Starbeams: NFL Axes Coaches for Answering Fans Prayers, Google as Foreplay, Katy Perry

Coaches from the New Orleans Saints have been suspended for encouraging players to injure players on other teams for money.  Basically, they got in trouble for saying what I’m yelling at my TV every Sunday!


Google has strung over 100 miles of cable in Kansas City and promises speeds 100 times faster than broadband and 1,000 times faster for uploads.  I’m going to miss the slow downloads for the sites I visit because I’ve always considered it to be foreplay.


Blue Valley Southwest students felt their school lacked identity so they lip-dubbed a video of all the students singing Katy Perry‘s "Firework" on the school’s campus. Ironically, the lip-synching was more convincing than Katy Perry’s lip-synching at Sprint Center.

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