Glazer: The Important News Today is Just a Reality Show

Who can keep up?

We’re all just waiting for the next horrible murder, the next scandal in Washington, the next kidnapping of a small child in Kansas City, and of course, the next time Charlie Sheen or some other name celebrity gets arrested for D.U.I. And let’s not forget the sports scandals either.

But how many of you have already forgotten the U.S. credit ratings drop last year?

There’s always so much to take in but so little time to think much about anything.

The "important" news comes at us so fast and so frequently, it’s impossible to even get one issue sorted out before nine more whack us in the kisser.

In just the last couple weeks, in an episode of "Boys In The Hood," Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.

Hell, it must be a hate crime, Al Sharpton is sure of it.

Just ask all the bandwagon riders. It was just cause he was wearing a hoody, and oh yeah, he’s a black person, that he was murdered, right? Or was it a case of a Hispanic (according to Jessie Jackson, Zimmerman was more white) being fearful of black men late at night? 

So Zimmerman yelled something out, was hit after more words were exchanged, pulled out his gun and shot the person out of fear? We’ll never know what happened, will we?

We have the Afghanistan shootings by Marine Robert Bates. He doesn’t remember a thing. Not a thing. Is it battle fatigue, batshit crazy or both?

Kansas lost to Kentucky and that was page one in Kansas City. But on page two or three was the school shooting in Oakland by One Goh. He admitted to killing seven people, because he was upset.

Apparently school shootings happen too often to be as big a deal as they once were. Especially if it’s a vocational school in Oakland for Koreans. Right?

Overshadowing all of these real news stories are the sports scandals. "The Bounty Hunters" of New Orleans. Tim Tebow being dumped. Peyton Manning going to Denver. Drug dealing in the NFL – wait – they dropped that one. Sports D.U.I’s and "He hit me," said some player’s wife. Tiger Woods and his women, and now his sex tapes.

Life has become the Movie Network.

Remember, "I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!"  That’s what they all yelled out their window. With the economic woes of today and the last five years, who can blame anyone for feeling that way?

We just can’t keep up with the bad news. We can’t focus on fixing much of anything. There just isn’t time.

Plus we gotta answer all those e-mails and Facebook folks. Life has become one long run of "avoiding my own issues. Pal, I got troubles of my own –  who has time for anybody else?" 

Sadly, that’s now true.

We used to pay about 7 to 10 bills a month. Today it’s 20 to 30 bills, maybe more. Cable TV, cell phones, several insurance plans, two car payments, a landline phone bill, electric, water, common area care (WTF?), five retail credit cards, four Master and Visa cards and maybe if you’re lucky, an American Express, the club bill, the dentist (most not covered by insurance), the medical not covered by insurance,

Sound familiar? I could go on.

I saw a movie last night for the 20th time, SEVEN. After a horrible murder of Brad Pitt‘s young wife, he murders the killer. His police partner is left with only sorrow. Morgan Freeman, the partner, quotes Hemingway:

"The World is a great place and worth fighting for…..well, I believe the second part is true."

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7 Responses to Glazer: The Important News Today is Just a Reality Show

  1. the dude says:

    stick to the stuff you are good at; calling sports bets poorly, booking comedy acts and telling of your tales of ‘dating’ strippers.
    When you try to talk about ‘big boy stuff’ you sound worse than the town drunk on his soapbox.

  2. Smartman says:

    Bada-Bada-Badats all Folks!
    Einstein said genius is the ability to distinguish the important from the unimportant. Some application of that might help you on the intellectual side.

    Bill paying? Seriously? Ever heard of auto pay? Credit cards? Plural? Multiple? C’mon, I’m nowhere near the high roller you are and I only have two, an Amex and a Visa with a very high credit limit when I have to go the credit route. Life is only complicated when we make it so.

  3. notGod says:

    Jesus, f—in’ Lord, Glazer, you’ve got me cursing around Easter time. Only you….

  4. balbonis moleskine, who just got back from lunch with Johnathan Frakes says:

    Toot a line, write a column, Ta-da
    I think it is ironic that you just wrote a column about our obsession with celebrity pop culture. Considering your whole schtick involves name dropping, telling old celebrity gossip war stories, and convincing us you are a celebrity.

    Mind the drip, Craig

  5. Skeptic says:

    Make it so, Number One!

  6. Glazer says:

    hey hearne
    do you think I’ll break 10 comments with this piffy writing?

  7. Glazed Cragger says:

    What a dumb-ass.
    Robert BALES (not “Bates”, dumb-ass) is Army – not Marines. Do you EVER check your information before spewing it?

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