Hearne: Plaza Patron Weighs in on Urban Teen Problem Through Kid’s Eyes

At the risk of starting a comments section race riot and against my better judgement…

I’m going to share with you an interview I conducted on St. Patrick’s Day on the Country Club Plaza. A conversation with 39 year-old suburban mother of two, Ann Thompson. Thomson was there on a shopping spree at Urban Outfiters, H&M, Bananna Republic and Standard Style, if that tells you anything about her.

Thompson’s take on the scene outside Seville upon observing the behavior of dozens of black urban teens and the Plaza Security police in afternoon on a warm, sunny afternoon?

"The thing is, the kids that were there weren’t dressed like most white kids would, but they weren’t dressed poorly," Thompson says. ‘They looked like kids who took pride in how they dressed and got dressed up to go out.

"But I felt bad about it because they were being ushered here or there – five to ten kids in a group," she continues. "I mean, that’s called loitering and if you had a group of white kids loitering, chances are they’d probably be indignant if the security did to them what they were doing to the black kids. You know like, ‘I have the right to be here. You can’t tell me where I can stand.’

"The sad thing is, you have this group of black kids with nowhere to go and they’re loitering. And when they’re asked to move it’s because it’s because they’re seen as loiterers and a threat. Where the white kids are just loiterers. No one’s uncomfortable or afraid of the white kids, they’re just a nuisance. The group of black kids are a nuisance and a threat."

There’s more…

"So when that kid said, ‘We be movin,’ before the security guys even reached him, it was an acknowledgement that they know that they’re perceived as a threat," Thompson says. "And the fact that they have that kind of self-awareness is what’s wrong. That’s what hurts our society because it is racism.

"These kids were on good behavior as far as I’m concerned – they were on good behavior. Yet they knew they were perceived as a threat and what a terrible weight to bear when you’re 13. That’s just wrong. I mean, that’s sad.

"They were cleancut looking; they were well-dressed and they were not acting up. But they were still being treated as though they were going to do something wrong. But I have to side with the Plaza, too. When you’re on the Plaza, you don’t just see big groups of people standing around. They’re constantly in motion and standing around and doing nothing is loitering."

Therein lies the conundrum – that even in a best case scenario- urban teens on the Plaza or at Ward Parkway‘s spruced up new AMC Theaters and Cinemark in Merriam have their work cut out finding their place in a world that largely mistrusts them.

Merely because of the color of their skin.

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58 Responses to Hearne: Plaza Patron Weighs in on Urban Teen Problem Through Kid’s Eyes

  1. BarKeeper says:

    “We be movin’ “
    They are mistrusted based on their track record and past performance on Plaza. Pretty simple, huh? When is the last time white kids were associated with shots fired on the Plaza?

    And it doesn’t move them forward one small inch to tear the shit out of the language. We be movin’. Submit that to an English teacher and find yourself back in about the fourth grade right quick.

  2. Super Dave says:

    If they are spending money on the Plaza and behaving then leave them alone. But if they are just there to be there and nothing else then I would see some of the issue. Be just like if they was to stand and hang around a McDonalds all day but not spend any money while there. In due time Ronald McDonald will start asking you to move alone your creating congestion

    But I will be honest I have seen and felt the issue at Ward Parkway for one they will walk around or stand around in groups and block the walkways or paths or walk shoulder to shoulder right towards you and you either move over or risk a shoulder butt and a hey watch it ole man comment. When it happened to me I saw not a bag one being carried by anyone that alone does not mean they wasn’t buying but as well it didn’t look like it either.

