Hearne: The Jazz Train Wreck Known as Jardine’s Erupts into Bidding War


Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned train wreck?

And for the past four months, the wreck that won’t go away involves Kansas City’s leading jazz club Jardine’s. But hold it a minute before we go any further.

I hereby promise not to bog down in the endless stream of details – the few ups and many downs of this pathetically sad, ridiculously lame tale of musical chairs.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of losers and villains in this jazz soap and precious few good guys and gals. But after making contact with Jardine’s owner Beena Raja and most of the key players yesterday, I can now report that…

It’s still a nightmare of monumental proportions.

Where to begin?

How about that despite a dearth of living, breathing, club-going jazz heads, cheerleaders like the Kansas City Star and oldsters of a certain stripe like little more than to pretend that Kansas City Jazz remains an important art form. Cherished by the masses who somehow are nowhere to be found in numbers greater than 20 to 50 – sometimes maybe 100 – on any given night.

Don’t get me wrong.

Having personally witnessed dozens of up-and-coming jazz musicians here  (and their substandard counterparts in other cities), Kansas City is in a league of its own for quality jazz talent.

But in a city of 2 million people Jardine’s was lucky to lure a hundred or two on the best of its nights.

Leaving amazingly talented musicians like Mark Lowery, Hermon Mehari and Mark Southerland to play tiny, often ill equipped venues and chain restaurants and hotel lobbys before audiences more interested in polite conversation than revering KC’s live art form.

Jardine’s was the exception to that unfortunate rule, but since late last year it’s gone dark.

A number of people stepped up to try and save the club but one by one they fell by the wayside.

Until a pair of gay dudes with few connections to jazz came to the rescue. Or so it seemed. However none of the local jazz players seem to have a clue what happened to them, and they’ve not returned calls or texts requesting a comment for weeks.

More recently landlord American Century put the club up for lease to any and all.

The latest? At least three suitors hoping to buy Jardines remain in play.

Beleaguered Jardine’s owner Beena Raja says they include a member of former local band The Nortons, the owner of the Phoenix jazz club, former Sprint exec Paul Wilson and possibly the two dudes who pulled the wool over Fox 4 and The Pitch, announcing last December that they’d purchased the club.

The current state of the club according to Raja?

"American Century still has not given me a repossession notice yet so it’s still up for sale," she says. "And they’re taking the position now that they’re not asking for any back rent."

Until recently sources say American Century’s leasing rep was asking for back rent in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $30,000 for parties interesting in reopening Jardine’s as a jazz club.

"The position they’re taking as of last Monday is the property managers are allowed to show the space to anybody and negotiate a new lease," Raja says. "So they’re cutting their losses."

New owners would have the option but not the obligation to pay former owner Greg Halstead for Jardine’s innards – tables, chairs, fixtures and restaurant equipment. Because Raja defaulted on a $50,000 note still owed to Halstead and secured by the club’s contents.

They wouldn’t have to pay Raja either except for one thing.

They would have to pay her if they wanted to retain Jardine’s the 3 am liquor and Sunday licenses which they would be foolish not to hang onto while the getting’s good.

"I guess they could rent the place but if they want the 3 am license, they’ll have to come to me," Raja says. "I mean, they can apply for a new liquor license and they’ll have to pay the back taxes, but they’ll never get the 3 am license and the Sunday license will be hard to get."

For the rights to the Jardine’s name and to transfer the licenses before the time to do so runs out, Raja is asking $20,000.

As for the dudes who claimed ownership of Jardine’s last year and later told KCC they planned on reopening by early February, "They’re just complete fakes, I don’t know what they want to do," Raja says. "The Phoenix guys are interested in buying it, I’m meeting with them…"

The gentlemen did not return requests for comment for this and the last several columns.

Raja’s take on who the best bet to get Jardine’s is?

"I don’t want to predict that and jinx myself again," she says. "But I don’t think the gay guys are gonna get it – it’s just a mess."

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73 Responses to Hearne: The Jazz Train Wreck Known as Jardine’s Erupts into Bidding War

  1. chuck says:

    20 Large. Wow.
    BEENA: “Hey! Those are my urinal cakes too!”

    PAUL WILSON: “How much?”

    BEENA: “What kinda car ya got?”

    And what will the condemmed man order for his last meal?


  2. Smartman says:

    All That Jazz
    While the price may have dropped it’s gonna cost an additional $50 to $100K in the first 12 months to resurrect the business as Jardine’s. The jazz scene seems to be surviving nicely without it. I’m looking at the space for my new enterprise, JITT Jeans, JITT being Junk In The Trunk. Made to measure fashion denim for the sophisticated urban woman who can’t buy off the rack. This is gonna be bigger than Susie’s Lemonade. Look at the booty on that cutie!

  3. new man in town says:

    thanks smartman
    nice comment

  4. chuck says:

    You could sell advertising on the ass of those jeans
    for a new Jazz Club.

    Or “Montser Garage”.

    I like JITT, but how about FUTT, cause dem asses be Fuckin Up The Tides.

    I like it smartman.

