Hearne: My Breakfast with Mancow; Death of Radio, Fat Girls, Andrew Breitbart’s Death & $4.69 Gas

You know you’re in Chicago when the drive in from the outskirts is 10 times worse than the entire rest of the trip…

Turns out there’s something to be said about quality of life and all that falderol we take for granted in KC. Somebody remind me to check out the train accommodations here next time. Speaking of checking something out, get a load of the gas prices here, fellow flyover types. My nine gallon Fiat fillup ran an eyebrow arching $43.00 @ $4.69 a gallon.

Caught up to KC radio export Erich "Mancow" Muller for breakfast at Chicago’s ritzy new Palomar hotel downtown. The Cow was hanging there with wife Sandy and their twin daughters for Spring Break.

A few hightlights….

"Let’s talk about radio," Mancow says. "It’s a mess. Look, I’m the best buggy whip maker there is. Everybody’s afraid. The Internet’s the new shiny toy and the writing’s on the wall. People in radio aren’t making money. Thankfully, I’ve already made my money."

Mancow returns to KC a time or three a year for Gates Bar-B-Q, dinner at the Savoy (the old ways die hard) and the odd canoe misadvernture. But the longer he’s away, the less likely his one-time dream of returning and running a small radio station with his brother becomes.

"I just don’t think I can come back," he says. "Ive been gone too long."

Then – out of the clear blue sky – Mancow hits me with The Question:

"Are you shocked by how big the women in Kansas City are?," he asks. "They are so huge. When I was a kid going to Southwood Elementary in Raytown, we all made fun of the one fat kid. Now I would imagine, they all make fun of the one skinny kid."


On the conspiracy front, Mancow addressed the recent death of his friend, conservative political commentator Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart checked out March 1st at the ripe, young age of 43 on the day he was to have released a huge story that would have rocked the Obama presidency. After his death a story was posted on Breitbart’s Web site revealing "Obama’s love for far-Left radical Saul Alinsky" and the world collectively yawned.

That wasn’t the story Breitbart planned to release that day, Mancow says.

Mancow’s take on Breitbart’s death:

"He was murdered. We were working on a TV show and I talked to him every day and he told me he had information that was going to bring down Obama. He kept saying, March 1st, March 1st. And he died on the day he was going to bring it out, on March 1st. He died at (something like) 2 a.m. – he went for a walk and died of natural causes.

"I’ll tell you what’s suspicious about this. Stars die all the time of obvious things, and we’re not allowed to say anything until the coroner’s report. But this guy dies of natural causes and case closed."

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21 Responses to Hearne: My Breakfast with Mancow; Death of Radio, Fat Girls, Andrew Breitbart’s Death & $4.69 Gas

  1. kcfred says:

    gotta love mancow
    Who talks openly about being born again and then does some HBO series with all sorts of pornography.
    So, now Mancow goes all Mike Wallace on us on the Breitbart thing huh?
    Is it me or does he look like Glazer?

  2. notHearne says:

    Breitbart Demise
    I think I heard Howard Stern say Breitbart was found “hanging from the rafters.” I guess he could’ve been murdered first and then hung from the rafters….

  3. the dude says:

    is an idiot, he probably wants to see obammers birth certificate also. Breitbart had known heart problems and that is what he died of.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here besides some look-alike glazer wanna be.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    I dont see black helicopters everywhere….
    …or listen to Art Bell, but sometimes you have to scratch your head. There are the random, historical JFK

  5. notHearne says:

    Not to mention the inordinately large number of KCC commenters who have met their untimely demise. Or hadn’t you heard…?

    Also, I just discovered that when we solve the math puzzle before posting our next comment, the answer is the number of tin foils hats and underwear briefs you must wear to be protected against the government’s next “accidental” radiation leak.

  6. Smartman says:

    Mancow is to radio what Tony Botello is to blogging. He can’t come back to KC because he’s irrelevant. Why do you think Fox News dumped him as a regular contributor? All Mancow is, is the loudest voice in the echo-chamber of emotionally driven batshit crazy right wingers. He’s so whacked out he makes Nancy Pelosi look like Maggie Thatcher.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    notHearne? I only need one, for my brain
    Any other parts that would normally require protection were lost in the divorce settlement.

