Glazer: Kansas City Takes It Up The You-know-What Courtesy of KU

While Jayhawk Nation is jumping up and down over the Final Four, I can assure you not everybody else in Kansas City feels that way…

And I’m not just talking about MU and K-State fans.

Before I lay  down a few facts regarding the Kansas City economy, understand I’m proud of our University of Kansas basketball program.  The Kansas basketball team is our only elite sports team in the area.  And it has been for a generation or three since either the Chiefs or Royals have meant anything. 

Most Kansas Citians who follow our sports teams today have never even seen Len Dawson play.

Len, who?

And as many as half never witnessed George Brett get even one hit.  That leaves our 2008 National Champion Kansas Jayhawks as our only current day pride and joy.  Yes, it’s exciting that the Jayhawks have a chance to win their second national title in just four years and I’m in no way unhappy about that. 

However, almost all our restaurants and entertainment venues will take a major hit Saturday because the Ohio State-Kansas game tips off at approximately 7:45pm. 

Yes, it will have nearly the viewing audience in this area of a Superbowl. 

Not many people will be going to restaurants, movie theaters, comedy clubs or just about anywhere else for nearly a 4-hour period.  True, a handful of sports bars and t-shirt shops will have a field day.  Unfortunately, restaurants on the Plaza, out south, midtown, and all over the city will be pretty much empty. 

For most of these establishments, Saturday night is 50-70% of their gross income for the week.

To make matters even worse, over the last two weekends, KU has had other weekend night games.  Using Stanford & Sons as an example, we lost nearly half of our normal attendance those nights.  We expect  tonight to be even worse.
I know many restaurants have TVs in their bars and lounges, but the majority of fans will want to watch this at home with their family and friends or with neighbors at a local sports tavern.
Since it’s impossible to know how far a team like Kansas will go, one cannot plan ahead for the dead Fridays and especially a dead Saturday.  I was on the Plaza for KU’s Sunday game against Purdue and it was a ghost town.  To make matters worse St Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday.  If you weren’t a bar or tavern in Westport, Waldo, Brookside or Power & Light, you probably also got jacked.
I was in Las Vegas watching the KU game this past Sunday against North Carolina.  Before the game, they announced KU would play the early game for the Final Four this Saturday.  That meant the entire debacle of "no business" would be avoided because this game would have been over just after 7pm.  Once CBS realized that Kentucky and Louisville was a same-state rivalry, they immediately switched the Kansas-Ohio State game to  the late game.  Reason:  larger viewership; more money.  Sadly, less money for our local businesses. 

Oh well, you can’t win them all…

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63 Responses to Glazer: Kansas City Takes It Up The You-know-What Courtesy of KU

  1. Super Dave says:

    Well just for the record this University of Kansas educated and Jayhawk fan is from now on no doubt going to make every effort he can to make sure that you lose a lot of business for a long time for posting this pathetic cry baby post.

    And this isn

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Super Dave Shmo
    As usual your jealous hating..shows up..this isn’t about me its about the entire city…not a complaint, an observation..of fact…since you don’t own a business you don’t care…we do…love KU, but yeah its a hit for hundreds, even thousands of business haunts..

  3. Super Dave says:

    We have a special event all planned to deal with the game so see not all places outside of you cry whine and bitch about it.

    So as I said “Suck it up and shut up all at the same time.”

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Dave, Where the Bowling Alley
    You going to roll some balls? Bet you are popular at the old King Louie, huh.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, you’re huge, you’re rich, you’re a star!!
    You dont NEED tonight

  6. Takjes says:

    Man, I love me some Takjes.

    I don’t really care what happens to Kansas, but I hope they get beat 143-0….just because of their fans.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    SD, I was going to have you reserve lanes…
    …but thank God with the KU WIN, this town will be DEAD! Let’s have a Craig night and bowl on 8 lanes at once!

  8. Super Dave says:

    Great night to be out and about in KC
    Yes I was at Capital Grille and we was only ones in there they was so happy to just see anyone our dinners were free as all who worked there enjoyed the game with us.

    Headed to the lanes now they said nobody was there so the house was all ours.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Its called Capital Grill cause its a good place to burn $$$!
    But no one goes there any more, its too crowded.

    Glad you got lane choice tonight. I went to Pay Day Loans, got some bank then up to Hollywood Casino with my rug and gold chains. That place wias empty except the normal group of losers. I get VIP at the Dollar Slots. I’ll hook you up if you want the inside, Super Dave.

    Looked in the windows up at Legends, NO one there. It was so slow the dragon took off at the theme joint and they only had half the games lugged in at Dave and Busters. I assume Stanfords was closed, I didnt hear anything funny.

