Glazer: Scribe Does Vegas, Lives to Tell the Story

Two weeks ago I visited one of my favorite haunts, Las Vegas...

Naturally, I took Black Barbie (Monique) with me and we stayed at the Bellagio. The good news is Vegas was packed – I mean wall to wall. It was Final Four weekend, actually, the Elite Eight. More important it was Spring Break and Arizona State, University of Arizona, UCLA and tons of other school’s hipsters were all over the place.

You had to wait in line for almost everything, even in the coffee shops.

Sure the event weekend upped the crowd sizes, but the trusty cab drivers all told me, "Things are on the upswing…big time."  I was told weekdays had even picked up quite a bit. All the major hotels were sold out. The shows were sold out. Hey, I stayed through Monday and even Sunday day and night was packed.

Last time I was there was in Chiefs season on a Sunday, and even with the NFL it was very slow.

Is this a good sign for the U.S. economy? I think it is.

Another reason I went at this time was to see a couple of my pals. Comedy now totally dominates the big Vegas showrooms and Carlos Mencia was at Treasure Island, Kevin Hart was at Mandalay Bay and my good friend, Frank Caliendo had the Venetian. All Stanford’s guys from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Monique wanted to see Kevin Hart, but I’m closer with Frank, so we did his show on Saturday night. Frank had us back stage to the green room before the show. He took great care of us and even had us sit by his parents in the audience. When we walked into his dressing room area he had his crew with him, and started doing Craig Glazer stories in my voice (Frank’s a voice impressionist as you know).

He was doing me as we walked in: "So Frank, I know you told me not to promote the fact you just got hired to be on Mad TV this fall, but I had to make sure we sold out…So I gotta tell ya, I put your picture on a big billboard in Westport and under the photo of you it says, MAD TV. Are you pissed?" 

Funny stuff.

Caliendo is pretty G-rated and he had that type of Jeff Foxworthy crowd watching his show, so it was fun. He did my voice for a minute on stage and made me look good. Sadly I didn’t get to see Mencia, that was his last night at Treasure Island. Mencia had performed at Stanford’s earlier this past year. Great guy. Monique didn’t know who Frank was until we pulled up to the Venetian and she saw his large posters and billboards and then said, "Oh, the John Madden guy."

Yes sir, the money was flowing. It didn’t look like we were in an economic crisis anymore.

Even the nightclubs had waits to get in – not like last time when they were giving away free passes. I know it was a special weekend, but staffers told me it had been like this for a few months. Damn. Even the pools had waits on chairs and it was about 80 degrees all three days.

Security was at an all time high though.

Every elevator had guards wanting to see your room key 24 hours. This is not new, but usually it slows or stops in the daytime. Not now.

I noticed far less hookers at the main hotels. The bartenders said they were doing a big crack down – new Sheriff in town.

And they’d been busting the bigger hotels for press. Undercover cops were all over the place. Yes, there were still hookers to be found, but nothing like the usual.

How busy was Vegas?

Here’s my snapshot. My flight got in at midnight, and the wait for a cab had a line AROUND THE AIRPORT that had to be over a mile long. For real. I had to rent a limo for 80 bucks to get the hell out of there before our vacation was over. Damn. And the ride from the airport is only about four miles.

Sadly a few of the nice hotels had taken a beating as of late. Even the Venetian, one of my favorites, was a bit worn in the casino area and in need of an update. The Bellagio had already been redone in most of its rooms and the casino area. The newer Encore was jammed as well.

I have to admit I was glad to see Vegas on such a big upswing because lots of KC folks go out there and often.

Monique and I were walking down the big runway at Venetian when a group yelled out, "Hey isn’t that Craig Glazer?"  That made me feel and look good. And a few moments later another group yelled, "Hey man that’s Craig Glazer, what an asshole!"

Oh, well…

Must have been some knucklehead KC Confidential readers from the comments section, huh?

By the way, yes, I won a bit and I took a new stance. I Played black jack and craps for short periods. Then when I got up two or three hundred I quit and cashed in my chips. I normally play Texas Hold ’em, but with a date, that’s kinda tough because they get bored waiting three hours on your game.

