Glazer: No Wonder K-State Coach Frank Martin Bailed, He Got Screwed

Don’t look now but the wheels are starting to come off…

ESPN reported K-State’s No. 1 recruit, seven foot tall, Robert Upshaw, has backed out of his agreement to play for the basketball team. He signed a letter of intent with K-State and that commitment is now gone.

As 610 Sports Nick Wright pointed out earlier this week, K-State coach Frank Martin and athletic director John Currie not only didn’t get along, they disliked each other. The straw that broke the back was the decision by Currie and maybe others, to hold out star player Jamar Samuels from the second game of the NCAA tournament game which K-State went on to lose.

I like what Wright had to say about the story Currie fed the media regarding the "money wire found on the floor, or in the waste basket at a grocery." Remember, they pulled Samuels because a couple days before the big game a money wire receipt was turned into the compliance office at K-State.

This was wire for $200 sent by a former coach and father figure to Samuels. It was sent, like hundreds of others to college kids, for Jamar to have a few bucks for clothes, cabs, maybe some nice dinner or a date on his NCAA March Madness experience. Nothing criminal about it, as Wright pointed out, and I agree.

Clearly saying it was found by accident is hard to believe. In other words a lie; Currie hated Martin.

There were questions about Frank’s being a bit fuzzy with some of the rules he didn’t agree with (he’s not the only one). So it would seem Currie had people watch the team very closely and someone followed Jamar to the grocery and grabbed the trashed ticket, just to bust him and Martin. Again this is a grey area of "enforcement."

"I coached 16 years in the inner city. Do you know how much money I sent some of these poor kids with no parents or fathers over the years," Martin told ESPN.

The rules are way too strict on college athletes getting any outside money, of course to stop gambling groups from controlling a player. These small amounts of money from close friends or almost relatives seems to be okay though.

Let’s be honest its done daily. Most college stars get much more than 200 bucks for a trip like Samuel’s .

But the one who should have been punished was Currie.

Now K-State has lost one of the better coaches in college basketball. Martin goes to South Carolina, a last place team with a losing record the last couple seasons. Frank gets a pay raise from $l.5 million to just over $2 million. He wanted to stay at K-State. He built a winner in just five years. Three straight NCAA tournaments and one Elite Eight. He was the face of basketball at Kansas State.

Frank Martin was also terrific on CBS sports before and after the games this past weekend. At 45 he looks to be a guy who has a bright future behind the desk at CBS or ESPN. After he takes South Carolina to some winning seasons and March Madness.

I have no doubt he will get that done. Big loss for Kansas State.

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34 Responses to Glazer: No Wonder K-State Coach Frank Martin Bailed, He Got Screwed

  1. harley says:

    sec on the roll
    i said a week before the story broke on martin and south carolina that the sec schools were going all out to become the #1 bball league in the nation…and thet have the cash
    to do it. With new tv contracts sec schools will bank another 35-40 million dollars…over what the big 12
    schools get. don’t be surprised that the schools pay big bucks to bring in some top notch coaches…and they
    probably will raid the big 10 first..painter..motta….
    the nevin shapiro investigation continues…he’s singing and that means mu will be able to move down the road.
    With some srious money…4 plus million to spend this time…i’m wondering who they turn to. But its got to be a ball
    buster…and its got to turn heads or alden may be checking out careerbuilders.
    south carolina had to pay him more money…and i’m sure they have some hefty incentives that raise that
    salary substantially.
    Martin probably got told to shut up or get fired…thats why he probably quited down at end of seasonh…is this
    a bad move for k state…probably not..

  2. Jim says:

    1. Robert Upshaw did NOT sign a letter of intent with K-State.
    2. The SEC will remain similar to the Big 12 regarding basketball. 3 or 4 teams at the top and then everyone else. Basketball is NOT the culture in the SEC. It never will be. money will NOT change that.
    3. Coaches move on for 100 different reasons. Not getting along with your athletic director is a common reason. Besides, Manhattan, KS versus South Carolina and an extra $500K? Geographically and financially it’s a no-brainer.

  3. notChuck says:

    Well, Jim,
    Financially, I agree with you. But geographically? Hardly. Unless you really crave that East Coast mentality, I guess.

  4. Jim says:

    Are You Serious?
    Ever been to South Carolina, notChuck? Spectacular country. Is it on the East Coast? Yes. East coast “mentality”? No. SC is all about Southern mentality. That is a FAR cry from the mentality and attitude of the NY, NJ, et al folk. Culture, climate, geography. Come on. It’s Man-freaking-hattan, KS! Just about the absolute middle of………..well………nowhere.