  3. newbaum turk says:

    I’m white and grew up in Overland Park. Graduated high school in 1988. When we were bored we would congregate at somewhere like the McDonalds on 95th & I-35 or other places. You know what happened to us white kids who were standing around in front of businesses not spending any money? The cops ran us off every time. Even if it was five of us. Happened all the time. Happened at the Plaza too and we were never associated with gunfire or any violence. I guess if any white person does anything to a black person it is automatically racism. Guess what? Kids have been bored forever and looking for something to do. Remember last year’s violence? The mayor had gunshots go by him. Later on he found a couple of 10 year old girls down there at midnight. I guess that is all right with you. What a bunch of bullshit. The crowds that have gathered in Wesport for years now would NEVER be allowed to do that if they were white. The cops would run them off. Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room. Just wait until the All Star game this summer and some out-of-towner is murdered like the two British people in Florida recently. Most of the people here for the game will be at the Plaza at some point during their stay. Wait till all the tourists go to the nicest part of our city and go home to tell their friends that it really nothing but a dangerous shit hole and they will never go back.

  4. law says:

    you better learn to live with people of color
    Because they are going to run America. Long after you’re gone these are the people who are going to run this nation.

  5. harley says:

    1. The election of 2012 will be decided by the latino vote. The latino vote will almost certainly decide the
    votes from 2016 on out.
    2. Minority voter numbers are exploding. The republicans felt they could keep them from voting but it’s not
    going to work. They will swamp polling places this year. The republicans have pissed off women voters..
    they forgot that women never forget…even if the incident happened 20 years ago!
    3. The younger generations are much less prejudiced than than their parents. They don’t carry the anger
    and hard core beliefs of their parents.
    4. Minorities and people of color are becoming more economically powerful. They have incredible buying power
    and they will use it to achieve political gains. Just watch what is to follow after Pepsi and Coca Cola withdrew
    from ALEC.
    5. The world is changing. You may not agree with it and it will change your world dramatically. Regardless of what
    america does…the rest of the world is starting to catch up with us. It’s like a steam roller. Billions of people
    wanting the luxuries we take for granted are going to work harder to get them. A dramatic shift is taking place..
    we may not see it complete in our lifetime but it’s going on as we watch. And noone can stop it!
    The options now for us are really simple. Can we keep pace with the rest of the world while our population
    ages and we bicker over handguns/birth control pills/race relations or do we finally realize that we have so
    many bigger problems to face that can destroy our country from within.
    We will have to learn to live with reality of this changing world. We scream about $5.00 a gallon gas when
    we’re sending over half our oil overseas because corporations can get more for the
    oil there than they can in the U.S. Will we become victims of speculators on everything from
    cancer drugs to oil and other natural resources. We couldn’t agree as a nation on anything right now…too
    much conditioning to believe that we can’t compromise or we’re losing.
    All the comments about race and hate and violence will not change a thing. We’d better get off our
    asses and do something because we are about to implode from within. Sitting at our keyboards won’t
    make the problems go away.. We better find some answers real real quick!!!!

  6. Smartman says:

    A Poem
    Monkey see
    Monkey do
    eat bananas
    Throw the poo

    Ali, Frazier
    Evil Kneivel
    Not black and white
    But good or evil?

    In a world
    Sometimes scary
    Lock and load
    Conceal and carry

  7. Liz says:

    How Sad
    It’s weird because every time I go to the Plaza, there are people “loitering” on the sidewalks. It is really sad to see adults acting frightened of teenagers.

  8. Rosco says:

    Making Money Off White Flight
    I am investing in Commercial Real Estate in S JoCo. The Plaza is lost, the hordes will not recede. The race card has been played and Americans (white) feel guilty. They will voice their sympathies but vacate the area quicker than a KU fan after a bb loss. The Plaza had a nice run but face it, hell is only a few blocks away.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Rosco, Im in the “commercial world” and see similar things
    The Plaza

  10. the dude says:

    Like Newbaum
    said, white or black or purple, ya loiter in groups larger than 3 and not be holdin bags, you be movin’.

  11. Mark X says:

    White guilt …Round 2…
    Well, your last post on this subject generated 120+ posts …

    Nothing like beating a dead horse to generate site hits, huh Hearne?