So I won just over a grand, which didn’t come close to paying for the trip but was better than losing.

I bet a decent amount on KU, they covered on North Carolina. Did a decent wager on the Royals and the over – their magic number is 78 1/2 and I like them to do better.

They had a fun bet on Eric Hosmer – his magic number on home runs is 25 1/2.

But I didn’t go nuts like I did last season on the Chiefs on the under. This year the Chief’s magic number is 9, and I and think that’s about where they will be, so its not a safe bet either way. That’s why I didn’t bet that one.

It was kinda weird to come back home and go to the Hollywood Casino at Legends.

Was there this past weekend and it was busy too. Not nearly the same vibe as Vegas though. Ran into my radio pal, Johnny Dare and he and his crew were playing the 1 cent slots. Very conservative. I joked about how boring the slots are and went and played black jack and lost two hundred bucks. Then I went back to see what Dare was up too, and can you believe it? He won over a hundred bucks on that damn slot machine.

Guess he is smarter than I am.
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38 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Does Vegas, Lives to Tell the Story

  1. Super Dave says:

    Well the second group who yelled at you without a doubt knew you the first group might have but after your last story who can believe anything you post on here anyway.

  2. Whoops says:

    So, How much bread did Barbs make on LVB? More than the usual take on Troost?

  3. bob says:

    Aren’t all of Glazer’s stories
    LIES??? heck he even wrote a book full of lies. Contacted the KBI and needless to say they never heard of this undercover guy Glazer. Says that he is lucky they don’t prosecute as it’s illegal to sate you are a law enforcement officer when u aren’t.

  4. In the know says:

    Glaz actually told the truth one time
    Bob; back in the 70’s the Glaz did hoodwink Vern Miller, the then Ks Attorney General, into letting him be a paid narc. When Glaz got caught by some other LE agency (KCMO?)1 stealing dope from some small time pusher he was supposed to be busting, he was put on trial and found guilty. I remember the newspaper articles well. Since I was well acquainted with his brothers, there is no way my memory is wrong. BTW dad Stan sat in the courtroom bitching and generally looking at the whole fiasco as a way for HIM to get free publicity. Years later these same scumbags filmed a bust, even though they were obviously no longer working for any LE agency, at Stanford’s and talked the Today show into showing it on nationwide, morning TV, where I happened to catch it although I was in Texas. At that time, 30 years a ago, this scumbag Crg Glz was already promoting this minor criminal enterprise to bea Hollywood movie. My guess is that the studio heads, along with Mr. Eastwood, if he was truly involved, eventually decided glazer was too sketchy of a person to trust, and quietly dropped glazer from further consideration… Chances are they didn’t want to get in bed with an armed-robber after all….. A choice Hearne should consider before he gets burned somehow.

  5. chuck says:

    Frank is hilarious.
    I saw him 10 years ago at a Kansas City Home Show. Weird, what can I say. Funny guy.

  6. Hearne says:

    I don’t know if everything in Craig’s book is…
    the absolute truth or not, but Bob is obviously wrong on his key point.

    Maybe some of In the Know’s memories are accurate, but It does seem odd that a couple people are still so obsessed with 40 year-old memories. Seems like there’s plenty of opportunities to tie into the old scribe in the current idiom.

    Maybe it’s time to let go. You know, move on and bag on Craig for some of the stuff he’s writing about and doing today? You know, let the bitter past go and move on with your lives.

    Just a thought.

  7. Movin on says:

    And That Road Goes On And On Into The Sunset
    Hearne, Glazer made it relevant again with his crappy self-promotional “King of Sting” which, lies and inaccuracies aside, makes it obvious that he thinks being an “outlaw” (armed robber) is something to brag about. I personally would have let his background rest (except for a reminisce at reunions ) if glaze didn’t promote it so incessantly on your website. Glazer is still Glazer and his ethics have not changed. Watch your back!

