Hearne: Law Breaking Bikers Get Pass from Police, Plaza, Who Opt Instead to Hassle Urban Teens

A funny thing happened on the way to the Plaza Saturday afternoon…

Those beefy biker dudes who commandeer the 15 Minute and No Parking spaces at 318 West 47th outside LatteLand – were nowhere to be found.

Had the Plaza finally forced Occupy LatteLand to find a new, legal home away from home? Had Police and Plaza Security finally teamed to enforce local traffic and parking laws – the ones that govern cars but for years have been ignored where hordes of illegally parked motorcyclists gather every weekend on the Plaza?

Naturally, this called for further investigation.

Turns out the bikers sometimes migrate to the curb outside Kona Grill overlooking Brush Creek, the Konans say. However Occupy LatteLand has been a Friday through Sunday mainstay for years.

And since last time out, LatteLand had closed before I could get their take on what it’s like having all of their 15 Minute parking spots and outdoor patio overrun by mostly non-paying bikers who park illegally forcing regular LatteLand customers to park blocks away and have to sit on outdoor, concrete ashtrays to sip their cappuccinos.

That’s right, ashtrays…

While interviewing a LatteLand staffer Sunday, a handsomely-attired, older woman asked me to grab a copy of the New York Times as I held the door for her to carry her drink to one of LatteLand’s two outside patios. I then further assisted by helping move a giant, cigarette sand-filled ashtray which she then covered with "all the news that’s fit to print" and seated herself.

Why you ask?

Because more than a half dozen elderly biker gentlemen had swiped the two chairs from LatteLand’s small patio and crammed them into its jam packed larger patio the bikersl had hunkered down in for the afternoon. None of whom rose to offer her a chair or move their bikes from the 15 Minute and No Parking zones. Zones filled with motorcycles for the hour I was there as well as before and after.

Other bikers crowded the sidewalks, straddled the newspaper and magazine racks or reclined on their bikes along the curb.

"You know, they’re all these regulars and they just sit on thier bikes, our patios and the newspaper racks," said one LatteLand staffer. "And I can understand their wanting to be out on their bikes on a beautiful day, but why aren’t they out riding them? You know, get a life."

Next stop; the nearby Walking Company store to check in with the young ladies who’d wondered aloud a week earlier why police and the Plaza allowed the bikers to park illegally for hours on end and clog the sidewalks.

Any biker problems now that the hanging out on the Plaza season is beginning to unfold?

"Well, they do stare at us," staffer Nikki complained. "They like check us out."

Rather dirty-old-man indiscreetly, Nikki and 19 year-old fellow staffer Jessica agreed.

"Like I went to LatteLand the other day and they all stood up and just looked at me," Jessica says "Like a full-on checkout. But you know, if they think they have the right to check us out like that, that’s just creepy."

Which stands in stark contrast to the obvious differences in how mostly polite young black kids are constantly being rousted by Plaza Security while the largely white, law breaking bikers are given a complete pass.

And if the urban kids so much as pause for even a few minutes on the sidewalks Plaza Security or police are all over them, advising them to "just keep moving."

The bikers are allowed to illegally hog the 15 Minute parking spots outside LatteLand – spots specifically designated for the businesses dash in / dash out coffee crowd.

It doesn’t make sense.

Why would Plaza Security and police who are so quick to ticket illegally parked cars allow the bikers to park illegally for three days each weekend hampering the businesses along 47th Street?

Surely they’re not afraid of the geriatric pocket rocketeers?

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122 Responses to Hearne: Law Breaking Bikers Get Pass from Police, Plaza, Who Opt Instead to Hassle Urban Teens

  1. BarKeeper says:

    Shots Fired?
    Weren’t there some shots fired on the Plaza Saturday? Did those nasty biker dudes do it, or your favorite feral youth?

  2. chuck says:

    “…Mostly Polite Young Black Kids…”
    Would that it were so.

    Lets review, for the sake of public safety, the events of last weekend. Shots were fired here on the Plaza (Barkeep is right.).

    In St. Louis, this happened.


    During the video, while asking patrons of the stores there what was happeing, SHOTS are fired and the reporter catches “Moslty Polite Youg Black Kids” running to and from the scene.

    In Minneapolis last weekend, this happened.


    Hearne will change the name of this blog soon, to kcwhitepenitential.com.

    Hey, even thought that whole Trayvon thing was all about bad white people, does this make us even? It happened in the same place, Sanford.


    The comparrison of white bikers (I hear the pukes don’t even ride Harleys, is that true?? Barkeep, help me out.) to gangs of black youths who just last summer rioted and took a couple of shots AT THE MAYOR FOR CHRISSAKES is patently absurd.

    I am sorry that lady did not get a seat and there were ciggerettes involved, but no one got killed, shot, raped or assaulted. I think the shitheels need to move their bikes and the law should be enforce. Comparing these trangressions to the obvious riot-life-and-death problems caused by “…moslty polite young black kids…” is disingenuous at best and pernicious at worst.

    This summer, all over the America, “…mostly polite young blsck kids…” aree gonna fuck up the flora a fauna like a Nat Geo movie on predation in the veldt. You know it, I know it, the “…mostly polite young black kids…” know it, the cops know it, the mayor knows it and anyone with a room temp IQ knows it.

    African American crime is a ubiquitous, violent and constant part of the American tableau and it is becoming more virulent as I write.

    Part of the reason that this abomination continues to go unchecked, is specious comparrisons such as the one made here, in this article today.

    The major affiliates, the print media and the majority of the 4th estate focuses on ANYTHING that will exonerate and distract the American public from the necrosis that is African American violence.

    2nd party the blame, obfuscate by any means necessary the resposibility for those same crimes to lie at the feet of anyone but the actual perps.

    It is a national disgrace, and, in my opinion, in the years to come, will be remembered as the 4th estates most disgraceful episode. The abdication of any journalistic standards which inform the American public of real time safety issues and suggest solutions for same.

    A disgrace and any journalist who refuses to print or tell the truth about what is really happening on the streets of this town and towns all over America, does no good work today, and indeed diminishes any work he/she has ever done.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Hearne Christopher….
    white man’s guilt personified.

  4. Mark X says:


  5. emik says:

    I am just glad to have Hearne looking out for us like this. These bikers are a menace. I think they should all be put in prison for such outrageous activity! Let us know if you see anybody spitting on the sidewalk.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Pocket rocketeers? Are you sure you know what that means?

  7. Bella says:

    From Walking Company Management
    Like no one shall participate in like a full-on check out on Nikki and Jessica without like prior, written consent. Unless you’re like 19 or 20.

    I love these girls.

  8. PB says:

    Are They Really
    Biker dudes if they’re hanging out at LatteLand and the Kona Grill? Either bikers as I always knew them have completely gone mainstream or you’re mistaking lawyers and businessmen breaking out their Limited Edition Harleys on the weekends as “bikers”.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    hearne, how did you miss the entire POINT…
    … while calling yourself a “journalist”? Now I can see what Robertoe meant and he is correct.

    What an alarming lack of knowledge you display in cultural diversity and the hidden meanings behind acts of whites and blacks, which I will take a minute to explain. Several weeks ago I was taking my wife to Anthropology on the Plaza. A largely white, no, I

  10. Ranger Danger says:

    What a Freakin’ Jagoff
    Wilson…you are the prime example of another aplogistic dipshit trying to “fit in” with these feral and rabid hood rats! You weren’t a hundred yards down the street before they laughed their underwear even farther down their asses at your show of solidarity, with your back-asswards chest bump and dapping yet.

  11. the dude says:

    Like Omygawd!
    how dare those old parverts stare at us young nubiles!! Like whut are they, 30 or something? EEEEEEEWWWWWWW!

    Please, most of those young wannabe sluts love the attention they get, they just don’t want men over 25 to stare.
    If you don’t want people to stare quit dressing like you work down on Central avenue in the bottoms.

    These bikers like wilson said actually are paying customers, meet up at a coffee shop with fellow mates to shoot the breeze before and after going on rides. Some of them have sweet bikes that they have lovimngly restored.

    Hells Angels these guys ain’t, illegaly parked- proabably.

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ranger Danger, that broke my heart….
    I wanted to think I affected real change. Where will it ever start…. WHERE, I ask you? If not me, WHO? If not now, WHEN?

  13. Lance the Intern says:

    Hey Ranger Danger

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    I feel like Glazer today
    Ranger Danger laughs at my attempts at racial harmony, reconciliation. Lance the Intern doesn

  15. balbonis moleskine says:

    Balbonis bologna on a Ducatti
    Hearne has shown us his 5 (column inches) of fury once again! He went for twice now because they didn’t change anything after his first shitbird complainer column about the parked motorcycles forcing him to walk a block.

    And make no mistake, this was written because Hearne had to park around the corner to get his Latte. Then it was re-written and reposted today because he still had to park around the corner.

    Only in KC will people be such complainers about parking. I’d think someone who dated Beena would know that sometimes you have to go a bit out of your way to get your pick-me-up if you are Jonesin’.

  16. the dude says:

    hearne and other lazy KC people go nuts when they can’t park directly in front of the store to obtain their caffine fix and have to walk- **GASP!** a whole half block!!

    Time to get on the horn with the parking gestapo stat!! Fat people don’t want to walk!!

    wilson just represent old whitey and demend mad respect from da homies, whut wrong wit dat??

  17. Hearne says:

    Dudes, such hostility…
    but I appreciate that the comments largely addressed the content of the story. So in keeping with that theme, I’ll address some or your questions and musings.

