Glazer: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, but Nick Wright is The Man in Sports Radio

A year ago there were some questions from some of you oldsters about would Nick Wright make or even to be on the air in a year or two?


I wrote several times, not only would he be on the air in KC – that is if ESPN didn’t grab him – he’d be THE MAN, in local sports talk radio. And, guess what?

Step aside, naysayers because, a year later, Nick is THE sports guy in Kansas City, no argument.

610 Sports and Entercom, has built their ENTIRE day around Nick. "That’s Wright."  He comes on any show he wishes, just about whenever he wants too, day or night. When a big scoop occurs, it’s Nick to the mic, baby. Anytime, anywhere.

He’s talked about daily by all the other on air guys at 610, Bob Fescoe, Danny Parkins, Josh Klingler, Carrington Harrison, and Nick’s gang…Mark Carman and Jared Carter.

Yep, Nick is the go to guy on sports in KC pretty much. And 810, you wonder, what is their position? While the unofficial numbers show them as leading here and there, it’s kinda not true. Those radio surveys are somewhat bogus to begin with.

WHB, led by Soren Petro and Kevin Kietzman, are becoming the Mike Murphy‘s of sports radio. In other words, tired, yesterday’s news.

Now Mike had a damn nice career, but in the last few years was a geezer guy – meaning older listeners, not at all hip, etc. That often happens as guys get towards the end of the line in broadcasting. "Same old noise" – or so it seems.

Nick has become the No. 2 man in the building at Entercom, trailing only Johnny Dare in power today.

Dare has ‘building power" – something Nick is moving towards. He has sway over things that happen in general around Entercom is what that means.

Wright’s co-stars talk, well, kinda in some awe of him.

They say he has a big ego, is kinda a know it all and  is wrong on his sports picks, but he’s still the king.

And they are all under his watch. Yes, Nick pokes fun at Jarad and Mark, his on air crew, and often makes some insulting comments about other day part guys. All of this to effect his "personality" to the station.


Wright is a graduate of Syracuse University with honors.

Considered one of the top media colleges in the nation. Wright started with 610 in 2007, he did 6-9pm, then 9-11am and now he has the cherry spot for sports radio in KC at 2-6pm.

Wright’s career seemed to take off to the top when he interviewed Jason Whitlock two years ago about Jason leaving the Star and KC completely.

Whitlock still makes on-air visits with Nick every now and again. In fact Nick’s guest list is impressive and modern from Sam The Man Mellinger at the Star to every big time, online sports site writer in the nation. And of course, all the name sports stars from KC and beyond.

Nick had the inside track with former Chiefs Coach Todd Haley. Hey, the guy’s smart, fast and on the money.

I used to go on as a a guest Nick’s first couple years and I enjoyed it. But now he’s all about HIS trademark and HIS crew.

Hey, it works. Nick is THE sports guy in KC today.

Even the Pitch had him "Sports Personality of The Year" in one of those otherwise bogus "best of" issues.

Make way for the new King of Sports in Kansas City and his name ain’t Whitlock, it’s "What’s Wright With Nick Wright"

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67 Responses to Glazer: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, but Nick Wright is The Man in Sports Radio

  1. bschloz says:

    Right On scribe….all the cool MFer’s are tuning in to 61 AM Sports.
    That hip AM dial with the power of Sam Mellinger is a real double threat.

  2. Smartman says:

    Hall and Glazer run BM
    In Greg Hall’s case that’s the Boston Marathon. In Craigs case it’s his BIG MOUTH.

    If you’re impressed with Nick’s guest list then you don’t listen to much sports radio on the Internet or Sirius/XM. Who are the name sports stars beyond KC that Nick has had on? Name one REALLY relevant person…a rock star. Once again just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

    Nick Wright is PAINFUL to listen to. Has NO on air confidence. For someone that thinks’ he’s black he has no rhythm or flow to his takes. He’s no Costas or Kellerman. He never will be. Jason Whitlock punked him. Greg Hall punked him. There’s no phone ringing offering Nick more money to move to a bigger or better market.

    The fact that we have two sports stations mired in mediocrity is more of a reflection on the idiots that listen then the brilliance of the stations themselves.

    If you’re going to be a REAL sports blogger you need to stop shooting from your hip replacement and do a little qualitative and quantitative research…..maybe even some crowd sourcing outside your cranium.