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig is SO WRONG!
    Meeting friends at Lawrence for a drink, can’t GET down MASS and the business are PACKED!!! I mean PACKED. What the HECK is he talking about? I’ve never seen Lawrence SO BUSY!! There has to be 20,000 people on Mass, you can’t drive past 20th, police are making you park there and walk on down!!

    Man, this guy can’t get anything right!!?? The game isn’t huring ANYONE over here.

  11. Hearne says:

    Now, Paul…
    I think you know better than to compare KU students coming out of the woodwork on Mass to celebrate a big win than to liken that to Kansas City. Sure some people will come out in KC – although if they’re smart most probably won’t because if they’re party types, they’ve probably already had enough and they’re risking a DUI and maybe doing harm to somebody else who just happens to be driving home from the – wait for it – bowling alley with their wife and kids.

    But I believe businesses that cater to mostly adults are likely to suffer as Craig notes. And I do get around.

    And I often will time a Sunday shopping run to when a Chiefs game is on because this town does become a ghost town. Ditto for a Chiefs Monday night football game or a big KU or MU game.

    That doesn’t mean MOST people don’t care much about sports – maybe the majority of them – but many of the going out and partying crowd do. Even I stayed in and watched the game tonight and I never watched a single KU game this season until the Big 12 tourney and NCAA’s.

    To the commenter’s point I just deleted, for making an unsubstantiated, bogus claim about diluting drinks, obviously there are businesses that do benefit by tonight’s game – pizza delivery, grocery and liquor stores.

    That still doesn’t take away from Craig’s point. It does add a legitimate pov, as well, but c’mon guys…

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    oh, i misunderstood….
    …..thanks, Hearne. That explained it well. Can Craig still polish my balls, though?

  13. harley says:

    I’ve seen this for the last 20 years. During a chiefs game (even when thye are losing they get 200-250k viewers)…during
    a big game on tv…and right now during ku’s incredible run….businesses do get killed because people aren’t out.
    Paul..if you had bought jardines earlier and been open last night…you too would have felt it. We watched the game
    at tanners at 119 and on the way there saw empty streets and buseinsses. And it does affect businesses who right
    now need a serious shot in the arm. Last weekend we went out during the ku game and it was d e a d….
    Maybe you should start listening to glaze right now. Despite your hatred of him personally and your continued attacks
    on his statements…if you really want to learn something about the bar/entertainment this guy has survived and he could probably
    show you some things…give you some pretty good advice about that industry. We all might fool areound with him about
    his stories…but he and his family probably could save you lots of agony and money when you buy jardines because they’ve
    lastyed. I learned in business to find people who are really good at what they do and find out what made them successful
    and use that to your advantage. Try it…

  14. Musicman says:

    How man?
    Wild thought; I haven’t been to Jardenes since I haven’t spent much time in kc in years .. How many people does it hold? Maybe some of us can buy it and turn it into a music venue like I described previously. I’m not the least bit afraid of a few days when good sports take over. There are lots of ways to turn the club into lemon aid on sports nights! Contests and drink giveaways for one…..Jeez Glaz, after all these years in the business, can’t you figure out how to do anything besides mope? Sounds to me like it’s time for you to get out.. You are old, tired, and burned out.

  15. HARLEY says:

    Obviously you’re not from this area…or spent much time in this area…or really kknow much about this area.
    Because if you did you would know how big ku and the final four are in this area. It’s huge in this area.
    In other parts of the nation it may not be so big…probably not in the area you come from…but in this
    part of the nation its pretty huge…this town is a big ku town…
    as far as glaze being old and tired…doubt that …he’s deoing pretty good ….

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, really… I get it
    …but as a business person that comes with the territory. Car dealerships close on Christmas, New Years, etc. They lose that days sales. Let’s write an article that Kansas City car dealers “take it up the you know what” because of the Baby Jesus. Funeral homes only exist from death and dying and the sorrow of you losing a loved on! How unfair and inhumane is that? That

  17. Music Man says:

    KU’s my team
    Actually, Norton, I was born and raised in KC, and most of my family got degrees from KU. I happened to go to a famous private school, but I’m a college basketball fan, and I betcha I saw more Jayhawk games than you did! Also, I was alone in the group of AVID fans who thought this was a rebuilding year.

    I grew up in kc, bumped into the glazers way too often, and didn’t make it my permanent home because it was just too damned boring!! Bigtime shows at Memorial Hall, Cowtown Ballroom, and Municipal Auditorium were too few; but they were still a treat, especially since we could count on a Glazer or two to create some sort of havoc 🙂

    And Paul is right….. You could make a killing on a big game if you were hung-ho instead of old and tired like some Willie Loman beat down by mediocrity …

    I get the impression this “owner” is difficult , but patience would win out….. Soon enough she’ll be gone, and if she takes some of “her” furnishings it’s trivial………Is there now a bank that owns the property? Why deal with her at all if you are a serious buyer? Should treat her nicely if you buy the rights to the location; I imagine the bank will take the licenses, and if not, there are ways to get others, even 3am licenses, but I don’t think one is really necessary for what I have in mind…. Would somebody please guess how many people the place holds? Also, how many of the Jazz Bands draw big? I know exactly what Mose Allison would charge, and he is affordable …

    REST IN PEACE EARLE SCRUGGS! It was an honor to live on this Earth with you and your music

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    @musicman , norton????
    I don’t care WHO you are, THAT’S FUNNY!!