    The easiest of which is I haven’t been to LatteLand for years – too many to remember. So I’m not a pissed off parker. To the contrary my car is seven inches shorter than a Mini Cooper and I can park in half the space of a typical Harley comment.

    Second the three LatteLand staffers I interviewed said most of the bikers are not customers and the few who are buy like one coffee or iced tea while hogging ALL of the available parking spaces illegally and clogging the sidewalks for hours on end.

    Classy touch inferring that appropriately- dressed 19 and 20 year-old women are somehow asking for it. It’s one thing to check out a hottie or cool-looking dude. Pretty much everybody does it, all of the women at both stores agreed.

    But when a dozen dudes heads swivel like the little girl in the Exorcist and lock in on a drool induced glare it’s – as the women said – a little creepy. Especially when they’re not even 21 and the dudes doing it (in unison) are older than their grandfathers. Gentlemen, please.

    If you look at my body of work on the topic of urban youth problems, I was largely the one at the Star who originated the reporting on most of the urban youth difficulties KC faced on the Plaza, Westport, Crown Center downtown, Ward Parkway shopping center and Cinemark in Merriam. Most Star readers of those stories viewed me at the time as the opposite of how I’m largely being characterized above.

    Here’s the deal, police and Westport officials have agreed; most of are kids these are well-behaved. But just like there were always kids in mostly white schools that were troublemakers, the same is true among urban youth. Not everyone among them is packing and itching for trouble. And by far the highly publicized incidents on the Plaza have been few and far between AND at night.

    Not in broad daylight.

    There are no secrets about African Americans have a higher percentage of crime stats. The Star did prevent me from reporting many of the uglier details during past incidents because frankly, the editors are scared to death of being called out for racism. So there’s that.

    However I can accurately report that during the broad light of day, the hundreds of kids roaming the Plaza I saw were largely well-dressed and groomed, were not snickering, acting up or threatening anyone. And guess what? They were far more polite and subtle when gazing at hotties.

    That’s kind of how it’s supposed to be done, in my humble opinion. Who wants to have 10 or 15 senior citizen bikers leering in unison at their daughters or wives. Hey, it’s a free country but that doesn’t make it not lame.

    And 15 minute parking zones don’t happen by accident. Businesses like coffee shops and carry out food joints apply for them for a reason. They need them so customers and get in and get out. Given how tight parking is on the Plaza, many people will just continue on their drive if there are no spots until they pass a Starbucks or whatever and take their business elsewhere.


  18. tiad says:

    So, It’s the Plaza or KCMO Police’s Problem…
    …in not enforcing the parking regulations. End of story.

    There, I said it in a lot less space than a typical Jr. diatribe.

  19. PB says:

    Not Just a Plaza Problem
    We need more attention paid to those roofers, landscapers and other service workers that clog up valuable lunchtime parking space at the local suburban Quik Trip severly limiting those of us in the khaki-wearing, office worker crowd from purchasing our faux cappucinos in a timely fashion. Even worse, tieing up the microwaves with home-brought casseroles and empanadas thus making us suburban professionals have to wait to heat up our store PURCHASED mini-pizzas. All the while leering and jeering at the driving age catholic school girls and scrubs-wearing health care hotties. Where is all the outrage for this sprawl-related horror?

  20. harley says:

    I don’t usualy go to the plaza…us 1%ers usually have everything we want at town center…nordstroms or peters clotheirs.
    I did stop off the get some coffee and cake (let them eat cake) and found out that I was being forced to stand in line with
    commoners to get my coffee cake. I decided not to. Having an important meeting with top brass on the plaza…i drove around
    to see what had happened to my once pimping area and saw something that surprised me.
    I havent been down there for probably 6 months or more and everywhere were homeless people sitting on bences..
    in the grassy areas…even 2 peoole who had set up a tent in the landscaped area. I was surprised.
    I saw one of the police on bicycles ride up to talk to 3 of teh homeless men on a bench area across from brio
    and noticed he talked with them then moved on.
    What is gong on. Can’t the plaza highwoods security taske care of these people? Can’t they enforce laws that were
    made to exclude them. It just wasn’t a few homeless people …it was probably 30-40 over the plaza area.
    However…the economy is improving and i hope these people can find employment soon and leave the plaza.
    BUT MY MEETING WAS A SHOCKER TOO…what is happening under the radar in the nation….i will have a full
    analysis of this because it was an eye opener…if you though the headlines have been bad the last 3 years…
    hold on brother…its gonna get crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WEB….chuck A plus….my good friend wilson A plus…hearne F (when are you gong to listen to me …when?)
    but PB…nice read…….and of course glaze (havent heard his take on the plaza situationyet…i’m sure he’s probably
    going to remind of us the good ole days)….great work guys…..this site in one fucking crazy laugh a minute site…

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    April 3rd, 2012, harley says 1%er
    I KNEW it was coming!

  22. chuck says:

    First person truth, take note…
    “There are no secrets about African Americans have a higher percentage of crime stats. The Star did prevent me from reporting many of the uglier details during past incidents because frankly, the editors are scared to death of being called out for racism. So there’s that. ”

    This from Hearne Christopher, noted and distinguished former employee of our local fish wrap. (No sarcasm, I read the guys columns for years and he was a noteworthy and entertaining local writer in my opinion.).

    Take note folks, this is a rare sighting of the truth, and, in my opinion, we should remember and cherish what little truth, that occasionally and mostly by accident eminates from the Kansas City Star.

    One more time, this from a long time employee of the KC Star–“The Star did prevent me from reporting many of the uglier details during past incidents, because frankly the editors are scared to death of being called out for racism.”

    I don’t know for sure, but Hearne may have burnt some bridges with his honesty. For that Hearne, we thank you.

    This is prima facie evidence of what EVERYONE in the United States Of America knows is true. Our major affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc), our major print media (New York Times, Chicago Trib, LA Times et fuckin al, including our own newspaper of record.) consistantly lies, misleads, obfuscates and engages in a protocal based on legerdmain and deception when it comes to the truth about African American violence and the pervasive and destructive path it cuts through our very lives on a day to day basis.

    To what end?

    Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the leaders of the 4th Estate? Journalists are frequently beheaded on You Tube. They slug their fuckin asses through 3rd world countries in a search for answers to the relief of human suffering while enduuring Malaria, Typhoid, bullets, bombs, shitty food and stone age cultures which frankly, should be eliminated.

    Here is the problem, they are brave in the face of ACCEPTED threats. Laura fuckin Logan, after being kidnapped, beaten and finger fucked by 50 or 100 Muslim strangers during her reports in Egypt on the oh so fuckin holy “Arab Spring” (Don’t get me started.), said to effect, that we should try and “understand” the violence perpetrated on her in context.

    That actually makes sense, because in order to understand the cellular, disgusting pusillanimous reporting effected over the last 25 years, when it comes to African American violence, then we need to understand the fear, the societal opprobrium that will be afforded to those journalists who have the guts and the wherewithal to tell the truth about that same African American violence.

    They will stand alone.

    They will risk thier jobs.

    They will risk the loss of their families.

    They will risk actual physical harm.

    Those that do, well they are, in my opinion, real journalists who tell the truth.

    It will be a lonely, hard feild to plow.

  23. harley says:

    like clockwork…set your watch to it…
    its perfect timing…luv ya wilson…lets get that bar open and have a party…passover is coming…will jardines
    be serving matzoh? Or ham on easter? If you need some money come see me…forsee says hello

  24. pride cleaners says:

    HEY CHUCK…your white hood and sheets are laundered and
    ready to be picked up. Bring in your coupons for 10% off.

  25. harley says:

    getting any of that stuff….and glaze has the rights to every one of them. And usually smartman has to pay $10 a hit to get
    a girl on independence blvd because his breath is foul from licking all the toilets at Johnnys Tavern.

    .We are all familiar with the demographic of the white girls on the Plaza, the tanorexic chicks in their 4

  26. chuck says:

    BTW Wilson, god bless ya for your ability to defuse a
    bad situation. Hope you made some new friends, and were a white “pop off valve” in the face of the humiliation, violence and standard expectations that we all have, when encountering “….mostly polite young black kids…”

    This is the sound of the air going out of the baloon, sorry buddy.

    That dude, who said to you, not your wife by the way, he said it to YOU, ‘I’d hit that ass”, is going to respect one thing, and one fucking thing only, violence.

    Sorry buddy and sorry to all those folks who, like me and my parents and my friends thought that trillions of dollars, good intentions, skewed playing fields, affirmative action, EBT, Govt programs and the incessant and never ending horse shit, based on “I’m-black-you-owe-me-identity-politics-marchinwithMartin-white-guilt initiatives would solve the problems of stupidity, violence and cultural ignorance that permeates America today, it won’t, it never will.

    Violence and violence only is the god of this sub culture of stupidity and destruction.

    Here is some advice buddy. A retrospectve of the violence and death perpetrated on innocent Americans over the last 3 decades by African Americans would leave us these ever diminishing choices. Don’t go where African Americans congregate, because, it is dangerous. When confronted by large groups of African Americans, you should vacate the field and take your humiliation and bruises in stride.

    Still, maybe, one day, there will be an opportunity for catharsis.

    Catharsis is an important reinforcement of identity, and of course, our African American brothers should respect identity.

    If the odds are even close to even, fuckin go for it.

    God bless.

  27. chuck says:

    @pride cleaners
    That is all you will ever have.

    You got nothing.