  3. Super Dave says:

    “I used to go on as a a guest Nick’s first couple years and I enjoyed it. But now he’s all about HIS trademark and HIS crew.”

    In short he as the rest of us are tired of your BS and lack of original ideas.

  4. Truth says:

    You keep getting worse
    What the hell was this….. I like Nick so he is great. This site is becoming weaker by the day.

  5. devils advocate says:

    i like Nick…
    i get so tired of how arrogant and belittling Soren Petro is. Petro knows sports, but is just a condescending jerk to the guys on his show. Nick is cocky, but hes like only 28 or so. He has done a great job, and it seems he truly works hard, and will only get better. he is often on with Lazlo on the buzz, and Wright has a real personality. as far as shows go i really like the border patrol, and Nick. It would be nice if nick could get a relationship with someone like Kevin Harlan, and that is where he gets beat by Kietzman, but he kills kietzman because of that old grump jack harry, that guy is unbearable. i think nick will have a great niche here in KC for a long time if he chooses to stay.

  6. chuck says:

    NICK WRIGHT: “Carrington, get in here, Craig Glazer did a puff piece on me on kcconfidential.”

    CARRINGTON: *rolls eyes just outside the door, enters office* “Now thats a game changer.”

    NICK WRIGHT: “Fo rizzel my nizzel.”

    CARRINGTON: “What?”

    NICK WRIGHT: “You know, fo rizzel my nizzel, it means-”

    CARRINGTON: “Yeah, yeah, yeah I got it, can I go, you still want me to talk to Clark Hunt about how dope it would be if the Chiefs wore Lual Deng Chiefs Dashikis for opening day don’t ya?”

    NICK WRIGHT: “Hayelll no fool! This is the turning point. Now that kcconfidential is all in, I am making my move to TV!!!!”

    CARRINGTON: “I don’t think TV is your vehicle Nick.”

    NICK WRIGHT: “No shit dumbass, you know I got a Escalade.”

    CARRINGTON: “I mean, your gonna have to make some BIG, BIG changes if you want to get on TV.”

    NICK WRIGHT: “Like what?”

    CARRINGTON: “Nick, ya dress like Pauley fuckin Walnuts with Jean Dujardine’s nose.”

    NICK WRIGHT: “Get Jason Whitlock on the phone, I need a reference before I call Channel 41.”

    CARRINGTON: “Hes got caller ID, remember?”

    NICK WRIGHT: “Text him your your phone number and tell him its Lewis Diuguid.”

    CARRINGTON: “No one returns that guy’s calls.”

    JARED CARTER: *sticks head in the door* “Nick, Quid pro qou on line 3.”

    NICK WRIGHT: “What the fuck does that mean?”

    CARRINGTON: “What the hell did you do at Syracuse anyway?”

    NICK WRIGHT: “I was in Petro’s fraternity, what does it mean?!!?”

    CARRINGTON: “Glazer is on 3.”

  7. Mark X says:

    Right again … SMARTMAN …
    … yeah SMARTMAN is correct again … it is disgusting how often he is correct ….

    Wright is a putz … he is a blowhard, know nothing … please …

  8. Hearne says:

    The old ways die hard…
    but they do die.

    Not overnight, but remember lots of older listeners were turned off by the young bucks at WHB when they began nibbling away at Entercom’s sports talk radio lunch 18 years back.

    That’s right, 18 years.

    Remember how radical the changes were at the time?

    Instead of callers like Bill from Raytown and Hank from Olathe, WHB’s faithful went with CB-like monickers and called themselves cute names like MU Dawg and Husker. WHB staged walkouts and – if I halfway remember correctly – played football games with frozen turkeys or something for charity around Thanksgiving.

    At the time, they were pretty out there – talking smack and all. And they had that guy Jim Rome, the dude with all the tired, I mean hip, catch phrases – who called his listeners “clones.”

    Didn’t he just get dropped by 610 Sports (who stole him from WHB like 10 years back)?

    It may not be that a generation has passed, but time enough for hip-as-heck 20-somethings and 30-somethings to become 40-somethings and 50-somethings. And the 40-somethings to become 60-somethings.

    Dudes who have taken on mortgages, kids and giant waistlines. They’ve stopped listening to the latest music and have wives now not girlfriends.