    No bank involved. It could be bought today for 1.5 years lease payments on Glazers little non-Europa Lotus. It’s not a cash issue when I’ve been approached by 3 people willing to pony up well in excess of $250k. It’s a question of what we are willing to forego, and for how ling, in a personal lifestyle change.

    Keep commenting Musicman, we need more people like me, Chuck, SD and Smartman.

    Norton…..that made my day.

  19. harley says:

    you didnt coin the term coopetition
    wilson…thats bee naround for decades…you didn’t coin it….

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Norton, Im taking the Craig’s 5th!
    I’VE been around for decades! I NEVER heard that term before I started using it. An entire telecom industry hadn’t heard it.

    And now, for the Craig’s 5th: If it happened that way in my MIND, its FACT. If I beleive it through my own EYES, thats how it is!! I’m bigger than Lenny Dawson! I asked him last night and he’d never heard that term before. Therefore, I OWN it, I MADE IT UP. DO NOT make me go to a wiki page that gives me credit for it!! You go look for documentation I’m wrong and I’ll STILL stick with the fact I made it up. Facts will NOT get in my way on THIS ONE.

  21. Super Dave says:

    Let me explain this again
    In all businesses there are checks and balances. But it appears that some who read and post on this site have no clue how that works. Every day and in every known business operation not all days are winners. If your intelligence isn

  22. sucks2bglazer says:

    Real Businessmen Make opportunity from adversity
    Okay, i’ll try this again. Fact remains for the last week businesses knew this night was coming and all they needed to do was market themselves up a bit to take advantage of some of the loyalty and fan fare surrounding the event. To blame the only sports team in KC to live up to any sort of expectation for the downturn in a nights business maybe true but it’s the statement a moron makes to deflect that their aptitude for business is piss poor. There isn’t a bar in this city that doesn’t have a TV on the wall that couldn’t have been selling booze and food for 2.5 hours to a capacity crowd if they’d taken the time to market themselves. Retail establishments could have run discount sales, drawiings, give aways all manner of other promo’s to support the cause but they choose not to or lacked foresight and imagination.

    As for sports itself its amazing how a group of college kids can live up to the pressure and expectations of national media and attention while still performing at a championship level without taking down million dollar salaries. Take note NBA, MLB, NFL, good sports doesn’t mean over priced steriod junkie’s more interested in MTV cribs than it’s fans and civil accountability. Least of which the washed up steriod popping, testosterone overdosed, fake tanned, ego maniac making a claim that business suffers at the hands of deserving athlete’s.

  23. harley says:

    shemp (wilsons new name in honor of 3 stooges)….that terms
    been around since the 70-80’s…learned it in college…
    and as for the telecom industry…heading out of town on tuesday…when you see your former boss tell him
    I love him and tell hiim thanks for making me a ton…yes a ton of fucking dough on tuesday….
    just curious what businesses sucks 2 be and super dave are in and if they own their own business.
    then we can evaluate their stance and their personal opinions on this subjecty.
    In all fairness..many many businesses have been affected by sports schedules…and that is a fact uf
    being in business. Everyone from auto dealers to grocery stores…to high end restaurants…movie theatres..nfm/
    cabeelas…every business not catering to the sports nuts…
    even media are affected by these events…they happen and they affect lots of businesses.
    but i tell my clients acorss the country that sure there will be 250 thousand people watching the game…but that
    still leave 1.5- 2 million people for you to do businss with…
    interested in seeing what type of biz sucks and super dave are in…and to see how they are handling these things…

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, of COURSE some business suffered…
    … but for the love of god, its a hand full of nights. If you can’t plan around that you dont have any business in business. That as my point. And the victim is Craig, not having a creative bone in his body. Im sorry, there was that book and movie deal, I dont want to take it up the you know what for NOT remembering that, but honestly, MOST adversity can be turned into a money making event, just as I said earlier. That would have been MY tactic, not bemoaning a loss of customers. I would have made it a HUGE night, without Geritol.

  25. Super Dave says:

    Come on harley
    As Paul says it’s a hand full of nights.

    Myself as many others don’t feel the need to beat our chests and gloat about who we are or what we do or far as that goes who we sleep with. But since I think I know who sucks is and myself we are both in retail support and both in management positions. I as well do property and building management consulting with several property investers in the area. So yes I do have a damn clue how things work and are working buisness wise in KC. So we handle these events in great fashion as Paul also points out by being creative and able to grasp and run with the issues in a positive way when faced with adversity.