    Smartman … take it away …

  12. the dude says:

    Yep, Wilson is right
    Ya might as well get the wrecking ball ready, the midtown DMZ aka THE PLAZA offers nothing unique or special, it is just a collection of corporate stores. Why fight through hordes of bawdy, restless and listless ‘scholars’ when you can buy the same damn thing at Oak park mall or 119th shops and not get mugged or hassled in the process?

    We already know about the police reports of crimes that get juked so people are not scared shitless to go there if they knew the REAL crime numbers.

    It is dying the slow entropy death that cannot be stopped, just slowed down a bit. White people will do their flight again to cheerier confines down south in bonny joco. Good knowing ya midtown DMZ aka THE PLAZA ye shall be going the way of bannister and indian springs, RIP.

  13. Hearne says:

    Sorry, Mr. Hearst…
    Too lame, too boring.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ahhh, thank you, Dude, “Wilson is RIGHT” sounds soo good
    …which of course, by way of your cogent observation, makes you EQUALLY right.

  15. Smartman says:

    As we remember the passion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, nailed to a cross today by the JEWS. Let’s give credit where credit is due. First slave traders? The JEWS. Who took advantage of black musical acts prior to Motown? The JEWS. Who controls the left wing media in the US? The JEWS. Who claims Glazer? The JEWS. Harley? The JEWS. Bernie Madoff? The JEWS. Judas Iscariot? The JEWS. Who has no oil in the middle east? The JEWS. Why do the Muslims hate us? The JEWS! Who votes democrat despite an overwhelming lack of political support from that party? The JEWS. Who does Louis Farakahn despise? The JEWS. Who overcharges my ebony skinned brothers and sisters for they bling and grillz? The JEWS. Who thinks they are better and smarter than everyone else? The JEWS.

    So, as we examine the ills and imperfections in our society we can see it is not so much a matter of black and white as perhaps green, silver and gold. Couldn’t be the fault of those money lenders in the temple could it?

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh MAN, Smartman, you know I love you…. but…
    ….there are two sides to this one too. One, yes, a lot of Jews are self serving. A lot of whites live in trailer parks and are as trashy and as worthless as any one of the little jr bangers on the Plaza we just spent 125 comments talking about.

    Not to sound like an economist…… BUT ON THE OTHER HAND… there’s this other little line in the Bible about the Jewish race being, waaaait for it….. Gods Chosen people, too, isn’t there? As with any other topic, I think its really dangerous to make what a friend of mine calls “gawd aweful statements” that with one feld swoop you can include EVERYone or EVERYthing in a grouping. ALL black bears kill people. ALL MEN do this…. ALL Women act like THIS, all BLACKS are on welfare. And, I think even you, would agree to some extent.

    Yes, there are Madoff Jews. And there are Christian Trumps. I don’t want to be lumped in with ANY group unless I”ve done something to deserve the lumping. Like, I consider myself one of Hearnes friends, in that case, when you say ALLLLL of Hearnes friends have a screw loose, then see, that would be correct. But its not in very many other instances.

    Two of my Jewish friends would do ANYTHING in this WORLD for me. I know a couple on here that would take a run at me if they thought they could. I can’t color my friends with that, just because I knew a couple rotten Jewish apples.

  17. Smartman says:

    Arab Springsteen
    Paul, just stirring the matzo! Nothing like tweaking the Tribe on Good Friday. Adds more pressure to the industrial guilt complex. Might even, no pun intended, resurrect, Bad Ass Jew Berkowitz from his slumber.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, you get your extra points for tweaking…
    3 hours before Passover.

    I will be celebrating it at the Boulvevard Free Friday Drive In night with family, friends, cigars and wine. (Thanks to Jack, havent done this in decades)

    Come on out. Big white Caddy SUV with a girls name on the license plate! I’ll share.

