Hearne: The Bugs May Be Exterminated but E-Tickets Continue to Confuse

It’s been a slippery, seven-month slope since Kansas City went paperless…

You know, with e-tickets. so unless your an aging biker who likes to park illegally in front of LatteLand on the Plaza, chances are, you’re gonna get one of these one of these days – maybe just for parking somewhere in KC, so listen up.

Or you may end up like Stanford & SonsCraig Glazer did three weeks back.

E-tickets are not your grandfather’s friendly, yellow, or beige, carbon copy tickets. Not even close.

They’re two-feet-long and four and a half inches wide to begin with.

Which is a lot to love, especially given what’s missing on them, namely the fine amount and where to mail it in. Suffice it to say, Glazer was verklempt, perplexed and confused.

He called the phone number on the ticket and landed in Kansas City’s 3-1-1 Action Center which proceeded to spit out prereorded, confusing water bill options before offering a municipal court, city services or a live body option.

Glazer rolled the dice on human life form and soon found himself trapped in Hold Line Heck. Frustrated he gave the ticket to his office manager to pay before he left town, but she too missed the online pay option. 

Remember, these tickets are two feet long and printed on both sides

"I didn’t have time to wait," Glazer says. "So I assume they’ll mail me something."

Three weeks later – after he’d lost the ticket he tried to mail before he left – Glazer got a mailing advising him it was $43.50 and that he could pay by mail, over the phone or online.

Therein lies a portion of the problem.

There are lots of people in KC’s e-ticket conga line who don’t know all the dance steps yet.

It took me several days and multiple calls and emails to Kansas City Police, the 3-1-1 Action Center, the 16th Judicial Circuit Court and probably a half dozen more places I won’t bore you with to get even close to unraveling the mystery of e-tickets. And I still don’t have it all straight.

But I’m close enough to spill what I do have and let the e-chips fall where they may.

One police spokeswoman told me early on she didn’t know the amount of the fines were being left off of the e-tickets and where to send them in. She suggested maybe Glazer’s ticket had been issued by Plaza Security or something.

Nope, not us, Plaza Security told me – they don’t write tickets. Plaza Security suggested I try Lanier Parking who’s in charge of the Plaza’s private parking areas and field a fleet of cute little golf cart-like runnabouts. Not us, Lanier said.

Ditto added Highwoods honcho Brad Drees. "We don’t write tickets," he said.

Let alone e-tickets.

"I run the Plaza," Drees said. "I don’t know anything about that."

Here’s the deal, e-tickets save the court and Kansas City a ton of dough over the old paper tickets. They allow the cops to make a bust and get back to fighting crime faster. And meter maids and parking police to more quickly capture illegally-parked cars. So in a perfect world, there are fewer mixups and mistakes.

Just don’t tell that to the 3-1-1 Action Center gang.

"They’re still working out the bugs, because there’s still some issues…" 3-1-1 call taker Rodney told me. "They’re working out the kinks. The police have to do their thing and then the court processes it."

"There’s no place on the e-ticket that tells you how much is owed," added 3-1-1 staffer Marcia, confirming that there was confusion from a lot of callers who couldn’t find the ticket price and where to mail it in. "But that’s not up to me. That was not my decision," she added.

Enter 3-1-1 Action Center supervisor Tracy Rue

Because of operator error, the city took the dollar fine amounts off of the tickets, Rue said.

"Because the code (the police) wrote was (sometimes) wrong and we billed the wrong amount and we had to honor their mistakes – we have to honor what we wrote," Rue says. "So now the municipality has to take a hit, so we took (the fine amounts) off of there."

Got all that? Good.

Because according 16th Circuit Court e-ticket Godfather Kevin Dey, little of the above is true.

"I’m sure there are many stories out there," Dey says. "The truth of the matter is everybody writing tickets for Kansas City has moved on to an e-ticket process and the old paper ticket is an unacceptable document to the court."

Lots of people besides police could write paper tickets before e-tickets came along, Dey says.

"For example, we have animal control folks and the housing code inspectors," he explains. "And there are a group of ticket writers that work for the city in the Parking Services Division, and they write parking tickets for the downtown area and they are not Kansas City police either and if UMKC wanted to purchase the e-ticket equipment they could write tickets."