  5. notChuck says:

    When They Move Those “Innards” Out of There
    They can hire “Two Gay Dudes and a Truck” to do the heavy lifting.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    chuck, smartman and paul
    On stage doing improv at Stanfords. New Man in Town and Harley in the audience.
    New Man: these guys are funny!
    Harley: this blows! Im the FUNNY ONE and a 1%er, it should be ME up there. My routine about Hearne being gay and driving a Fiat is far funnier.
    Beena: Shut up Harley, Craig and I are doing MAMMY next!

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smartman, seriously, that was my point…
    ..that led me to be called a bottom feeding opportunist. Your point, while funny, is exactly the case. I made the comment that, when I expected it to blow up the end of December, I was planning to 90 days operating cash to get it on its feel. Your number is FAR closer to accurate now.

    I dont blame RRS or anyone else who are just reading the smartass comments here, who have never been in that position. It can get ugly fast and uglier far faster.

    I’ve got an old background in classic car restoration with a particular interest in vintage race cars. Its the same issue there. I’ve found cars in barns, fields, that I would give my left arm to have. Examples that I know only a few to exist. Problem is, after 40/50 years of abuse from the weather, missing parts, there are times Farmer Jones could GIVE YOU the car and you’d NEVER find your way out of it. Thats why I apologized as I did yesterday, sometimes Im a little flippant and people who havent walked that path could take me exactly as RSS did. And, at times Im just a smartass assuming everyone knows me and knows what I mean, when they clearly dont, and thats my fault.

    All I’ve done is wait for the price to get where it needed to be to off set the risk. Yeah, the place can come back to life, but with each passing week its a deeper proposition. Much like that 1966 Diva Valkyr British vintage racer I’ve been drooling over on eBay this week. Someone’s at $14K right now. I dropped out at $9K. No telling where it will sell, but SOMEONE is in love with the idea of owning a 1 in 4 examples left in the world car that has a LONG way to go. There’s just no doing it in a way that will ever pay off from that point on. Whoever buys it will buy it for whatever reason they choose, they may hold it, restore it over the years for their own pleasure and have a ball, but its no longer a business proposition.

    Even expat came at me a little, and I KNOW him to be a bright guy, when he said it looked like what I was doing was “strategizing”. I have to admit guilt there. I’ve never done a deal in my entire career that didnt involve a specific strategy, a way IN… and how I was going to EXIT and goals along the way. Strategy doesnt always have to indicate wrong doing or misdeeds.

  8. the dude says:

    How can
    the sexually ambiguous duo mentioned be considered serious in the running to buy it out when they don’t respond to anyone’s phone calls?
    Are you just using these patsies to attempt to run up the bidding war? Do these people really actually exist?

    Paul, don’t apologize for wanting to do business and turn a profit- hater’s just gonna hate.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, sexual ambiguouity aside…
    … I have my theory on why they got in, how they got in and why it went as it did, but short of any fact I’d just sound like Craig spouting off. I think it started out as a dubious ploy, followed by them deciding they really WANTED to do it, followed by their inability. At that point they’d already announced they OWNED it. On live TV, no less. At that point, if your concerned about your credibility, you either go underground and continue to attempt to make it happen while talking to NO ONE, or you go back under your rock and hope that the story will go away, like most scandals, in 4.5 days, life goes back to normal.

    Close friends of mine from that community told me it wouldn’t ever happen and they were right.

    And Dude, it wasn’t an apology for making money or for constructing a sound deal, I just didnt want to be percieved as something other than what I was doing and the reasons for which it was being done. I’m an admitted smartass, so if you dont know me I can very EASILY come across the wrong way….

  10. Robertoe says:

    This will spark some more train wreckage!
    I especially like Beena calling someone else a fake. That’s rich.

    And let me give any potential bidders a heads up. Yes I know the late liquor license is in Raja’s name but I’m assuming she still owes Dave Stephens and ESPECIALLY her old work crew. She more than owes Greg Halstead. She’s defaulted. I’ve gotten to know Greg very well. Hes a principled guy and he got screwed over by his misplaced trust. I’m sure he’s not happy now. Yet Beena is ‘asking $20,000.’

    Whoa, girl. That club and club name should belong to Halstead. You’re in default. And if the new owners don’t take this into consideration and take care of some of these same folks that started squawking in Dec, they might still be dealing with the same underhanded dealings that shut this club in the first place.

    My guess is Greg Halstead is gonna read this and take action. Beena you are still delusional. Make amends and pay up lots of hard working folks you still owe.

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Robertoe!
    You know how this lady operates. Anyone doing potential business dealings with her is wise to be “be afraid, be very afraid!!!” She has a long-running history of screwing over people that supposedly she even claimed as “her friends”. Pat, now Greg, not to mention Dave Stephens and her former employees. She is going to try to get whatever she can recover out of this, never mind at whose expense. Smart, experienced business professionals aren’t going to be baffled by her bullshit. They are wise to be “proceeding with caution”.

  12. smartman says:

    Jar-Jar Binks Jar-Jar Dines
    Methinks some legislation should be put forth by the City Council allowing the liquor license to lapse and be granted back to any new owner at no cost who intends to resurrect the club as Jardines.

    Beena can go cornhole herself with erotic cucumbers whilst becoming the Mario Perillo of India.