  26. Smartman says:

    Capitalist Pig
    Applying Chamberlin’s First Law of Chaos Theory Retail Analytics one can suggest the following. Craig is notorious for not wearing rubbers during his sexual conquests, unless it’s anal with Harley. Craig has been pounding the cooch for over 45 years, at least twice a day. Including leap years, that’s 32,872 sexual encounters sans the love glove. Given the reputation of his elephant sized schlong, a high quality condom ribbed for his pleasure, at retail, cost averaged and adjusted for inflation, less the freebies he picked up at spring break and stole from the rubber machines at Stanford’s; but did not use despite the opportunity, Craig has deprived the retail condom economy of $12491.36 due to his freedom of choice. Now by applying Chamberlin’s Second Law which covers positive retail benefits against the negative number vis-a-vis abortions, Valtrex prescriptions, dinners at Capital Grill, mouthwash, cab rides, etc, Craig has had a net positive impact on the economy. So in much the same way that KU fucked Stanford’s business over the last two weekends, Craig will ultimately double or triple that lost revenue over the next 68 days by in turn fucking KU students and alumni literally and figuratively through normal business operations at Stanford’s thereby using the theory of exponential torque multiplication cadence to maintain an equilibrium of 7.5 on the Master’s and Johnson scale of penicular attainment.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig: “…it is not something you can fight…”
    Now THERE are the words of Kansas City’s BEST promoter!

    I’ve found a money making venture in about any time adversity has come my way. If you wanna tell me you’re all THAT… but on a private, invitation only night at Standfords, you couldnt OFF the comics for a night and PACK THAT HOUSE with people to watch the game at YOUR private event…. either you DONT have the following and mass od admirers you SAY you do, who want to hang around you… or… dont EVER talk about what a PROMOTER you are again. Ever.

    Thanks for playing, yourself.

  28. Smartman says:

    Wrong on the money line.
    Craig you had to wager $145.00 on KU to win straight up to win $100.00. I did not bet that game but did bet Kentucky and Louisville. Had to lay $220.00 on Kentucky to win $100.00. Still pretty much a slam dunk with a 50% ROI in less than two hours.

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    one last thought…..
    …then I have to go do something meaningful.

    $500 rental, installation from any AV house in town on a huge projection screen. Cheaper than any comic. You’re on blessed second coming of Christ Dare show every hour on the hour. If you have the exposure and skills you think you do….you could have PACKED your club with MU fans with an WE HATE KU party! Not hating, youre just pissed you didnt think of that as a falling over, drop dead stupid solution to an otherwise dead night.

  30. harley says:

    I gotta jump super dave before i leave for
    coaches…because the guy is shall we say a little light on experience.
    You’re in retail support and you consult on property and building management for investors.
    Okay…but you’ve never run a business. You’ve never had to meet payroll…you’ve never had to
    actually run a business where everything fell on your shoulder
    Jasper mirable…excellent businessman…excellent chef…dead last night
    Oak park mall…great selection…went silent at 4pm…
    I was in grocery store at 5:30….freaking dead…i never saw a place so empty at early
    evening on saturday…usually hen house is packed…lines to check out at this time
    50 weeks out of the year…Balls are very smart and very rich…but they’re dead.
    Tanners…packed..they cater to a sports crowd…so its epxected.
    So eseentially glaze is right. I can’t imagine too many businesses doing regular saturday
    business yesterday because of the game…if its not on tv… store…if i gon
    from past exepreince …they are packed…not yesterday.
    And its been that way for as long as the ncaa tournament games with ku have been on…
    take glazes place…probably no tv’s…he could give away hotdogs and free beer (think thats against the law0..
    or discount his drinks (i think thats also against the law in kansas…no real happy hour)…do you think that
    woul change anything…then glaza has to advertise it…if noone knows its happening its d3ead…free hot dogs..
    hell free comedy…then the guy loses money…and if he spends money on ads…his cost of product…labor…
    and he’s a big cash money loser.
    So now you come on…with building maintenance esperience…retail support (i don’t know what that is)
    so i’ll gues you stock the shelves..i don’t know…but you’ve not got one bit of ownership experience that you
    mentioned…and you probably never had to cover payroll…epxenses…contracts…but you think youcan take on
    a businessman because you tell investors how to manage buildings (janiotrial/leases/etc>)
    Here’s my problem. If you’ve not owned a bisiness of this magnitude you have no idea what it takes.
    Did walmart have a huge promotion? no…did mcdonalds run a big promotion during the…
    mccarthy auto dealerships…no. Now had ku lost in elite 8…theres no problem last night…and glaze
    does his business…might be 70% of his weekly gross.
    You don’t know shit. Sorry…but your qualifications are the same as mine if i wanted to discss the
    telecom industry with paul…zero…zilch…i may know a little …but i’m not versed in it.
    See my analysis of hearnes take on local radio cluster entercom. I pointed out why the gm is doing
    a superb job…nothing personal to hearne…except for some statements he made.
    You’re over your head. Until you get the keys to run your own biz…you don’t know shit….I’ll come to
    you if i have real estate investments…and you can tell me I can turn adversity into a profitable
    situation…but super dave..sory…been with too many underlings in business who don’t have a clue what
    and why and how hard it is to make a buck in business in this current environment.
    Glaze is right…the game killed business. that’s all he said. he could have given away free riding
    lawmowers to everyone thru the door…but in the end…the cost..the overhead…the product cost…the expense
    outweighs the risk ….and the overall cost of running it.
    Glaze probably works on short profits…and to pay for talent…give crap away…and i’ve done omse of the largest
    promtional events for major companies and if i was advising the guy i’d say…glaze…you’re right…its gonna
    be tough…cut your labor..cut your expenses…if you order product on a weekly basis don’t bring in extra product..
    hunker down…and take your hit and come back another day..
    You two guys say jasper should have run a special…then got ‘ sure all the restaurants in
    joco that didn’t cater to sports people got hurt last night…and it wasn’t just them…it was the waiters..
    bar staff…it was a tough deal.
    If ku loses in first round…theres no problem.
    Don’t know about suck…but i know super dave is out of his league in this one…you haven’t owned and ran
    a business..had to make decision s that could affect your business for months at a time…never had the
    pressure of owning a business…the hardships..the long hours…super dave…sorry you’re wrong.
    Sure its easy to sit on the sideline and make up b.s…but you’re not qualified to sit in jj..the balls..
    walmarts…oak park…you’re out of your league on this one.
    When the real estate market turned your probably tellling investorys to turn adversity of others into money
    making opportunities for themsevles…thats what happened…
    I wait for sucks to te4ll us his business expertise…probably wo’t but i’m pretty sure from his writing
    he’s another corporate flunky…hsi take on sports is fantasy land…its as if they guys been on mars
    for the last 100 years. And the insults ab out glaze…totally uncalled for…because hevdidn’t blame anyone..
    it happens in business…but he was right…and i can go into 95% of the businesses in this town…and they’ll
    tell you the same thing…oh maybe kansas sampler had some decent tanners..johnnys and the
    joints in lawrence…but you’re completey wsropng saying that game didn’t hurt a lot of business.
    Its eeasy…go into jaspers..go into walart…or j alexanders…or capital girlle…or nordstroms and say
    “woudl your business have been better on saturday if the game hadn’t been played”…I’M SURE 100% OF THEM
    And if you haven’t seen it..I have…i’ve been in every major market in the nation..seen every public relation gimmick..
    every self promkoter…knew some of the greatest sales people in the nation…and i will tell you this…there is
    no self promotion guy better than glaze…with no money…no assistance…the guy has parlayed a
    characgter that people either love or hate into a pretty well known person…for better or worse.

  31. harley says:

    are you serious? AN IHAVE KU PARTY AT STANFORDS?
    Man…i hope you’re not running jardines when you buy that joint or its under water in 30 days!!!!!
    Glaze’s comedy operation is in the heart of ku country. Probalby i’m guessing 70-80% of
    his customers are ku fans or have some identification with ku or kansas…
    SHIT…PAUL…lets throw an I have ku party and stanford and alienate his entire base of business..
    hell get on the radio and have glaze advertiser “I HATE KU PARTY…COME OUT AND HATE KU”..
    sure works well in p.r. with new and current customers.
    You faiuled this one buddy…thats the stupidest idea and a great way to kill off a business.
    If glaze did that he could pretty well close his business down…what were you thinking…
    why and how did you come upwwith an I hate ku party in the heart of ku territory…
    please…please stop…you’re making me laugh…thats the biggest and worst idea i’ve ever
    heard….please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. HARLEY says:

    As we learned in his earlier comment…and as is now on the internet…smartman has a secret
    desire to go into mens toilet rooms and read writings on the wall. Wseriously…i pointed this out
    where smartman said “i was in the bathroom and found writings”…seriously this guy wrote that
    he said he was in a toilet room reading bathroom wall writings…
    So while businesses suffered…smartman had the night of his life. Tanners and Johnnys
    were packed with crowds and i’m sure smartman was there to enjoy his ritual of being
    hand and feet deep in urine reading bathroom walls. I used the john at tanners 3 or 4
    times …didn’t see him…but i’m sure he was out there with a bigsmile…reading and writing
    some of the great qoutes from bathroom walls. Onyu problems he had was when he wnt
    home to his “roomate”..”buddy”…
    heres the conversation;;;;
    SMARTMAN…. no IT WAS URINAL!!!!!!!
    SO SMARTMAN…you got my number…waiting for that call….if your cell phone got shut off because you
    couldnt pay the bill i understand..go to quick trip and get a pre paid card..
    can’t wait to hear from y9ou….been waiting by the phone…you said…you wanted to meet…
    ready to go….