    Were you one of his/Stan’s connections who kept them getting free press in the Star back then? I even remember Stan getting Star press by bluffing that he was going to bring hockey to KC, even though, as he admitted, he had no money for it. I still remember the gist, and maybe the exactness, of a quote in that article.. “Just because I have no money doesn’t mean I can’t act like I do”. The leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree. Thank God Craig has no offspring 🙂

  8. hmm says:

    All I want to know is how you notice a lot less hookers. Are they marked? Unless Craig knows ’em all. Or vice versa.

  9. chuck says:

    Ron, Gary and Steve West!!
    Chessmen Square.

    Great band.

  10. ugghhh says:

    Is this an article about a recovering economy (of which i’d never use craig’s knowledge or observations to set an economic benchmark) no wait its a what I did on my summer vacation peice right? Hearne really? If Glazer wants to drop some names to talk himself up brag about his $80.00 limo and how much he won (yet it didn’t cover the cost of the trip) let him do it at his back yard BBQ. Good lord I half expect him to break out a slide projector and start clicking through snipets while he brags…

  11. balbonis moleskine says:

    Vegas coming back is a good sign, if it can be trusted. However Vegas is pretty much an “inferior good” destination wise in economics terminology. If the luxury hotels are packed, that is because people who normally take $10k all-inclusives to places like Bali, Cayman Islands, Barbados are going to Vegas and spending 5k.

    The rest of the rooms are el cheapo specials where they make their money back on you if you lose a bit in the casino.

    I agree on “No Action” on Chiefs. I would have bet the Under on Hosmer. I would bet the under on the Royals, but who is going to bet against the hometown team on a year long prop bet? Not fun that way.

    I would take the under on Denver.

  12. chuck says:

    Too early to think about money on the NFL
    The Draft isnt in the books and players are still moving back and forth.

    Waaayyy too early to bet any over under stuff.

  13. harley says:

    you’re the king of sting..I’m the king of vegas
    been to vegas more times than you and you need to consult me how to work the city. there are tricks
    in vegas that i take advantage of and you need to knw so you arent spending 80 bucks to get to your
    hotel and you spend it on black bambi.
    1. did you goto riviera./ they’ve got great comedy too…raated right up there with your place…
    2. if theres a wait at taxi stand walk straight across the street. The taxis once theyre in the taxi loop
    cant’ take any passenger til they pull up to taxi stand…however ifyou walk across the taxi area…across the steet (maybe
    20 yard) you can instantly get a cab from those who arent going to airport…real simple.
    3. call your hotel..tell them to comepick you up…i
    m a high roller and i can get them to do that.
    4. in airport you’ll see hundreds of limo drivers inside hold signs fro johnson..freri cks etc…just go up to them
    and trell them you’re the nameon their sign. We had 4 couples 2 years ago…did that and got the limo driver
    to dirve us around vegas for 6 hours. Girls wanted to shop at ceasars so we had him stop and the forum
    shops and we went in…we actually went one those oxygen bars…wild…he tooks us to 2 liqquour stores…after
    6 hours took us to our hotel…droped us off and said thanks mr. johnson..i said …i’m not johnson..he smiled
    ..gave him a big tip and we had a balst….try it.
    5. traveling to vegas…the trip to vegas is always filled with people drinking/partying…before flight take off
    go get a pre board pass from the gate lady…that guarantees you’re at the front of the plane way from
    the drunks and obnoxious people getting sick in the back of the plane.
    6. Going toa show…beforemhand call the maitre de in the showroom…you can get that by calling or looking
    in the vegas book…call him and tell him you need a table for 4 …that you’re a doctor (in your case a
    very famous author and movie producer) …they’ll reserve a special table..but tell him you got a big
    tip andyou’re covered…even if you don’t have tickets…did that for seinfeld…got a booth…maitre de
    came by and said they made a mistake and if we’d let another couple sit with us he’d comp us booze..
    ends up it don rickeles and jerry did about 10 minutes from our table…
    7. don’t wait…just walk in..all thye can do is stop you…80% of the time they won/t and i know if youre
    with black bambi they won’t stop.
    8. the hottest hangout…foundation room…in madalay…coolest swet up..not crowded…very cool
    crowd and lots of entertanment people.
    9. smar move on gambling..dads cousin ran 5 casions in vegas. I used to go party with the dealers..
    they said if you have $100 and you win $30 get up and go home…thats ahuge return you can’t
    get on any investment…look at it as business…. nic e …
    10… not fewer hookers…just the bell captains have a tight rein on them coming in…used to be they
    could go into any hotel…no more…desk captiain control the flow of girls into the hotel and charges them
    an entrance fee…if they don’t pay it they get kicked out not let in… so in the old days they used to just
    work the floors…now they have to pay a pretty big chunk of money so they only go to hoetels where
    they know the bell captians or they stay working other areas of the city without paying…
    11. headed there in may…don’t know what the pools were ike but htye get full bore in
    may-june….you went on final four weekend…thats one of their bigest weekends…
    consumer show (.the computer geeks love vegas)memorial day weekend…super bowl
    and new years although the final four is geting up there in crowds…after that they
    have a lull til may pool season….
    if you or any of my fans..disciples/raders need nay more info on vegas catch me on kcc..thanks

