl says:

    As I said after Craig’s first stupid article about the Royals…our starting pitching is horrific. No way we can win those clowns. We couldn’t overcome those with Ruth, Mantle and Aaron in our lineup.

  17. the dude says:

    suck! suck! suck! suck!
    suck! suck!

    A: What does Harley want to do to Glazer’s winky?

  18. 1%Harley says:

    STFU, Dude! What happens in the privacy
    of my bedroom……. a comedy
    klub, or Craigs……….. Vette
    between me and him. You fat loser
    just wish…. you no future loser bald Wilson? wannabe you and Mike can kiss my pimple ridden ass.
    Meet me at the Country Club fountain and we’ll solve this with no lube! I hate you and half the voices in my……….

  19. harley says:

    Hello fans/disciples and readers. How did you 98%ers get along without me. I had to pay my taxes today
    so you 98% ers could drink beer all day and belch.
    see that without me this site is boooorrrrrrrring.
    Went to opening day…sat in one of the suites. After about 2 innings went down to be with the commoners eating
    hot dogs and drinking beer. saw many of my friends…business owners…restuarant owners…colby jones my good
    freind from fox tv…and had some drinks with friends. Then went to waldo…great time.
    So i read where glaze is mad already at the royals. Well nothing has changed at the stadium…wal mart mentality is
    going to kill the team…they’ve got great talent but as i said last year the gm and manager are bush league.
    No reason to bitch about them…walmart loves them…and they make big money for the bosses so no changes there.
    It was great to see royal alumni…brett and the old players came out…brought back some icnredible memories.
    So when does mu football start. Saw where tickets for the games are going fast and theres now a number system
    for season tickets. I predicted it…and again harley was right…an incredible move by mu to roll right into the
    big time of college athletics…and have you seen the bball recruting…absolutely huge…with some more good
    names to come. KU is on fire too…they’ve accumulated a nba caliber team….and since the border war is over
    i will be cheeering for my home state in bball.
    since i was gone mr. romney is slipping with women…obama is on a tear to raise 1 billion dollars…
    and the race will wear us all out as 7 months til election day.
    Everything is incredible here in the woods. My lawn in looking great so i won’t need any hobos to come in
    with rakes….business is incredible…and life is great….
    new restautruant oopeing this week …mestizo in leawood. I’m sure its too pricey for you hobos on kcc
    but its getting really good ink. I’ll be there for opening and hope that at least of few of vyou will be able
    to get $20 togbeether and some new clothes to get in.
    I’m sure the morning breakfast club is eagerly wasitning for me to get back on here. I’ve seen they’ve
    been living the high life on saturdays and it should be fun to get back into the round by round exchanges
    with the old guys.
    take care…hope you all have your pitchforks out and ready for some fun (this is all fun and entertainment)…
    Appreciate all the nice comments from the classy guys on this site. Hearnes been laying low…glaze
    is about to explode (why you guys screw with glaze and speeero is beyond me…they are good dudes but
    you don’t want to mess with them..tough hombres).
    i’m sure you’ll all be welcoming me back…have a geat day…

  20. 1%Harley says:

    STFU, ME
    I hav a personul invite to mestizo
    this culd be fun

  21. REAL Harley says:

    Do not pay attention to
    last post, TOTAL fake. I is the REAL Harley.
    Man, I had to slurp the guy at the side gate of the opener to get in, times are tough for an onion farmer dontcha know.
    Then I had to slurp another guy off to get some warm backwash beer… to get the taste out of my mouth from the side gate security guy. Then I went to Waldo and had to slurp more random dudes off to get warm backwash beer…too much bad taste in my mouth

    Wow, what a day in the life of REAL Harley. Aren’t you dudes jealous?

  22. 1%Harley says:

    Why do I keep doing this?
    I post under 27
    different names yesterday then come back as me, the real me, not some other me and try to convince thinking people I was gone yesterday how
    much more stupid can I get when I no all the
    dudes are on to me. Am I so stupid to think
    that would work?

    Let me check with me…………………………………………………………
    The verdict is in; Im a stupid, impersonating low life pathological liar. And……………………………. an
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Im so close to insane I may be going crazy. I think I can make anyone believe what ever my current phantacy is but they are clearly on to me.
    I was gooooooooone yesterday, did anyone miss me?? I dont know WHO 610fan or Pokeman or any of THOSE people are. It sure wasn’t me, i was in a sweet with my 1% friends.