See, KC Police had earlier told me non-police personnel couldn’t get e-ticket devices because there’s too much sensitive information privy to police-only on them. That only cops and "autherized law enforcement agencies" are allowed to view that information.

Au contraire, Dey says.

There are e-ticket devices that give only the basic information needed for the wrist slapping and leave out the confidential stuff only cops can see.

For example, Glazer – I think they have the abridged version of King of Sting on the police e-ticket devices.

In fact, a number of local organizations that include UMKC, the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and area Metropolitan Community Colleges had been writing paper tickets up until last August 28th. No mas.

"They can’t write them anymore," Dey says.

And none of them have anted up yet for an e-ticket machine.

"Not currently, no," Dey says. "But if they wish to purchase them, they could. It’s a little handheld device called a CN50."

Which reportedly sells for around $1,200 a copy.

As for the slightly bumpy shakedown cruise the 3-1-1 gang refers to, "You know, it’s taken a while to get e-ticketing off the ground," Dey says. "But let me tell you, Hearne; there is nothing about that (3-1-1) story that is even close to real.

"First of all, we don’t put the dollar amount on the face of the ticket anymore because every single ticket gets an assigned court date. What happens sometimes is the e-ticket gets kicked out of the e-ticket system and they have to be manually corrected. So that happens every so often."

And don’t forget kiddies, you can always pay online. "That’s on the back of the ticket," Dey says.

In the interest in sticking up for the coppers who joked with me about the new e-tickets being two-feet long, I need to do an ever-so-slight bust on Mr. Dey.

Dey gave me the exact measurements of the e-ticket as 101/2 inches long and 41/2 wide, compared to paper tickets which were 81/2 inches long and 31/4 wide. That is until 20 minutes later as we were about to hang up and one of his staffers printed out an actual e-ticket and brought it in for Dey to stoke on.


They are two-feet long, he marveled!

As for people like Glazer, and maybe even older folks getting confused by the new e-tix, "I don’t know what to say about that," Dey quips. "It’s like when you send out a memo and nobody reads it, I guess. But there’s a lot of information on those tickets – more than on the paper tickets.They also reduce the chance of errors, because there’s no one interpreting the officer’s handwriting."

Seven no ones, to be exact.

Courtesy of e-tickets, the Data Interpretation Department went away, Dey says. "Roughly seven of those people were deployed. There’s no doubt one of the advantages of e-tickets is a budgeting and fiscal advantage."

Dey also takes exception to 3-1-1’s assertion that coding mistakes were costing the court money.

The shakedown voyage is over, he adds.

"We are 71/2 months into e-ticketing and it’s running quite smoothly right now," he says. "It’s just a matter of people getting accustomed to it. You know, if people get an e-ticket on their windshield and they want to know the price of it, all they have to do is go on the Internet, pull it up right there and they can pay for it on their smartphone. The positive thing is the sytem’s working and it’s working beautifully."

The bottom line being…

"When you look at the volume of tickets we’re writing every year, it’s pretty breathtaking," Dey says. "It’s 350,000 tickets a year, and if you’ve gotten one, thank-you for shopping Municpal Court."

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33 Responses to Hearne: The Bugs May Be Exterminated but E-Tickets Continue to Confuse

  1. chuck says:

    Delay of Game
    I read in the comments section of, I think, the Kansas City Star (It’s been a couple of weeks and I am older than Moses’ hat.) that problems with tickets included traffic violations.

    The cops would stop someone for speeding etc., then it would take 20 to 45 minutes to process the ticket through the computer in the police car, then return to the customer’s car (Heh, heh…) and actually hand that same customer ( cough…) his/her actual ticket.

    The commenters said that the police would apologize for the delay and in fact were quite frustrated by the process.

    I suppose if you had a winning personality or a spectacular decolletage, you might be able to mitigate the seriousness of the offence, or in fact have the entire unfortunate episode dissapear in the ether of the ethernet while law enforcement computers “buffer” back and forth.

    Kind of a Speeding-Ticket-Stockholm-Syndrome association that works to the “customer’s” advantage. After 40 minutes ya gotta think that the usual amenities have progressed into, ‘So you have kids?” conversations that would humanize the offender and negate the enthusiasm for the original intent.

    But, it could go the opposite way too. “Hey, arn’t you Craig Glazer?!?”