    Hey, but that’s not Nick Wright and it wasn’t Steven St. John 18 years ago either, but I strongly suspect it may be now.

    So it makes perfect sense that aging clones wanna see their contemporaries “punk” Nick Wright. But who is it that really punked who? Who’s got the big paycheck and a career on the rise and who’s blogging (yeah, I know)?

    My dad and his contemporaries always wanted the aging quarterback to punk the young gunslinger just out of college. It’s human nature, guys.

    All I know is Nick must be doing something right to garner all these haters.

  9. Super Dave says:

    You are a part of the old way Hearne
    Hearne you do bring up a lot of good points but smartman as well brings up a lot of good points.

    But the real over all point as I see it is sports radio in KC sucks plain and simple. I use to once upon a time listen to local sports radio but not anymore. Age isn’t a factor crappy shows is the factor. As smartman says Sirius/XM have some awesome shows and they cover the local sports as well which if you really look at it what is there to really report about. We have a loser baseball and football team we have no NBA no hockey least we have Sporting KC who just might give us a good reason to be proud of a local team.

    So just what does the local sports radio stations really have to offer? Nothing is what and losers for the most part just like the Royals and Chiefs. Kansas City really can’t support more than one local really good sports show but in KC the money isn’t really there for one. So all we will get to hear on the air around here is those who were rejected from the good media sports show providers.

  10. mark smith says:

    I normally dont comment after 11 pm
    otherwise harley will accuse me of burping the nephew while eating chili with my fingers in a wife beater and sweat shorts. But Im going to have to correct Chuck Comparing Wrights probiscus to that of Jean Dujardine’s is way off. Wright makes Snuffleupagus look like Latoya Jackson after her 12th rhinoplasty. To be frank, the guy looks kind of Terrorist-ish. Im just sayin, I wouldnt set next to him on an airliner. (no Juan Williams)

    Chuck, you write some funny dialogue.

  11. chuck says:

    Take heart Nick!

  12. bschloz says:

    I wanted Johnny Renshaw to punk Jim Rome.

  13. Smartman says:

    Hater Nation
    No one begrudges Nick his youth. I for one really hoped that Nick would find his “voice”. Go back and check the files. I had hopes that he could be like a Max Kellerman, informative, edgy, entertaining, with a little young guy swagger that wasn’t too annoying. He’s actually gotten worse. Youth is not a requirement for being a douchebag any more than age is a necessity for being a cranky curmudgeon.

    There is lots of quality sports talk on the Internet and satellite radio to serve as a template for how to produce a great sports talk program. 610 and 810 are like two pussy boxers that fade and jab, never delivering a devastating punch or KNOCKOUT blow. As bad as that is for watching a fight it makes for even worse radio listening.

  14. Cliffy says:

    As alway, Glazer overstates the case but I agree with his premise that Wright will be a success( this in no way changes my opinion that Glazer is a buffoon). Wright has a ways to go but he’s getting there.

    Smartman, you couldn’t be more wrong about Greg Hall punking Wright. That was a huge embarrassment for both guys.

  15. Smartman says:

    I agree. The fact that Nick couldn’t blow Greg out of the water made Nick come off looking worse. It was his show, his forum, he controlled it and couldn’t seal the deal.

  16. mike says:

    what has helped Nick Wright
    is how bad Keitzman has gotten. I am not the only one that is tired of hearing Keitzman talking about his golf game, shilling the 810 zone, or shilling wherever he is doing his remote from. Nick Wright is better informed on sports and talks about sports more than Keitzman. I think Petro is still doing well, however, beating 610 in his time slot. He also talks about sports and is well informed. It would probably never happen but would be interesting would be if Petro was on in the afternoon against Wright.

  17. Rosco says:

    Pot Meet Kettle
    A has been (Glazier) supported by a fossil (Hearne) condemning the 810 guys as old. I can’t decide if this article is sarcasm (really, the Pitch thinks he’s cool??) or if you are angling for a job at the station.

    If you like far left political rhetoric laced with racial lectures, by all means listen to Wright. He is the Lewis Duiguid of radio.

  18. RangerDanger says:

    Jock Sniffers………
    UNITE !!!

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    this Reinforces why I’m glad Im not a sports fan!!
    I’m all for you guys who LIKE it, but to me its all this hoopla over some goofy guy, insignificant in any other way, other than talking about guys playing a game.