  19. the dude says:

    Ah yes, smartman
    can’t forget to lump the zionists jews/diamond districters/hollyweird jews and banker jews in on the blame game of why the midtown DMZ aka THE PLAZA is going the way of the dodo and Uhmerica while we are at it.

    Don’t forget the skinheads, Bildbergeers, CFR’s, attendees of bohemian grove, 4 reich nazis, harlinators (1%ers, ha!), congress, the supreme court, potus, the CIA, NSA et. al.

    God forbid we would want to ultimately lay the blame on we the people, the real people responsible for our own destinies.

    Much easier to lay the blame and responsibility on some other poor sot.

  20. Smartman says:

    The R Word
    Dude! No pun intended on Crucifixion Friday, but you hit the nail on the head. RESPONSIBILITY! PERSONAL REPONSIBILTY! Solves all our problems. As with all problems the answer lies deep within ourselves where most people are afraid to look.

    PS: You forgot to mention the Illuminati.

  21. the dude says:

    Thanks smartman
    I knew I left one or two conspiratorial groups out of the mix.

    Oh yeah, don’t want to leave the trilateral group out of the conversation, leaving them out of the discussion would be criminal.

    Just take a long look in the mirror people if you want someone to lay the blame on.
    You, me and the white and black pope, we are all to blame.

  22. mike says:

    reply to smartman
    When you blame the Jews for killing Jesus, you are missing the point of why he came here to begin with. His purpose was to die as a perfect blood sacrifice for our sins. In a sense, we are all responsible for his death as we all sin. Also, Jesus himself was Jewish as were the apostles and the prophets. Let’s all celebrate on Easter that he rose on the third day and is still alive!

  23. Smartman says:

    Amen brother!

  24. the dude says:

    Baby jesus!! Aaaaaaaaaymayen!!!

    Pass the bibles and the bullets!

  25. BarKeeper says:

    These Turds Will Be Running the Country?
    At the rate we’re going, the average US resident in 40 or 50 years, will be a bi-racial, ex-felon, ebonics speaking, knuckle dragger with a sixth or seventh grade education. Glad I won’t be around to see it.

  26. chuck says:

    3 Days of the Condor
    “I long for the clarity”. John Houseman, waxing nostaligic for the 2nd World War in the face of the Byzantine manipulations of his enemies and friends while working for the CIA.

    Me too John, and Hearne has given us some today.

    Here are the facts.

    All over America around 20% of African Americans lay waste to retail and real estate flora and human fauna like a biblical curse. Its a categorical fact, and I notice no one, not ever here is distputing the expectations of more violence. It’s conin, like the man says, sure as God’s vengence.

    I really enjoyed some of the comments which refer to the current problem and in the face of the destruction wreaked in our freshly remembered past, offer sanguine hopes for the future. Yeah, thats a fuckin pun from hell baby.

    ” you better learn to live with people of color
    law 07:45:53 AM – Fri. Apr 6. 2012
    Because they are going to run America. Long after you’re gone these are the people who are going to run this nation.”

    Really? Run it where? Maybe it will turn out like Johannesburg. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW6lOdxqSUE Or maybe, it will go a litle better and just be Detroit. Really? Are you fuckin high?

    “How Sad
    Liz 09:50:09 AM – Fri. Apr 6. 2012
    It’s weird because every time I go to the Plaza, there are people “loitering” on the sidewalks. It is really sad to see adults acting frightened of teenagers.”

    Did the fuckin Mayor of the City, for chrissakes not take evasive action and dive into the bushes in front of the Cheescake factory while “Shots Rang Out” just last summer? Were there not shots fired just last weekend on the plaza. Were there not assualts and beatings during the numerous Flash Mob gathereings last year? Liz is a true baaddass, she ain’t frontin baby and is way ready for some ‘wet work’ at her favorite shoppoing locale. Our masculinity withers in the face of such courage.

