Glazer: KU Coach Bill Self Poised to Pass Hank Stram as KC Area’s Top Coach

Consider Bill Self now as the legendary Kansas coach Bill Self…

Self received the Naismith Award yesterday as National Coach of The Year. He also received the Rupp Award as Best Coach. We all know the AP gave it to Missouri coach Frank Haith for getting MU off to its best overall record in history.

Self, in my opinion, deserved the national honor over Haith.

Self’s team was not picked to be even the Big 12 Champ by most, which they were. And they certainly were not expected to play in the national title game that they will tonight.

I found it amusing that Kansas City Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger wrote a front page story today about how KU being our only elite local team. That the Chiefs, Royals, K-State and MU have done almost nothing important for a generation.

Hmmmm….well at least somebody agrees with me.

I’ve been writing that very story for some time. As far back as last year. NO, I’m not saying Sam got his idea from me, but he had the balls to call out our entire sports scene as being terrible and a no show as I have also done. By the way Sam has gotten really good at what he does. Mellinger is the new big name at the Kansas City Star. No doubt. Sam also does a great job with Nick Wright on 610.

Yep, win or lose tonight, Bill Self now becomes mentioned as BEST COACH in the NCAA today.

Yep, right up there with Mike Krzyzewski. You can add a couple more like our old pal Roy Williams and Tom Izzo. If Self wins tonight, the stage will be his for years. Two titles in four years. Not a first, but it will feel like it here in Kansas City.

The way Self got this team to come back from the dead – man.

KU does not get as much credit for being the underdog due to the fact they are a storied program. So nobody feels sorry for Kansas.

Let’s go a step further, with a win tonight, Self passes Hank Stram as THE Kansas City Coach of all time in Kansas City if he wins tonight. Well, maybe he already has.

Tonight, my betting fools, I like the tease..KU is a 6 point underdog at the moment, could go to 6 1/2. The over/under is 138. So we add 4 points each way…Kansas plus 10 and we take 4 off the over of 138 and take it this way…KU plus ten and over 134…on the  tease…I also like this Kansasteam TO WIN the two to one bet…go small on that one…

Hey I just like Kansas basketball and Bill Self, its hard not to.
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4 Responses to Glazer: KU Coach Bill Self Poised to Pass Hank Stram as KC Area’s Top Coach

  1. the dude says:

    If a miracle happens tonight and KU
    wins this ‘amatuer’ contest, look for TBoone to lure Self away so he can challenge himself at Okie State for truckloads of money and a few oil pipelines.

  2. devils advocate says:

    just watched my guys lose…
    tyshawn came to life a little too late, i thought that they should have turned it on a little sooner, but i really couldn’t be prouder. they faced one of the best defenders we’ve seen in a long time. Hakeem, and Robinson/Ewing-esque ability, and he is only a freshman. hats off to
    kentucky, they are awesome. as a proud KU dropout (thanks dad) all i can say is things are good.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk

  3. Lance the Intern says:

    KU being our only elite local team….
    I’m sure that Sporting KC and it’s fans would say otherwise,

  4. the dude says:

    Sporting would like to disagree with tha comment

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