    (sweet at the Roils = leaning front porch with a PBR hanging out with JoJo, Asshat, Stan Greenberg, Pokeman, 601fan gang slurping craig)

    I need help

  23. harley says:

    what the heck…hahahaha
    my comments hadn’t even posted and the dudes were on it. Must be radar. No its real…ask the dude with the sick
    comments…come on dude…you can do better than that…maybe chucky or smartman can do better..
    but i’d grade the recent comments “L”…for loser.s…
    the gm invited me to come thursday..look ofr me…maybe we can discuss business…..

  24. harley says:

    hey 1% harley….can you scrape $20 together
    look under that old sofa thats filled with stains…check your old jean pockets…check your
    kids piggy banks…maybe you can get $20 together…
    i doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. harley says:

    where’s the old gang?
    heck its already been 20 minutes..figured the old gang would be posting. Come on guys…you’re
    slipping….lets get those comments on here FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. REAL Harley says:

    post above = fake harley
    He is correct that the gm invited me to come thursday but it is the other way around actually.
    He wants to come… I won’t ruin the sticky details for everyone… just make it to the fountain in left field on thursday… we all can come.

    hehe slurp.

  27. harley says:

    nothing like getting you guys worked up before the senior special at IHOP…

  28. 1%Harley says:

    I wasnt missed…..
    while I was “gone”, lying about that too, I was referred to as
    Bastard Step Child of KCC
    Bloviating jackass
    trust me… you werent missed. Go away pathological liar

  29. harley says:

    liar…i thought i put you in your place
    I thought my post last night put all you guys in your place. You have nothing. You do nothing. You are nothing.
    So when you come and attack people who are something…who live in beautiful houses…
    who have expensive, nice things…who work and travel to nice places…then compare them with the
    jobs/work place/homes that all you live in it’s bullshit.
    when you do something with your life..when you work a job thats not involved with filth ..when
    you haave people over to your house and entertain them in style…then come call me.
    I have made it…successful while the rest of you are just waiting for a government check…sure you can
    talk big here…but harley knows better.
    Thanks for the attention…now you all can get back to watching tv land……….hahahaha….sorry guys but you’re
    all a joke …j o k e.

  30. REAL Harley says:

    had to take a break from slurping…jaw was getting tired…
    had to save some slurping for my man the Glaze.


  31. 1%Harley says:

    Im not needed here any more.
    Not me
    Not my attorney
    Not JoJo
    Not Harlinator
    Not Stan

    Buy looooooser

  32. 610fan says:

    ditto 1%harley, youre excused
    Persona non grata. Not wanted not needed. Take all your names, all your hate, all your personalities and go where you’re appreciated; the mental health ward at KU Med.
    It’s more fun when you’re “gone” . Even when you pretend gone, posting under more fake names.

  33. 1%Harley says:

    holy crap!! what is SniperSpy
    and how did it get in my computer?


    they know

  34. 610fan says:

    Little man harley no matter what you claim
    youre still exposed.
    no matter what you claim, your “attorney” wasnt your attorney.
    no matter what you claim, you caught your self in your own lie, now stating you put us all in our places……….last night….after pretending this was your first day back. Thats the problem with lies, you cant keep them straight.
    no matter how rich you claim you are, youre still stupid.
    no matter how much money you have, you cant buy class, evident in that you have none.
    and most of all, no matter what you claim, we know your pathological.
    Sweep that computer, we did!
    no matter what you claim…. we now know.
    Sad, sad little man.

  35. dreamwriter326 says:

    This site is music to my ears.
    The Bradys, aka Silver Platters, might have responded to Craig’s most recent Scribeness thusly:

    “When it’s time to change, then its time to change
    Don’t fight the tide, come along for the ride, don’t you see
    When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange
    who you are into what you’re gonna be.”

  36. paulwilsonkc says:

    interesting thought, sage advice dreamwriter, but
    If one shouts in annonimity from the mountain top with a hollow echo and is devoid of any substance, pray tell, what would one rearrange to take that ride. Half of nothing is still nothing. It’s hard to make chicken soup from chicken shit, no matter how hard one tries.

  37. the dude says:

    That won’t stop the harlinator
    from trying Wilson. Playas gotta play and Harlinators gotta hustle under 20 different names and act like they went away.

    Nobody but Harley himself is fooled.

  38. paulwilsonkc says:

    dude, you’re correct, you cant fix stupid
    You threaten someone, portraying an attorney, while using a fake yahoo account, someone hacks your account, finds out its you, while a real attorney describes how that’s a non-person felony, but that doesn’t seem to phase you?

    You’re warned someone sniffed around and has more facts on you than all the other identities living in your head but the bravado continues?

    You act like youre gone for two or three days, post under 4 new names, get exposed each time, while you read comments expressing universal disdain for who you are, then POP up as you, still pretending you were gone, when you know you were outted?

