Hearne: Missie B’s Lays Down the Skinny on Rumored Move to Westport

Close but no drag bar…

Late last week Craig Glazer was told by radio station staffers at Wilks Broadcasting in Manor Square that Missie B’s was taking over the space America’s Pub vacated in January. Glazer had earlier confirmed that Missie B’s had looked at the Pub and other locations in Westport, so after being told by the radio station dudes to check out the workers hard at it in the club, he did and they copped to being with Missie B’s.

They were all wrong.

For what it’s worth, Glazer kinda covered his butt by writing in his final sentence: "I’ve not gotten official word from them it’s a done deal, but it sure looks that way."

Now here’s the inside skinny.

"The bottom line is Missie B’s has no intention and no plans for any expansion," says manager Jan Allen. "And as a matter of fact, owner Michael Burnes who owns Missie B’s has signed a new lease at our present location."

That would be at 805 West 39th Street in Midtown Kansas City, Missouri.

However, it’s not like Glazer’s rumor was completely unfounded, Allen says.

"Quite honestly, Mr. Burnes did look at a few opportunities as our lease here was coming up," she says. "It’s been a rumor for a long time, (so) I’m not even surprised."

Locations Missie B’s considered include America’s Pub and the Firefly lounge, Allen says.

In the end, a combination of kickass business and sorting out a few details with its current landlord resulted in Missie B’s decision to stay put.

How kickass is the biz, you ask? Beaucoup.

"On a good Saturday night – the in-and-out count – I’ve seen 1,100 to 1,200 people," Allen says. "On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have drag shows downstairs and we have dancing upstairs. And we have dancing downstairs after the shows are over around midnight to twelve-thirty."

Remember, Missie B’s also has a 3 a.m. license.

As for the reason Missie B’s looked into Westport in the first place, for starters they recognize that having a more mainstream location has proved highly successul for other drag bars and cabarets around the country, Allen says. Plus they got a very warm and positive thumbs up from the powers-that-be in Westport.

"Westport talked to Michael Burnes and told him they would welcome us and all that," Allen says. "So maybe one of these days, you never know."

Meanwhile, any press is good press and Glazer’s story has heated up Missie B’s phone lines with people asking about the move, Allen says.

"There’s really no harm done," she says. "People talking about us is good because maybe they’ll drop in to make sure we’re still here."

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18 Responses to Hearne: Missie B’s Lays Down the Skinny on Rumored Move to Westport

  1. Spad says:

    Too Late Hearne TKC Already Busted You
    TKC already busted your false rumor.

    Go ahead and delete this and be a coward.

    You and Glazer were wrong.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Wow I just read where someone calls KCC “The Skip Sleyster of blogs”

    Come on Hearne just how much lower are you going to allow yourself to go down? (Or be pulled down)

    This was a decent place to come and read things but since you have let Glazer run amock the stories, the people, and the good comments are no longer here I don’t care what you think. When the majority of the comments are about the displeasure of what you think is your head writter you best start listening to them.

    Then to top it off you come on and try to make us or want us the readers to understand that the Missie B’s story was sort of right. Please just how stupid do you think we are?

  3. Egg Grazer says:

    Hernia covers up for another Glazer bushel of BS. Huge surprise.

  4. mark smith says:

    What did you do to Botello, Hearne?
    Run over his foot with your Fiat and break his pinky toe? From TKC

    “I’ll be nice and just note the DOCUMENTED CONTRADICTIONS AND FACT CHECK of Hearne Christopher reporting that now resides in a dark corner of the Internets and no longer in Kansas City’s paper of record.”

    I haven’t seen Tony use so many giant ass red letters since Joe Miller wrote in Salon about Gloria giving her son a bag O dildoes for Christmas. For a guy who has made his mark by dishing gossip and dirt, you haven brushed off and glossed over some pretty harsh words from Botello. I’d seriously like to hear why he has such a hard on for you. If you keep letting it slide, folks are going to think he has something on you, like he caught you spanking Glazer while wearing a Winnie the Pooh suit, or something.

  5. harley says:

    i like glazzes articles…
    they usualy get lots of comments…he’s colorful…he’s got some great stories…personally i like his
    stories more than reading some guy writing about movies or some guy who thinks he a comedian
    writing really bad one liners.
    Keep it up glazer…you’re the king…did you go to riviera…i’ll be in vegas in may…i love the comedy out there…
    greatest show ev eri saw was shummel and slayton jan. 1. 2000..with drew caray in the audience..
    best show ever…when’s slayton coming back?
    and guys…if glaze didn’t write on here…you wouldnt read his comment…if you do’t like the stuff pass it
    up…I’m glad there’s not moving…i really like westport rightnow…i love to see a really top notch
    live music bar down there …with great musiclike mcfadden…some out of town talent that isn’t
    available elsewhere…
    does anyone know any reporter in history that didn’t get at least one story wrong..