    The “Dude” weighs in, with an insult, “…restless and listless ‘scholars’ , jsut the other day, he is yappin about his badass homies on the streets of St. Louiey and now he is talkin shit. Wet by every rain and blown by every wind, I am thinkin Dude’s best efforts in the company of Stanford -Binet match his Wonderlich. “Dude, Where’s My Brain?”

    But my favorite comment, is Hearne’s. “Merely because of the color of their skin.” There it is, clarity. Many of those amongst us, pecuniarily insouciant by way of blood and birth, imply unfettered criticism from behind the security of engored bank accounts and an appeal to a level of “decency” that offers no threat to them, while risking the blood and treasure of others.

    To those folks making $10.00 or $12.00 an hour, or working for tips, or those who have invested in any way in commerce on teh Plaza, by way of real estate and employment, Hearne would offer a paen to diverstiy, from a distance.

    I would agree with most of you here, that yes, the Plaza is cooked, put a fork in it. And I would agree that American demographics are rapidly changing and the survivors who flourish will have to adjust or perish.

    I am less than sanguine concerning the results, and would anticipate more and more innocnet folks exsanguinating into our cities gutters.

  27. chuck says:

    Me too Barkeep.
    BTW, my apologies for any typos, eye infection.

    Never trust a white man in a Cadilac.

    Just kiddin Paul.


  28. harley says:

    thanks smartman..you rested your tongue long from licking
    the toilet bowls and crawling among the piss of the bar toilets to really cook your
    goose. Hearne cut me off…you won’t …thanks for the increased material……

  29. harley says:

    IT guys are loving you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you need a shovel to dig a deeper hole I’m sure the jewish guy who owns Home Depot will sell you one.. Actually you don’t need
    one right now…you need a big fucking ladder cause its a gonna rain…….

  30. the dude says:

    My IQ is great chuckie,
    never had to take the wonderlich because I actually went to university to learn an actual subject. with applicabilty in the real world.

    Just stating fact in about the dead midtown DMZ aka THE PLAZA and the fact that most whitebreads don’t swim through a sea of sweaty colored kids to get their H & M fix. And the fact that you would not last long on the mean streets ot St. Louis because you would die from dehydration of pissing yourself to death because you could not get to a ‘white only’ water fountain.

  31. chuck says:

    dude, where’s my brain?
    Didn’t know ya needed a degree to clean the sneeze shield at the Pizza Hut.

  32. barker says:

    chuck..you don’t need a degree to clean the sneeze
    shield. That’s why you’re qualified for the job! Get your white hoodie out for the burning!

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chucky, its the SUV
    not the Coupe de Ville or custom Major Cadillac version with the continental kit on the back or levelours in the back windows. Just a grocery getter and kid taxi for the little lady. It’s a concession to not doing a mini van which would make me throw up in my mouth a little.
    I’m a vintage car guy, you wouldn’t find me in anything too normal or anywhere near new for my own ride. MG’s, Triumphs, Benz coupes, 914-6 Porsche, Alfa’s… and it gets really weird from there. Waiting for my Dean Martin style Stutz.

  34. Mark X says:

    @ BarKeeper >>
    “At the rate we’re going, the average US resident in 40 or 50 years, will be a bi-racial, ex-felon, ebonics speaking, knuckle dragger with a sixth or seventh grade education. Glad I won’t be around to see it.”

    Dude, they’ve aleady made that movie:


    Watch it — it’s suppose to be funny, satire … but it’s not. It’s our future.