  5. Cliffy says:

    East Coast mentality? They still fly the friggin’ confederate flag there.

  6. harley says:

    sorry jim…you’re wrong…
    contrary to your analysis which is very very weak…now that cash is streaming in the big will get bigger…
    sec will become the basketball powerhouse…they’ve done a nice job under the spotlight over the years
    having won more championships than the big 12…but thats not important..
    martin is the first hire of this huge outlay for big time coaches…more to follow…and for those
    who think the sec is just football go look at the less visible sports like baseball. Look at the rankings
    and it looks as if sec teams dominate the top 10/20/30….
    sure south carolina may not be a paradise…but it sure has more going for itthan kansas…
    and if you look at the southeast u.s….that’s the fastest growing region in the nation…its where the
    action is…and sorry jim…hate to say it but you’re wrong…
    sec wants it…they’re going to get it….remember many of the sec teams have some great
    bball history…lsu…auburn…georgia….maybe not equal to kansas…but they are going to
    dominate colllege bbal…its just a matter of time…
    they have the will…and the millions of dollars to tkae it over……

  7. notChuck says:

    ok then…
    East Coast AND Southern mentality all rolled into one. It’s two, two, two mints in one!

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    I agree with Harley!!
    (I know nothing about sports, Im just trying to suck up)

    Craig, this was a good story. Even if it was riddled with errors and Im a non sports guy so facts dont matter to me in thie genre, it was informative and interesting. I just read it for entertainment value and, of course, to prop up Harley.

    I most liked that you did tell us the 27 ways YOU are connected to this behind the scenes. You know, how you once banged the girlfriend of the guy who was doing covert ops on the trash can at the PowerCat Price Chopper. Im not doubting you did, I was just grateful for not hearing about it.
    Good story!

  9. Jim says:

    Harley, You Ignorant Slut…
    Sorry, buddy. Nothing I said was wrong. You are PROJECTING the SEC to become a basketball powerhouse. i’m telling you what it is right NOW. Money doesn’t buy championships. Players make champions. Save a couple of programs in the SEC, the nation’s best basketball players are not going there. Like I said, the SEC is top heavy in basketball just like the Big 12. That, my friend, is a fact. The SEC eats, sleeps and breathes football. It’s their life and their culture. Money doesn’t change culture. As soon as somebody NOT named Kentucky or Florida wins a basketball championship, you can tell me I’m wrong.

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    HAHAHA, Harley, You Ignorant Slut!?!?!?!?!
    ( I am SO MAD I didnt think of that…. I hate you, Jim)

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Riddled With Errors?
    Well thanks for the backhanded compliments. What errors? These quotes and stories were from mostly other news services. It was my understanding that the player DID sign a letter of intent to K State, the Star also reported that. Maybe that too was not correct, but that was my understanding. I see no other possible errors. What am I missing?

    P.S. Paul and crew…when I connect my own stories to a piece it is to give it a local color and not to brag, like you guys often think. I know sometimes its hard to imagine somebody has so many stories, but I just do and they are true…be that as it may…glad you kinda agreed.

  12. tiad says:

    A Frank Martin Sighting?
    Frank Martin may have been spotted in South Carolina:

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Upshaw signed a financial aid agreement.
    BIG difference from a letter of intent. The financial aid agreement is non binding. He can bail without KSU’s approval anytime before he enrolls..

  14. Cliffy says:

    paulwilson says: “I know nothing about sports.” If Glazer would use that quote I would have a whole lot more respect for him.

    Jim says: “Money doesn’t buy championships.” Hahahahahahahahaha!!

  15. the dude says:

    Looks like
    K-state has another AD to fire, what else is this guy going to royally screw up next?

  16. Smartman says:

    Purple Martin
    Frank is NOT one of the better coaches in college hoops. Wouldn’t even put him in the TOP 50. Eddie Fritz at Blue Valley Northwest and Rick Zych at Bishop Miege are better coaches than Frank. Bob Huggins is more responsible for Frank’s success than Frank is. Frank is entertaining and controversial. He’s a Kardashian with a penis.

    Hoops in the SEC outside of Kentucky and Florida are laughable. Outside of those two schools, no REAL one and done ballers are gonna go to any other schools in the conference.

  17. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy Really?
    “I know nothing about sports”…really, thats why I bet and WIN…most of the time…Chiefs under, Dallas under, Detroit over…remember and all those little sports movies someone let me produce…hmmm…someone with a bit more money that you my friend, thinks I know quite a bit about sports…but thanks for playing.