    Everything I print is the truth while you go to the standard ad hominem insults, because YOU DON’T HAVE VIDEOS, YOU DON’T have shit.

    Sorry dude, you have nothing but insults and tired worn out buillshit that was marginally true decadesa ago.

    Lemme ask ya something dumbass.

    If we continue to lie and not face this truth, will it get better?

    If the 4th estate continues to give a pass to Afriican American violence will that make everything ok?

    Fuck no dumbass.

    This violence, this culture of ingnorace and stupidity does NOTHING for African Americans. NOTHING.

    The lack of will, to face the truth destroys ANY hope that African Americans have.

    So, I will be there at Pride cleaners and see some great Italians, the Brancatos, and pick up my cleaning with fuckin Pride and honesty.

    The Brancatos think your a dumbass too.

  28. the dude says:

    Jesus Chuck,
    give the racist rhetoric a rest, not all people of color are violent punks. You have a few bad apples, mob mentality kicks in and bad things happen. Let the hate go man.

    Not every person of color is out to violate your home, wife and daughters.

    Hearne, I was talking about girls that want to dress like working girls with shorts up to their hoohoos and skirts that are so short that they show underdrawers- and boobs practically oozing out their barely there shirts.

    If you want to dress like a whooah ye shall get treated like a whooah.

  29. chuck says:

    @the dude
    Of course, I am a racist.

    Pass the Kool Aide and please, gimme some of that “White Guilt” seasoning we all love so much.

    Yum, Yum….

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, let me reiterate Lance’s comment about me/my piece

  31. chuck says:

    Sorry 🙂

  32. Morris Claiborne from LSU says:

    Time to dumb down the Wonderlic.
    Yeah, I scored a 4.

    Take that Vince Young.

  33. harley says:

    calm down chuck…you’re gonna have a heart attack
    grab your woman…forget coaches tonight…go down to lews soul food restaurant on 12 th street…grab some bar b q at
    gates….go listen to some jazz at 18th and vine…go talk with mayor sly….go see the marching cobras…go by the
    african american funeral home….for sakes this rampage of you’rs is so over the top….man move out of the hood
    into joco and be safe. No bars on the windows…no raptes..if you’re so concerned get out of the pack neghborhood you
    live in…and come out where we can wwalk saefly at nite with our dogs.

  34. notChuck says:

    Better Yet…
    …go to Lakeside (it’s really just a pond) Tavern, have some shitty food, but some great brews (I’m led to understand), and just chill out and let go of all this hate.

  35. chuck says:

    “…for sakes this rampage of you’rs is so over the top….”
    Ok Harley, ask the Eustons if its “Over the top”.

    Ask the Newsom/Christian families if its over the top. http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/newsom.asp

    Ask the thousands and thousands families who have friends and relatives who have been murdered, raped and assaulted if it is over the top.

    No diss Harley, seriously, but just because you have never had your teeth knocked out by a gang of “…mostly polite young black kids…” in no way means it is not happening CONSTANTLY in this city, this state and this country every day.

    You don’t have to work your ass off to discover the facts of this criminal, malevolent, bedrock of African American hate that cowers our politicians, emasculates our journalists, overloads our criminal justice system and forces law abiding citizens, with finally no other options, to flee urban centers all over the United States.

    The first step, in ending the violence and destruction that is part and parcel of the Media glorification of African American violence, is, the fuckin truth. The fucking truth and nothing but the real time, here and now, ugly truth.

    So if you live in JoCo and can’t hear the gun shots, or smell the cordite, or hear the insults and intimidation by that same decrepit and disgusting New Millenium Mafia, the African American Zeitgeist and its thugs and shitheels who range over our streets and destroy our cities, good for you.

    But keep this in mind.

    Something wicked, does indeed, this way come.

  36. Smartman says:

    Let us pray
    While Wilson plays the White Shadow I’m torn between turning the other cheek or buying more hollow points. Chuck is right. Regardless of gang affiliation all these fucks, or their in training wanna be brethren understand is violence. It’s the culture they were raised in, or better yet, the LACK of culture they were raised in. No different than the Muslim’s who call collect every hour on the hour for the elimination of Jerusalem.

    Diplomacy has failed. The Great Society has failed. Our “community” leaders in KCMO have failed. I pray daily for the salvation of mankind but that’s a big ask. I’d like to turn the other cheek but one of Wilson’s homies will wanna slap that too.

    They bring a knife, you bring a gun. They send one of yours to the hospital, you send two of theirs to the morgue. Failure to do such will result in our future being flown first class across the pond by Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways and depositing a new kind of despotism and hegemony on our shores that’ll make Hunger Games look like Romper Room. Fuck the new Ferrari. 10,000 rounds of ammo and 60 days worth of food, water, medicine and fuel are the new status symbols.

    We have been very blessed as a people and a nation. We take that for granted. We have abused the privilege of being the greatest fucking nation in the history of mankind. Actions have consequences. Only, God, Jah, Yahweh, (insert your deity here), know what the future holds. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10. Get smart or before too long you may witness your own crucifixion.

    Hail Mary and Conceal Carry. Amen!

  37. Hearne says:

    Easy fellas…
    There’s a lot more to all of the race aspect of all this than just the standard issue, he says, she says talking points.

    And I think Tiad wins the award for the reader who most missed the point to all of this by pronouncing the entire topic could be summed up as merely that the cops and the Plaza aren’t enforcing local ordinances.

    Must be a slow reader, but he’ll catch up…I hope.

    I’m pretty much down with The Dude that a few bad apples can incite a mob.

    All I was saying about the young women in my story is they were very tastefully attired in clothes befitting a corporate job in an upscale business area. And even if they’d been dressed like hookers, it doesn’t reflect well on the Occupy LatteLand crowd for so flagrantly exhibiting such boorish behavior.

  38. HARLEY says:

    wrong position
    More people die in car accidents…more people die from cancer and diseases…more people will die from malnutrition
    and hunger…more people will die from a host of other causes that can be prevented….and you mention none of these.
    A child dieing of hunger is no worse than a child being murdered on the street of chicago.
    A mother dieing from cancer is no different than a woman dyeing from a stray bullet in detroit.
    The end result is the same. The causes are different.
    I don’t see youscreaming to abolish tobacco that kills millions of people every year. Why?
    I don’t see you screaming to increase gun laws and further enforce the ones on the books…bush had 8 years
    to do this…did nothing…obama has had 3…did nothing. Kids buying guns…where are you guys on this issue.
    The family in the black community has broken down…are you twon guys working with Big Brothers…going to try
    to solve the problem besides screaming that there’s a problem?
    The media glorifies the murders in detroit….hardly…more that there’s no path out of those lives for those
    people…the media is to blame for the murders…come on chuck you’re smarter than that. If the kids didn’t
    have to availablity of guns…if mom and dad were there…would vall hthis happen?
    Take a kid from harlem…bring him into a home in overland park and raise him in the situation. Chances are the
    kid makes good…even if he’s exposed to all those “media mafia” types who glorify violence.
    Yeah…lets get automoatic weapons in the hands of those kids…you ever been down to those areas.
    Ever ate/slept/participated/worked with/watched those kids…I have! Worked for Head Start for 6 years.
    Are they any different than your kids…fuck no….they’re young …they’re impressionable…they love to laugh..
    they inquisitve…they want to be loved…and they’re no different than any kid in this nation. They need direction..
    and get this “hope”….and you can see which ones are gonna makeit immmediately…and which ones won’t.
    Incaarceration…we slam kids in jail for victimless crimes…drugs…comeon…in many nations these drugs are
    legal…but we put thse kids in jail from the inner city because IT PAYS THE CORPORATIONS WELL TO HOUSE
    i don’t need to get jumped by a bunch of gang bangers like you chuck. I don’t need to carry a automtatic
    rifle to feel safe….I don’t need to hear this macho right wing bull shit telling me that they have no hope with
    these kids.
    Take guns off the street…i know a man who just opened a shoting range in soth joco…i asked him about the
    laws..he’s been selling guns for 40 years…said the nra is way outof line…we’ve got to get the guns out of the
    hands of criminals…he said he would do anything as a law abiding citizen to save lives and make it
    harder for bad guys to get guns…this guy is an nra membeer forever…and he said man yagree with him..
    and it would not affect his business one dime.
    anotehr note…60% of these crimes take place within a 3 mile radius of the area in the city. We had a surge
    in fallujah…why not a surge in the inner city….

  39. Super Dave says:

    Men stare at women and guess what women sit and stare at the guys as well. I bet those two little girls go to a local hangout and drool over any man they think is a hunk. So in short they are just as guilty of doing what they are bitching about.

    What I think would be a riot is the so call biker dudes which I doubt they really are get there early and fill every parking spot for blocks around with one bike per space and move them one space at a time every so often all at the same time and see what all the shops say then when all the parking spots are gone.

  40. BarKeeper says:

    Wait ‘Til Summer, Friends
    Getting a prime parking spot at some coffee shop will be the least of your Plaza concerns. Next time these “polite youths” flashmob the place, it will take the National Guard to sort it out. Highwoods, KCPD, nor Sly-Guy James have even the slightest chance of stopping the intevitable. The Beast is out there, and he’s hungry……

  41. chuck says:

    Total, metaphysical bullshit Harley.

  42. Lance the Intern says:

    Harley —

  43. Killa City Peel yo head back says:

    Either Harley is off his meds or just took too big a hit from the Vaporizer whip

  44. dreamwriter326 says:

    Chuck ad nauseum
    Chuck, when I first started reading your comments a year or so ago, I was impressed by the depth of your writing skills, the sharpness of your humor and the way you sort of make sense.