  35. harley says:

    you’re 1000% right. We do control the world.. Lehman..Goldman…Einstein..Freud…
    You worked for the jews.
    Wilson worked for the jews.
    Hearne worked for the jews.
    Chuck…don’t know…the guy’s just freaking out there with his tin foil hat and hate…
    We know who you talk with and what you say…we run the banks…the federal reserve…
    if you invest in mutual funds..banks..sprint…or any other publicly owned company…we run that too.
    We decide all the laws and tell you people which ones to obey. We are the brains behind the
    greatest medical discoveries…the brains behind the internet..cell phones…software (you realize
    the companies in isreal are really the incubators for most of the computer softwares?)
    We are the doctors you go to when you’re sick…we develope almost 30% of the real estate
    in this nation…we essentially control the mortgage business.
    We handle the metal trade…the textile trade…we control everything you see from tv to movies.
    We teach your kids how to act…we control the shows they watch…the news you get…from the
    time you wake up..til the time you go to sleep…we are there.
    We control almost every radio station in this market! Our funds run the tv stations…the media..
    Go watch one of our films…we control that too.
    We’ve developed the world…our israeli brothers control many industries…and almost everything
    you do in your life…everything that affects you and your children…we made it possible.
    We’re also the most generous people. Look at the top scholars in the nation…who are they?
    The top business and financial leaders…who are they?
    Educational leaders…the great minds of this nation and the world.
    Sure there will be bad apples…every group has them..but there would be no nasa without us…
    no social security or medicare programs without us…no voting rights act without us…
    So you and wilson can throw all the antisemitic phrases and qoute out here in public and on the
    internet…makes no difference. I’m sure you will be ashamed to have to answer for these anti semitic
    charges to those around you.
    Facts are facts….I am proud of my religion and what we have done to make this world a better place.
    and all your hate spewing lies won’t change a thing.

  36. chuck says:

    Harley take it easy, smartman was japing.
    And yeah I worked for some Jews.

    Loved ’em all. Great group of folks, loved the food, women and culture. Plus, they are easy to make fun of and don’t take it seriously.

    I would actually agree with pretty much everything you said, including the shit about me being “way out there and filled with hate.”

    Hate is a good thing.

    A necessary and standard emotion, needed during times of universal deceit.

  37. harley says:

    Maybe as christians…you and smartman and the rest of your clan should go read the
    bible again….hates a good thing??????
    where do you come from? How were you raised?

  38. Smartman says:

    @norton, I mean harley
    What’s the difference between Harry Potter and a Jew?

    Harry Potter can escape the chambers!!!!! !

    Forget google, btw I’m already beta testing for them at a property I own in KCK. I signed up for the new Jewish Internet service, called Bebe Internetanyahu, it comes with free Jew Tube.

  39. chuck says:

    Harley, I’m not sure if your saying that I lied
    and didn’t work for Jews, or you dissagree with my content.

    But I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    “I hate victims who respect their executioners.”
    Jean-Paul Sartre

  40. chuck says:

    bebe internetenyahoo
    LMAO–Jesus thats funny.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled hate.

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley you low-life, pretend 1% error ridden mother fucker!
    I said I wouldn’t respond to another piece of drivel you ever WROTE, but you print a line like you did BELOW…..,

    “So you and wilson can throw all the antisemitic phrases and qoute out here in public and on the
    internet…makes no difference. I’m sure you will be ashamed to have to answer for these anti semitic
    charges to those around you.”

    …. and you’re NOT going to answer to those around you, like you charged me and him with, you’re going to answer to ME, first HAND, IN PERSON, no threat, 100% BACKED UP!

    You want to take action on THAT little comment of MINE, you have at it, but NOT until you RETRACT what you said above. You are NOT coming on HERE and saying I said something anit Jewish, when I was defending Jews, telling Smartman he went over the line on that one…… and get away with it!

    NOW…. you get your nasty little, slimy wanna be ass on this computer and you print a RETRACTION to that little accusation or I’m going to do it with YOU IN MY LEFT HAND leaving my RIGHT HAND free to type YOUR WORDS!! I don’t CARE what or WHO you have guessed me to be, I dont care how many times you misquote how many years I’ve done this or that… its just more corner of stupidity from your little world, I dont care. But you DO NOT do what you just did to me and get a pass. No matter what or WHO you think I am, I can PROMISE YOU, you are WRONG at a alarmingly high level, and you’re about to find out HOW WRONG you are.