  14. Who dat? says:

    Is that Frank Caliendo?
    Is the black dood in the pic harley?

  15. the dude says:

    beware the tree
    trunks glazer, that one looks suspicious…

  16. balbonis moleskine, certififed high roller at the Lady Luck says:

    LOL, harley’s 15 bullet points reveal the truth
    Harley claims to be a high roller then says:
    5. traveling to vegas…the trip to vegas is always filled with people drinking/partying…before flight take off
    go get a pre board pass from the gate lady…that guarantees you’re at the front of the plane way from
    the drunks and obnoxious people getting sick in the back of the plane.

    That means you fly Southwest airlines to go to Vegas. You take the cheap shit airlines with no actual seating (that’s why you are saying ‘get in the front of the plane’). If you were flying any other airline, even freakin Jet Blue you would have seats.

    Every jackass who gets a free upgrade thinks they are a high roller. If you are flying out on Southwest plane tickets bought on your own dime, YOU MAY NOT BE A HIGH ROLLER.

    I love Harley’s comments. They are the fantasy life of a 50 year old loser, so unhip the lies are not even cool. WOW, you went to an Oxygen bar. HELLO 1998! Here I come!

  17. the dude says:

    Yeah balbonis,
    the Harlinator is the absolute lamest ‘1%er’ I have ever heard of. Didn’t know the 1%ers had to get preboarding passes on Southwest to avoid all the puking, crying babies and drunken sailors.

    You slay me Harley, you truly are too much.

  18. harley says:

    balbonis…again..another wanna be…
    you hit me about airfarce…sorry not many lines got direct flights to vegas at 7am…so i take southwest…
    easy in and out…and i pick my seat…same as traveling first class…with my way i get to pic k seats..
    i like the 7am flights or 9am flights so you can hit the pool…
    “bought on my own dime” who pays for it..of course i own 2 companeis and coming with another
    so its business for me so i’m really not paying “personally”…corporate slaves like you don’t understand
    it….never done the oxygen…ws nice…but we did that while the girls sopped at the stores…
    obviously you don’t fly do get actual s4eats now…if i wanted another airline i have to go thru
    denver…dallas..minee. phoenix…its just a 2 hour flight so its quick and easy ….
    when i travel other lcoations (dallas…take others….miami dealta..(you got to make reservations early on that
    flight or you goota go thru atlanta..which i hate..and i never ttravel thru chicago)..
    i go to austin…chicago…once in a blue moon to louisvile…so it’s hard to really not take a southwest flight
    out of kc…theryre the most convenient…i understand thats b elow low lifes like you…but i’ve seen
    many many guys who can buy your asss 10 times over on southwest..
    and when i get to vaegas..i get first class treatement..and i dont’ gamble much…owned a comapny
    taht wa one of wells fargs biggest customers…the maloufs put me up in the palms… steak house
    great…sky boxes at rain…
    so tell us about yourself and your liefstyle…tell us what you do pork face…glaze get treatedvvwell because
    they know him…same here..
    i’m sure you have fun staying at strtosphere in vegas…$29 a nite…tell us …