    Chuck has a much higher likelihood of changing the world with his conversational scripts. I know I

  20. Balbonis Moleskine, broadcasting on 1660 AM says:

    Personal anecdote, then KC radio generality, then cheap shot
    I don’t really know why he is number one other than Kietzman is so weak and 610 has the Royals now. He was doing his negative thing and telling me the big surprise that on opening day with my headphones in at the K, that SHOCKER TIME, Royals weren’t going to win 81 games.

    He is just your typical AM guy who says shocking stuff on purpose and repeats it 20 times because the listener is only tuning in for an average of 7 minutes. We love “shocking but not too shocking”, evidenced by the success of Randy Miller then Mancow then Dare (after he sent Treetop to Arkansas).

    Wright talks very little sport, and he has a prominent nasal tone that is not great for radio. He may be able to take one small step up in market size, but I think KC is his apex.

  21. balbonis moleskine says:

    oh shit I forgot the cheap shot
    Here is a picture of Nick Wright behind a hot microphone:

  22. the dude says:

    sports raaaadio (Yawn). You have to admit the guy has the perfect mug for radio.

  23. bubbalooo says:

    cALM BefOre the StORM

  24. Bob fescue says:

    the funniest shit you’ve ever read is coming. Seinfeld/rock/pryor/colbert/stewart couldn’t write stuff this funny.

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, I’ll take that was you agreeing with me!

  26. the dude says:

    I enjoy sports and watching it every now and then but
    sports radio is like valium, puts me to sleep. At least Rome tried to make it a little entertaining, like he said “Sports for 2 or 3 hours straight is horribly boring, you gotta have some fun with it.”

  27. PB says:

    Once Again
    Some real insight from Craig. Earlier poster said it best, Craig likes him so therefore he’s the best! And Mellinger and on-line geeks who post from their mom’s basements are heavy-hitter guests? C’mon, Craig, that’s a weak endorsement if ever I heard one.

    Some real thoughts and observations on Nick10 (as Craig would lead you to believe) v. 810 as I listen and turn away from both equally…

    Yes, 810 is tired and KK has basically morphed into Fortunato at this point, but still a way more professional presentation than Nick10.
    As for their shows…KK is an idiot, Petro is solid but always thinks he knows more than his guests and the morning guys probably fall somewhere in between on my likeability scale.

    Fescoe is a total blowhard and I really don’t know any of the other personalities so I’ll concentrate on Nick. Nick is a good change of pace from KK, but just like him, he loses my ear pretty fast only instead of from sheer idiocy like from his counterpart, it’s more due to all his schtickyness and the faux-homey speak. He’s cool, ya know, he used to even smoke weed…wow! And he has a black girlfriend…how fucking cool is that?! Ultimately just another clown with a microphone who thinks he’s alot smarter than he really is. And does he know there’s other sports in this town besides his jock-sniffed-to-death Chiefs? What…he threw down some Hennessey & Cokes with Tyson Jackson once, damn!

    In summation, I guess I get why Craig likes him so much because like him, Nick is a name-dropper and he also loves to dish the chick-like gossip, but most of us don’t give a shit which Chief he got a text from or which of his on-air cronies couldn’t get laid last night. Doesn’t it really even matter which local sports talk personality you want to pimp when they all suck pretty hard?

  28. 610 fan says:

    27 years old/hottest talent in nation/new big money
    contract making more than all you douchebags combined and you throw dirt. Typical old/crabby pigs/losers!

  29. the dude says:

    @610 fan
    You made me spit out my drink on my screen just now.
    You do realize this is radio, right? Radio makes no money unless you are Limbaugh or Stern, PERIOD.

    That is why most of these radio flunkies have to take up second and third or fourth jobs to pay the bills, radio pays for shit these days.

    Oh how you make me laugh, you are a keeper.

  30. 610 fan says:

    the dude is a dud!
    Nick will get a contract over $240k/year. Not bad for 27 years old. You and the old crabby creeps don’t make 50K/year!

  31. Super Dave says:

    @ 610 fan
    Just because you are overpaid does not make you great. Just because you and Craig are maybe one and the same does not make you great either.


  32. the dude says:

    $240K/year for a local sports radio
    guy, Uh huh, I don’t think so. Maybe make believe monopoly money or greek dollars- maybe pesos.