  13. oh no you didn't! says:

    First of all don’t any of you people have better things to do???? Especially you Hearne??? Really, you should all be ashamed of yourselves….this is the year 2012…I know you are old as balls Hearne… but really? Two Gay Dudes…? I can’t believe you have the audacity to make this an issue. They were the only ones in play trying to offer Beena anything off the deal. Everyone else was waiting for it to crumble and pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar. The problem was the debt just kept rolling in. If Beena was honest with you, you would know this. Seriously they would love to keep the name Jardines but the back debt is pretty insurmountable. Have a nice day…homophobes. BTW…those two “Gay Dude” have more class in their big toe than you do in your whole body…You have really crossed the line on this one Hearne!

  14. Mary says:

    3 am Liquor License
    How important is the 3 am liquor license anyway? From what I saw, it was rarely utilized during the week, and from what I understand, the late night crowd on the weekends rarely generated much revenue. (a lot of broke college kids- they loved the music- which is great, but usually couldn’t afford to buy much). Jazz audiences are older (as some are so quick to point out), usually intelligent, therefore often more affluent, and so are more likely to hold jobs that hold a sufficient amount of responsibility. They can’t afford to be staying up to the wee hours of the morning and still be able to function in the capacity that they are expected to. There are exceptions, to be sure, but this has been my observation.

  15. Gay Dude Number 1 says:

    You Say Banana, I Say Dildo
    Speaking as the gayest of the two dudes, I am offended by all these accusations.

    I am shocked that sexual orientation even enters into this.

    I’m off to Cafe Trio for a big, pink martini.

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mary, where it matters most….
    is if you wanted to mix some formats, which I personally would, and have acts after an evening of Jazz. Also, its an asset to be considered for future sale of the place since they dont manufacture these any more. Thats likely its greatest value.

  17. Beena says:

    I am proposing, not a wedding

    I have the sysco wedding balls soup for that

    Well, Mary, you should just be a waitress. Be a good one if you can without all your corks.

    Paul, call me, Its up for sale and i will throw in some bones.

    Afterall the gay guys are not taking my bones

    Chuck, you are funny

    Bob, Give it a rest. give me a call and i will hook you up with a couple of large breasted women

    You all seem to know a lot

    For the brilliant jazz efficianados, i say its been a pleasure. ( i hope i spelled it correct)

    I am waiting for someone to send me the one way ticket to INDIA

  18. notChuck says:

    This Saga Needs a Theme Song:
    Beena – by paulwilsonkc (apologies to Bobby Vinton)

    Hey, Beena! Oh, Beena!

    Beena if you will
    Please sell Jardine’s, I would be thrilled.
    A girl who wants my riches in her arms
    A girl with all the charms of you.

    Beena, make it fair
    The three AM liquor license, if you dare
    And leave the Jardine’s name up in the lights
    So old folks find it in the night

    Beena, goddess of jazz that you are,
    Surely the things I ask
    Can’t be too great a task.

    Beena, if you do
    I promise that I always will be true.
    I’ll give her all the love I have to give
    As long as we both shall live.

    Beena, goddess of jazz that you are
    Surely the things I ask
    Can’t be too great a task.

    Beena if you do
    I promise that I always will be true.
    I’ll give her all the love I have to give
    As long as we both shall live.

    Hey, Beena! Oh, Beena!
    Make my wish come true

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Beena, you have my number
    Since youre going through phones faster than a crack dealer, I can’t FIND YOU!! You have every form of contact info I have. Use any of them. If I dont answer leave a message. I dont take calls from unknown numbers for several reasons. One, I’m too busy running my “shipping business”. Two, it could be Robertoe and I dont want to catch anything over the phone. Three, it could be Harley and my brain has all the knowledge it can stand right now, I dont want it to explode.

    NotChuck? Please, for the love of god, keep your day job. I just talked to Bobby Vinton. He’s a friend of mine. We both took the UNDER on the Chiefs. I know his agent. We partied with Captain and Tenile last week, he’s PISSED! I’d expect to hear from his attorney soon.

    Chuck? Do something about NotChuck.

  20. Robertoe says:

    Go Paul go!

    Wow. I’m a tad concerned that when you came up with that ‘catching something over the phone’ line, my name popped into your head instead of Glazers. 🙁

    Also when you chat with Beena, tell her you’ve seen me out recently and I’m doing aok in the large breasted woman category without her set-ups. Also tell her I’m not gonna give it a rest until she pays her former staff what she owes them. Of course, Hearne incorrectly reported 4 months ago they could ‘come in and get it.’

    Good luck on this matter, Paul. We’re rooting for you and Chelle. Also take heed, take Mary’s prudent advice, take care of the former Jardines staff and keep Greg Halstead in the loop on any negotiations. He’s much more deserving than the Raja Queen who sunk the Jardines ship.

  21. paulwilsonkc says:

    I joke, robertoe, I joke…
    I had to give Craig a rest.
    I’ve talked to Greg all the way through.
    As I’ve said, its now just a lifestyle question, how much do I want to give for how long and what am I willing to give up in the mean time?