    Smart? Voice of Merrill had Tony on yesterday to discus the term “white hispanic”. What a boondoggle that was. Sounded like he just woke up!

  8. bschloz says:

    Chicago calling KC fat, thats a good one.

  9. the dude says:

    yeah bschloz,
    I laughed at that too, the last time I checked Cheecago is still firmly planted in the midwest.

  10. chuck says:

    When that chick in the picture sits down,
    the band skips.

  11. the dude says:

    the idiot is right about one thing,
    radio es muerto. That is about all he was right about.

  12. rkcal says:

    slather on that BBQ sauce
    the overall heftiness of the farm-fed folks around here are one of the first things out-of-towners notice.

  13. Smartman says:

    You haven’t experienced radio until you’ve herd….pun intended……Tony with Darla Jaye. My offer of $100,000.00 to Tony and Darla still stands for a sex tape. Gotta pay those legal bills T.

    If you get a chance read Tony’s deposition in the Wright v Botello case. T makes Bob Fesco look like William F. Buckley.

    White Hispanic? White Trash Hispanic? Blue Corn Tortilla? Where does it end?

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    @Smartman, I can’t take darla and darla….
    …Darla and Landmine Billy, Darla solo and CERTAINLY not…. Darla and Tony. I’m sure she has her fans or she wouldn’t still be on the Big Biller 980, but to me, she’s finger nails on a black board while having your eyes gouged out at the same time youre having bamboo shoots rammed under your finger nails.

    I’ll have to look up the depostiion, totally missed that one. I don’t follow up at all.

  15. John says:

    Mancow RULES! He is so very relevant and should be back on KC radio ASAP. KC radio has never been the same since he was trick f*&%ed and dropped from his beloved hometown. Most of the rest of the nation has a chance to listen to Cow everyday. Unless you live in Eastern Jackson County, and you can pick him up on Warrensburg (KOKO) radio, you can

  16. mark smith says:

    The Train, boss, The Train
    If you are heading downtown Hearne then the train spits you right out in the middle of it. The trip itself sucks balls, (no harley). I sat behind some 300 pound east indian woman that must have used curry and cat shit for parfum. I spent most of the trip in the observation car, which was pretty dank smelling too. Then again, it seems preferable to a round trip in an eyetallian go cart.

  17. Mancow says:

    I am a believer but…
    I did NOTHING wrong @ the Bunny Ranch. I was there as a correspondent. I love the holier than thou crowd remember Christ was a friend of sinners. What good is preaching to the converted?

  18. chuck says:

    I thought Botello was very good on the radio.
    I know I am gonna get my ass kicked for saying that, but imo, the guy is very good on air.

    He was, as some of you know, tapped for an explanation of the “White/Hispanic” moniker on the Chris somehing or another show on Friday. Luckily, Hispanics all know each other so Tony was able to translate.

    Chris was gong for some snarky humor, and it sounded like Tony had no idea of which way the conversation was supposed to go. It was a little akward at times, but I thought that Tony stayed on his feet, and, played along quite well.

    His quotes with regard to the media, and especially the Florida Media with regard to the Trayvon Maritn phenomenon were dead on the money.

    What can I tell ya?

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuckster, thats what I was referencing, Chris Merrills show
    Thats the only time I’ve heard Tony on the air, so may have been an unfair sampling.

  20. chuck says:

    smartman will whip knots on my head,
    but I think Botello is good on the radio.

  21. randyraley says:

    erich from raytown
    Can’t hate on the cow. In fact, he has my respect. He’s still doing something in the business while a lot of us aren’t.
    He’s in Chicago, one of the great radio cities ever.
    He has carved out a nice living doing something he loves. Looks like he has a beautiful family.
    Seems happy in a business that has littered the highway with carcasses of fallen radio brothers and sisters and after all this time, the dude still out works most everyone.
    Can’t say he doesn’t remind me of someone I used to know. Or be.
    Best of luck to him.

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