  18. Jim says:

    Here it comes…….
    Haven’t you heard, Smartman? The SEC is blowing up and taking over ALL college sports. The greatest league to ever exist, billions to all the schools, the best coaches, blah, blah, blah…..

    Just hang on awhile. Harley will set you straight.

  19. Jim says:

    Calling you out, Glazer
    CG, I was the first one on this forum to post that Robert Upshaw did NOT sign a letter of intent. You claim you were just repeating what the Star had reported. Prove it. You’ll find that it was actually the financial aid agreement.

    Besides, if you are getting your sports information from the KC Scar, you need a new source. But hey, they do a nice job on puff pieces and feel good stories.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Jim Thats What I Saw …
    Again, if that was wrong, it was..he had “intended” to be a K-Stater…no doubt, without Martin…he became a no go..agreed? Thats my point…

  21. Hearne says:

    I would suggest it’s a horrible move for K-State…
    losing Frank Martin. I mean, think about it.

    The KU-MU rivalry is toast. As is the OU-NU. As is Texas – Texas A&M.

    And just as a totally cool rivalry is about to unfold between K-State and West Virginia the whole thing blows up before it can even get started.

  22. Jim says:

    All good, Glazer
    Just bustin’ your balls a little, Craig. What’s missing in your article though is how shady it looks that Martin didn’t have Upshaw SIGN a L.O.I. This would have locked the kid into K-State (for all intents and purposes) regardless of whether Martin was there or not. Just part of the “oily” nature of college athletics. Martin knew what was coming down the line long ago.

  23. Smartman says:

    @jim: you mean Hardly?
    Hardly is the honorary pro bono consultant to KCC. You know the type. Can tell you 150 ways to make love to a woman but doesn’t even have a girlfriend. I’m still waiting for Hardly to provide evidence that he recently talked to major D1 basketball coaches and players. I offered $500.00 to any charity he chooses for each notarized affidavit he could provide as evidence of such conversations. Hardly is so full of shit that it’s gonna take the Army Core of Engineers to give him an enima. Hardly is such a loser the government is thinking of making him a protected class. Hardly is one of those people whose existence is to serve as a warning to others about the value of contraception and if necessary abortion.

  24. Cliffy says:

    It’s pretty obvious you have no idea there is a difference between a LOI and a financial aid agreement.

    And by the way, paul wasn’t issuing backhanded compliments — he was making fun of you, dipshit.

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy Guy
    Cliff, once again all you want to do is argue, try and put someone WAY more important than you down…you always look silly. I could buy and sell you with 1/3 the money I have made in sports films alone. So again, instead of being a fool. Make a comment that relates to the issues of the story. Which you never really do….you are whats best known as a player hating fool…you don’t like me cause you can’t compete with me on really any level. None. At least Paul and Harley generally address the articles. You address your insecure ‘hate’ for a man who you don’t know and is way too far out in front of you to give a damn what you think anyways….bye.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Cliffy You Are Fun To Mess With…

  27. Snappietom says:

    Bad Move
    I for one will miss Francisco Martinez, I mean how do you get past those scary eyes? that has to be at least a five point advantage. Frank got pissed at his boss, it happens, and it did not look as they were going to get it worked out.

    He takes a job as head coach of the Gamecocks, (got to love their nickname) COCKS he will be back in the SEC were he will expand his contacts and end up in Florida somewhere in a few years where he wants to be.

    I guess Frank and the Old Ball Coach will be the Head Cocks.

  28. bob says:

    Glazer asks
    Glazer aks “What am I missing?” See OZ for brain, heart, and courage. Don’t no where you will go for humility, penis enlargement, taste, and class.

    Cliffy BEWARE he likes messing with you. I knew he would eventually reveal his true nature. No wonder he seems to be an expert on people getting screwed.

  29. Craig Glazer says:

    Yep Chuck

  30. Hearne says:

    I think Craig conducted himself quite well…
    It’s pretty obvious that a number of you get a perverse enjoyment trying to pimp Craig into going off.

    However it’s painfully obvious you would never dream of writing half the nasty comments a few of you do – not because you’re afraid of Craig – but because you know it would make you look like buffoons and you don’t want to embarrass yourselves.

  31. notChuck says:

    Hey, Jr.:
    I used the word “buffoon” in my Mitt Romney story comment. Try being more original next time. 🙂

  32. Hearne says:

    Sorry, NotChuck
    And thanks for carving out a new identity btw.

    Must have been subliminal. Hope it’s a one off. Hate to have to hypnotize me into skate boarding thru Mission Hills or something.

  33. notJr says:

    Thanks, Jr….
    …it’s a coat of many colors, really.

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