    Sorry Glaze, couldn’t help it. 🙂

  2. 1%Harley says:

    I pay all of craigs tickuts
    so he’ll
    keep hanging out with him……shut up chuck, yur not funny…..
    …………….. it just said up chuck, that
    funny! and chuck yur such a dumb ass you cudnt spell arnt
    so ……
    oh, I pooped myself again

  3. chuck says:

    No Paul, I am not 1% Harley.
    By the way Hearne,

    “You know, if people get an e-ticket on their windshield and they want to know the price of it, all they have to do is go on the Internet, pull it up right there and they can pay for it on their smartphone.”

    Yeah, sure, that will go like a fuckin dream.

    After I try that, I will probably be signed up for a 2 week Nambla cruise to Thailand.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, thats a heart breaker……
    I’ve been getting a kick out of 1%Harley, it was even funnier with me thinking it may be you!!

    I had this ticket discussion with Hearne. Not putting the price on the ticket will generate 10 fold the number of calls they would get asking questions, instead of properly training to morons to code them right in the first place. This promises to be one of those technological, cost saving advances that ends up being 5 times as costly because they can’t manage it properly.

    Hey, how bout dropping this e-ticket idea and try red-light cameras?? I bet theres a fortune to be made there!

    Turn this one over the Clay Chastain, let him develop the solution.

  5. Super Dave says:

    Better yet don’t get a ticket!

  6. Bob Loblaw says:

    Taking a time out from my law blog to say….
    “Suffice it to say, Glazer was verklempt, perplexed and confused.”
    Sometimes you make this WAY too easy Hearne….

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    SD, always the voice of reason
    Bob, the only reason this interests me is, one, I have several issues with cops, Im doing a small documentary now about their own driving practices opposed to what they enforce! And two, Hearne accidentally stumbled on to a story here. If Craig really did see a Cushman leaving his car and he had an e-ticket, those two don’t go together. Something is wrong somewhere, if the people in those carts can’t write an e-ticket. My guess was they hire off duty cops who stray from the Plaza proper and freelance some. If so, that would be wrong on several counts.
    I never had this beef with cops until I got two tickets in a row on totally bogus grounds. One for rolling through a red light, when I stopped three times to see around a large vehicle next to me, and another even more goofy. So, these stories unfairly get my attention.
    Some PEOPLE used to do that too, now its just more fun to sit on the sidelines and watch them poop themselves! It’s a beautiful thing when a good plan comes together!!

  8. Super Dave says:

    Paul brings up a good point
    Yes Paul I agree all PD’s need to be watched as well and as well all PD’s are to obey all laws of the land the same as us. They are not exempt in anyway from them. The issue is people are to lazy to go about enforcing it. All it takes I have found is a letter or two to the right people and action will happen. But they can’t be letters like Glazer would write they have to be cool and polite but have all the facts laid out and your desire to carry the matter as far as it takes to reach a solution to the issue.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    SD, I’ll tell you off line about my little documentary….
    it’s going to be pretty funny. I just need to consult media guru Hearne to see where it needs to go for maximum coverage. Its got KCTV 5 NEWS written all over it!!

  10. the dude says:

    Had to hire
    7 people to correct the errors of mouthbreathers that can’t figure out how to properly write a parking ticket.

    Sounds about right.

  11. elliot ness says:


  12. the dude says:

    this sounds like a real scoop, can’t wait to hear about this.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Very funny, Harley, I mean Elliot
    If your “attorney” doesnt have the message delivered to you firm enough YET….. maybe you need to be reminded.
    You have no more warnings left.
    And again….. remember, you better really, really, closely check your facts.
    I just emailed a personal reminder to you, I mean, your attorney…. youre playing for keeps. Keep that in mind.
    There are some facts you missed and youre one phone call away from some trouble.
    Sleep on that…………
    You want to tell me there are problems…… .trust me, there are problems. If you think “I” had anything to hide, you think you would have gotten an email from me with a signature, address and phone number on it? Think about that one long and hard.
    You need to think through that…. really, really well. I can’t express that enough, just trying to be fair because I dont want to be wrongfully accused or blamed for what comes next and you say you didnt understand.
    This isn’t a game any more, and when it passes the play level where you want to talk the talk you do, I escallate it 10 fold what you do.
    There are reasons why you got the info you did. Think about it.