  33. 610 fan says:

    super dave is super loser
    Another typical loser. How many crabby/old/geezer/washed up guys like you use the same excuse for being LOSERS?

  34. 610 fan says:

    Old/washed up/losers use the same excuse in life
    They’re jealous that others are successful and their life is in the dump! They’ve done nothing. Made nothing. Accomplished nothing and live in denial because life passed them by and they’ve got nothing to show except a beer belly and bald head.

  35. PB says:

    For the bullshit salary update, Carrington. Good to see you have your partner’s back.

    I guess it’s okay foe Glazer to wax Nick’s knob, but having a legitimate criticism of an on-air personality who’s very job is dependent on whether listeners like him or not, is somehow off-limits? Can’t wait for the bratty 10-year old-like response, Carrington. No wonder you never get laid.

  36. kcfred says:

    610 fan is glazer, or nick
    In today’s radio climate, he’ll be lucky to even sniff six figures.
    He’s working for Entercom, they have the shareholders to please and a salary like that would not please them.
    If anyone has proof that he’s even making six figures (highly doubtful), I’d like to see it.
    That 240k claim could only come from one source…Glazer.
    That’s how wrong it is.

  37. 610 fan says:

    the dude is a dud. the dude is a loser
    NW has one of the hottest twitter trending accounts in nation. Do you old goats know what twitter is? Its not the saggy old breasts your old lady has. He’s just about to sign a new contract that’s more than all you old rocking chair ball dragging make together.

  38. the dude says:

    @610 fan
    I want proof that your daddy makes $240K a year. Have proof to back up that number or is that pesos?

  39. 610 fan says:

    Old washed up ball dragging goats on this site
    Come on guys. Get real. We’re saying that your worthless lives require you to post shit on a site thats read by the little circle of cock jacking old men who have no life. It’s true. Maybe when you get a life you can comment on the real world as it is today because the world passed you by decades ago. Get real. It’s 2012 and you’re relegated to the rocking chair and drooling in your sleep.

  40. paulwilsonkc says:

    610 fan is Harley on a library computer?
    Taking odds and tease bets now! Place your bets now, gentlemen!

  41. 610 fan says:

    We’re going to discuss whether you old goats
    use Depends or diapers. The average age of you goat chokers is about 70. You’re a bunch of fat/disgusting old men with nothing to do in the middle of the day. Go down to the community center and enroll in basketweaving and leave the sports world to people who have intelligence and class. What a bunch of losers. NW is on the way up..and you’re on the way the funeral home.

  42. the dude says:

    My money is on
    This Nick Wright with-a-perfect-face-for-radio is paying Harley/Jojo to post as 610fan.
    How much does this gig pay Harlinator?

  43. chuck says:

    @ 610 fan
    “Accomplished nothing and live in denial because life passed them by and they’ve got nothing to show except a beer belly and bald head.”

    Have we met?

  44. the dude says:

    Sports world = intelligence and class
    Awww man, you’re killing me with your humor- stop it- please.

    Too much.

  45. chuck says:

    @ 610 fan
    “Come on guys. Get real. We’re saying that your worthless lives require you to post shit on a site thats read by the little circle of cock jacking old men who have no life. It’s true. Maybe when you get a life you can comment on the real world as it is today because the world passed you by decades ago. Get real. It’s 2012 and you’re relegated to the rocking chair and drooling in your sleep.”


    “The average age of you goat chokers is about 70. You’re a bunch of fat/disgusting old men with nothing to do in the middle of the day. Go down to the community center and enroll in basketweaving and leave the sports world to people who have intelligence and class. What a bunch of losers. NW is on the way up..and you’re on the way the funeral home.”

    Pissed a little or what?

    Hey man, I am only 62 and hardly ever shit the bed unless its on the weekend. We are all WAY too blind for basket weaving, make no claim at all to any intelligence or class and have one foot in the grave and one on a bananna peel.

    Tell me something I don’t know.

    For instance, how do you know Nick Wright is pulling down 240 large and if he is, what the fuck is up with the Tony Soprano Sweat Suits?

    I had a salad for lunch today.

    So there…

  46. louie says:

    see what happens when you bad mouth someone
    We take you down. You sniveling little a holes. Keep it up. We showed the fat boy Tony. We can do it to you. STFU.

  47. paulwilsonkc says:

    The verdict is IN!! 610 fan = Harlinator!
    Im one IP address away from the answer!