    You and Ron White are both right, Dude; you can’t fix stupid. And in light of everything above, everyone knowing the facts, he presses on like it never happened. Sociopath? My moneys on THAT bet because it goes way beyond stupid.

  39. balbonis moleskine says:

    Old Men behaving badly
    Paul, I know you think that it is some mortal sin to post under a name that isn’t your own but you sure are getting a little weird, bullying and power trippy here with the Harley stuff. We can all tell that Harley has many sockpuppets- he still posts elipses in everything.

    You are doing some bloviating too, claiming you know his IP. You can’t know his IP unless you are being given Hearne’s posting log. In which case it isn’t your “IT brigade” but simply the site owner.

    You aren’t nearly as funny as you think you are. It is coming off as a real bully move. But hey, you only threatened to kill me on these boards last week saying you were going to shoot me in a boat like the Godfather (Naturally in your analogy you were the big shot mob boss keeping everyone in line).

    Honestly the only thing I really know about you is that you pull a Glazer and Harley and reference your resume every chance you get (wow, Sprint) and you constantly bloviated about how you were going to buy some club but never actually did. You make the same obscene calls about your personal wealth and happiness (yet I notice you are divorced and yet another ex-sprint ‘consultant’) yet browbeat him for doing the same.

    Since you worked in IT back in Web 1.0 let me clue you in: Everyone is anon nowadays. It is there for a reason. Partly because of snoopy nutcases, bad bosses, and HR nofunnicks. Partly because nobody gives a shit about your experience and qualifications when posting on a message board. Have fun with it. Harley isnt fun or funny. He’s just a foot of text with no point other than tangental rambling. Just leave him alone and let him have his outlet. Do what the rest of us do and just hit down arrow and hold for about 3 seconds.

  40. paulwilsonkc says:

    balbonis, you actually think i said…
    “But hey, you only threatened to kill me on these boards last week saying you were going to shoot me in a boat like the Godfather (Naturally in your analogy you were the big shot mob boss keeping everyone in line). “???? I never said, wrote or insinuated those words, ever. Not me. Not any time.

    Let me correct you on something, someone CAN get someones IP address, when using a simple package like SniperSpy, packaged in an email that gets responded to, when hacking a yahoo address. Look it up, its really pretty simple. No, you can’t get someones IP address from here, thats a fact, but that isn’t what was referenced.

    And one last correction, I dont bloviate about any personal wealth, in fact, have been way too clear that Ive had money, lost money, had money, lost money, like most people trying to make it in business. From time to time, things don’t go as planned.

    Other than that, you make some good points. I’ll just be quiet and you guys can play with the sock puppet.

    And a final thought, try getting some of the threats via email that I got from that asshat and it may change your thinking. Be that as it may…..

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    One other thought, Balbonis….
    At last count there have been, I think, 6-7 parties that have given strong consideration to buying “some club”, none of which have followed through. Mostly due to die dilligence not panning out. That, and the fact I dont think American Centrury has an ounce of interest in leasing it as “some club” any more. I think they are stalling their way into letting it die a slow death due to all the bad press. At any rate, on an unsollicitied basis, we (my sife and I, Im not divorced) were offered about 4 times the amount of money we would have needed to buy it from 4 people total….. only because they know who we are and what we are. Thats the main reason I dont mind being here under my own name. I have nothing TO hide.

    Just wanted to clear that up. There’s more than enough ability to buy from my own funds or what was offered, just doesnt seem to make sense and with each passing week, less and less sense.

    But to reiterate, I suppose your right, by “down” arrow works too, its just that after so many threats and attacks I can tend to act a little out of line to make sure it stops. If I threatened you under “my attorney’s” name, and you come to find out its really me making those threats under a fake email address… you may react different. But, maybe you have better control that I, too. Thats always a possibility.

    Point taken, though, and I meant it…. I’ll ignore Mr. Asshat Sock Puppet…. we’ll see how that works. I just wanted the obscene, out of line crap to end. I dont put any more stock than any one else would in someone talking about 50 businesses and all his personal wealth….. when he isn’t man enough to prove any of it. Thats no different than our President, coming of age as a result of 2 biographies on himself, when he achieved nothing so far in his life, written by someone else. So what? Its bogus to me if it can’t be backed up, and it cant.

    Thanks, but again, I would have never made a threat to shoot you in a boat, I didnt even READ those comments, let alone write them. I actually think you’re pretty funny. I like your additions. There needs to be more of that and less sock puppet.