  19. harley says:

    come on..have some fun..lighten up
    glaze and i tell a few stories…tell a few instacnes..andy o guys act like you’re perry mason..
    like this is so serious…we’re a bunch of guys exchaning stories and having a few laughs.
    You examine my stores for holes…i m not amillionaire…i have worked hard and gotten a
    few breaks in life…and some tough breaks in lige. No different than any ofyou.
    So i love las some stories …nothing big..jsut exchaning some b.s.
    I don’t write all the harley comments…so lets hav e afew laughs..tell some stores.
    try to keep the animosity down….debate not berate…and if you see something you want
    to talk about lets discuss it without all the hate….glaze had some storeis…i havd some stories..
    instead of trying to attack…attack…attack…lets not get into the mud….take care guys…
    sorry to be wrong…but lets chill outy.

  20. facts checker..harley is a retard says:

    2 hour flight to vegas #bullshit
    Takes more than 2 hours by double to get to Vegas.
    I know Harley, he doesn’t own 2 or even a single business. He is on disability from eating a bad piece of meat at sidekicks.

  21. the dude says:

    facts checker,
    you are a funny man. Bad piece of meat at Sidekicks, good one.

  22. Skeptic says:

    Craig went to Vegas and all he got was some crappy out of focus pictures.

  23. harley says: don’t knwo me..
    own 2 companies…know ev eryone in town…you don’t know me bec ause if you did
    you know that i know everyone…would love to have a drink with you sometime..
    i like the new coaches at 135…put your time to meet…have a drink…i probably
    know many of your friends and family…and i love to meet new people.
    thats a cool offer..and i’ll buy…
    sorry may have been off 15 minutes onv flight to vegas…if you want when me meet
    i can tell you everything you need to know when you go there..and i can even get you
    rooms…whateer you need.
    not mad…lets meet…i’m fun and we can talk shop..have a great day…
    don’t know sidekicks…i like to have a few ones at 77 south ino.p…know chris..well the
    owner…or fuel…shawn and i go way way back ….peace man…or come by
    lifestime fitness…i’m up there mon/tues/wed/sat/sun…take strike on those days
    then lift…have a grt day…

  24. harleys Pilates instructor Delroy says:

    I can verifiy that harley hangs out at lifetime fitness
    in the shower, steam room, locker room, by the dirty clothes hampers.

  25. Fools Meet Here Sometimes says:

    More Than Two Fools Met Here?
    It’s surprising that people can be intimidated, even when participating in a blog for which the commenters are by-and-large anonymous! How in hell can you take any of this seriously! Glazer might take a few of these comments a little seriously when they hit close to home, but he’s getting paid to take hits, and sociopath that he is, he seems to enjoy people knowing his resume includes armed robbery and jail time.

    But some of the rest of you people? Personally, even though I am Jewish (really), and take history very seriously, I couldn’t possibly care less if someone writes something that sounds anti-Semetic on this site. I prefer that the statements be new and clever instead of old and tired, but folks, this is NOT a serious Holocaust blog, and I doubt if Elle Wiesel will be reading here to often.

    I suppose these true hurt feelings on display are actually a new type of emotional comedy, even if the actors are not intending it to be funny.

    I get a big kick out of y’all trying to one-up each other even though hardly anyone knows who anyone else is…… And now y’all are threatening to sue each other! Now this does actually piss me off a little, because my share of the judge’s salary for the time spent might add up to a penny, and pennies add up unless you live in Canada.

    Tim e how fast a crook-lawyer (yah I know, same thing) pours you out the door if you suggest he take such an innane case on a contingency, although he’d be delighted to take an hourly deal ……. He won’t say a thing about column inches, except maybe “keep it commin” 🙂 :).

    Hearney baby; could you provide us with some happy faces and other writing embellishments?