  22. harley says:

    harley is going to buy jardines…roberto on match.com
    after your disaster with mermaid…rrrrrrrrrrrrrroberto came out of hiding and has some big bazzooka
    babes. Don’t forget to share with your man glaze.
    And paul….when you see beenie tell her to call me to…i’ll show her how to get the most “bang” for her
    buck….or just a great “bang”…
    from the way paul is handling this entire deal you’d think he was negotiating to buy at&t….paul its a
    smalloperation..if you can’t get this deal closed…call me….i’m expert negotiator and wheen beenie
    is done with me…she’s gonna be begging me to stop the transaction..
    smartman can testify…if he’s not licking some toilet seat looking for writings in a bar toilet …or
    trying to get fifty cents together to call me from a pay phone…(yeah smartman….google iscoming!!!!!!)
    i can negotiate better tha n anyone….

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, here’s what you’ve missed
    There IS no negotiating.
    There ARE no rules.
    The due dilligence comes ONLY from forensics as nothing is offered forth as fact.
    No books, no nothing.
    Not to diss you, but I can assure you I’ve done more deals with more zeros than you. Thats NOT the problem.
    I quoted and it was NOT a joke, the opening salvo was, “Write me a GD CHECK and you can see the books”.
    Ever heard of buying a pig in a poke? No, that isnt a reference to Craig or Robertoes dating life, its meant in the old fashioned terms.
    Thats what this has amounted to, plus all the months of reading input from the grand stands.

  24. the dude says:

    let this sucker default and go to American well after the parties settle their differences. There is clearly too much red tape and plain BS on the owner’s ends to make it worth the effort at this point in the game.

    Harley is right, who cares about the 3am license, most of the people that would frequent the establishment pack it in before midnight- this is not the all night rave market you are dealing with- it would not be worth the hassle to try and keep the license- she will make the price too high to make it worth paying.

  25. beena says:

    Dude, you should just get drunk at a 3am bar and not worry about it. Mary can be your date.

    Bob, I will be in touch with you. I Believe you can drink with Greg and run the place. afterall its just water you both drink. I say you need some more breast.

    Paul, i will call you tomorrow. Dont have your number. will you email me.

    Craig Rocks!!!

    Tony KC does not. He is still eating Hearne coupons.

    Hearne is a superstar!!!!

  26. beena says:

    Hello Bobby
    Thanks Paul for the song. All that time to rewrite the song just to me and take the time out of your busy shipping and handling.

    I truely appreicaite it

    3 5 7 equals what?

  27. Quentin Thurson Lockwell IV, jazz afficionado says:

    huzzah to the jazz community
    Too many nights of listening to the wax cylinders of one’s Edisonphone can give even the most even-tempered Princeton man the urge to roam. One must then grab his finest driving gloves, tweed slouch hat and lead hammer and head out to his Jaguar SS100. After hand cranking the start and adjusting the windscreen, I was headed towards the Paris of the Plains. Hopefully it would be as fruitful as it was back in old ’23 with old Gertrude in the back of Shakespeare and Company…what a bawdy ole slapper she was back in the days where we were supposed to have died in the great war.

    Upon getting some of the new negro dancing powder from a man with a wig and a goatee who kept telling me he was a star, it was off to Jardine’s. Imagine my shock when I found my favorite club closed. I was more shocked than a Missouri democrat after the reelection of Silent Cal. When will I be able to snap my fingers and tap my buster browns to the sound of an acoustic, upright bass?

  28. harley says:

    I’m bakced up wit h work…and just dying
    from laughing at whoever is writing beenas comments…applause and laughs for whoever wites those..
    there’s so muc htalent on this site…
    paul and his dry humor
    me and my entertaining comments…
    glaze and his hotties and stories…
    hernia and his bulll shit
    chuck and his attempts at gaining a pulitzer for writing
    smartman and his licking of toilet seats while he searches high and wide for bathroom writings…
    such wasted talent…

  29. Beena says:

    Quinton Terention Browning
    I advice you to watch GAME OF THRONES

  30. Beena says:

    do you have a Harley? can you pick me up?

  31. harley says:

    screw all this b.s. wilson…lets go buy this joint
    why wait for beenie to come off a week long binge…this broad is nuts. Send glaze over to work
    her and she’ll be moanign for weeks and never know they sold the joint out frm under her.
    Bring back all the old guys in booze…victor…stan…joe (strip club)….lucian (i’m sure noonne of you
    peckerwoods know who this is)….sam….and lets take this place. Decorate it like villa capri with
    old chirstmas lights and old italian pics from the 60’s….then bring in marilyn maye….buddy…
    snatch…the regulars from eddys downtown …the muehlbach….red front….anthonys….the market…
    bring in all the olde acts for one final show…blow it out and then torch the joint …make $200k and
    be done with all this negotiating and bullshit….
    wilson…i can call the guy from the herrford…they’re pros…and off you walk with an easy bucket.

  32. beena says:

    Hello Paul
    Thanks Harley.

  33. the dude says:

    Nice one Quentin-
    negro dancing powder, that is hilarious. You guys are too much.

  34. Mary says:

    For Beena…
    1. You did not spell ‘aficionado” correctly. Invest is a good dictionary if you can’t spell. 2. Craig does not “rock”. Hearne is not a “superstar”. (Maybe in your mind… not in anyone else’s I know). 3. Have not watched “The Game of Thrones” (no cable TV), but have read all of the books… you’d make a great Cersei…

  35. emik says:

    ? for mary
    What is a Cersei? Is that anything like a Succubus?