  42. balbonis moleskine says:

    Old Men behaving badly, part 2,diarrhea of the mouth edition
    Actually, you did. You said I was “Going to be put in the boat with Harley” and made a Godfather reference when I made a post that poked fun at your hatred of people who are anon and not using their full name followed by KC. Even if you were completely serious, I would take the threat as what it is…hot air by an ex Sprinter.

    You do bloviate about personal wealth. You made many backhanded comments about the competition in the Jardine’s thing (nevermind that you also needed outside investors and didn’t buy the place either). You go on and on about Sprint like it was Apple in 1984 and have let everybody know that you consult and are a supposed 1% er who “works smarter not harder” (You actually said that to me! ha!)

    And what you describe isn’t hacking. It is putting a trojan on someone’s computer. Which depending on the type of program and data you harvest, may be a crime.

    While characters like Harley are a dime a dozen, your ‘humor’ isn’t too fresh either. Pop culture Ron White references from 10 years ago? You probably told that joke in the cube-farm with a Nokia batman-strapped to your belt back at “the campus”, lol.

  43. balbonis moleskine says:

    FYI, posted the above without reading your 2nd
    Hey paul,

    I think we posted both our second posts at the same time, no worries. As I said, it was not a threat taken seriously (as you know you can clearly post under any handle you want at any time).

    Have more fun here, I think you get too worked up about the fake website world here sometimes. Cheers and happy reading and writing!

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    Balbonis…. people quote the Bible….
    that doesnt make them 2 centuries out of touch…. just relevant. Same with the timeless RW comment, cause on a base level, you really can’t fix stupid. That was my only point.
    And yeah, I get too worked up about a lot of things, but Im more than glad to admit when its a correct assessment, notice that?
    And, if you could reference where that was said, putting you in a boat with Harley, honest to god, that wasn’t me. I’ve said plenty of things I own up to, lord knows, if I said that, I would have either explained it or supported the statement… not run from it.

  45. paulwilsonkc says:

    I posted my 3rd with out reading your 4th….
    … know why? Its 10:20, time for us old, unemployed losers to change our depends.

  46. balbonis moleskine says:

    Despite all this, my Jimmies Remain unrustled
    It’s 1030 and Ive got citations to shoehorn, gotta get to work or they are getting 54 FRD 582 W.D. Pa 1971 for everything. That’s my excuse…

    Aside from the tater salad opus, Ron White is a little dated for me. I more than anything wanted to make fun of the cellphones on the belts. As for the boat comment, it could have been deleted (for the exact reason that it wasn’t you). Either way, you have clearly expressed your desire to not murder me in a boat so I am cool with that. So I guess our trip to Bagnell Dam to catch the Monster Catfish is back on. We shall catch him, filet him and consume him to an accompaniment of light jazz. Nothing too Bitches Brew, just something to break up the monotony while I dip him in tartar sauce.

  47. paulwilsonkc says:

    But, Balogonous Balbonis… you do have to admit
    saying Asshat/Harley/JoJo/”his attorney”/610fan/Pokeman has more personalities than Rosanne Barr in a lesbian relationship with Sybil WAS funny, dont you? I made that up!! All on my own. Of course, using my bankrupt brain that hard, after being winded from walking to the car that morning, did wear me out for the rest of the day. I even laughed at that. And some poster said I should be getting PAID for my submissions!

  48. paulwilsonkc says:

    54 FRD is harsh enough!!
    Why add 582 W.D. Pa 1971 to it!! Youre a MONSTER!!
    I never wore my phone on my belt…. but I DID carry it in my man bag, before that was cool, then cool, then not cool again.
    And I dont desire to murder you anywhere, not in a boat, not in a moat, not in your coat, Sam I Am.
    Oddly, I know a guy who used to inspect the Table Rock dam walls. He said down at the bottom…. catfish that could take your HEAD in their mouths if they wanted to and swim up to look at you and see what youre doing out of curiosity!! No thank you.

  49. REAL Harley says:

    STFU baloney molehair,
    or else I will throw you in the bannana boat and slurp you to death.
    There is nothing you can do either because I am 1%…I am above the common joe 6 pack lettuce picker.

    Hate on haters.

  50. paulwilsonkc says:

    Real Harley, please tell them you’re not me
    Bologonous already thinks I threatened to kill him in a boat with the OTHER Harley as a result of all the misc names floating around!!
    And go easy on me, Im not a 1%er either.

  51. balbonis moleskine says:

    your reference to me being put on a boat like fredo corelone (not quite sure whether you are saying you are Michael or Im a rat…) was posted in the e-ticket story by/at:
    paulwilsonkc 11:46:16 AM – Fri. Apr 13. 2012

    not trying to browbeat you on this issue, as I said before our Giant Catfish fishing expedition is on anyway at Bagnell. We’ll snag the giant catfish and parlay that into snagging giant tuna down at party cove. I love the way the petrol glimmers on the lake in the summer months. Smells like freedom.

