Jack Goes Confidential: ‘SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN’ Makes for Strange Catch

What a goofy title…

But if you’re seeking truth in advertising that’s what SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN is really about.
This British offering is an unusual entry from the director of CHOCOLAT and THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, Lasse Hallstrom and Oscar-winning SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and FULL MONTY writer Simon Beaufoy.

The film is based on the popular book by Paul Torday.

But if you think that this is your typical fishing story—a weekend in the Ozarks perhaps—think again.

What we’ve got here is an ‘Inspirational Comedy’ about a visionary sheik (Amr Waked) who believes that his passion for the peaceful pastime of salmon fishing can enrich the lives of his people. And towards that end attempts to bring the sport to his desert domicile.
But face it, this isn’t a fish-friendly desert.
Yet with money being no object the sheik instructs his representative Emily Blunt to turn his dream into reality.
Her best bet to accomplish the near-impossible is through Britain’s leading fisheries expert Ewan McGregor who thinks the whole project is nuts and unachievable.
But when the Prime Minister’s overzealous press secretary Kristin Scott Thomas sees it as a terrific good will story for her boss and the country,  reluctantly agrees to the task of successfully ‘importing’ swarms of salmon to the Yemen desert region.
"Did I miss April Fools Day?" he quips as he now struggles hand in hand with Blunt on the project.
  Ah, but complications ensue!
McGregor leaves his loved one in London while HER squeeze turns up missing in military action.
You guessed it, McGregor and Blunt soon find each other—only to have her missing soldier suddenly reappear, making for an odd triangle.
Add a Muslim terrorist attack on the newly constructed desert salmon fields and you’re dealing with a most awkward, yet strangely endearing whimsical romantic comedy.
Yeap, it’s SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN and it’s definitely not for every taste—mine included.

But hey, I’m raising 3 out of 5 skeptical fingers. Go figure.

The movie opens this weekend on half a dozen local screens.
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17 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN’ Makes for Strange Catch

  1. PB says:

    No Thanks
    Love the principles (McGregor and Blunt) but Lasse Hallstrom was Stephen Daldry before we had Daldry. Never understood all the critical love for those two. I’ll pass on this effort.

  2. jon says:

    Sounds like a weekend outing at Red Lobster to me

  3. chuck says:

    The “religion of piece” goes fishing.
    Get the fuck outta here.

    Hollywood’s piscatorial pursuit of box office revenues with a gentle admonition for “understanding” our Muslim bruthas is fuckin disgusting.

    I know George Clooney is not in this movie, but just for the record, I hope he eats shit and dies.

    More coffee.

  4. notChuck says:

    Just for the Record:
    I did not write that previous “chuck” comment/headline. I would have said “religion of PEACE.” I didn’t think chuck would like a movie unless there were pieces of ass in it, anyway.

  5. chuck says:

    There are apparently not enough fuckin jews in Hollywood.
    Of course this fuckin joke of a movie, is directed by a left wing whacko fuck from Stockholm who lives in Bedford New York.

    While our president today goves protected status to all Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in the United States-


    we can distract ourselves from the truth by going to see “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen”????

    Next, the idiots in Hollywood (Seriously, where the fuck are the Jews? How does this fuckin movie get made?) can create a video paean to the “Arab Spring”, where the democratic process triumphs.

    More like “Triumph Of The Will”.

    America has gone completely fuckin insane.

    In the face of Islamic hate, terror, murder and a culture that is dedicated to the destruction of all things Judeo/Christian, we lower and encourage immigration from those same countries and cultures that promote that same hate, terror and murder.

    While watching Europe disintigrate under the onslaught of the Saracen and retarded immigration policies that initiated same, we copy and emulate the same destructive folly.

    Maybe Mr. Gorbachev will come to our rescue again and tear down that fuckin wall, only this time, it should be, stone by stone the fuckin “Wailing Wall” and we can reassemble it in North fuckin Dakota and bring in the last 15 million fuckin Jews alive (Thats all that is left, its a dying breed.) to America where they belong.

    Or maybe, we can, as we are now so wont to do, shirk our responsibilties to our friends and allies and pretend that if there were only trout in Yemen, we would all be bruthas.

    This fuckin movie is a fuckin disgrace.

  6. chuck says:

    Sorry notchuck
    I get a little heated up and type from the hip.

    God bless America and my fuckin Mosberg.

    Fuck the Arab Spring, honor killings, female mutilations, takia and fuck the Muslim Brotherhood.

  7. chuck says:

    Oh yeah
    God Bless The JDL!!

    I would join the son of a bitch if I wasn’t so old.

  8. chuck says:

    The devil is in the details.
    Check out that picture.

    Ewan McGregor, in typical Emasculation-White-Boy-De-Rigueur, stands next to the Way-so-baaaddaaassss-person-of-color with what?

    Oh yeah, a fuckin 10″ knife.

    In his fuckin wasteband.

    “Honey are you wearing a tie?”

    “Nah… I’m a gonna sport my Kill-a-Christian-Before-I-Die early violence look that is so in this Spring.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    I only have one thought, three words….
    …glass parking lot

  10. balbonis moleskine says:

    I liked this the first time, when it was the timeless Joe Pesci/Danny Glover vehicle Gone Fishin’.

    Greatest movie ever. EVER!

  11. PB says:

    Posts movie review threads, please leave your responses to the subject at hand and save your political garbage for your daily call to Shanin (or whoever took his place) & Parks show or maybe you can just highjack and pollute one of the dozens of Jardines threads already choking all of the life out of this site.

  12. notJack says:

    Hey, PB…
    …lighten up! Once Paul buys Jardine’s, he is going to owe us all one kick-ass party there. We will all be required to remove one of the leftover furnishings from the joint.

  13. PB says:

    Than disregard my comments, I’m in!

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    not jack, PB, rest assured…..
    … as big a pain in the ass the last 4 months have been, Im more likely throwing a party if we DONT buy Jardines! I think we need to have a get together anyway!

  15. PB says:

    We should we throw him a bone and have that get together at Craig’s joint tonight since yet another KU game is going to kill his crowd.

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    PB – Sorry, can’t make it to CRAIGS place…
    I promised Hearne I’d be a good boy and lay off him. I’m going to have to honor that one.

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