  33. harley says:

    you said you made moneymaking investment every time adversity came…
    but you said on here you went busted twice and got out of your own business once…hows that possible?
    and yes..i thank Gary Forsee every day

  34. paulwilsonkc says:

    not exactly what i said, harley….
    and I don’t want go get in a lot of detail here for people who don’t care, but I actually went bust once, and by bust, I don’t mean bankrupt, I just mean broke. In summary, in less than a year window of time, I lost my dad, grandmother, grandfather, $350k divorce w $3000 a month alimony/support and Telecom died. All the things you find on the top ten life stress issues I pretty much did all at once. I DID leave my own business and built an interactive media promotion company. Took the Tiger Woods/Buick account, Columbia Tri Star and gave away Moulders car from X Files among other things.
    Saw it was time to get out and moved to what was hot at the time.
    Broke as in major lifestyle change. Sold my bikes, plane, toy cars, etc. Not bankrupt, paid my bills…but broke.

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    craigs club idea, harley
    The intent was….if he’s Mr Promoter he should have been able to fill his room any direction he wanted to go. Harley, don’t go literal on everything. Bottom line, with all his promotion ability and free pumping he gets….he could have made a leather purse from a sows ear if he wanted.

  36. Smartman says:

    April Fool
    Settle down Harley. Tony’s starting to put up pictures of dudes over at TKC. So stop jock sniffing Glaze, Chuck, Wilson and me and go pull your noodle in Tony’s mom’s basement. I’ll bet he’ll even let you pick out the pictures of the dudes he’s gonna post. It’s nice that you can read the Kansas City Business Journal at City Union Mission but we’ve all got bigger intellectual fish to fry and quite frankly we’re all tired of your little guppy ass, you prematurely ejaculating, going piss ten times a night, foodstamp collecting, welfare getting, flacid little 1%-er wanna be.

  37. Super Dave says:

    Paul Give up
    Paul face it you can’t argue with Harley since he and Craig know it all and we are stupid. See he claims since I have never owned a business which I never said I did or didn’t but he pulled that idea out of his ass as most his comments are. As well he has no clue what I do for those people I work with but he can form another out of his ass opinion that we have no clue what we are doing. But he as well claims I am light in experience but he as well has not proved he knows a damn thing either. Oh wait because he says so it’s so I guess. See that

  38. harley says:

    no problem…good luck in future…
    hope you get jardines…you probably won’t want me in the joint..almost burnt down the phoenix (true story…by
    accidnet of course)….and i’ll be sure to bring all my “hobo” friends…
    if theres anything you need you can call me…i know all the italians and politicians.. in town…and i can get anything
    done that you need…licenses…food…parking…equipment….taxes….my family knows everybody…and you’re now

    DOn’t take anyting seriously here…jsut have some fun…

  39. harley says:

    I work fast and smart..
    In other words super dave you’re a slum lord…i get it.
    No guts…when you figure out business give me and glaze
    a call. We’d like to show you how to make money…because being a slum lord and stocking retail
    shelves in management positions doesn’t pay real well and we know you’re just another wanna be.

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    P.S. We Have Two large Screen T.V’s Plus Outside Patio TV
    We have TV’s that doesn’t matter…we aren’t a sports bar environment…we are a sit inside a showroom theater. HAVE A AN I HATE KU PARTY..right..when 70% of our regular customers are KU fans!!! Right. Plus I like KU Basketball..

    Also….KU was the underdog, so when you bet the ‘money line’ that means you take the game EVEN…No points…so if you take the dog, in this case KU a 2 and 1/2 point underdog..the bet on them would give you a higher return not lower…so its 100 to win 145…now tomorrow with Kentucky at (at this time) 6 1/2 point favorite I would guess a 100 dollar bet on KU would get you 220 back…remember you get no points on the money line…if you just take KU and points its 110 to win 100, but you get 6 1/2 points…I will make a smaller bet and take KU and the money line…I think KU has a decent shot at winning heads up…seems they are a team of destiny…we’ll see.

  41. expat says:

    It’s amazing how worked up people get over a children’s game.

  42. notChuck says:

    What I’m Doing for the Big Final:
    Since you all (Paul, Harley, Smartman, Super Dave, Hearne, Craig) have been asking, here’s what I’m doing for the big final. The kickoff is at about 8:23 (according to one of my heavily reliable sources), and I expect KU to be blown out by halftime – let’s say about an hour, give or take – call it 9:30.