    I. KID. YOU. NOT.

    Since you’re CLEARLY too stupid to read the English language OR use the UP ARROW to go review for yourself, here

  42. dreamwriter326 says:

    I don’t know if I wanna laugh at Wilson’s proclamation …
    Or use a Bill Murray quote in an unnatural way.

    HARLEY: “Wilson, you are a madman. When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy. If the two of us together, forget it. I’m gonna go out on a limb here. I’m gonna volunteer my leadership to this blog. An blog without leaders is like a foot without a big toe. And Wilson, you’re not always gonna be here to be that big toe for us. I think that we owe a big round of applause to our newest, bestest buddy, and big toe… Wilson.”

    OK, I just did both. Lighten up guys, it’s Easter. (But that’s still some funny dialogue!) Cheers!

  43. mike says:

    reply to Paul
    I read your comment about what your Grandfather said about wrestling with a pig and it applies here. You are letting this guy get to you with his insipid comments. You did not say anything anti-Semetic and everyone knows it. Don’t let this guy steal your peace and ruin your Easter. It isn’t worth it.

  44. bschloz says:

    So a Rabbi, Sly James and 2 Gay dudes walk into a Bar….

  45. The Easter Bunny says:

    I wont be visiting harley this year
    I went by his trailer last year to hide eggs. His wife tried to make a coat out of me. His grubby kids tried to eat me. To add insult to injury harley thought “hiding eggs” was code word for perverse sexual acts. I barely escaped with my life. I did have to leave behind a foot, which his wife was gnawing on like a chicken wing.

  46. halrey/jojo says:

    no problem wilson
    statemnt didn’t come out like i wanted it to…sorry for including you in the vile smartman and chuck…rains coming..
    but i hope that with all the conservative jews you know that youll show you disgust and outrage for posting
    of vile disgusting salacious comments about any minrotiy group.
    callm down bud…we need you…who else would w e have to banter with…
    everythings cool…sorry…you know i type fast adn sometimes the writing doesnt match up…sorry agian…i screwed up…
    however…there are problems…please email your phone number to my attroeny at law4life1000@yahoo.com…you
    spoke with him before…very very important…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Leon Cupra driver who speaks for the ONE PERCENT says:

    Harley delivers like Papa Johns
    All the best attorney’s have Yahoo.com domains, considering that making client communications on a non-secure, non-encripted email server is an ethical violation in Missouri according to Missouri ethical rules. Harley you are a superstar in your own head.

  48. harley says:

    retired…doesn’t need the busines…former attorney who liv
    es in arizona now…doesnt practice law…largest class action suit agianst
    pharmaceutical companies…mass tort expert…puts 99% of trhe atotrneys
    in america to shame…we’ve been friend for years…i did work fro him
    when he was with larry farmer in l.a….sorry…got ya again…and he knows
    full well the law….just helps me out…
    so again…stupid comment made with no information…anything more..
    he could buy you and your firm or 10x over…and he doesn’t have to wrok
    another day in his.life…
    case closed as he would say…verdict: you’re a loser…

  49. paul d wilson says:

    Harley, there are PROBLEMS?? I need to talk to….
    your attorney? Oh my god… I’m paralyzed in fear. Not your attorney, please, no!!

    I looked up law4life@yahoo and you know what mostly comes back? Tons of responses to Yahoo Answers forums where the person using that email is apparently so bored they are a frequent contributor, on questions ranging from “What do I do with my hair?”, to, “Why do I black out when I have sex?” (Honest to God, guys, I couldn’t make that up, it wouldn

  50. the dude says:

    Aw god,
    are you at it again Harlinator, stirring the pot needlessly? You need to quit referencing legalzoom.com and the robo lawyer to try and scare people. Robert Shapiro does not think it is funny and will have OJ come out of prison to set you straight.

    One word Harlinator- MEDS. Use them with regularity.