    One of you guys threatening to sue and the other actually worrying about it……….. Hearne….. You’re in the editing biz … Is the expression “That’s where two fools met” considered to be too clichic now? If its a judgement call, how do you call it? I can’t think of a single thing on Earth more important!


    Do you remember Hazel and Bozy? Did anything they told you improve your skill? BTW: They questioned your parentage…… Not out of spite; Bozy in particular thought your skin was much, much darker than Stan’s or your brother’s ….. (Hearne; is it ” brother’s ” or is it
    ” brothers’ ” ?)

  26. chuck says:

    If, for whatever reason your interested in Jews
    all of a sudden (How did we get here? Remind me…) then I suggest

    Debbie is brilliant, incisive, topical and takes no prisoners. She comes off of the stool in the first round like Tyson in his prime.

    A good read for local and international takes from someone who suffers no fools, especially Jews.

    Check out here newest take on Mike Wallace.

    Take a deep breath, it’s ok to like Pat Buchanan and Debbie Schussel too.

    It takes all kinds to fill up the political freeway.

  27. the dude says:

    Hey Delroy,
    has the Harlinator been sniffing the dirty underwear hamper again? I told him not to do that, just keep to sniffing his mail order sniffable panties (says worn by a real girl on the package).

  28. 1%Harley says:

    Dear god, where will it ever end?
    Now they no …. I……
    sniff dirty…..
    Who is finding all … the insideinformation
    on me
    and how…… are…… they
    doing it

  29. 1%Harley says:

    Im the king of the world!!
    its not
    guy on Titanic, its me…………………but still, Craig is
    King of my hart

    Two fools meet or whateber yur name……
    he scared me. he found out who….. i

    I had two call my atternie……. what else could I do?
    I’m a sham……..worse than that even but I…… dont
    have a good word too use.
    I’m…….kindu dum

  30. Jeff Spero says:

    Glazer Is The Real Deal
    I get a kick out of all the b.s. I read about Glazer. I have written on this site a couple times, notice I use my real name. I went to ASU with Craig, latter I was an agent for the Attorney General with Craig. He got me in by the way. I still carry my retired I.D. with me, badge and all. Yes Craig was a lead agent. So some liar said he called the KBI and they didn’t know of him? Highly unlikely. KBI worked under him. It was the mid 70’s so maybe someone there didn’t know him, but again with his notority not likely. Craig has many friends, maybe too many. He is damn nice to those who need his help. Some of you nuts try and minimize his career to being a robber and criminal oh and a narc. He was not truely any of that, his job description, as was mine, was to enforce all laws. He robbed robers and yeah in a sense was a criminal or as he says outlaw. This guy was a mastermind. This person you so quickly put down set up one of the best ‘stings’ ever. Craig at age 27 put together a plot to take down the Columbian Mob for millions. They wanted to launder money throught the Mafia. Craig had actors pose as real mobsters and took the ‘bad guys’ down for over a million dollars in a one year period. Turned out they were the FBI, DEA,Customes and Pacific Task Force after the Mafia in Vegas. They eventually brought down the Mafia in 1984, movie Casino somewhat covers this story. Based on some real situations. My friend didn’t know they were the feds, they didn’t know he was pulling a sting operation. He got 7 years for that. Craig took it to trial, meaning he gave up nobody. In his 2001 KC case, which I was at every hearing and sentencing, Craig told his life story to the judge, yes the short version of King of Sting. You can’t make things up in federal court, they pretty much know the facts and that would be a criminal charge to lie. The Judge believed Craig. She asked the US Attorney if it was all true. HE HAD NO COMMENT. Means YES! So you can keep making up stories, calling him a name or liar. The truth is Craig is what he says he is, like it or not. He is and was a darn brave person. This guy with Woodbeck, would take down, weapons drawn, many dangerous groups who were also armed. Yeah I don’t agree with what he did, but he had reasons, some good, some not. He admits that.

    I used my real name, I am a real person. Most of you are under fake names, meaning you have much to hide. I don’t. Craig is a true person of note in this crazy world today. he stood up, he got knoced down, he got back up and know what, the guy won. So now go on and piss and moan. I don’t know of anyone who has a life matching this mans. He is one of a kind. He is a friend.