    I also was impressed the first time you used the term “ad hominem insult” since it’s not every day someone pulls that one out of the thesaurus. This evening, though, I’m not so giddy about seeing the term used for probably the third or fourth time in the past week, again attached to your evolving obsession with black violence. Your attacks on the media harken to those of Alonzo — moreso with each new rant.

    Alonzo: “The media is lying and won’t report that I am solving so many crimes.”

    Chuck: Our major affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc), our major print media (New York Times, Chicago Trib, LA Times et fuckin al, including our own newspaper of record.) consistantly lies, misleads, obfuscates and engages in a protocal based on legerdmain and deception when it comes to the truth about African American violence …”

    Yeah, you’re far more eloquent, Chuck. But tthat doesn’t change the fact that you post ad nauseum links to stories about black-on-white violence, then rip the very media whose links you use because they didn’t go far enough. Nothing short of fully justifying your seething intolerance will do, it seems.

    Don’t get me wrong, your short-to-moderately wordy responses to all sorts of issues help add spice to this site. Probably the only thing I can agree with Harley about is there are some characters here who can be amusing at times. Wilson?? is especially intriguing with the way he has been able to back even the mighty Glaze down with his ominous “don’t mess with me or else” warnings.

    But Chuck, you’re starting to run the risk of overdoing the diatribes in the same way Harley overdoes elipses and rag-right. Think about it. Fuck kumbaya.

  45. chuck says:

    I thank you for your opinion. ( :

    Appeasement and good men doing nothing, is not what I am interested in.

    How much violence and blood should we countenance?

    “Yeah, you’re far more eloquent, Chuck. But tthat doesn’t change the fact that you post ad nauseum links to stories about black-on-white violence, then rip the very media whose links you use because they didn’t go far enough. ”

    Yeah, that is exactly my point.

    I will be more seethingly tolerant when it stops.

    Go to the links.

    Substance over style.

  46. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ominous? I dont have an ominous bone….
    in my body. I just say what I mean, mean what I say, talk the talk and walk the walk in a consistent manner. Adding the disclaimer that at times I write satire or parody here that’s taken for fact so maybe I can be obtuse at times.

    I admire a lot that Chuck says and I hold some really strong views about criminal activity in a number of areas, black and radical Muslim among them. And at times I’ve seen the racial talk get border line frightening, like it did yesterday right here. That does concern me, but it goes both ways, it just appears different. Chuck, I love you man, but you can even get further out there than me while being correct in your assessment. But if we are fair, there exists NO greater racism than the Alanzos, Rev Als and Jessies of our world.

    Thanks for your weigh in, Dreamwriter. You’re largely correct with the exceptions I noted. And right on Harley, he works off of volume and word count rather than fact or credibility with his big man, 1% $750 faux house. Kind of Craig like.

  47. chuck says:

    Sorry everyone is so uncomfortable with the facts.
    The avalanche of coverage, the editorials, the faux indignation, the marches, the pontification by talking heads the threats of violence and civil unrest, the physical threats of violence on an unindicted, yet already convicted in the media “Half White Man” for an as yet unproven crime is the expected and conditioned accepted outcome of ANY real or perceived transgression, by even now, a “Half White Man”.

    Yet if I post links, to actual murders, rapes and robberies by African Americans, than “I am ‘out there”.

    So, if there were just one, as opposed to thousands of similar attacks, and I consistantly posted links to that one story, would that be more acceptable?

    Sure it would. It would be easier to dismiss and it would be just one instance.

    We are trained and conditioned like Pavlov’s pooch to under react to the abhorant, abberant and abysmal behaviour by thugs and recoil in horror, when and if there is a similar trangression from those same thugs.

    Here is a Google map showing Phillidelphia Hate crimes over just LAST SUMMER black on white.


    Were the situation reversed, then troops would be called home from foriegn wars, the national guard would be called out, the Hague would decry and condemn America for sins against humanity, the President (With an ever growing number of “sons” would call for legislation, statues woudl be built, movies would be made, the Phillidelphia airport would build more runways to handle the influx of the media, and venerated civil rights talking heads for the endless commentary on the hate crimes committed right here on our own streets.

    But, no, I am “Out There”.

    Total Bullshit.

    This culture war is now and has been lost for decades.

    Sorry if your uncomfortable, but its not like I am much of a threat to the status quo.

  48. chuck says:

    BTW here are your “Unbaised” ABC and NBC news outlets
    working hard for the truth.


    What a joke.

  49. harley says:

    great idea again…you’ll take hours to post over and over again crap that was written and talked about in the
    60’s…remember the culture wars..oh my god…the world is ending..blacks this and that…yes they were
    from the 60’s….the same crap youguys write today.
    This stuff you write is th same stuff found on white separatist websites…angry racebaiting hate words….
    Get your guns…get your ammo….hide in the bunkers…just another hollow worthless bunch of ” end of the world”..
    bullshit garbage that we’ve heard for 100 years from people with tin foil hats…
    Ha ha ha…the jokes on you. The resto f us have heard enough of this garbage…
    I’m sure you guys are preparing for the end of the world in december….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. chuck says:

    I swear, I don’t even know what your talking about

    I’m goin to work.

  51. paulwilsonkc says:

    chuck, ill decode harley for you
    On my next trip to the bathroom. You have to wade through the 7 inches, 900 words of syntax / left-right justification errors, chest pounding bravado and fluff n stuff, hoping beyond hope there’s one tiny nugget of wisdom amidst the drivel avalanche. It becomes increasingly like reading Craig, exchanging stardom and fame 1%ER massive wealth, huge mansions and new/merged/sold business empires!
    A hand full of us are the NEW stars, let keep it that way.

  52. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, let me side with Hearne on one thing here…
    When 911 hit our Country I was so enflamed by the videos of Muslims dancing in the streets celebrating as buildings collapsed on 3,500 of our citizens. Enflamed! I began to categorize every Muslim I saw with the ones dancing on the evening news chanting their Allah

  53. Mark X says:

    Awesome posts.

    This is what I call GREAT entertainment. The commentators here are WAY more profound & entertaining than any other local websites.

    One can

  54. the dude says:

    Cliff notes version of Harley and wilson:
    Not all people are bad, there will always be some bad apples out there- deal with the bad apples.

    Flip that coin over, what do you think the average Muslim in Iraq or Afghanistan thinks about us at this point in time? I can take a pretty good guess at this point: we are viewed as ‘white devil’ occupiers that do not belong in their country. And you wonder why some people fear the ‘white devil’ in other places.

    I have no ‘white guilt’ on my hands, I know the score.

  55. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, very well said in less words!
    I could take a lesson from you as well.
    Oddly enough, my oldest son has done more to bring me around to that thinking. When I made $250K a year I was a LOT MORE Republican than I am now! I thought we had the right to be anywhere, do anything, because, after all, we were bringing FREEDOM to these people. Well, they dont all WANT freedom, they dont all want OUR version of what WE think THEIR freedom should look like, and in the end, its NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!

    We could have a full time job cleaning up our own backyard. We just don’t care to.

    And you’re right, these people hate us when we come in to “save them”, they hate us while we are there “saving them”, they hate us when we leave and long after we are gone. Whats the point?

  56. the dude says:

    The simple answer Wilson,
    MONEY and POWER. That’s what it is always about.

  57. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, of course thats the answer.. it always is
    but what I struggle with is how blatant it seems now and how ignorant we are treated. .The spin politicos put on things, you can play videos of them saying something, they will deny they said it, you can ASK about the video of them saying it…. and they will talk for 5 minutes and not address the question, then smile. How could they think we are that stupid? We have PROVEN we are, to them, by our apathetic approach to voting and managing our own country. Its now run by loons and its worse than it

  58. the dude says:

    and the power and money control both sides and the mainstream media. Easy to control your message and results that way.
    You still seem to be locked in the false left/right paradigm, it sounds like you are getting closer to the reality of things here though.

    You are right, we have too many Glazer-types here, that is a big part of the problem. ha!

  59. dreamwriter326 says:

    Rush has more than one profound statement
    This is probably just as fitting, for this crowd, as the money quote from Rush:

    And the men who hold high places
    Must be the ones who start
    To mold a new reality
    Closer to the heart.

    Or better yet, one of my favorites from 2112:

    You don’t get something for nothing
    You can’t have freedom for free
    You won’t get wise
    With the sleep still in your eyes
    No matter what your dreams might be.

    There’s no shame in being a Rush fan. Rock on.

  60. Hearne says:

    One last point…
    For now, of course.

    There’s two things going on here. While everyday average Plaza patrons get nailed as often as possible for parking even a few minutes over the allotted one hour limit or whatever, for some inexplicable reason, for years the Plaza and police have chosen to give dozens to hundreds of aging bikers a total pass, allowed them to illegally monopolize prime Plaza parking and even no parking spaces for entire weekends, weather permitting.

    Frankly, it makes no sense whatsoever.

    I don’t want to make this too complicated for my pal Tiad, but that stands in contrast to the fact that they are all over small groups of black teens even when they are totally behaving and in broad daylight. In a sense, as Chuck more-or-less points out, these are two separate stories/issues. But as a study in contrast, it is troubling.