  51. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude – is he at it again?? Oh, I dont know…..
    …if I had my attorney contact YOU because of something you said on here, when I (taking the role of Harlinator for a minute) have the distinction of being one of the biggest pricks on here, would you call that at it again?

    If I want to call The Dude everything under the sun, then you get on to me… uncover who I really am and take a stand against the stupid things I do and say…. and “I” have my attorney contact you with potential threats, oh, I dont know, would you say I’m at it again?

    They have names for people like that, but I said last week I wouldn’t address him again, now he’s been delivered the message he’d be wise to not address me again. I was doing it out of courtesy, now its a different level, different reason and the boy has elevated the game to a level he’s not going to like from here on out.

    Thanks, Dude

  52. 1%Harley says:

    My apologies to all for my misdeeds,
    I’m a changed…………. man going forward.
    I want……….. to……… come clean
    I dont…… want ….to be
    person I have ……..always been.
    under a…….. lot of ………stress. I’ve been taking Extenze ….and 3 ED medications all at the same time
    and I still
    can’t get it up. You guyz……… except
    dont know what thats like but its caused me to lash out
    and threaten people.
    I’m a……….. sham
    I feel………..
    bad enough about that but…………. then I’ve been uncovered and……………. shown for what I really am.
    that only
    my wife knew I was bogus.
    Now Chuck, Wilson?, Smart, Super Dave, you all know.
    I hear…….you even know………..
    real name……
    I’m sorry. My attorney told me to………….. knock it off yesterday
    my little plan………..back
    fired. No, not my……….penis. How did you know………I call him
    my little
    plan………………..? God………they know more…..
    about me

  53. Leon Cupra driver who speaks for the ONE PERCENT says:

    “case closed as he would say”

    Oh my God this keeps getting better and better.

  54. paulwilsonkc says:

    Leon, funny stuff, huh?
    And Chuck, for the love of god, please tell me you are 1% Harley!! This has been great!

    Leon, for something really funny, go look at the Yahoo Answer links I posted. Now, as I said to his “attorney” when I responded to him, I made it clear I didnt know if he was an attorney or Harley under another of his ficticious email addresses or names, but stated I would give him the benefit of the doubt before launching into what a nut job his “client” is and how dare him threaten me when he was guilty of 7 shades of libel!!

    But in trying to determine if the guy was real, as well know no attorney in active practice can get by without a secure site, certainly not a yahoo address, I searched his email” law4life@yahoo.com. The links were all that came up!! Now, again, I don’t know if there is more than one law4life or what, but thats what came back as my search, thats all I’m claiming in case Harlinator’s attorney has to get another attorney and they all 3 do a gang bang threat on me!!

    YahooAnswers: Why do I black out when I have sex???? (hmmmm…. now this is all coming clear, fits Harley to a tee!!)

  55. the dude says:

    Yahoo answers:
    Why does my pee pee hurt when I go wee wee?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Ah Harlinator, you are entertaining indeed.

    You too 1%Harley.

  56. 1%Harley says:

    Dude! I have the same thing!! It hirts when I pee,
    so if you……
    figure out what causes that let me know.
    the mean….. time I got bigger problems….I tried to threaten Wilson?
    with my atternie Wilson? took my atternie to skool….
    my….atternie bitch slapped me….
    and…..frankly….I pooped myself…..so
    have that mess
    to clean up first before I look
    into…..the… painful pee thingy.
    Craig…….was write….. I c what he meant about
    getting it prison style for
    trying to snitch someone out. my
    ass…… is
    going to hert fore weaks and weaks.
    I’ve found Jesus now, tho and changed my weighs…..
    Dude…. help me stay on the strait and narro
    …I dont wanna go thru that again.
    I have to go pee now, shit that hurts

  57. the dude says:

    It’s going to be OK
    1%Harley, just take a handful of the Craig Glazer alternate reality pillz and everything will be OK.
    There, there.

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