Hearne: Four Months After the Fact, Anthony Bourdain (Finally) Does KC Tonight

They seek him here, they seek him there, those foodies seek him everywhere…Is he a chef or merely a drunk, that demmed abusive Bourdain punk.

The "unrepentant" drinker, smoker and cusser of bad words Anthony Bourdain hit KC last December, mixing business with hedonism – playing the Midland downtown (courtesy of former KU concert king turned theater bigshot Steve Traxler) – and working up a future show about what Kansas City that airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Look for it to be part not-so-fine dining expereinces and part and drunken expedition. With The Black Keys tagging along for the ride. And as KCC reported last year he hit BB’s Lawnside BBQ and Stroud’s, to name two. He also reportedly polished off a a raucous post-Midland wilding at the Cigar Box downtown.

But since nobody around these parts I know of stalked him, the specifics of Bourdain’s local tour shall largely remain nameless until tonight other than to say he told a gathering of kickass local chefs and foodies like Michael Smith that he loved Oklahoma Joe’s.

That said, here’s a mix of Bourdain’s front and backstage comments and asides as a tuneup for tonight’s show. I’d lay down a few more, but you try reading my scribbled-in-the-dark notes from last year.

On the Iron Chef"Do you like that show? I hate that show. I like the Japanese version – I love the dubbing."

On Man v. Food show’s Adam Richman..."I like him, but the show concept I’m a little uncomfortable with. Then something about Ed Hardy Douche-wear. "Why do we watch this show? Look in your hearts, because we want him to die."

On traveling to world basically wasted and drinking…"the local beverages – we’re not alcoholics, we’re tele-fucking-professionals."

Bourdain’s nickname for the three top fast chains…"The King, the Clown and the Colonel."

On local healthy eating habits…"I’ve been here five days and cheesy corn’s about the only vegetable I’ve seen."

Most amazing political feat..."I got Ted Nugent to drink the second beer of his life. That’s a big win for me."

On growing old gracefully..."I’m a parent, sorry. Come on, who wants to see their dad rock? So I got rid of the thumb ring, earring and Ramones t-shirt. Cool is not giving a fuck, but when you have a kid, you definitely give a fuck."

In response to a set up question from an audience member trying to pimp an area high-end eatery..."Fuck Justus Drugstore."

On his wife..."She’s like a wolf. All she eats is protein. I married an Italian who will not eat pasta. I married Chuck Norris."

On a certain historic, downtown restaurant..."I’m a sentimentalist. We went to the Savoy Grill and New York restaurants would kill to have that room. It is awesome – you know I respect places like that."

What to expect on tonight’s show…"We’ve been here shooting for a week and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and disturbed by what we’ve found."

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7 Responses to Hearne: Four Months After the Fact, Anthony Bourdain (Finally) Does KC Tonight

  1. travis says:

    Come on.
    ” the specifics of Bourdain’s local tour shall largely remain nameless ”

    You have to be kidding. Or haven’t been bothered to read his tumblr or twitter accounts.

  2. the dude says:

    yeah, Richman
    knew he could not keep up the food contest stuff on his show, it was gonna lead to constant notches in his belts and an early grave.
    They had to get guest people to do the challenges, Kobayashi doesn’t do that many challenges.

  3. Hearne says:

    Yeah, I read em…
    and I spoke with Bourdain, saw the Travel Channel preview pics and looked over the last couple days Twitter action. So what?

    I simply chose not to make this item into a laundry list. The Star already had that after being fed an advance copy of the show.

  4. the dude says:

    I have the secret 411 on where
    Bourdain really went. He started out for the delicious starters at Applebees, then proceeded to get his texmex on at Taco Via, had to get more at Don Chilitos (oh gawd), then on to good times (and awesome food) at TGI FRidays, of course wings to go at Hooters (like jolly), real KC barbeque at McDonalds (RibBQ) and he finished the awesometacular night at Denny’s.

    Way to go Anthony, score 7 for KC.

  5. The Log Abides says:

    Fuck Justus Drugstore?
    Why did he say that Hearne? That place is awesome.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Grumpyness, generalities, cheap shots at Foodies
    Fuck the slow food movement in general. If I pay $100 a head for a meal excluding wine, I demand it be served at a reasonable place.

    A restaurant is the first, not final destination of the evening.

    Plus, to be honest Justus is just set up to get ‘foodies’ all hyped up. Nothing on the menu is particularly groundbreaking. It is just continental french provincial style mixed with some awww shucks Missouri classics (why does every fancy restaurant west of Manhattan try to sell me some tarted up version of a barefoot classic? No I don’t want $43 shrimp n cheese grits).

    I always found something kinda gross about the foodie types with their need to categorize and rank everything, coupled with the obnoxious way they moan whenever someone puts something greasy between their lips

  7. the dude says:

    Anything with a stupid
    name like Justus Drugstore deserves to be trashed, especially when some rando dummy tries to pimp it at the Q & A.
    Just cook the goddamn food and quit with the pretentiousness.

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