    In addition, having spent hours upon hours monitoring and reporting for years on these groupings of urban youth hanging out at night on the Plaza, in Westport, Crown Center, Ward Parkway and at Cinemark in Merriam, I can tell you that for the most part these are just kids out for a movie, a good time and a hang with friends.

    However, because there are always a few “bad apples” – or better said perhaps, badasses – all it takes in one incident – a shootout, for example – to send the rest of the kids scrambling eastward towards their homes or every which way but loose. Which opens the door for other of the bad apples to wreak a bit of havoc.

    And for local media to sensationalize that one night’s event – out of an entire summer with no other such incidents – which strikes fear into people living in the suburbs who often view the Plaza as – not the crown jewel many longtime Kansas Citians do – but as a dangerous place to go.

    Within reason, you all have made some valid points – even Tiad – but to load up on some cliches, two wrongs don’t make a right and the truth lies somewhere in between.

  61. tiad says:

    Wow! Hearne Likes Me, He Really Likes Me!
    So the moral of the story is: The urban youths need to start riding motorcycles and drinking lattes.

    But somedays I have to wonder why I give Hearne my “unique website hits” each day. Oh, I know why – Mark X said it above.

  62. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hearne is right, two wrongs dont make a right,
    but two wrights made an airplane. I’m sorry, it was a cheap, easy chance at low hanging fruit and I took it. Can you tell how MY day has gone? I really feel bad about myself after that one.

    Hearne, we talked about this and it IS interesting, you just aren’t to the WHY of it yet. And, we all understand, this isn’t a debate that will end with Cancer cured, but to the curious mind, its interesting, not earth shattering. I’ve gotten tickets on the Plaza, and I love these biker dudes. Heck, I love the gay dudes too! It didnt take a “complaint” from someone for me to score a ticket. It took Sally Meter Maid to come by and chalk me, then me to not return in time.

    Question is, yet to be answered, WHY or how can 20 bikes sit in a 15 minute space and NOT get a ticket. No, no one really cares, it doesn’t change fresh water in Mawali, Africa, but it IS interesting. Its got to come down to a few things:

    1. Its in a spot the cops just dont care about
    2. The cops LIKE the bikers and turn the other cheek. Or chap.
    3. Latte Land doesn’t REALLY care, so they dont call the cops.
    4. They figure if they chalk 20 tires, they dont have time to sit around and wait it out, and if they (Sally Meter Maid) leaves, the Dudes will either wipe it off OR put the bikes on their center stands and rotate the tire.

    I don’t know what the answer it, but its one of them. AGAIN, let me stress, its interesting, it doesnt change anything in our world, If I got to that Latte Land, Im walking from somewhere TO somewhere after I’ve parked, so it changes nothing, other than the why’s of it all. That , to me, IS interesting.

    On the other half of the non-fitting story, I AM troubled that good kids get hassled in the daylight, for no reason.

    In closing, DUDE, I’m not what I would describe as locked in a left/right paradigm, but we do spend MOST of our time with issues FROM the left or right. I’m much more liberal than I once was… but not really LOCKED anywhere, or at least I’d like to think I wasn’t. My life has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 8 years, so anything is possible!

  63. paulwilsonkc says:

    Tiad – my new mentor and king of KCC!!
    tiad 11:58:26 AM – Wed. Apr 4. 2012
    So the moral of the story is: The urban youths need to start riding motorcycles and drinking lattes.

    WINNER, WINNER Chicken DINNER! 64 comments of crap and he comes up with it in ONE line!

    We don

  64. tiad says:

    I’ve Already Blown…
    …today’s “unique website hit” and I still haven’t gotten my Jardine’s update. Get with the program, folks.

  65. paulwilsonkc says:

    Tiad – Jardines
    No Change. The more money I’m offered from incredibly kind investors, the less I seem to see my way clear to do it. We started out all over it, had it gone down in January. Now, as a friend an investor said, its lost some mojo in the process.
    I dont know where the other two interested parties stand. There’s your fix, even if it was a sarcastic request, either way, I get it.

    And now back to getting urban utes and scholars on bikes!

  66. the dude says:

    Holy crap,
    you guys did score finally!

    The answer IS Triumphs, BSA’s, Royal Enfields, helmets and latte mochas for urban youts!

    Who is gonna write up the draft for grant money on this, Harley?

  67. tiad says:

    My First Idea Was…
    …Harley’s Harleys for Misunderstood Urban Youths. But that sounds way too expensive – a Harley for each one of them? We definitely have to scale back on this idea.

    How about: Scooters for Scooter’s. Each one of ’em gets a Vespa and they all hang out at the nearest Scooter’s Coffee House.

    It could be gold, I tell ya’, gold!

  68. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, I say take it to Cleaver, NOT HARLEY!
    If we take it to Harley it will require wading through 23 column inches of everything from,

  69. the dude says:

    You have
    a point wilson, I thought it would be good because once the grant readers got to around page 87 of Harley’s grant write up their eyes would start glazing over and they would just give us the damn money. I see you point though, we don’t want this to involve strippers and boring government officials to death.

    We’ll just limit Harley’s involvement to setting up the meet with Cleaver if he is not still down in Sanford trying to pickpocket NEW black panthers.

    That leaves you Hearne to make the grant write up, put those cub reporter instincts to good use and use lots of big words.
    Let’s do this boys!!

  70. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, being a contrarian, myself, Im always open
    to new and refreshing ideas. There IS a strategy here we need to think through to make sure we have the best odds of getting these scholars wind in their hair on classy new rides!. We have to weigh the chances of negotiating the money from Manual, versus the chances of Harley boring the ever loving shit out of them whereby, as you suggested, they simply surrender and write the check. Thats a valid point and one we need to, as they used to say, socialize.

    I had no idea why Harley had been so silent, that explains it. I didnt know he was in an entreprenurial venture with the New Black Panthers, or the OLD ones, for that matter.

  71. the dude says:

    I meant MANUEL was down in Sanford picking pockets, not the harlinator. His absence might be due to his already starting on our grant money proposal for ‘youts on cycles’. Yes, we must strategize our plan of attack on the fed’s pocketbook to help these scrappy runts. This may very well call for a stategery meeting at the court of appeals in Shawnee with all involved parties.

    Hearne needs to get crackin’ and catch up or else Harley will beat him to the punch and get the ‘customer of the month’ parking space at Latteland. Then he won’t have to worry about parking with the commoners.

  72. paulwilsonkc says:

    harlinator, I love that. Its better than Norton!
    The funny thing is, he’s a really nice guy when he’s just HIM. When I threatened to out him with a google map picture of his beer can littered lawn the first time he claimed his place was just featured on MTV CRIBS, (satire, not liablous claim) he left in shame. Then he came back as the REAL Harley after 14 name changes, unable to hide his syntax! And when he did, he had some REALLY great things to say and salient points on any number of topics.

    Its just like Craig struggling to be “nice to me for a few minutes” , he sooner or later degenerates to crack ho’s, brushes with fame and his latest movie he produced on Wheat Germination and if you dont like wheat Yur A HATER! Harley stays HIMSELF as long as he can stand it, then 1%er Rambling Man shakes off the moss and rears his ugly head! I’m trying real hard to be good and not fight the fight. As they say, you can’t argue with a fool, within 5 minutes no one can tell who’s who. You get sucked to the same level. After we win this battle, we need to help Harley find and be the real him. Maybe as a group, in an intervention, we can suggest; If you dont get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere.

  73. mark smith says:

    sleepy eyed 15 year old killers from street corner to prison
    Ive seen the flipside of the coin first hand. Passed em in the prison yard. Easy to spot. Looking like they should be out in the world, in school. Doing the same thing as all teens. Just beginning the trek to adulthood. A few years ago 3 15 year old black kids pistol whipped my 79 year old uncle in his front yard. Broke his jaw then forced him inside his waldo home. They terrorized my aunt and uncle for the better part of an hour. Took guns, jewelry, the nights receipts from his restraunt, and a car to haul it away in. My uncle died.a couple years later,.he never really recovered. My aunt died about a year after, she spent that last year mostly awake looking out her window. Fear her constant companion. Prior to that, while doing a prison bit, I’d see these baby face misunderstood victims of white society strong ARM the weak. Are all or even most black folks included in this bunch of shit heels? Of course not. Most black Americans want nothing to do with them. The truth is a small segment of a minority group commits a majority of violent crime in this country. So it overshadows the people in the overall group. The problem is only going to get worse. Speak on it and you are a racist, remain mute and you are just another potential.victim waiting for fate to put one of these scum bags in your path.

  74. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mark, well said!
    It’s always the 80/20 rule. Good points all.

  75. chuck says:

    Will no one rid me of this turbulent commenter?
    We will never heal the White Fisher King without the truth, and Dr. Fuckin Chuck administering same.

    Your subjective appreciation for the 80/20 rule, will depend on your proximity to the coming summer violence, murder, rape and assault that will accompany that same 20% (Really, ya gonna go with only 20%, I am thnking Glaze helps me out with a “Tease” on these odds and I bank some major jack while the city burns.). Dr. Chuck reccomends a vacation in Idaho, or Utah.

    If you live in JoCo, then reading about it in the paper, will be far more salubrious than experiencing first hand, as did Mark Smith’s relatives and my relatives a tete a tete with an armed and dangerous “scholar” with criminal intent.

    I like the 80/20 rule, because of the assumptions, the unspoken responsibility that rests on the average American to, in the face of life and death odds ( 1 outta 5, and your fucked.) play the “They are not all bad” game.