    So, I just went online and purchased advanced tickets for a 9:45 showing of “King of Sting.” Since I’ve heard more than I ever dreamt I’d hear about how Craig’s book has been in Hollywood “turnaround” for at least two decades now, I figured the movie must’ve finally got made. I’m really looking forward to supporting my local “movie house” business on a Monday evening.

    If this isn’t the movie of Craig’s book, then I’m afraid I may end up watching a documentary about bees and wasps.

  43. greatpromoter says:

    Great Promo man – HA
    You pimp comics in a strip mall!!

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    notchuck, can i go too?
    We could go like we were seeing Rocky Horror! Dress up like our favorite character, of course, which would be Craig for all of us. We could stand to chant our favorite lines since we’ve heard them all here 100 times. I think we could all have some fun.
    I have all kinds of scene ideas, I bet you do too.

  45. devils advocate says:
  46. Nodalawyer says:

    Just think GLZ; If you claimed people stopped doing biz with Stanford’s because of such “slanderous” comments, you could sue the slanderer(s), except, since your rep is so completely trashy already, your case would result in a take-nothing judgement, because there would be no ACTUAL damages (you would be out no hard cash), even if this particular instance, you happened to be telling the truth for once, which I doubt. To put it in other words, your reputation for conducting honest business is worth nothing, because of your notorious past, which you are so proud of.

    Watch out, Hearnia, sometimes it isn’t immediate, but once an opportunity is there, integrity and/or “friendship” won’t be factors… Is this blog worth anything? Could it be someday?

    See Glaze, bragging about being a thief sometimes has negative consequences 🙂

  47. Craig Glazer says:

    Not Correct
    My book, King of Sting, is not about biz deals, its about being an Outlaw from 1971-1984…not the same…I have never bragged about being a thief in biz my friend…in fact we have a damn good rep in that area…or we wouldn’t be in biz since 1975 in this city, doing the same basic things…most especially comedy…

    In real ife nobody questions our business eithics…we deal with hundreds of companies, as well as the top talent agency’s on the planet, of which one, is my agency…CAA…the number one group…

    Just so you will know I have testified in no less than 5 civil cases…we won every case, so somebody kinda thinks I have State and Federal Courts…but thanks for playing…bye.

  48. Smartman says:

    Hey Vern?
    Whatever Craig did or didn’t do he would probably not have gotten the chance were it not for that batshit crazy Vern Miller. Remember Amtrak train raids? The wanting to make it illegal to serve alcohol while flying over Kansas air space. The guy was a fucking whack job from the get go. Even the Bible Thumpers in the western half of the state couldn’t or wouldn’t elect him as governor.

  49. the dude says:

    Damn Craig,
    I usually find your stories and comments section entertaining in a trainwreck type way but did you really attack wilson’s family?

    That’s not cool man, you can attack the player but not his family, that’s bad form.

  50. TOby says:

    I have an idea
    KC Confidential should purchase Jardine’s and turn it into a theatre which Craig can do a nightly performance of his one-act play, Defending The King of Sting. It will just be him talking about his life, sitting down in an easy chair recounting lost loves, then jumping up and firing air pistols at the exits as he reenacts his “stings,” then finally addressing the nameless haters out there who try to bring him down. Various strippers (played by Craig’s real-life girlfriends) will cross the stage and do tantalizing dances while he remains oblivious, preferring to troll his own comments section and polish the contours of his lotus, eating fried lobster out of a paper bag. “Defending The King of Sting” would be a goldmine, something between tear-jerking drama and high comedy, like a white Richard Pryor without a sense of irony. Night after night, Glazer will bring the humble urchins of Kansas City to their knees, begging for more and/or to make it stop. Clint Eastwood will finally pay attention and finance the man’s film, even offering to play the lead role as Stinger-in-Chief. It will be a glorious day for Kansas City, the dramatic arts, and yes — AMerica itself!

  51. paulwilsonkc says:

    the Dude, Craig is Vizzini…
    in a world filled with Men in Black. Even though the comments have been deleted now, in the words of Princess Bride, he fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” But only slightly less well known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

    Youre right, it is a train wreck kind of fun, but alas, if it requires deleting, I need to stop and let him drink his figurative glass of Iocane powder because he has…. and will.

    Thanks for playing, Craig, I am no one to be trifled with, that is all you ever need know. Bye!

  52. paulwilsonkc says:

    Toby, that was WAY BEYOND FUNNY….
    … I resign my position of Commentor Emeritus to you!! (Craig, Emeritus means having retired but retaining a title as an honor) That… was stark raving HILARIOUS and I can’t thank you enough. You, kind sir, are now the King Of All Promotions because there isn’t a better idea anywhere on the face of this EARTH than that one!!

    I particularly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE: “Various strippers (played by Craig’s real-life girlfriends) will cross the stage and do tantalizing dances while he remains oblivious, preferring to troll his own comments section…..”