  6. mark smith says:

    scuse the typo
    Make that you Have brushed off, not Haven.

  7. Skip Slanderella says:

    But as we all know, Botello can’t be trusted. He’s a known liar. His penchant for making stuff up – interviews, tips, the mayor’s “brother” – out of thin air are pretty well known. It’s incredible what he tries to get away with, but it’s heartening to see people call him out on his utter bullshit.

    His latest deposition for his civil trial was full of hot air, stupidity and nervous pauses. It’s being passed around the legal community like a Joe Miller joke book.

    I’ve fed Tony a lot of inane, fake tips and he runs like the wind with them. It’s goddamned hilarious what a sucker he is.

  8. Hearne says:

    I rarely read TKC and Tony knows that…
    He knew it for the year and a half or so he wrote for me here. That’s not a shot, it’s just that I read a lot of other pubs on my own and I’m not looking to load up on links to other stories that I either already am somewhat familiar with and can do my own research on.

    I think there’s clearly an appetite for people who want to one shop a site that basically makes a couple comments and provides a mix of local news links.

    Like I wrote in the comments section on my story yesterday, I generally prefer to do some reporting on my own. Not just run with every tip or slap a spin on what somebody else reported like the Pitch pretty much does on a daily basis.

    With the exception of Easter Sunday.

    But I was careless with Craig on this one because I too knew they’d shopped a couple places in Westport but…

    I still think there are some interesting aspects to this story.

    Starting with that they came seriously close to going into a mainstream area like Westport and that Westport was very welcoming. Including, I’m told the Kelly’s.

    That’s a sign Kansas City is growing – and not just in size. It’s a sign that there’s a new generation of business people in Westport who get the direction things are going and they’re running with it.

    Add a Missy B’s, Stanford’s and Knuckleheads to the mix and Westport might mop up the floor with the P&L’s cookie cutter, chain-feeling places. Especially after the new wears off downtown and with all of the new restaurants, bars and other businesses opening up in Westport the past two years.

    The wild card being, I suppose, just like the Plaza and downtown, how will the urban issues shake out?

  9. Hearne says:

    Come on Super Dave…
    Skip Sleyster? You’re quoting the Orphan? Please.

    You been reading the senior’s sites again?

  10. Super Dave says:

    Well to be honest I did see the humor in it Hearne.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    quod erat demonstrandum
    My major premise is Skip Sleyster drew upon his advertisers, friends and personal peccadilloes for his content and paid for it to be published.

    My minor premise is Hearne draws upon his advertisers, friends and personal peccadilloes for his content while paying for the site.

    My conclusion is Hearne is the Skip Sleyster of bloggs.


  12. mark smith says:

    skips dog lived on the roof of his 40 highway chalet for over a year after skip cashed in his chips. Im not sure that dog ever left the roof of that building his entire life. I think the dog may have finally gone to join skip in that big super flea in the sky.

  13. KUPAUL says:

    Blogs- Where Journalism goes to….DIE
    As a KU fan and a proud member of the gay community I am outraged by this misinformation. I had already bought a parking pass for my new lime green FIAT in the westport manor parking lot. What am I going to do know?! Sell it?!!

  14. 1%Harley says:

    I love you Glaze
    I know we………. have always
    talked ……..about how wonderful ………it would be if we could have a baby
    I ………..want you to know thats
    never been a joke to………. me. If we could have a baby together………, I would.
    thats ……how much….. I love
    ………. you
    If I could be half………… the man…….. you are
    then……… I’d be 1/4 a man.

  15. the dude says:

    Just be sure to
    buy a mini rug for the lil’ duper, 1%harley. Glaze would want baby to match.

  16. 1%Harley says:

    thanks dude I preciate yur idea
    a dream that will never come ture…true….tur, whutever
    cause between the…..
    extenze not working and
    riods……hav dun to Crag… we dont got
    the equipment any mor to get busy wit each udder.
    Still…..agoodpoint on da rug, man, thanx

  17. tiad says:

    Good One, Jr.:
    And Craig’s original “scoop” is still up with the original opening line of: “This just in, the rumors are TRUE…”

    Um, um, um, peoples is gonna be confused over this.

    1 + 4 = 5

  18. Bib Bob says:

    Hearne this says alot
    It says a lot that you confirm Glazer was wrong but he doesn’t man up. What a wuss.

    It says a lot that you believe he is the bread that you need to butter as you continue to defend him.

    It says a lot that even you admit you don’t know if what he says is true as you stated last week. Which either makes you dumb or very naive.

    It says a lot that in a previous post you brought up that it was OTHER PEOPLE that bring up 40 year old Glazer stuff. Do you read this site? Glazer continually brings up his past, his book, his yet to be made movie, his sports knowledge, his 20 year old doc. movies on Ali, F*ck dude talks about his high school days and friendship with some chick from Conan. But its us huh Hearne?

    Please see the Wizard for a brain.

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