    If ya win, you get to have an average interaction with another person, maybe a purchase, or a conversation, some amenitites over the weather and you go on with your day. If you are one of the unlucky 20%, then if the location is a little sketchy, if you were not thinking and wore a nice watch, if your chick is looking pretty hot that night, well, your fucked.

    Paul, I understand the comment, and I mean no diss, but think about how Americans have come to accept not only the horrific African American crime rate and the incessant underreported black on white crime, but then, in the face of the unambiguated truth, the whole problem, is laid to rest, by Hearne, by you and by most folks, after we just put a number on it, and convince ourselves that we and our families will probably just run into the good 80%.

    That just isn’t good enough anymore. It is NOT the average American’s responsibilty to assume there are odds that he will be murdered or assaulted or, on a good day, just intimidated by a criminal black element.

    It is time to dispense with absurd transgenerational African American claims to “Protected Class” by way of crimes committed by people long dead whom they don’t know, we don’t know and are in no way responsible for.

    End entitlements and rewards for the Culture of Complaint and destruction that those same entitlements have created.

    Clear out prison space for violent offenders and incarcerate them for life with no parole.

    Legalize Marijauna and diminish the drconian penalties for drug use to make that prison space available.

    Force your elected representatives to talk about African American crime and make everyone aware of that the destruction wrought by same, is excaberated by mitigating and dodging the truth about that same African American crime.

    The Kansas City Star, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN etc etc, would never allow this type of commentary in print, or in the news.

    What those liars do fear, is a backlash of folks, who write to their sponsors, and email them any and every time they can, their intentions to NEVER purchase the products advertised on those same media outlets until they tell the truth.

    These folks are metaphysically gutless, and the threat of loss of revenue, will impress them.

    Heal the White Fisher King and make America great again for all.

  76. paulwilsonkc says:

    chuck, ive never thought youve dis’d me
    I’m good with any Exchange of ideas any time the IQ stays above plant level. There are only a few that don’t meet that qualification…

  77. Orphan of the Road says:

    Why can’t a cow have kittens?
    Having spent a few days checking with probable participants, I found out that so-and-so goes and some of his buddies are d’bags. Having spent 50-years around motorcycles and bikers, that sounds right. Primarily people I talked to spent the time to drink a cup of joe before the others got there for a ride.

    And a couple of there were cops and firefighters.

    Why we can’t all sing Kumbaya is white folk been feeding shit to blacks for so long and they have been eating it up. The Civil War was fought to free the slaves. Um, no it wasn’t. Eventually politicians reluctantly adopted the abolitionist plea because public opinion was turning against the war. And then it only freed them in the South. Slaves in states which had not rebelled were still slaves Then they were freed and 120-years later they got the rights the should have had all along.

    Then the blacks replaced the Indians on the reservation as a way to funnel government money through programs. The money helped line pockets but never reached the people in need. The Indians said when the white man gives you a blanket, they want something in return. Usually your pride.

    There are people who make a lot of money by keeping racism alive. Racism isn’t genetic, it is taught. Pretty much all of us are guilty to some degree. Mostly stupid rather than malignant. But it still feeds the malignancy.

    As I was taught early in life, always wear your cup and be prepared. Satan Clause is out there.

  78. Hearne says:

    You guys are something else…
    I’m getting a little tapped here – believe it or not – but to clarify a point to Sir Paul ( weren’t you the dude who got knighted with Ringo?), it’s not just the 15 Minute parking that goes away for three days straight every weekend.

    An equally large chunk of no parking real estate is also taken over with nary a challenge from police or Plaza while you weep into your now cold latte after the three block walk back to your car.

    And it’s not that nobody minds or cares. Remember the silent majority?

    Like the dudes and hotties who can’t find a parking spot near all those shops and restaurants for three days straight.

    Plus the employees at LatteLand don’t want or like those guys hanging around, hogging all their parking and patios. But they’re fairly young hipsters who aren’t the confrontational types and have to deal with the dudes every week. In other words they’re hesitant to pick a fight.

    Trust me, they care plenty.

    Meanwhile, LatteLand’s owners have enough other spots all over town and are probably making enough dough that they haven’t really given the subject much thought. Perhaps now they will.

    Or how about they post a message here to the bikers (under real names) that they’re cool with everything and damn the no parking signs, keep it coming?

  79. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hearne, its Sir Paul…
    I didnt mean to insinuate no one cared, I’m sure several do, maybe even the silent majority. All I suggested was getting to the WHY of nothing being done. I offered 4 or 5 reasons, there may be 10 more, but while I said its NOT solving cancer, its really interesting to me as to why, when Harley is working his 3rd job as meter maid, he or his sidekick aren’t chalking tires on the bikes, or why, like the KCMO cops sitting behind the limo with no provocation, they aren’t moving bikes on down the road. I think its interesting. I’d like to hear the explanation of someone in a position of authority in the International Department of Limited Minutes Parking. Someone KNOWS why they don’t take action, I’d like to hear it just to add another piece of needless trivia to my pea sized brain.

  80. Sir Tiad says:

    Where else will these…
    …moto-genarians go to read the latest Kelly Urich updates? We sure don’t want them actively driving their bikes while they read the latest chucklefest from Kelly. Think of the potential accidents!

  81. Dr. Relevant says:

    The safe places
    Irony hip-hops past my eyes like a pink Easter bunny. While we’re all literate male pussies, scared of getting the crap beat out of us by bad-assed black boys, we all agree we can repose in Joco and be safe as long as we stay.

    I moved to Joco in time to start 5th grade. Shortly thereafter, walking home from grade school, I was mugged. This was no mild act; these three sadistic characters were out for blood, and they got some. The ring-leader was the youngest of the three Glazer brothers.

    There were brutal fights in the 13-19 age group, including some gang fights. The Glz was fine with it, although he let some very dangerous pals do his dirty work. Charley N, a great friend if you needed someone brutally assaulted, and others, including some very dangerous psychopaths, such as one whose last name started with Strick, made today’s Plaza gangs seem like Sigma Nus.

    And there were always Glazers to orchestrate the good times, while rarely getting their hands dirty….. long before an Arizona ripoff he suffered through introduced him to his calling as an armed robber. Back then, I’d have felt safer in an alley at 31st and Troost than a suburban apartment with the Glaz and cohort Dandy Don Woodbeck.

    Don’t be too complacent! The criminal element will occupy one block today, but clean up that block, and it will reappear elsewhere, perhaps in your front yard. Human nature evolves glacially slow.

  82. dreamwriter326 says:

    The crow flies straight…
    So are these guys at Latte Land runnin’ guns for the Irish, or would it kill someone to walk up to them and say, “hey guys, we need that space for our carry-out orders, do you mind?”

  83. Super Dave says:

    Well Hearne go to City Hall and demand something be done with these so call outlaws who hog all the parking with their hogs as well as breaking the law doing it.

    Or just go see if they are there and call KCPD and make a citizens arrest of the whole tribe.

    I mean come on you have done this story twice now grow a pair be a man step up an do something about it so you can sleep at nights.

  84. harley says:

    stfu you idiots
    1. wilson> get back to work you corporate slave. You spend months jacking your meat over some two bit slimy piece of
    shit bar of which you can’t scratch 2 dimes to buy (you need investors to come up with $10,000) and you shoot your
    mouth off when you work for the “man” b ecause you went busted on your own 3 times. Come on jr….get real..you’re
    not a businessman…you’re not smart…you went busted not once…not twice…and couldn’t even run your own company
    for longer than 1 year…not a great track record…in fact you’rre probably one of the worst businessmen in this freaking town.
    tracke record speaks for itself. So lets talk dollars and sense….i am making more in one week than you make in a month..and
    while you’re acting like “donald trump” negotating with some guys with no business sense…I ‘m working on closing a
    huge deal made possible by mr. forssee and other high income earners while you’re in the mud with a bunch of
    goonies and goobers. So until you can prove you got anything worth driveling over…just stay in the background with
    your poor track record and pretend you’re some big time b guy …when in reality you’re another wanna be…..
    you seeom like a nice guy but you always interject my name….want to get serious…i can show you how to run a business..
    i’ve run 3…big ones…on my own…not some funded by someone else but my own. While me and glaze are doers and
    movers…you’re a mover (with a moving van and a corporate backing) but you’re definitely not making things happen except with your foolish comments about crap. You’ve done nothing with your own resources…and your stories about being some big
    time business dealings….come on wilson…stop watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE….and stop dreaming!
    2. Youo fools wasted all your time on a buncgh of bikers taking over some parking spots on the plaza. In the time you
    boons spent lfattering yourself with your own trivial pursuit writings…i was making things happening..getting a huge
    new account and getting ready to close a deal that makes all your menial attempts to buy jardines and their rotten
    furniture and equipment….stop…you’re looking like a fool to people who really know business. You’ve never done
    anything on your own…like glaze and i…so your make believe game is just that. Stop …and do something that you
    can add to your 100 page resumes that might get you another position when mr. corporate man outsources your
    job to some guy in pakistan…come on…lets get real.
    3. black on black crime…come on…i pinted out to your tin foil hat dudes there’s bigger fish to fryin the world.
    There’s bigger problems than a simple problem like this. Your stay up late paranoia is just plain stupid.
    You attack all the media for failing to point out what’s going on…where you been boys? Havent you seen the
    news reports…and most importantly the people who control and deceminate the news (the republicans)
    karen’t doing shit to bring this “huge” problme to the forefront. Your idol murdoch…who just happens to run one
    o the largest news organizations in the world has nothing about black on black crime…inf fact i watchc that
    bastion of fair journalism fox news and not one mention of the huge problem of crime on our streets..instead
    they focused on a huge…ever increasing problem…the way sarah palin was treated on the today show whoooooaaaaaaaaa!
    4. This place reminds me of a bunch of old tiredraggedy old whilte men congregating at the mcdonalds for breakfast to
    talk about old…tired raggedy life stories….ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…who give a fuck about bikers on the plaza..or an isolated
    incident on the plaza where a few yuts shoot off a few guns and get the security guarads all scared…running into
    bushes for cover…pretty simple tin foil fools…don’t go to the plaza…come out to town center or nrostroms and see
    how the upper crust lives…get out of the innercity wal mart and come see what real movers and shakers in the
    city are doing..in other words…if you don’t like the ghetto…come out and be with us..well…thats not such a good
    idea since we want to keep our neghborhoods cleanand neat.
    5. Its all for naught buddies…the annointed one is on pace to wipe the floor with the old..flip flopper and you’ll
    get more of his policies. Why are you all so against the guy…most of you guys are in the lower 20% and i’m sure romney
    coiuld giv e a shit about you with his car elevators…..and i’m sure most of you are nearv medicare and social scruity nad
    I’m willing to bet many of you are on disablity…even though you’re not disable (haha)…so do your homework and
    see who’s really concerned with your well eing…not mr romeny…it mr. obama….
    really…and i was looking forward to one of the intellectuals to prove me wrong. I was wrong…its all personal with you.
    I presented some points and not one of your so called intellectuals were able to debate my points and probe me
    wrong. Instead yourv paranoid bull shit about nothing fills this space. I had hpdd that at least one of your
    group would have had some talking points or intelletual solid arguments to prove me wrong…shit…was I ever
    wrong. So I’m sure you’ll come up with some more racist…anti semitic…hate filled comments because thats
    all you know…
    stay cool boys…the world is not ocming to an end…its a beautiful world out there right now…stop making excuses
    for your short comings and come see the light with optimistic…forward thinking people who believ e our best
    days are ahead….sorry..i’ve never been a pessimist…and its done very very very well for me…how about you??????