    I bow in the face of greatness and feel unworthy of even commenting on what you said. Please forgive me for not being able to honor it in the way it deserves, I’m humbled.

    YOU, are the new King Of Zing! Thank you, that made my day!!

  53. the dude says:

    Now that would get me out of the snoozefest that will be Kentucky drubbing KU into the hardcourt and into a comedy club.

    TOby has the idea to fill your club above Craig, think about it- one man show, the money will just roll in, fistfulls of it. Enough to date all the strippers you could ever care to ‘date’.

  54. Skeptic says:

    All the reports I’m hearing and seeing are of packed houses and how much the local bar scene is pulling in thanks to KU and this tournament. Seems that Glazer just makes up facts that support his ramblings. Maybe people are just spending money elsewhere rather than in Craig’s chuckle hut.

  55. Back to Earth says:

    Instead of whining about top-flight college athletics trumping your jokers once in a while, you should have used the downtime to take stock of yourself at age 60.

    Lazy, Glazy, with all of your shortcomings and faults, perhaps the most extreme is in the area of self-awareness.

    I sense that you actually believe that you are, as Arthur Miller breathed out of Willie Loman, “we’ll liked”.

    You believe your women are real, classy beauties, and us regular hater-asshole losers are green with envy. Truth is, glaze, most of us would do a marshal saper if we were caught doodling “black barbie” who is less attractive than RU PAUL on a bad hair day. But you proudly post a picture and believe us guys would hate you with green envy for having conquered her twice, if only you weren’t such a lovable guy.

    You state and apparently believe that driving a fancy sports car and having “a book out” makes you ultra-popular with scads of women…

    You believe your legacy will trump Ewing Kaufman’s.

    You believe women don’t notice the obvious insecurity your rug reveals.

    You state, and probably have deluded yourself to believe, that you were the producer of major Hollywood documentaries, when you were the last link on the production chain and most likely were never offered a dime for your services.

    You paid to have someone write a book about your criminal history, and now refer to yourself as a “scribe”, when the mediocrity of your writing is on display right here, day after day.

    How many true friends do you have, glazer? Who will cry for you when you die? Face it, way more people dislike you than like you, NOT because they envy you, but because they disdain dishonest blowhards.

    As for me, glaze, I like having you around, because you verify that a criminal mentality is indeed personally undesirable, and ultimately leads to a bitter end. I like confirming that what was predicted for you when you were young, but already immoral, is what later came about. You serve as a lesson and a warning.

    Even Hazel and Bozey guessed that you and your brothers would be jailbirds; your destiny was cemented, thanks to your primary role model, who you STILL want to impress.

    In terms of my own self awareness vis a vis you, I do question myself….. Why do I bother entertaining myself by spending 10 minutes a week reading about your most recent fiasco? Well, my saving grace here is that it’s no more than a semi-entertaining hobby. As such, I’ll now return to something constructive and productive.

    Tell me Glazer, on cold lonely nights, do you ever wonder if just perhaps you could have worked hard at something substantial and been a contributor rather than what you are?

  56. harley says:

    hearne…i was just reading thru the ocmments
    on this site…and seriously…i’ve read many blogs/comment sections/etc…but this one is a fucking riot..
    its hilarious…with the characters…the comments…the back stabbing…you could not put together amore
    crazy bunch of out of theirv mind people …..this fucking site isn’t a train wreck…its a earthquake…but
    some of these people are a laugh a minute. From smartman the toilet licker to glaze the king of sting…
    this is just too funny to believe that this site even exists…good work on creating on e of the funniest
    and most entertaining sites in the world wide web…………………………

  57. paulwilsonkc says:

    snappietom, thats my fault, sorry
    I got a little out of line, all truthful, like you as well, but you, me and glaze had a few deleted. I promised to be a good boy.

  58. I'd still watch KU says:

    The one act play featuring one IQ point actor
    As long as the play doesn’t run on the same night as the KU game.

  59. World's Biggest Fool says:

    Say Craig; do you have a project or two for me to fund?

  60. Hearne says:

    Get real Snappietom…
    Do you actually think I’m going to allow you to make unsubstantiated, libelous accusations on this site under a ridiculously fake name?

  61. the dude says:

    my name IS ACTUALLY the dude, you can call me that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing

  62. HARLEY says:

    Heanre doesnt know shit…
    someone give “lurch” some latte and sit him down. Ths guy would not know a libelous statemnet if he
    saw it….he doesn’t know crap about the law…doesn’t knowcrap about radio stations..don’t know shit.
    Look at his last “intellectual stories”…on jardines…biker in front of his coffee shop (actually the crap that
    shop serves tastes like old mud)…so hearne….don’t expect us to believ anything you say…it’s
    all crapola.

  63. Hearne says:

    Dear Harley:

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