Glazer: America’s Insatiable Appetite for (Sports) Destruction

Are they witch hunts half the time? Of course…

There are so many sports scandals in the news today, you can’t keep up. They’re daily – hourly at times. Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino got dumped after totally rebuilding the football program. Petrino took his team to a Cotton Bowl win over K-State and a No. 5 ranking last season.

So the guy has a 25 year-old hottie on the back of his bike, crashes, gets cut up, tries to shut up the embarrassment, can’t, gets FIRED. Yes, he was cheating on his wife. Yes, 10 or 20 years ago this would have been swept under the carpet with no press or a watered down version of the story coming out. But today, it’s big News. Why?

Because we’re hungry to see the BIG DOGS FALL

Sean Payton and Greg Williams are toasted for looking the other way while their players got paid to try and hurt the other teams guys. In fact Williams gave a long, loud speech to his team on that very subject. It was recorded for a film.

Payton out for the year, Williams likely will get a job in a year or two, but in the college ranks.

Has this been going on for years? You bet. Every team was doing it, so we are told. Payton and Williams with others including coaches and players will be made examples of.

We all know how well that works.

Poor Tiger Woods. I was listening to 610 Sports on the way home from work after the Masters. The late night national guy on the station said,"Worst fall from grace in sports history – Woods is done – he is lost. He’s a loser."


I thought he just won a tournament a not too long ago? He’s done? Oh, because he got upset at the Masters and acted UPSET. Yeah, he was a bit of a crybaby. Worst fall from grace? Hello, did you miss out on Mike Tyson‘s rape conviction that sent him to prison for six years?

And how about Michael Vick? Tyson went to effing prison. Sorry Nick Wright, you mentioned once that Vick did some real time, behind a wall, in a cell.

But Vick was in a camp, never in a cell, never in any danger.

Oh yeah, Vick tortured little animals and ran a huge gambling concern. Lets give him a year or so in camp – hey, he’s still a great draw, lets bring him back. Sorry Greg Williams, you ain’t no Michael Vick, you’re done.

My favorite is O.J. Simpson.

OJ’s the one who started all this sports-drama, scandal mess we’re in today.

A few of these like Vick and the covered-up dope case of Sam Hurd are for real. Most are simply media witchhunts. Who did I forget?  Oh yeah, Brett Favre, Kobe, Big Ben and Joe Paterno. Who can keep up?

So what have we learned from this house of cards?

That the public likes to build up a star like Favre or Tyson just to watch them fall.

No, you say? You mean, you believe only a couple guys in baseball take steroids? Just Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and one or two others. Lets put Clemens in jail! He lied to the grand jury, hell he lied to congress! Right? We’ll set an example.

Take  OJ Simpson, who it’s been rumored confessed everything to Oprah – "Yes I killed her in self defense."

We all know what a badass Nicole Simpson must have been. And don’t forget Ron Goldman – they must have been a tag team.

Yes, we enjoy the rise and the fall. Why? Because most of us don’t get a shot at the golden ring.

Making millions of dollars a year playing or coaching sports. These men become living Gods. Wine, women and fun are all theirs for the taking. Or so it seems. The rest of us have to pay bills, take maybe one vacation a year, and end our careers with just a few bucks.

Hell Ryan Leaf went through millions before he ended up in a one bedroom dump apartment addicted to pills and lord knows what else.


Now we don’t all feel this way. Most of us just enjoy the games, want our teams to win for hometown pride etc. Hell, we even buy the jersey’s with our guy’s name on them. How queer is that?

The answer to all this: We all know the example thing never works.

"Mister Wilson, I can’t let you leave this court without punishment, you did cross the white line and we just can’t have that in Johnson County. An example must be made. One hundred dollar fine and fifty dollar court cost!"

Yep, that’ll fix things.

The answer’s simple: Education.

Most athletes rarely see a classroom. Not the ones going pro. Sure there are a few but not many.

College, even high schools, need to have mandatory classes on handling investments, buying a home, how not rush into a marriage. Simply classes on REAL LIFE. Even special ones for men and women who are thinking of going into pro sports.

Everything from agents and managers to what is a C.D..The NFL has a ‘Group Class’ for handling money.  By then its kinda too late, "They ain’t listening."

If you’re a pro and want to stay out of all this noise…STAY HOME!

Rent some movies. Bowl. Don’t get married. Only take your lady out to eat and be home by nine. Save your money for retirement from sports. Get ONE nice car, one nice apartment or condo and just CHILL. Oh yeah, don’t drink or do drugs.

On second thought, nevermind, we need the noise.

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10 Responses to Glazer: America’s Insatiable Appetite for (Sports) Destruction

  1. the dude says:

    lied about the accident and had relations with his subordinate that he hired, that alone gives them rightful termination excuse.
    With the kind of big money these college coaches make these days of course it will get big play in the media.

    Today’s lesson of the day is don’t get caught in your lie or cheating.

  2. Lance the Intern says:

    Didn’t Michael Vick
    Do his time at the US Penitentiary in Leavenworth? That’s the first time I’ve heard “the hot house” referred to as a camp.

  3. Lance the Intern says:

    Oh yeah….
    Bobby Petrino’s a sleazy dooshbag.

  4. smartman says:

    Little Dogs Fail Too
    C’mon Craig we like it just as much when little dogs like you and harley and Kyle James fail too.

  5. chuck says:

    Glaze, you can’t include OJ in that list.
    He did cut his wife’s head off, but she was a Highlander.

    BTW Lance, I used to go to Leavenworth, Lansing, Jeff City, etc. etc all the time working early release programs for Veterans who qualified for the GI Bill. Leavenworth had facilities for non violent offenders, totally a cake walk, no danger at all, Glaze is right.

    Federal Prison used to be a sweet deal compared to some of the State Prisons I went to. Jeff City and Lansing were nasty.

  6. bschloz says:

    The whole of Arkansas football could have been saved with a simple sidecar.

  7. Glazer says:

    and what happens there. My ass still hurts. And one cheek is bigger then the other.

  8. Glazer says:

    Some of those GUYS!!!!
    have an insatiable appetite.

  9. the dude says:

    We like to watch
    douschebags fall that make stupid amounts of money for playing with their ‘balls’.

  10. PB says:

    Dude is Right
    Petrino didn’t get shit canned because of the affair, he got bounced because of a conflict of interest concerning his hiring of the broad for a high-level position on his staff. That kind of thing is a fireable offense at most any place of employment, especially at a state tax-payer funded university that should strictly adhere to proper hiring practices. But hey, he interviewed a whopping 3 people out of 159 applicants before deciding she was the perfect choice so I guess maybe he was exercising fairness. Craig, just because you might not have a problem promoting some bimbo waitress who puts out up to head bookkeeper of your comedy joint, doesn’t mean the rest of the world should work that way.

    Besides, Petrino has a LONG history of sleaziness. Dude has backstabbed his way thru so many jobs (or potential jobs) , not to mention bailing on his team in Atlanta AFTER lining up this most recent gig, seems as though karma just finally caught up with him. This is one guy I have absolutely no sympathy for.

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