  36. Hearne says:

    You guys are on fire, a mini update before I update…
    Wow, where to begin?

    Mary, I was always kind to you, don’t get the bitterness towards me now. I didn’t even know you’d been fired until months later. And without going into it, we all know the reason you were cut loose. A woman scorned,, huh?

    Robertoe as Harley, Mermaid, Craig and even Paul Wilson knows, you reputation precedes you. Both Pat Hanrahan and myself had to block you on facebook for inserting your barstool self into something you had little to no skin in. For one, you’re pissed because I wouldn’t switch KCC over for you to manage via some dude you know in South America. So complain all you want about the links not being live in the comments section – I agree. However my Web dude says w/i a week he’ll have our switch done and I can get him on the phone, drop by his office and he speaks in the mother tongue. Imaghine that!

    Try learning a little about journalism before to try critiquing it too. My quoting somebody’s statement and offer is not the same as me originating the comment. It’s called reporting. Like if I quoted you as saying you were with a smoking hot chick the other night and Paul Wilson tells me (as he did) that was far from the truth, it’s you who lied, not me. I just quoted you.

    Beena did call me today and suggested I read her comments on KCC, so they are from her.

    Given her obvious shortcomings she did get ripped off by staffers and had a couple of them not lied to some of the staffer who thought they’d been fired, and hijacked her Facebook page, there’s a good chance she would have made it through this. She fully did intend to pay everybody – I believe – which wasn’t that much and pales against the loss of a more than $300,000 business in no small part at the hands of some of those owed.

    However, the longer it drug on in large part owing to the subterfuge by people like a certain sax player who called a musicians boycott, her ability to reopen caused her to be unable to pay off anybody for anything. You’d be amazed to learn how far deeply in debt and far she’s fallen. The combined losses of everyone else owed money pales in comparison to Beena’s losses.

    And Dude and whomever else, pay attention – she already has defaulted on her rent and its up for grabs now. Her deal with Halstead resulted in him getting around $300,000 with like $50,000 owed is only secured by the tables and chairs and some of antiquated, used restaurant equipment that Wilson thinks is worth maybe five grand

    The gay dudes in this game are not being outed or dissed. They’re married men and proud of it.

    The only reason Beena wants to be paid for something is she’s taken a $300,000 plus hit on a club she poured her heart and soul into – even running it from India, long distance for four years.

    And whomever of you said screw the 3 am licence don’t have a clue.

    They use it quite a bit on weekends for totally cool, late jams like with Mark Lowrey and Dave Stephens. It’s a small club and ever dollar counts. Plus whoever buys it and later wants to sell it will get a ton more money for it because you can’t get 3 ams anymore. So they’re as valuable as can be.

    Not keeping the 3 am and Sunday (which is hard to get but nowhere near as a 3 am) GREATLY reduces the value of the club and space. I can see as lay people some of you would discount that because you’re unfamiliar with how the biz works – Harley should know better – but consider yourselves “learned”

    Oh, and as for the gay dudes, Mr. “Really”, it’s always nice to hear from someone with an opinion not even close to being based on fact. Said dudes were far from the first to approach Beena – actually – they were close to the last until very recently.

    A group of Friends of Barkley were first. Wilson may have been second. The dudes claim to fame to a first at this point is they were the first to pretend they’d bought it – an obvious lie. And the buying group the strung out everybody involved the longest the longest, starting with Beena, Halstead, American Century, Fox 4 The Pitch – oh and me.

    Now you comments experts study up a little and see if you can bring something fresh AND accurate to the news table, okay?

  37. notChuck says:

    I’m glad that was the “mini” update, Hearne.

  38. harley says:

    “Try learning a little about journalism before to try critiquing it too”…Hearne Christopher

    After reading your columns and stories..filled with unchecked facts…thousands of missed qoutes…outright unsubstantiated
    claims…incorrect grammar…poor spelling…probably thousands of incorrect statement….using people who know nothing
    about the subject you’re writing about… hearne please don’t lecture us non journalist about ethics
    and knowledge of journalistic stadnards.
    wilson write some very funny stuff…chucks got some funny stuff…there’s some very creative writers that populate the
    comments section…i’ve written some funny stuff…but nothing …not one single article is as funny as the stuff you
    write under the guise of being a journalist.


    DON’T KNOW THE “GAY GUYS”…probably never will…but you outed them in your story. I didn’t know they were gay..don’t
    care..now all those millions of unique visitors you claim read your site here know they’re gay…and married. Way to stand by the journalistic standards there hearne.
    As for beenie…if all she claims was done to her…an attorney can get her millions of dollars. If she’s a victim of people
    interference with her business…she’s going to be a very rich woman.
    Please don’t claim to be a journalist. You are not a journalist. In no way or manner!!!!!!!