  14. the dude says:

    Aww crap,
    I thought it would be exposing Harley for the crappy drag singer and Ryan Seacrest lover and Craig Glazer slurper that he is.


  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    The Dude, here’s what the little shit hole misses….
    ……he hasn’t learned his lesson yet, but it will be spoon fed to him next time.

    1. He claims he wants everyone to get along, not sling mud, but he’s the biggest offender of his own policy. He stated that as late as yesterday or day before, can’t remember which. He’s so phony he can’t keep his own stories straight.

    2. When someone catches on to him, finds out who he is, backs him down, he pulls a fake “attorney” card. My attorney uses yahoo, I bet yours does too, its just easier, you know? And, he’s stupid enough to think that fooled anyone?

    3. Ask yourself this; who is the phony? Some one like me, using a real name, who RESPONDS to his bogus attorney using a real name, address and cell phone number with my personal email address (knowing the info is going to Harley all along), or someone who hides behind a fake name and doesn

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh, shithook, harley, jojo, elliot, law4life….
    I forgot, Im SO phony there are pictures of my house on my facebook page, in an album entitled “Camp Paul Remodel by ChelleChic Designs” Thats how PHONY I am!! And, my page isn’t locked or secure. Once again, just what can you out? GO look at my album…. then make sure your facts are still correct.
    I can’t believe Hearne lets trash like you on here.
    Phony = harley/jojo/elliot/law4phonies

    Real = Paul Wilson, in KC, who is REALLY Paul Wilson in KC with a Facebook page under the same name, unlocked, with pictures in albums of what you want to OUT???

    Are you KIDDING ME?????

    Pull the trigger, dip shit, make it count, mine will!!

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    dude, you wont be let down long!
    I’ve had my fill. Turned over what I have to a buddy of mine; biggest bondsman/bounty hunter in the area. He loves helping out a friend.

  18. 1%Harley says:

    Pre dickt ing my own future
    Im going
    somewhere ….park my car
    ….get out…. shut the door…..
    around…. find….. myself surrounded
    ……………………………………………………………………………………and poop my pants.

    Clowns…..who woulda
    thought it wouldbe clowns…
    wasnt expecting that one

    should listened
    to my
    atternie….yeah I sure shouda

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chucky, Dude, SD, et al….
    …Im taking a little break for a few days. You guys know how to find me. I need to catch up on some reading….

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

    Dont ya just love Ezekiel?

  20. balbonis moleskine, 5th most successful commenter on KCC says:

    White People Gone Wild
    PaulWilsonKC, I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so.

    Never use your real name online, and if necessary obfuscate certain details about your life to prevent stalkers and weirdos. It only takes one Harley type to slander you online for all eternity. As someone who worked at Sprint, I’d think you would be a bit more interbutts savvy.

    The other issue is that people don’t really care about credentials on message boards. It is a democratic process, we are all monkeys in the same barrel, and there is a certain beauty to something like that. That way, people are moved not by your resume, but by the words you actually type and post.

    I could be an Ivy league educated, under 40 professional who works too damn long for too little money…or I could be an unemployed shut in with a body odor problem. I could be an expert on KC from 20 years here or I could be a transplant who bought a KC lonely planet guide and has access to yelp. I could be a Pem Hill trust fund baby or a public school striver. We’ll never know which ones of these are true, if any.

    The only person we absolutely know to be fake on this site is Craig Glazer. Everyone else must pay in cash with their typed comments- no credit accepted in the anonymous internet model.

    Here is a video of two KCC readers meeting in real life:


  21. the dude says:

    Hell, you
    could be Harley and Glazer for all we know, who the hell knows who anyone is on teh intarwebs?!?!?!?

    Shit, that means I could be too, I’ll just shoot myself now in case I find myself roid raging, wearing rugs and dating strippers, etc.

    Or saying my lawyer on yahooanswers dot com says we have problems along with owning numerous companies in the KC and Columbia areas and being a purported 1%er. I’ll just end it right now so that does not happen.

    Goodbye cruel world and KCC, we had some fun…

  22. the dude says:

    just get back to doing what you do best, slurping on Glazer’s winky.

    Leave Wilson alone and be a good Harley and we might invite you to the Xmas party- maybe.

  23. Jason Williams says:

    Dude, thats real sound advice youre giving Harley
    He’s portrayed me as something I’m not on here as well.
    Harley, you know that so don’t start. You dont want someones “friends” visiting you.
    I’ll get into that if I need to.
    As Dude said, you just be a good boy, squelch it now and for good.