    comments on this site.

  85. harley says:

    dr. relevant…
    who you talking asbout……charlie nicolas…everyone knew him…is that who youre
    talking about…knew the guy well…he was a bad ass…saw him beat the crap out of a guy with a huge tree branch..
    great guy…but you did not mess with him…my cousin ran with him and they’d beat the lving hell out of
    someone who looked at him wrong.
    Ronnie…tough dude…married my cousin…walkd the street of o.p. and shawnee and took no crap.
    Jimmie DW….g.f…alex f….all the toughest motherfuckers in this town…
    I knew them l…they workdwith my family…stil the meanest mf. One pulled an attorney thru the car window in kck…
    its nice to know people like that…

  86. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley talks, I hear Charlie Browns teacher…
    One last time, then you’re on your own. I ran my consulting business for 8 years, on my own. eleven years at Sprint, prior. And then ran the largest interactive media firm in the central US, Canada to Mexico. When I did the Clumbia Tri Star deal, they wouldn’t have known you either. When I met Tiger for the Buck deal, didnt know you. Moulder, same story. You FAIL on the FACTS

    According to JoCo County Clerk records, I made a LOT more than you. You’ve got some interesting stuff in there…. beware of public records, they will betray you every time. You FAIL on the FACTS

    I explained “broke” to you in detail, at least I was honest enough to say so. And it was once, not bankrupt, just too low on cash. Real people have failed, some a LOT. People with no balls tell stories like you, Norton. You FAIL on the FACTS

    Total investment offers on Jardines of over $250K, not $10K, from some of the biggest names in the city, who dont know YOU, by the way. Oh, each and every one, unsollicited offers as they know me, know who I am, know what I can do. You FAIL on the FACTS

    I landed every big or prestigious relocation in the city last year, from the Kauffman to the Ballet to you name it. None of them knew you either. Come see me, any time, 4th row center at the Kauffman in MY seats. Six of them, to be exact. Put 350K sq ft on the Sprint Campus. There’s a reason why corporate leaders turn to me. I can take you to school on that or anything else. You FAIL on the FACTS

    You;’re forgetting, when you went coo coo last time, I got the run down on you and its CEEERTAAINLY NOT what you present in your rambling diatribe and sea sick syntax that makes it sound like you and Glaze are one in the same! Hey, maybe thats IT.. .maybe there isn’t really a Harley. Oh.. yeah, I guess there is, or a version of who he says he is anyway… the rest is fluff and stuff.

    OK, from now on, I will only address you if youre being the REAL Harley, Harlinator. The other guy won’t get a response, just so you understand and dont think I’ve not seen you. I like the REAL Harley, not the wanna be version. Just want to make sure you understand that. I read it all… dont think I’m overlooking you, its just behavior modification. If you’re the good guy, the interesting Harley, I’ll comment. otherwise, i wont bother responding, you can whistle in the dark. Its make to that swine lesson, wrestling with a pig, you’ve read it.’

    You are so messed up you can’t keep stories straight that we told to you a week ago, in DETAIL, thinking you may care. And YOU, of all people, want to tell HEARNE how wrong he is. Of all people, facts are a TOTALLY etherial concept to YOU. But you want to bash HIM? You FAIL on the FACTS

    Everyone here knows what you are, Harley. its just that I have the documentation on it. That makes it funnier.
    Thanks for playing, you’re KCC last years news. You FAIL on the FACTS

  87. the roast beef of mrs harleys mud flaps says:

    I love the smell of crazy in the morning
    just the facts

    Harley is the one percent. Fact. The one percent of tools living in some studio apartment, alone, with 6 cats and a blow up doll named Lurlean or Mom.

    Harley owned a business. Fact. The crack head who sold t shirts out of a grocery cart on The Wire was based on harley.

    Harley is a pussy expert. Fact. See above reference to house cats.

    Harley is about to go def con 5 on some muth fawkers. Fact. and by def con 5 I mean tail tucked and absent from the comment section after his public records reveal an arrest involving a 6ft 7 tranny, a goat, and a pound of butter.

  88. Dr. Relevant says:

    Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Plaza Gangs?
    Handsome Harley;

    Close enough on Charlie’s last name (first two and las two letters) to assume you have the right guy…. Glaze knew him pretty well. Don’t know your other badasses.

    Know another badass from O.P. who pulled a reverse…. (Dennis P.) Went to Troost to commit major crimes. He and a buddy would hitchhike up Troost and robbed whomever picked them up. One potential victim had a gun and blasted Dennis’s partner away. Dennis landed in the Big House. BTW he was from a wealthy family and his father was a successful lawyer.

    Could go on and on but the point is you don’t have to be young and black to assault people, and wherever you are, the Plaza or the burbs, you can get hurt by some criminal/maniac, so you might stop pissing in your pants about black gangs in the Plaza.

  89. paulwilsonkc says:

    I found nothing to indicate a pound of butter was ever harmed in any alleged actions.
    I have to go to bed now, The Corporate Man Slave Master expects me in eaaarly or I get a beatin, ya feel me?
    The poor naive guy, when he forgets his meds he thinks he’s Glazer. That constant comparison has got to be even humiliating to Craig! I can see Craig at home, reading Nortons comments about how the two of them are making it happen, Craigs throws something at the screen and yells, Harley YOU STOP THAT NOW!
    OH, Gary doesn’t work at Sprint any more, Harley. And for the benefit of your readers name ONE business you started, by NAME, current or past. Back it up with real facts instead of words or YOU shut up.
    I’ll now go back to ignore.

  90. Super Dave says:

    Ah you just can’t buy enertainment like this.

  91. the dude says:

    I know man,
    I first came on here doing a google search about Harmon’s exit bag, stayed for the trainwreck known as Jardines and the pure entertainment dispensed on a daily basis in the comments section.

    God I love you sorry lot of hopefuls, ye doth not know how ye entertaineth me.

  92. Hearne says:

    I don’t want to crowd you guys…
    but a tip of the hat for some of your rather creatives handles (that’s CB,I think.)

    And to Sir Paul, to answer your question, “I’d like to hear the explanation of someone in a position of authority in the International Department of Limited Minutes Parking,” I have another altogether different parking and ticketing scandal story on the Plaza, so save some room in your pea for that later this morning.

    When I interviewed KC Police on the late breaking, live and investigative original news story about your biker buds, I must confess it was late on a Sunday I was rushing to a dinner date at Houston’s and didn’t notice the parking was only 15 minutes.

    So the police spokesman and I kinda joked about the pocket rocket geezers – and they were doing no harm like terrorizing or running amuck- but he did throw in at the end that if they got any complaints or trouble, he’s sure they’d take care of it.

    I’ll ask him tomo for a clearer take on why specifically they would bypass such flagrantly obvious scofflaws weekend-after-weekend, year-after-year while hustling anywhere and everywhere else on the Plaza, passing out parking ticket treats to everybody freaking else.

    And I will track down the answer – who knows? – maybe I can sell the story to 60 Minutes.

  93. chuck says:

    @Dr. Relevant
    If only we were all Baaddassss Muthafuckas like you, then we wouldn’t be pissing our pants over this, last weekend in St. Louis where a 62 year old and 72 year old and a 16 year old man (All white of course, but no hate crime.) were severely beaten by gangs of “…mostly polite black…”.

    Wow, you must be like fuckin Jack Reacher huh?