    Thanks for standing up for us, Chuck. Im only a 57 year old chocker and I do pee a little when I laugh but never, ever mess my bed!

    I can’t have salad for lunch, I forgot my Zantax.

  48. chuck says:

    I am up 5 times a night to pee,
    you’d think I’d never crap the bed.

    Shit happens Paul!

    $240,000.00 my fat disgusting ass.

  49. chuck says:

    By The Way,
    Nick’s dad, at least back in the day was an ok guy.

    I sat next to Louie Wright in Health Class at Ruskin High School in 1968 before I dropped out and got drafted (God I hated High School, transferred in from O’Hara, we were broke, got my ass kicked every week. I did like College.).

    He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

  50. sport fan says:

    suck for luck
    I actually listened to Wright for a little while. Thought he was as good as any other sport show host in good old KC. After the Chiefs got off to a horrible start last year Nick Wright went on his memorable campaign. Suck for Luck. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah. The needle dick bug screwer was actually predicting the “one game the Chiefs might win”. His contacts must be sucking putty balls for a living! Glazes hood rat girl friend “the black one” could make better predictions about sports.

  51. chuck says:

    sport fan is “Wright”
    Nick Wright and Petro are actually very well versed in sports and Nick obviously specializes in NFL coverage.

    Neither one of them, in spite of wonderful insights and interesting takes on teams, players, coaches and the entire NFL milieu, can hit their own ass when predicting wins on a given Sunday.

    They are dreadful.

    The rest of the cast of both stations, not so very good at all.

  52. 610 fan says:

    conversation between chuckles and nicky
    chuckles: yeah…I’m old and washed up. No money. No future.
    nicky: I’m just 27. Got a new contract worth huge money with one of the largest media companies
    in the nation. Big Money! I am one of the best known sports personalities in this town, I have one of
    the fastest growing radio shows in america, I work in an incredible environment, get to live out my
    dreams as a sports analyst…the future for me is incredible.
    chuckles: I’m worn out. No money. No future. Just waiting for the social security check.
    nicky: I’m excited about my future in broadcasting. Maybe one day I’ll be on national tv.
    I work with great people and I have a beautiful studio set up.
    chuckles: I work in shit. I work in a prison. I work in filth and stench. I have to listen to the
    inmates hurl horrible shit at me. The smell there is horific. The inmates are disgusting
    and I have to be there almost 8 hours a day. Its a hellhole.
    nicky: I have some tough times. I have to keep on my toes because my audience
    is always throwing curveball questions at me.
    chuckles: I have to be on my toes. The inmates are always trying to throw piss and
    feces at me.
    nicky: I have a great home. Great family. I love spending time with my friends. When I go
    out in public people are so nice to me and we have a blast.
    chuckles: I have no friends. Just post on anonymous sites on weekends and late at
    nicky: I’m on cloud nine. What 27 year old can say they have this incredible opportunity
    to be in a major market with their own show and reaching a half million people. It’s
    fantastic…I’m lucky…and I work hard to keep the show fresh and interesting.
    chuckles: I try to destroy people who’ve worked hard at their craft and are doing
    well because I really haven’t anything to show for my time. i’d rather make excuses for
    my own life and tear down others than anything else. And i can do it without anyone knowing
    who i am. Isn’t this great. A young guy doing well for himself, building a future, working toward
    a great goal…and all i can do is tear this guy down. Um.

  53. paulwilsonkc says:

    chuck, am i good or what? 610fan=asshat!
    Either way, his IP address or his goofy text left right justification gives him away even if you overlook the spelling and grammar! You can put lipstick on 610fan if you like, but he’s still Harlinator! How stupid does he think we are? Read your email, Asshat.

  54. chuck says:

    @610 fan/Harley/JoJo
    I’m pullin for ya, but that just isn’t funny.

    I like the prison angle, but how bout a laugh?

    The conversation is a complete disconnect, which can be funny if the timing is right and it is somewhat tangential, at least in a metaphorical sense.

    I kinda dissapointed. I read it 4 times thinking I could pull something funny outta there. No go.

    You get a “D” and an incomplete (By the way, at one point in my loser life, I taught High School, so the grade is real pal.).

    Try again.

    You are cleaning up your syntax a little and that is encouraging.