  24. dreamwriter326 says:

    Toys in the attic …
    I am crazy… should have gone fishing.

    Besides the obvious voyeuristic jolt that comes around every now and then when Wilson berates Harley, without response … there’s really nothing more being created by Paul’s tirade against him than a bit of unease over tensions that seem to be running this high for no apparent reason.

    (I’m sure there are apparent reasons. No need for anyone to list them in response.)

    Frankly, I think Harley is a dumbass. Nothing personal, man, it’s just my impression of your disjointed diatribes that change direction faster than a mid-April Kansas City wind. But Paul, the viciousness of your responses, the totality of your determination to put said commenter in his place, borders on irrational. For what it’s worth.

    My dog farted as I typed that, and I’m wondering what the hell he ate, I’m also thinking this whole thread has been bastardized by personal vendettas that seemed fun at first, but might be bordering on out of control now.

    Over the rainbow I am crazy….. bars on the window….

    Paul, mellow out. You’re too cool to be pigeon-holed as a hot-headed, intolerant man who will bite the head off anyone who crosses him. I, for one, want to feel comfortable telling you you’re full of shit without wondering if you’re going to do some deep internet background check and discover that I am using an anonymous name for a very good reason. Respect doesn’t come easily in here, but it’s easily lost through interpretation.

    I bowled a 299 tonight and helped my team win the second half of the season. I drank a few shots, had a few beers, and now I find myself istening to Pink Floyd on Palladia and typing a fucking long message on KCC. Thank God for yesterday’s root canal.

    Goodbye, cruel world, I’m leaving you today. …. Goodbye. Goodbye.


  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    dreamwriter326, i can be full of shit!
    Usually connected with creative satire or parody. Being called out for being full of said byproduct by some one who is as interesting to read as you I consider an honor, not meriting a background check. You’re funny, creative and interesting. If you recall, I’ve been bitch slapped a time or two on here, actually agreed with the person, and conducted a dialogue on the topic, conceding points, debating others.
    As a side note, I too watched The Wall last night but did not bowl nor did the dog bark, but back to addressing your topics.
    Irrational? As much as I dislike thinking of it that way, and you not being privy to private email threats from said ass, on balance, you’re likely closer to right than I’d like to admit. I don’t have many fears of anything, therefore, I come here as me. No hiding behind a name. I totally understand people NOT wanting to do that. In a way, protecting who you are has benefits. But when someone does it with malace in mind, then escalates it to threats against me or my family, then yes, I likely go overboard, make some well placed phone calls and have it handled. I apologize for how that appears, but at the same time, it came on the heals of private email threats. So having a little IT work done to confirm who you need to keep an eye on is smart when some ass crosses the felony threshold, no? Much different than you telling me I’m full of shit when sometimes I intentionally am!!
    In summary, that’s only been directed at two people, ever. Harley and Craig. I apologized about the Craig thing. That was irrational on my part. No matter how stupid I think his stories, his version of reality and lifestyle is, its still his right to think or do those things. When he went on a Facebook attack of my wife is when I went “irrational”. And I did. Again, I apoligized for that.
    When an ass went libelous, then escallated to his attorney threats, yes, I made some calls and had it determined the emails came not from his attorney but his own machine.
    So in closing, I partially agree. You can poke fun at me, criticize me, differ with me a little or a lot, even tell me I’m full of shit, and if you’ve been around here long, you’ve seen me deal with that in humor or outright agreeing, as Im ABOUT TO with you.
    Defame me on FALSE grounds, threaten me or my family and I likely can be irrational and have no off switch. Not a real attractive trait. And for that, I apologize.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    one final thought, dreamwriter….
    ….there is a reason my wife lovingly refers to me as The Crapmaster. I take a great deal of pleasure from voicing contrarian points of view, making statements that I dont even beleive, then sit back and see what the reaction is. I do that here all the time and as I said, I can be full of sht. Thats half of my fun, likely not a real pretty habit either, but I enjoy it.

    I just wanted to be clear that on this point, I was agreeing with you. When it gets to the legal level or personal attacks with INTENT behind them, then, yes, that gets me a little testy. I wanted to make sure you knew I realized that and wasn’t proud of that as a character flaw. There are likely better ways to get the job done.