  39. Mary says:

    Hearne, really, I have no beef with you. I’m just not quite sure why you still take up for “The Raja Queen”, after apparently dating her and then no more… Hey, I’m still friends with a lot of my exes too. I get it. But I see you and a lot of guys (Glazer is one example, obviously), who seem to be thinking with their “little head” rather than their “big head” when it comes to Beena. Wake up!!! She’s reasonably attractive, but not “all that”. She uses her looks to charm guys like you in. Smart guys shouldn’t fall for it… but, hey, Hearne, at least I know you’re not gay, like a lot of these people on this site seem to think.. so you drive a Fiat.. don’t care.. that’s your business.

  40. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mary gets my vote via the BEST cigar hook up EVER!!
    I will eternally be grateful. I would throw Hearne under the bus for that deal…. If you want me to deny him right here right NOW, you got it. No 30 pieces of silver NEEDED, Mary, I owe you!

    Speaking of Hearne, I thought this was a HARLEY post!! Good god, 40 inches of text, at least it was right/left justified, even though some of the remarks weren’t!! FYI Robertoe, I didn

  41. harley says:

    dave graebel doesnt read this site…..wow!!

  42. notBeena says:

    The Raja Queen
    Beena? Reasonably attractive? Really?

    Well, maybe if you are a goat farmer (or basketball coach) in South Carolina.

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, its just NETWORKING….
    Dave isnt that involved any more but Bill knows me REALLY well. REAAAALY well.

  44. Craig Glazer says:

    How Did I Come Into This?
    All I ever said was Beena was always kind to me, she seemed a decent person. Thats what I know of her. She always took care of people around her from what I saw…that doesn’t mean she was perfect. I never dated her. We were and are friends. I know little of what went down at Jardines. Now Hearne has me in this with some others. I only mentioned several artilces back that Beena was good to me and my family. Thats all. I don’t know the business end of Jardines. Didn’t say i did.

  45. Hearne says:

    And Harley, please…
    One day you extoll the virtues of living in Kansas City, the next you describe it above as “small town.”

    Rising from peanuts to six figures and an expense account at the Star and consistently being either the highest read columnist or in the top three for 16 years in an organization that keeps an ultra close eye on each and every journalistic detail kinda says a little something. Perhaps not to you; you’re too busy proof reading you epistles to waste time running down any facts.

    And being laid off with hundreds of journalists and invited back by the department head six weeks later to freelance the same column at pennies on the dollar with no benefits may say something as well.

    You on the other hand – as Craig has often noted – you, my friend, are a gutless, know-it-all poser who likes to point out others typos while in the next sentence complaining about “journalistic stadnards”

    Quite amusing, really

  46. Hearne says:

    Hey Mary, I don’t have a beef with you either…
    We all know Beena’s good points (when she was sober those first several years when I first met her after she bought the place from Halstead.

    I remember the night several years back at closing time when you were stuck with two really rude, drunk frat boy types who were being very disrespectful to you, and Beena calmly walked back there and shouted them out of the place so loudly I was stunned.

    Obviously when she fell off the wagon later, I think we all heard our fair share of shouting.

    I did date her a couple years back and as pretty much everyone who ever worked at or played Jardine’s knows, that was hardly a walk in the park.

    I have not maintained a friendship per se. Our only contact being a relationship with her as an advertiser. And later talking from time to time on the phone about the current state of the mess the club is now in.

    You know, you’d been gone a while but there were several people who took major advantage of her in several ways. Two wrongs don’t make a right, I was taught.

    And face it, if I wasn’t still playing out this hand the last thing you would have learned in the local media about Jardine’s is that the dudes bought in New Year’s Eve eve and were now the owners.

  47. Robertoe says:

    All cool.

    I’ve got no resentment or hard feelings toward you. I’m sure I’ll run into you out some night. I’d like to buy you a drink.

    We do have some differences. That’s cool. Its what this site is all about.

    ~We agree about there being 2 Beena’s. The nasty one is responsible for tanking Jardines. It wasn’t the browbeat staff, any of the musicians or the local news focus. +95% of the problem was Beena and her substance abuse problem. We all admired the old Beena and abhor the recent ugly one. I hope she gets help and, if she does, I wish her the best.

    ~I’m no longer equity involved with web development work. I’ve kind of booked that business to my buddy/ former business partner Diego. I’m happy it enabled me to spend lots of our winters in Argentina and Uruguay. Profits are contingent on exchange rates and there isnt enough $ there anymore so I’ve moved on. I still like to flip business south though (if any of you need web, IT, coding or design work, let me know).

    Its too bad your KCC hasnt evolved technologically. I know you are touchy about this because you get so pissed when I bring it up. Its too bad. Picture captions and hot-linking isn’t that tough! Yeah bring on hotlinking! That’d be great. Then maybe we’ll see picture captions around 2015! That would kick ass!

    ~”Try learning a little about journalism before to try critiquing it too”


    1) Is this correct sentence structure?
    2) The paragraph is not very factual either. I said my Nica’s date was big breasted, not smoking hot. 🙂
    3) I think I’ve done ok with ‘journalism’. I’ve sold an oil market info business for 7 figures. Thats going beat high liability, low income gossip blogging.

    ~Anyone who ends up with Jardines needs to hire Mary P. I agree with everything she’s posted here. And she was a great asset to Jardines for years and would be again! The best thing new ownership could do would be bring back the old crew. Its what makes this Jardines train wreck so sad and unfortunate. Back in the Jardines good ‘ol days, it was barrels of drunken monkeys fun!