  55. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, its a complete disconnect because
    he KNOWS he’s Asshat/JoJo/Harely/His Attorney/et al and he’s focused on both trying to hide that fact AND be funny. Problem is, he can’t do both, and once again, he’s exposed for who he is!!! Poor guy, just can’t pull off a decent scam.

    And even if there wasn’t an IP or the syntax issue, theres always his hyper superiority and desire to cut everyone else down.

    The verdict is IN: He’s toast.

    Nice try, Harley, its all downhill from here….. no matter what you feel, say or think about anyone else, we have some values, you’ve got your poor, miserble self. You were warned, you should have done what “your attorney” said you told him, which was stay away. Oh, Im sorry, that time you ermailed me you admitted you weren’t “Harley’s attorney”, just a friend. Yove got so many stories, “I” can’t even keep them straight!!

  56. chuck says:

    I’m just lookin for a laugh.
    He will do better next semester.


  57. paulwilsonkc says:

    I just got my laugh = exposing harlinator again!!!
    Sometimes I’m just way too good!
    I’m sorry you have to wait a semester, Enjoy your laugh, when it comes, I’ll still be laughin and wipin tears on this end, in my post divorce hovel.
    Thanks for playing, Harley.

    The verdict’s IN = 610 fan is yet ANOTHER imposter. Where does he find the energy to keep trying to fool us?
    Hope he runs those multi national, multiple coporations better than this, Gary would be ashamed of you.

    610fan, if you need a good attorney, let me give you Stan’s contact info. Email him at law4life1000, you, JoJo, Harley, Sybill and all your friends can talk to yourself.

  58. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, kcfred, super dave, PB – sick ‘um!
    I did the heavy lifting and found who 610 fan was, you guys can take it from here.
    Let me know if you need anything else. Sorry it took 3 hours to figure it out, Im just stupid, a loser, a wage slave, you know the drill.
    You have your target.

  59. mike says:

    response to Paul
    Even though it probably still is wrestling with a pig, seeing you bitch slap this bloviating jackass over and over is very entertaining! You better be careful. I heard he has a new attorney.

  60. paulwilsonkc says:

    mike, i actually took your words to heart!
    I turned the legal parts over to the proper parties, decided to leave the emotion out of it, not wrestle the asshat, I mean pig, and just play Whack-a-Mole every time he pops his little pea sized brain up under a new name. Thank god for an attorney with her own non yahoo email and some well placed IT geeks who like me and can make this a better game than I can on my own.
    Thanks for your earlier words, you were correct.

  61. 610fan says:

    how can i be so stupid?
    I’m exposed again, popped my pants and threw up in my mouth a little, all at the same time. If I would have just said something nice when I was on the computer at Kinkos I would have been fine. But NOOOOO! I have to start running my mouth from my Tandy 900 lb home computer where the spies can find me. God I’m such a freaking idiot. How can anyone take me serious? And now I can’t admit I got Nicks contract amount by blowing Craig!! But, as usual, taking tips from him is like Stevie Wonder in a batting cage, you just know its not going to end well. And once again, I can’t get this taste out of my mouth!

  62. 610fan says:

    i meant pooooped my pants
    I can’t do anything wright.

  63. the dude says:

    Major market, Kansas City.


    You are making my sides hurt with your unintentional humor.

  64. 610fan says:

    i’m sorry, dude….
    I embarrass myself. I’m a total fraud. A douche bag, yes, an asshat. I’m going to seek help as soon as I set up I’ll provide therapy for myself as soon as My Attorney gets off my computer.

  65. mike says:

    to paul
    Check out the “pokeman” comment on the “fat” story. Whack-a-Mole time!

  66. paulwilsonkc says:

    mike, see? you can do it too!!
    Nicely played.

  67. 610fan says:

    shit!! Mike figured out Im pokeman!?!?!?!?!?!
    oh god………………………….. this is just
    …………………………worse than I thought.
    I’m going to have to be
    ……………….Harley, Harlinator
    and “my attorney” all at once and
    up……………………………..with a new threat.
    Now its Mike, Smartman, Wilson?, Dude, PB7j or whoever he is, Chuck, they all know Im a loser. Verdict is in: I SUCK!
    Maybe if I blow Craig again he can…………….give………………
    God that tastes terrible……….. (I wish I’d never pulled that 1% crap, so many facades, so little time)

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