  52. Real Harley says:

    Yuck, no way I am Wilson,
    I am real 1%er, wilson would not be allowed to touch my jewel encrusted codpiece.
    Yes Baloney, we will go to party cove… once it gets closed again due to too much fecal matter… and we can slurp together in solitude.
    There will be…no tuna involved though…only one-eyed snakes…sluuuurrp.

  53. paulwilsonkc says:

    Balogonous Misinterp!!!
    Thanks for much for giving the specific time and place so I could go look. The first thing that threw me was that Im NOT a Godfather fan, dont know enough to make that reference, and didnt know what I meant when you said it. So…. I strolled over to the article and comment and here’s what I said…

    “Balboni Molinski = Invited to “the boat” as well. And I dont mean the Argosy.
    Peace out.”

    If you scroll up further, I invited a couple of guys to go out on my boat…. and I said I didnt want to elaborate on it much because I didnt want Harley to poke fun at me bacause my boat will only hold 15-20 on a confortable basis!! That, to him, would be way too small to even talk about, since its not a mega yacht!!

    What I said to YOU… was a compliment that followed on to that earlier post saying… you TOO are now invited to the boat! I mean… a real BOAT… so we could all grill out and have a few beers and cruise around the lake!! That was an honest invite, not a movie reference!! I meant, invitation to THE BOAT.. not ” the BOATS”… like a casino reference for a white trash night!!

    Wheew, I feel better now! Man, all you got was an honest invitation to go out and have a fun evening!! Earlier, I said, “coming to a dock near you…” meaning close to the metro!! My wife and I will LIVE on a boat at some point, if I have my way, but this is just for close to town recreation anbd relaxation!!

    Is THAT more clear now? I was including you in the group….

  54. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks, Real Harley…. and heres the funny part….
    No matter how hard to TRY to sound as rediculous as the other Harley does, with all the over the top examples from slurping to 1%ing….. you STILL cant sound as annoying as him!! Isn’t that sad? A parody of him STILL FALLS SHORT of him?

  55. balbonis moleskine says:

    on a boat
    OK well that does make more sense now, especially since it did seem to come out of left field!


  56. paulwilsonkc says:

    See, Balbonis? My threats are reeeeeallly limited
    and only when totally and completely deserved!!

    Im really a nice guy and not at all how Im percieved, at times. But granted, I dont always help that image!
    Not overly proud of my resume, just used it to battle sock puppets lack of.
    Not overly proud of money, when I’ve had it and when I havent. My LACK of respect for it is the main reasons I’ve ended up without it, when I have!!

    Been to the top, been to the bottom, back to the middle, I really dont care. I just get too tired of blow hards who hide while spouting off. Thats all.

    My main beef is dont call ME a phony, when Im out in the OPEN, while you lay in the dark with nothing but made up stories about YOUR success!! Isn’t it hard to call someone a phony on those grounds? Thats my only point… and I’ll stop explaining it now!

  57. REAL Harley says:

    Both you two
    are invited to my bannana boat partee… Mega yacht like rat hair Trump could only perspire to have.
    We will partee like truw 1%ers and the minor entry fee is a little slurping…YUM.

  58. paulwilsonkc says:

    Youre getting closer, real Harley…
    Add a few more (…………………), screw up the left/right justification, youre getting the bad spelling down, and on balance youre SO, SO close!
    You need to knock off some of the “slurping” references, that really is something he does more in private, and just with 4 or 5 people, not everyone. He doesnt really mention it that much. He saves that for free tickets and rides in ‘vettes! Those are my only pointers for now, but you’re getting there!

  59. Glaze says:

    Thank you
    at last i’ve gotten a few more comments then Greg hall. THANK YOU.

  60. REAL Harley says:

    Woohoo! I mean…hey Glaze,
    Of coarse… are invited to my…1% bannana boat partee too…..we can admire each other’s 1%’s.
    Baloney said he will bring the samiches….you just bring your man chowder……YUM.

  61. balbonis moleskine says:

    You’re welcome, scribe. When do I get those Stanford’s passes you promised? I’ve never seen the new place and the Improv claims they have a nicer room and sexier waitstaff!

  62. Super Dave says:

    But you see where Greg is better than you Craig is because the comments on his site have to do with his story line for the day. The comments here have very little to do with your story so once again you are wrong.

    See where you post a story is a good place for us all to meet and have fun and not ruin a real writers story where people really comment about the story.

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