    But, when some ass comes on here and wants to out me for what ever reason that is baseless, thats my issue. For gods sake, this is my name. You can go to my facebook and see albums of pictures OF my house, yet he wants to out where I live? One of the albums was entitles My Post Divorce Hovel??? How much more clear can you get than that? There is an album of pictures from the interior design work I had done.

    I’ve made it clear I epected a minimalist lifestyle after the divorce. Why? My HOME is on the WATER, not KC. Thats what I want to work to support!! Thats where my goals are, not in what The Ass tries to portray in his 1% rants. Thats bad enough, but escalate that to personal attacks that affect my business or threaten my family, yeah, its ON and yeah…. I could likely find better ways to reach the same end. All said, I take your words to heart like any other WELL MEANING person on here with constructive criticism.

    Like Hearne or not, and I DO, he has a lot of readers here. If YOU want to come here and say I couldnt run my own business, when I did for 8 years making over $200K a year, Im going to correct that. If you then want to attack me or threaten in personal email, Im going to correct that.

    Now, if you want to do something stupid like out me for something that Ive made public, thats just stupid, but it goes in the bucket of all the historical stiuff said Ass has done…. and yeah, wrongfully, I let it mount, when youre correct, it puts me in the same mud hole

    So, it was all placed in my attorney’s hands, the emails, the libelous stuff and its ready to go into a firm letter with specific actions if it doesnt stop. I think that was a fair approach. Maybe MY initial approach wasnt, and for that, Im sorry for looking like an ass too.

    See? Its really easy to go after me when its merited. Lord knows, I provide plentry of material!

  27. the dude says:

    No need to apologize wilson
    If the Harlinator made threats through email and harrassed you your family you have a right to protect them- period.
    Maybe a little in the toning down department on the rant would have been in order, but hey- you were mad at asshat harley for doing stupid things. I can’t blame you. If the glazinator decided to start attacking my wife out of the blue then it would be on like donkey kong.

    You do not need to apologize to anyone though- and Harley needs to get back on his fucking medz.

    I do not think dreamwriter knew what was going on behind the scenes with you and was just commenting on your rant.

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks Dude, and I did owe an apology…
    …to Dreamwriter OR anyone else I offended. You know, Dude, I try to be a good, decent Christian guy and there are times I fail miserably. It

  29. balbonis moleskine, they call me the sloth says:

    Can you still have fun?
    Will we hear Wilson at Starlight this summer? Things look even more likely now.


    Insider Video of Wilson at MSG over NYE


  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Bologonous Moleinski, I’m always good for fun!!
    But here’s my deficit; at the office I can’t click on a lot of links, our security level is dictated by our clients, largely govt and financial institutions, so no youtubing or about anything that includes “music” in the search. So, I’m responding without all the facts and my personal wi fi is not up at the moment.

    (1) if these are videos of Wilson PHILLIPS, Im a fat guy, not a fat chic, so you are confused there and won’t be seeing me at Starlit.
    (2) if its Phish DOING Wilson, yes you will enjoy that, but its still not ABOUT me. Just a coincidental name association.

    Balboni Molinski = Invited to “the boat” as well. And I dont mean the Argosy.
    Peace out.

  31. chuck says:

    Paul, are ya still trying to buy Jardines?

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, just had a discussion aobut that….
    hit me up off line and I’ll tell you about it. Not wanting much of that seen by any Asshats on here. I can show $200K in unsollicited offers, from 3 people, for backing and you know whats going to happen THEN if I explain the details to you on here, dont you? I’m not going to have a pot to pee in, its going to have come from 47 people and only total $17.50. I just dont need it. If you have serious interest in an answer I’d rather give you the details there. They are about to cut off the power and utilities to my Ugly House poster example of where I live so make it fast! My wi fi may not be up much longer either, can’t afford to pay the bill. You know, I’m just a wage slave and its not the first of the month yet… so its tight over here in Brokeville.

    Short answer is yes and no. I dont think, my opinion only, Colliers/Am Cent has any interest in it staying Jaridnes, hence the freeze out, even knowing the plan.

    Add gmail to my name and you got me. Thats how that ficticious attorney that lives inside Asshats PC found me, you might as well!! You can even use 1 of 7 phony emails, I’m used to that!!

  33. chuck says:


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