  48. Mary says:

    I Miss Jardine’s…
    Thanks, Robertoe. Thanks, Paul. Hearne, you’re correct, Beena has defended me in the past. We were once friends. That is why a lot of this is so sad for me. Beena hurt people that were her friends. That’s what has made me so upset at her now. Call me a fool, but I long for the “good ol’ days”, when everyone got along…. she took that from me. I loved Jardine’s.

  49. Hearne says:

    I’m with you, Mary…
    She fell off the wagon a handful of years back and has had a very difficult time of it since.

    But you know, from what I’ve heard and read, people who have substance problems are mostly guilty of having lost self control than being dick heads. Medically, it’s considered an illness.

    And trust me, there were and still are some players in this game that don’t have that excuse to fall back on for taking advantage of her illness before, during and after this mess unfolded.

  50. Hearne says:

    And to my pal Robertoe
    I’m not in the slightest angry about your critique of KCC.

    It was just a little annoying since you were engaged at the time in hounding me about letting you run it via some dude in South America.

    I did make an obvious error in judgement by switching it to this Web site because many of the things you speak of and more we lost and have not gotten back since. But as a one man band largely in running the operations of this lowly site, I’ve had bigger fish to fry and we’ve more than doubled our traffic since last summer in spite of not having live links in the comments section and photo caps.

    Taking a hastily written comment and trying to make a journalism case is pretty weak.

    I would suggest that you have little to no experience in journalism.

    Whereas I ran and grew the Pitch for several years growing it from a record store rag into a legit alt weekly. I also spent 16 years at six figures writing about sensitive subjects under the closest journalistic scrutiny in this town and was invited back to freelance the column within weeks of my being laid off alongside with hundreds of others.

    The basis for the readership successes at KCC is the content, not the comments section live links or photo caps.

    However we do have hot links in the writing section, however they’re very faint and unsatisfactory.

    Nice job, by the way, of posting your tasteless semi nude conquest of the other night with blacked out bars that Paul Wilson told me about. Very classy.

  51. David Hayden says:

    Well I took my “lessons” on journalism from Hearne in the comment section, here are a few on the restaurant industry he might want to take notes on.

    I wouldn’t pay $20 for the name Jardines or the 3am license. Try googling “Jardines Kansas City” and look at the results. You will see words like “protest”, “attacked”, etc. It would take an SEO genius to try to even push some of those stories down to page 2.

    The liability of being the last place that served an intoxicated individual and the crowd a 3am license draws completely outweighs the benefit of a few late night jam sessions. For all practical purposes, very little good can come from the extra hour and half. Getting a new liquor license is a hassle, but not $20k worth of hassle.

  52. Hearne says:

    Goodness, gracious…
    If it isn’t the dude who last appeared here complimenting the Pitch for doing some real reporting and breaking the story that the two dude’s had bought Jardine’s and were the new owners. While noting, of course that I’d been scooped by a real journalist.

    Guess you did get a little schooling here on KCC.

    And since you’ve been kind enough to come back, I’ll treat you to a brief business class.

    As any bar owner will tell you, it’s not merely staying open until 3 a.m. that makes 3 a.m. licenses so sought after and important. Because for several years now it’s been all but impossible to get a 3 a.m. license here other than by buying a place that already has one.

    A bar may close – according to the crowd size – early on any given night. But if a place is hopping and you have a 1:30 license, you have to stop serving early so you can begin clearing everybody out before the clock strikes 1:30 and liquor control and / or the police bust you.

    As many bar owners also know, one of the most profitable time frames is between midnight and 3 a.m.

    Because many people leave bars that close effectively at 1 a.m. early so they can settle in somewhere that stays open later. That’s generally on a busy or weekend night.

    And I don’t know if you’ve ever hung out much at Jardine’s but there are a ton of younger people – Jameson drinkers, for example – who come to late shows like Mark Lowrey, Dave Stephens and jams that start late after the headliner. Contrary to some people the sport of jazz is no longer about blue hairs and Marilyn Maye shows.

    And these musicians also profit from being able to play late gigs for a fee and tip jar action (and the odd Jameson shot). So there’s that. And the bartenders and or wait staff make more money in tips as well.

    You oughta be somewhat up on that one, since aren’t you a waiter who blogs about how to make more tip money?

    And even if things are slow and they only stay open until 2 a.m., that can make a big difference between having a good night versus and excellent one. Or a decent night versus a poor one.

    last but far from least, bar owners know that you can’t get 3 a.m. licenses anymore. Not in areas with lots of bars that already have them, like Westport, downtown and – wait for it – the Plaza. So when it comes time to sell their clubs that’s money in the bank on the back end.

    I agree that over serving is a bad thing, but what makes you think everyone at a club is there to get hammered? Some people come late just to see Shay Estes or Mark or Dave and don’t even do Jameson shots.

    Not that there are not some offenders; the worst I’ve experienced were the last calls minutes before 3 a.m. at Buzzard Beach – SHOTS ONLY!

