Glazer: Drag Bar Missie B’s Taking Over America’s Pub Space in Westport

This just in, the rumors are TRUE…

Missie B’s will take over the big corner America’s Pub held for years until this past January on Westport Road…

This sends a clear message on two counts. One the iconic local gay bar and drag show deluxe club is ONLY coming to Westport because it has solved the hip-hop urban crowd issue with the departure of America’s Pub. The other reason is simple, Westport is busy again.

There’s still the question if Missie B’s will maintain its current location at 805 West 39th Street, where it’s been for decades. However in my opinion they will not keep it because the rent at America’s Pub is so high and it’s just too close to its soon new location in Westport.
I was doing radio this morning when I got the good news. Some on-air folks told me the Missie B’s tale and that they were already remodeling. Sure enough I spotted a couple people going in and out of the old America’s Pub building with paint brushes and ladders and they confirmed that they were with Missie B’s but could not talk about it.

So it sure seems they’re on the move.

And Missie B’s often draws over 500 people a night on weekends.

With as many as half the attendees being, you know, straight. – women there for bachelorette parties and people who find the cabaret, drag show lifestyle interesting and entertaining. Missie B’s crowds rarely cause any issues; they spend well and are considered upscale.

And just to lay it on the line, they’re mostly white.

It’s highly unlikely Missie B’s would come to Westport if they thought the "young black kid problem" was going to continue

More than any other group of late night night owls, this one is very frightened by "hood gangsta groups" or even people they suspect might be that. Like most folks, gay men and woman just want  to have their food, fun and firewater in peace.

So it looks like another great move forward for Westport.

In just a one year or less Westport will again be THE KING of entertainment districts in Kansas City, Missouri.  Give credit to Doug Krtek the landlord of Manor Square for making this very positive move.

I’ve not gotten official word from them it’s a done deal, but it sure looks that way.

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21 Responses to Glazer: Drag Bar Missie B’s Taking Over America’s Pub Space in Westport

  1. Brian says:


  2. the dude says:

    Ya never know,
    you might have the hip-hop crowd coming in for a little down low on the down low.
    I think you won’t have to worry about them raising a ruckus though because they want to keep it on the down low.

    I learned about that on Ohperah.

  3. Jan Allen says:

    Missie B’s moving
    I think you should research your information and know what you are talking about prior to printing an article like this. I am the general manager of Missie B’s and I assure you that we are NOT moving to the Americas Pub location. Perhaps you should do a little home work. We will remain at our current location of 805 West 39th Street and will have no additional locations.

  4. mike says:

    reply to Jan
    I’m relieved because the last thing we need in Westport are illegelly parked Fiats!

  5. mark smith says:

    ouch, thats gonna leave a mark
    Either Glazer is as wrong as a priest at cub scout jamboree, or Jan got left out of the loop. And a preemptive “No Fish Sticks” for reading this post.

  6. Super Dave says:

    Funny none of my realty contacts have heard of this or even knew or heard any rumors of Missie B’s looking at places to move to.

    Sounds to me like the King of Sting just stung himself.

    Now as I said last weekend “Suck it up and shut up all at the same time.”

    Hearne do you learn anything here this time?

  7. harley says:

    i heard the same thing down in westport
    on wednesday…i was down there for lunch and heard the same thing….talked with kellys guys and they
    hadn’t heard it…but there were construction people inside and i noticed paint pails there and the
    doors wide open.
    Don’t know…maybe just a rumor but that really would not be a good business move on the part of
    the area…with all those drunk kids…you have a accident waiting to happen… a bar
    down there…

  8. Smartman says:

    Punishment that fits the crime.
    Hearne should make Craig ride the short bus to work with Kelly Urich.

    Time for Missie B’s to have a KCC night with a look like Craig and Hearne drag queen contest. I’m willing to fund the prize pool for $1000.00.

  9. harley says:

    thanks smartman…
    it will look good in the “portfolio”……

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    the only part that doesnt add up to me is the size
    AP is way, way too big for Missie’s unless they are wanting a huge stage area, not leasing all the space, or something like that. Logistically it wouldnt seem to work, but I wouldnt see any other problems. I dont think Westport is homophobic to an extent that would cause problems in that area.

  11. Smartman says:

    With Mamma’s Diner shutting down tomorrow, Missie B’s could take that space for expansion. I’d love for Missie B’s to move into the AP space but the majority of my gay friends disagree. They want it to stay right where it is.

    I’d be willing to partner with you on a gay bar in the AP space. We’ll call it Harley’s Glory Hole. I’m thinking a WWII era German pub theme for decor. I know a great transgender person in San Francisco who goes by the name of Fr

  12. tiad says:

    Wilson, Just Open Up…
    …a new jazz club named Jardin’s in that America’s Pub space. With all of today’s missppellinggs (punn inntended), nobody’ll even notice it’s not really Jardine’s. Let that original Jardine’s space rot, I say!

  13. anonymoose says:

    Am I the only one
    That is, well for lack of a more tactful word, disgusted by the whole Drag thing? Gays are fine with me, no problem with lesbians (either butch or the ones in pornos) but the drag queen transvestite thing kinda turns my stomach.

    For some reason young women want to go there. I always decline the invitation. Aside from people who do stuff like poke nails through delicate body parts for sexual pleasure, transsexuals are the biggest gross out for me.

  14. Rogering Harley's Glory Hole says:

    Roger that!
    I’ve been there, the service is terrible.

  15. tiad says:

    You are just a dragophobic hate monger. Your comments border on racist – that is, if drag was a race.

    This club would give new meaning to the phrase “Ridin’ the Trolley,” though.

  16. RangerDanger says:

    Harley’s Hole
    Don’t forget to clean the mud off your turtles, boys.

  17. Calypso Louie says:

    Another Glazer Fiasco
    This story is another wet dream from the King of Swing. I think he was communicating with his Navy sniper buddy Don Woodford or whatever, and this vision appeared before him. Missy B’s ain’t going nowhere and neither is the Glazeman, unless it’s to the Apollo outlet for a new rug.

  18. the dude says:

    The hair club for men
    is actually moving into the old pub spot, looks like glazer partied a little too hard in Las Vegas and pulled an ‘old timer’-type boner.

  19. 1%Harley says:

    i hav a soft spot in my hart for missy b’s
    I used to
    the drag nights there u lot.
    The other girls were….always
    jealous of
    cause it didn’t take much to tie my package down….
    …..and they ……thought that gave me…a…..un…. fair
    advantege! Dum bitches ……but i
    had to stop ….when my celulight got so bad.
    I wish i cud still doit, id lap
    craig and …..he’s he’d hed throw
    that black barby away in a ny secund….

  20. the dude says:

    So Harley,
    what was your stage name there at Missy B’s?

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    (no comment)

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