  31. the dude says:

    @Jeff Shpearo
    Wrong article to defend your good buddy, you should have posted in one of his bloviating rants when he feels dissed about his sports op, defending his ‘love life’, or his sports films producing credits. Wrong article to post in man.

    We are just having fun at Mr. Glazers expense, no need to swear on a bible and tell us Craig’s life story, we already heard it 10 bazillions times from the king of sling himself.

    Go testify elsewhere man.

  32. harley says:

    oh no u didnt spermo smearo
    Listen butch , Craig is my man, so back off slobbering on his winky. That’s my job. By the way, you use much of the same sentence structure and poor writing habits as my king of schwing. Wud up wit htat? If you aren’t careful people will think u r Craig.

  33. Not One Of The Boys says:

    Truly One Of Glazer’s Hoodlums
    Yeah Spero, I use a fake name because of the trouble Glazer could still cause. I remember you; I was Jack’s age and I bumped into you at the apt once or twice. Back then, you were indeed a ceriminal like Glazer. Are you still? Are you proud that you were or still are a criminal? Your good friend Glaze sure is. And I bet that for every so-called “friend” glaze has, there are ten people who hate his guts for being such a dispicable person and being PROUD of it…… I know just how embarrassed Rita was when the subject of offspring came up, and her friends had raised doctors and engineers, etc, and she had raised three jailbirds thanks to her ex-husband……………….

    I know enough to know that your story about the FBI, DEA, etc is complete bullshit. Even your lying buddy Craig doesn’t go that far.

    Most people I know who were criminals in their teens/late twenties grew out of it and became honest. Sounds to me like you never changed, and your opinion is that being a criminal is glorious, but you are RONG, its sick. Calling an armed robber an “Outlaw” makes the whole business sound romantic perhaps, but we all know scumbag, lowlife criminals aren’t “outlaws” like Waylan and Willie, they are simply sociopathic trash.

    Sounds like its too late for you to repent, Spero…… Your parents must be proud they raised such a man of integrity. Do you have children? Do you teach them that people like your good friend glaze are examples of how you want them to be?

  34. Bob says:

    because you spell just like him.

  35. walter pigeons brother. Stoolie says:

    Informant, paid rat, yes…Agent Law Enofrcement officer, no
    If you begin life as a criminal then go to work for the law, that doesnt make you an Agent. It makes you a rat. Even cops hate rats. The fact that there were guns involved during your robberies, makes you even bigger wastes of flesh. Bullets dont know the bad guys in one motel room, from the innocent family in the one adjoining it. Glazer is a joke and Spero writes just like him. Hmmmmm……

  36. Spiro Agnew says:

    There is such an idiot as Spero
    Having known these creeps during glazers teens and twenties, I assure you that there was a glazer sycophant named Jeff Spero. Glazer was the leader of a group of these losers, which included his brothers. It’s not surprising this Spero jackass sounds like glaze even 35 years later. I don’t know for sure that this poster isn’t the glaze himself, but I don’t think glaze would use the name of someone he knows in this forum. I strongly suspect this poster is actually Spero.

    With respect to the little clique of these worse-than-nothing pricks, everyone who knew them also knew to steer clear unless they wanted to be ripped off. Those days were leading to glazer’s peak in life. Glazer hit what he still considers to be his highest level of success when he was fucking over law enforcement AND low – medium level drug dealers, all at once. He, his remaining brother, and the aging gang never realized that they wasted their lives stealing, when they could have been making the world a better place. They are blind to the fact that they have wasted their lives.

  37. PB says:

    Hate to feed into to a couple of earlier posts, but it was also the first thing that popped into my head upon seeing that picture…tranny? Sorry, not a necessarily a diss in a blog where Missie B’s is a hot topic, just an observation. All good though if she/he? can do a smoking rendition of Love Hangover.

  38. the dude says:

    Yeah PB,
    it also supposedly does a great rendition of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” a la The Crying Game.
    Harley told me it brought him to literal tears.

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