  53. Robertoe says:

    just to set the record straight
    “I would suggest that you have little to no experience in journalism.” ~ HC

    This is dead ass wrong Hearne. Just like you claimed I said I had some smoking hot date when I never made such a claim. But you still called me a liar on this false issue….prick.

    I wrote daily oil market commentary for over 10 years with subscribers who were industry execs and traders. 330 subscribers paying $760/ year. I sold the company for 7 figures and they lost half their subscribers over the course of the next year. They hired me back contractually and old growth rates returned. It was certainly more journalistic than KCC

    I know you were successful as well. So our careers actually correlated in that we weren’t formally trained in Journalism but did well when thrown into it. I had no idea I’d be doing any kind of written commentary when I was at Koch Refining. I’m sure you didnt either at BC Christopher.

    Lighten up. We disagree on the cause of Jardines downfall and the importance of technological evolution these days. So what?

  54. the dude says:

    Hearne, get
    your dudes straight, I never said the Pitch was a good paper- Feruzza is the only good thing about that bar rag anymore.
    I also said the 3am license was probably not worth what Raja wanted to get out of it, I know the value of a late license- used to work in a bar.

    Unless you are talking about Hayden dude then forget what I said.

  55. beena says:

    Jazz train that was the Speed train by Sandra and etc
    such as and soforth.

    watching Andy and I still dream of beenie

    thanks for all the support

    good bye and good luck

    Hearne Rocks

    Craig Rules

    I am the queen, and hence for all of you,

    lets try to rock

    my name is NADIA

  56. Mary says:

    Really, Beena???
    You’re a legend only in your own mind. You’re no “queen”. Get over yourself.

  57. beena says:

    I think i am a legend in your mind. I agree. Ask Pat.

    Forget the queen. Its not your cup of TEA

  58. Beena says:

    Mary the brief story
    You should have stuck with Everette Devan. Yep, you told me you bought him his B3 on your credit card for the rides.

    Then came Adrian. Cruises were all good. Omar Sheriff was a great movie intro for you.

    We still picked you up from being passed out , dead cold. You are not lite.

    sprinkle some hot sauce on yourself Mary. Do you still carry it in your purse?

    Aficiando, Copehando, you are???????????????????

    Scott and the Cigar is good.

    Are you smoking some grass in your yard or is it all that hair and the spray?

  59. emik says:

    reply to Beena
    Queen of what? You are even more narcisistic than Glazer!

  60. beena says:

    reply to emik

    go emik! i am with you man

  61. Mary says:

    Beena, Beena, Beena…..
    Your inane posts never fail to entertain me! Go ahead, take pot shots at me! As for dragging my friends into this, fine… they’d probably be amused, too. I have nothing to hide. So I’ve gotten drunk a few times.. and you never have, right?????? LMAO By the way, you still haven’t got “aficionado” right. Dictionary??? Buy one!

  62. Mary says:

    Writing Like Beena 101
    Paul rules
    Robertoe rocks
    hot sauce is great
    cats are gods
    I am the CHILE KITTY

  63. emik says:

    to mary
    Oh no!!!! You’re not using the magic pixie dust that enables you to write quasi-haiku, are you?

  64. beena says:

    its been a pleasure. have a great life!!!!

  65. h says:

    At what age does a grown man stop using the word “dude”?

  66. Pissed Off says:

    For Beena
    I think you should take a long walk off a short pier.

  67. the dude says:


  68. paulwilsonkc says:

    Good lord, this is STILL GOING ON!?!?!
    I just scanned through the old pages and saw this is still alive!!
    Mary, dont pay attention to Beena. Beena, as a “friend”, I’d really like to see you get some help. We all would. This isn’t you any more. YOU aren’t you any more and its sad. You’ve done too many good things for it to come to this. It just makes you look even MORE rediculous than Craig, and thats bad.
    Mary, I dont know if you read before what my dear grandfather told me, but I’ll repeat it. I had a ton of issues once will a really ugly person in my life. His words as follows; Paul, you need to learn to not bother wrestling with a pig. It only takes about 5 minutes until you figure out youre all muddy……. and the pig is ENJOYING it!
    Thats where you are, Mary, you’re wrestling with a PIG. Its like trying to teach a pig to sing, it just wastes your time and pisses off the pig.
    Cigars for all, I’ll be down there this weekend.

  69. the dude says:

    Man wilson,
    your grandpappy sure knew a lot about swine.

  70. Orphan of the Road says:

    Wilson, I can get you Kosher pork

  71. paulwilsonkc says:

    The Dude, you never fail to make me laugh
    and yes, he knew a lot about a lot and was the single male mentor in my life. He knew MORE about large mouth bass, crappie, reading a lake and how to be a great man.

    Orphan, WORD! No need to Kosher MY pig. I’ll take it any way it comes.
    Harlinator. Im still chuckling over that one…

  72. David Hayden says:

    Stick to the journalism lectures
    I didn’t go anywhere, just have far better things to do than feed your traffic stats so you can continue your delusions of grandeur. While your barstool degree in restaurant management might have you convinced there is some great value in this license, the people in the industry, who played those gigs, and who worked those shifts disagree. Maybe you ought to ask some of those people you name drop. Better yet, why not sell this site (and borrow the other $19,950) and pay the $20k yourself if it is such a deal.

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