    Super bad kickass dude that brings the fuckin weight? A real expert in excessive and unwarranted micturation?

    I don’t care if your wearing steel toed shoes, got thunder in both hands and can shift your weight faster than Tyson, you get jumped by 30 fuckin pack animals, your goin down tough guy.

    So telling all those thousands of folks who have done some serious time in the hospital and their relatives who have spent time identifiying their loved ones at the fuckin morgue might make you a tough guy here, but in the streets it makes you fuckin meat.

  94. chuck says:

    Here is the link, by the way…

    I peed and peed.

  95. Ernst Rohm says:

    Chuckie-Baby’s Been Smoking the Toilet Rim Scrapings
    Yah Chuckie, White people NEVER kill anyone.

    65 years ago does not a summer make.

    But at least we can predict the future for every race’s behaviorial characteristics perfectly !

  96. chuck says:

    That is kinda funny.
    The last white Flash Mob was The Beer Hall Putsch.

    What I am saying, is that for every Ben Carson, there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of African American criminals who will kill ya for tennis shoes.

    For every Cecil De Grasse Tyson, there are TENS OS THOUSANDS of African Americans who will rape your grandmother and post it on World Star Hip Hop.

    For every Bill Cosby, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of African Americans who are Jeremiah Wright shitheels calling for the murder of whites.

    I could go on, but I think ya got it.

    Have dangerous and exiting day.

  97. paulwilsonkc says:

    And that reminds me of Chris Rock, why is it…..
    he can stand on stage and say, “Im not racist, I hate ALL WHITE PEOPLE! The only GOOD cracker is a DEAD cracker!!” and its excused as “comedy” and part of his “act”? Don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of laughs and like Chris Rock, but how does that work?

    If Craig gave me a shot at open mic night, I got on stage and said Im not RACIST, I hate ALL BLACKS!! The only GOOD black is a DEAD black!!” I wouldn’t be able to walk out of the club, Rev Al/Jessie/Alonzo would be at Stanford’s (Sanford/Stanford…. hmmmm) demanding the club be closed and that I serve jail time.

    Doesn’t it need to go both ways? And if not, isnt that racisim personified?

  98. paulwilsonkc says:

    Whens the last time a story hit 100 comments!?!?!
    Thanks to The Dude, SuperDave, Tiad, Chuck, Smartman, Orphan, Lance, Mark… this has turned into a high-brow place to exchange ideas. The riff raff, like chaff in the wheat, unable to provide anything of value any more, will be taken away by the winds of intellectual comments, leaving this place far, far more interesting than before! And whats that mean? More unique readers!

  99. Hearne says:

    You guys are “unique” alright…
    “The only specimen of a given kind.”

    Yeah, that works

  100. the dude says:

    you would not be able to cut it on the mean streets known as STL, you would constantly be a puddle of piss from fear of the black man.

    Stay gold in KC ponyboy, where you can still count your blessings until the brothers come to beat your door down this summer and violate your beloved cat.

  101. paulwilsonkc says:

    And THAT’S the thanks I get…… Hearne?
    Im a STAR. Just because Im not on the 170 list is MEANINGLESS. MEANINGLESS! I’m bigger than Len Dawson, Mayor Sly, Norton/Harley/JoJo! Im the BIGGEST thing in Kansas City! I need to be feeding pearls of wisdom to the masses, but I hang out HERE… to help YOU…. and that’s the thanks I get?
    I’m going over to TKC and see what the kindergarten kiddies are doing! At least HE has PICTURES!!

  102. Smartman says:

    Que Sirhan Sirhan
    From the beginning of time, Biblical or evolutionary, man’s inhumanity to man has been ever-present. Whether it was the lighter skinned Thor clubbing Urg for his woman and dinosaur meet or Cromag spearing Darki for sticking his head in the wrong cave complex, like life itself, violence has no beginning and no end. Wasn’t the Big Bang just the first nano particle flash mob?

  103. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, I know the STL has its issues….
    and in a former life, back around 2000, I was over there a lot. Fly in, get on the light rail and head downtown to my suite! The train was GREAT! Last time I tried that, about a year ago, something had reeeeeeeeallllly changed with THAT plan! I’m a good sized guy, I can handle myself in ANY one on one situation, but I was more than a little concerned! When did THAT go so far down hill? And again, it was power in sheer numbers!!

  104. the dude says:

    been a while since I lived in the Lou but I left it because I knew that city was dying. Manufacturing that was a big part of that city and the surrounding metro area has just left, never to come back.

    Cue the death knell…

  105. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, Tiad, Smart, Mark, Dude, SD, et al….
    ….this was just emailed to me by a 75 year old guy that hangs out at our coffee joint. He

  106. chuck says:

    Thigh Fuck talking out his ass. I’m easy to find

  107. the dude says:

    Think about it,
    White History Year, history is usually written by the victors, not the losers.

  108. the dude says:

    If I really wanted to find ya Chuck,
    I would just follow the dribbles of piss. Stay cool in the basement man, stay cool.

  109. freddy b. says:

    A bunch of old white guys sitting around
    screaming at each other. Complaining. Whining. Crabby.

  110. freddy b. says:

    Chuck: You are one screwed up dude!
    What planet are you from. Please go back!

  111. PB says:

    What’s faster than a speeding racial epitaph? Stronger than a double-shot of espresso at his local coffee shop? Able to leap tall black kids congregating in front of his favorite sushi joint? Look, all over KC Confidential…it’s Downtrodden Middle-Aged White Man!! Looking out for his opressed brethren, longing for the days he never actually got to enjoy during Ike’s post-war Pleasantvillian America, chomping at his inability to segregate his own white brothers and even the stacked playing against him, bemoaning the fact a technicolor America is more than just a passing fad and cringing at having to punch his way thru a digital Espanal phone prompt when making his minimum monthly Discover Card payment. Oh the horror of the Sinister Rainbow Force led by Melting Pot Man whose only agenda is complete and total destruction of Downtrodden Middle-Aged White Man and his Minions Of Equality.

    Stayed tuned for next week’s exciting installment of Downtrodden Middle-Aged White Man, when plans for construction of a Muslim mosque near his headquarters, leads to an epic battle of good v. evil as the Minions Of Equality try to thwart those hijabed hordes.

  112. freddy b says:

    PB: It’s not “middle aged”. It’s old, whiny, crabby,
    negative, out of touch, overweight, broke senior white men

  113. the dude says:

    I don’t
    have a problem with the practice of the theory of the melting pot in these fine United States. I am a practitioner of the theory.

    However, I do have a problem with peope that come here and conduct business but do not speak or write in the de facto language of the land and the defacto business language of the world- English.

    I realize that a good majority of the poor sots that come here and do not speaka da language are undereducated, blah blah.
    But if the shoe were on my foot and I had to go to another country to eek out a living I would do my damndest to learn how to speak and write in the language of the country I am residing in, but that’s just I guess. I guess some poor sots want everything for free on a silver platter and silver spoon with a clean kercheif to wipe their mouth after their free meal.

    We should not lower our standards or expectations for anyone. English is the de facto language of this fair country and the de facto business language of the world. Learn it if you want to come here to do business, that is all.

  114. PB says:

    On the language thing, dude, especially since many of those we’re speaking of live and work in a more mainstream version of America than many of our turn of the century ancestors (mine anyway) who at least had the benefit of adjusting to America while living/working in ethnically-exclusive ghettos. My old landlady in NY was from the Old Country (Italy) and barely learned a word of English during the decades she was here so this issue certainly isn’t exclusive to Spanish-speaking folks, but the difference I see is that institutional concessions are being made for this new influx while previous immigrants either were forced to adapt or just struggle to survive in their new land.

  115. Closing in for the kill says:

    You white boys think you got all kindsa street cred
    with that diversity-multicultural-feel-good shit.

    When it hits the fan, for you personally, or in the crowd, you will just be another cracker working through a total avuslion and singing “We Shall Over Cumm”.

    Maybe even got some white rappers in the crowd.

    Cool ,really cool.

  116. the dude says:

    I do actually
    have street cred, wilson just taught me all the various gang signs and ebonics I need to know to survive the jungle that is called THE PLAZA.


  117. We'll see fucker says:

    We’ll see.
    Peace out.

  118. PB says:

    I can feel your T-Pain. You know, some of us actually grew up in a more culturally diverse world and in my case was even the minority for my entire youth and despite being mugged on several occasions by people of color, still manage to harbor no ill will or paranoia towards a certain group based solely on the level of melanin in their skin. I also feel no “white guilt” nor am I offended by black-exclusive institutions, watch Mad Men and BET, listen to Public Enemy and The Carpenters, live in the gasp…Bannister area of south KC and work in Overland Park, have a Starter jacket and wear Dockers, send my oldest son to Ruskin HS and still am a protective/engaged parent…call me cool or call me full of shit, just don’t put me in the same kind of box that you wish to put all of society into because the majority of the world just can’t be contained or labeled that easily.

    I’m sure there’s a certain comfort that comes with living in your little black and white worlds but my view is in full HD color with all the flaws and beauty that comes with it. Go ahead and preach hatred or divisiveness as there will always be an audience for that on both ends of the colorbar, I just choose to travel a different path. Not better or worse than any of you, just less ignorant.

  119. Tyrone Woodfork says:

    Awww shucks, thats so nice PB.
    We be sliding by yo crib in a minute.! Hope grams is up for some big fun!!


  120. the dude says:

    That young scholar Tyrone
    looks like such a good, young boy. I think I will bake a bean pie for him.

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